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From rec.arts.anime Sun Jan 24 18:19:51 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!!!mailgzrz.TU-Berlin.DE!!!!!rpi!gatech!emory!!!!krim From: (KAL Rim) Subject: New Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Message-ID: <> Keywords: Bear with me Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1993 21:03:29 GMT Lines: 588 This is sort of an experiment. It's going to star the cast of Ranma 1/2 but I'm planning on a lot of cameo appearances. One thing different about it is that it's going to be a bit more grim and serious than the usual, but with a more adventure type plot. Yes this may be a first. Yet it still will have it humorous points. Another thing is that I may seriously damage continunity here, but since this is a fan fiction, I don't care! :-) As for why I'm doing it, once you start writing fan fiction, you just can't stop! I'm also writing in story format instead of script format. I never did this before so things might appear a bit rough. But please bear with me and read it to the end. Hope you guys like it. Preview A couple are seen walking together in the streets. It's night time and the two have just left school, staying late together to do some extra work. They walk side by side with loving looks on their faces. There is a light snow drift covering the city. The young man looks at his girlfriend and is amazed how beautiful she looks in the snow and moonlight. Typical of all young Japanese girls (well in all the tv shows he always watched) she was slender yet you couldn't call her skinny. She wasn't exactly buxom but she definitely had the shapely form of a young girl about to enter womanhood. She had long flowing rich dark hair all the way down to her back. The most attractive thing he found about her face, it was just set in the perfect mixture of a pretty yet still cute face. Her smile was so dazzling and whenever he saw it his knees just buckled. She even smelled wonderful, with or without perfume, it was as if she just had a natural fragrance that just released freshness. But the thing he loved about her the most was her voice. Every time she talked it was as if a little twinkle of a chorus was playing. He could listen to her just talk for hours and days, it didn't matter what she was talking about, it could have been the most boring thing in the world. It didn't matter, whenever she spoke he was just enraptured by her melodious voice. It was a good thing she was a good student, if not he might have flunked out of school. Don't get him wrong, he wasn't a pervert. Or at least he didn't think of himself as one. When he was with this girl he just felt as if he was in love, not in lust. She was the type of girl that inspired love and relationship, not just some cheap physical one-shot attraction. Someday she was going to be his wife. "Oh", she said in a voice that silk would have envied, "tonight is just so beautiful!" "Yes, it is", he agreed and drew his arm around her. Her body trembled at his touch. He allowed himself a smile. And then she slapped him in the face. "Honestly!", the girl said sharply. "You just had to ruin a nice evening between two friends didn't you?!" The boy picked himself up, the slap actually knocked him down. "But.. But..", he mumbled out. "You know every one said you were a playboy. Oh sure you'd play it really cool as if you're so innocent. But then you'd hit on every girl that would help you study. Well forget it, I'm not falling for it. You can walk yourself home." With that she moved further up by herself. "This is what I get for being nice", she mumbled to herself. "But.. But..", was all he could get out. Rats!, he thought. He always blew it. But he did really like her. The other study-partners meant nothing to him! If only he could make her see. If only he could make her see that they were meant for each other. It was written in the stars. And she was going to be his wife after all, all he had to do was get enough nerve to ask her. He was so exhilerated at that thought. One day she would be his, Oh yes! she would be his. One way or another. Or so he hoped. He was willing to do anything for it. Boy, he hoped he wasn't as desperate as he sounded. Suddenly there was a scream. It sounded like his young wife-to-be. but instead of her normally sweet musical voice, it was more like a badly off-key note. He immediately leaped up and checked for the source of the distress. Once he was sure he found it, he then contemplated whether he should leap to the rescue or run for reinforcements. After all if it was something SHE was afraid of, then he couldn't be much help. He may be in love, but he wasn't stupid, he told himself proudly. "Is this your girl?", a voice from the darkness asked. It was a whispery eerie voice which chilled him to the bone. "Come and get her, she's still alive... and very warm", the voice continued to mock. "Or, if you wish not to die a futile heroic death you may run for your life." Then the voice broke off into a sinister laughter. Adrenaline pumped through the boy. He made up his mind to go for it no matter how stupid it was. He took a deep breath and turned and ran off with his tail between his legs. The bearer of the voice stared at him running off in the distance. "What a fool", the voice commented. "Together they may have had a chance, a slim one, but one nevertheless. Did he really think I would let him get away to alert anyone else?" First he would capture the fool, yes it would be a pleasurable game of cat and mouse, he thought. And then he would enjoy his spoils. The girl was only unconscious, he didn't have time to have her yet. But after he dealt with her "boyfriend" he would take his painstaking time with her. Oh Gosh! He just loved being a bad guy! But now the hunt begins. He left out a loud long blood currtling nauseating sterotypical bad-guy laugh and began the chase. [ A symphony suddenly starts up while a chase BGM begins. The words: "Presenting another Fan Fiction..." flash ] A white cloaked figure steps out of the shadows and starts chasing a boy. The boy is frightened silly and stumples as he tries to escape his attacker. [ The music reaches a crescendo and the words: RANMA 1/2 : THE DARKER HALF NEW LONG-STORY-LIKE FORMAT slide onto the screen ] The white drabbed fellow easily catches up to the fleeing boy. He grabs the boy's leg and throws him against a wall that conviently sprung up. Slowly he walks up to the trembling form of the boy. "Did you really think I'd give you a chance to run away? How stupid do you think I am?", he asked in his deep gluttoral voice. "Uh, is that a trick question?", the boy asked timidly. In response his assailant lets out a snarl, when he opened his mouth we clearly see his long fangs. The boy starts freaking. "Mommy!!!!" "I should warn you. This is going to hurt a lot..." [ Scene freezes again and the words: " Original story by Karl Rim. Semi-original plot by Karl Rim. New character designs by Karl Rim." appear] The white cloaked fiend was preparing to take a bite out of the Big-shot boy. "Please, you don't want me! I taste aweful! I treat my body really badly, nothing but fat and cholesterol! I haven't even bathed for two days!" But the cries of the victim are ignored and the demon/monster/alien, (technically they're all the same thing) prepared to feast. [ More words appear: " Various pre-appearing anime characters recycled Credit hasn't been properly alloted due to the writer's inability to write and remember Japanese names Mark of Smileyface approved :-) " ] Suddenly a fan comes out of nowhere and whips into the white clad figure's neck. He lets out a cry of pain. This was the type of cry that was just loud enough let you know that he was hurt and mad but not too hurt to let you know he was worried about losing. The would-be-victim sees his chance and runs off. "Looks like we found another stray one, Lover", exclaims a young girl wearing a white kimono. "I'm tired tonight, let's quickly send him back into the darkness." A tall fellow in blue whips onto the scene. The twosome link hands and cast the spell binding the monster into his abyssmal prison. The monster resists of course but to no avail. It screams and hollers and rips off it's outer form. What was thought to be a humanoid monster turned out to be some long scaly reptile-like monster. "You know Akane, you really shouldn't be watching this stuff" * * * * "Ranma!", screamed Akane, a little more loudly than she meant to. She was so enraptured with the TV she didn't notice Ranma coming up behind her. "Sorry, Akane I didn't mean to scare you.", replied Ranma. "I wasn't scared!" "Well you sure screamed loud enough. Besides, you really shouldn't be into weird shows like that, Akane." "Miyu is not weird! It's a sad romantic story" "You mean a sappy story with a gimmick to scare young girls into hugging their boyfriends" "I said I was not scared!" "Well you sure were trembling enough when I saw you. I mean, it's not even believable! They have to have this thing called a Shima: both God and Demon, whatever that means. They just can't have an ordinary vampire afraid of sunlight, garlic and religious symbols. Oh No, they just have to get fancy and make up some big storyline. At least they could make it a little bit more interesting, with more fight scenes..." "Ranma... You're too noisy! I'm trying to watch the show..." "Why, as if you can't guess the ending already. A Shima goes around killing innocent people. Miyu spends the first 20 minutes tracking it down as it kills even more people. They fight for 4 minutes. In the end she links up with her Lover-boy and banishes it to the darkness. Last 5 minutes some one makes some corny philosophical remark... OOF!" Out of patience Akane has just thrown a cushion in Ranma's face. "I said Shut-up! I'm trying to listen." "Remember", a voice from the TV says, "some times you must face your darker half that you fear the most to overcome a greater evil." "What did I tell you!", yelled out Ranma. Akane then picked up the couch and slammed it down on Ranma's head. "What did *I* tell *you!*", responded Akane. * * * * * In a familiar street scene a blue cloaked man is investigating some blood stains on the new snow. He bends down and seems to sniff at the blood. "Hmm. Fresh too. They're getting bolder. Do they really think they can hide from me with such carelessness? They will pay for their arrogance. Innocent lives will be Avenged! Vengeance shall be served!" The man raised his fist high in the air as he makes his pledge. At that time the night-time shoppers have started coming out. "Who is that?...." "I don't know...." "Is he some kind of wild-man?..." "No, I don't think he's the village idiot...." "Maybe we should call the authorities...." "Murmur....Murmur...." * * * * * Gosunkugi was happy. This might not seem unusual for some one to be happy but this was one boy who was usually in utter despair. So what could bring him out of his misery and make him happy? Only the love of the girl he desired the most. Akane Tendo. To him she was the most nicest and prettiest girl he had ever met. Whenever she would smile at him his heart just melted. He knew she could love him if he was just given a chance. If only that Ranma guy wasn't in the way she might actually be able to return his love. Since he was relatively a week guy, and Ranma was very strong, most people may have given up all hope. But one thing he learned was that there are always strong people in the world. The trick was to let them beat each other up leaving him free to grab the prize, Akane! One day she would be his, Oh Yes! She would be his. To accomplish this goal he usually he resorted to inane magical rites which never worked. But since that was all he really had, he had no other alternative. Occassionally Kunou would actually do his work for him but that was rare. Kunou could only get beat up every so often despite what he liked to think. But today was different. He got a real genuine summonings kit for only 10,000 yen. How did he know it was real? Well today he got lost on the way home and ran into a store selling magical items that he never saw before. Since he never encountered it on his way before it must have appeared by magic! He's seen all the movies and manga. A magical store would appear to aid those with a true heart. Then a magical entity would appear and give him anything he desired. Hmm, maybe this magical helper would even be female and really cute, and then maybe... No No No! His only desire was Akane Tendo. Gosunkugi knew all he had to do was summon a strong spirit to defeat Saotome Ranma and then Akane would be all his! As he drew the protective pentagram (one could never be too careful) on the floor and prepared himself for a summonings. Then just before he began he wrote his last will and testament. One could never be too sure. Poor Gosunkugi, little did he know that he would be setting in motions things beyond his control. He was doomed to failure. If only he saw the large "Grand Opening" sign on top of the store. He would do anything to win Akane. Anything. * * * * * In a far away and unknown place (well maybe not that far away since we don't know the exact location, heck it could be your neighbor! Ahem Ahem well back to the story) a dark and sinister meeting was being held. A group of figures, all wearing dark robes to match the dark room and the dark rite, were seated in a circle. They were in the middle of their own summonings ritual. Preparations took days and they have been chanting for hours. They were also dark in spirits. "How much longer do we have to do this?", one asked. "Until it works", another whispered back. "And why is this place so dark anyway?", a third silently complained. "Because our illustrious leader forgot to pay the electric bill." "I'm hungry!", yet a forth quietly exclaimed. "Will you guys keep it down, and get back to chanting!", their leader nearly screamed. "If we mess this up, we're going to have to start all over..." "...Again!" "This is stupid!", one figure yelled out. He got up and tossed his hood and cloak on to the floor. "This cloak is too hot and this lousy communication ceremony isn't working!" "Look you want to take this up with the boss? The last person who complained became the new wall decoration" "The whole point IS trying to take it up with the boss. But we can't because we're too busy trying to make contact. I mean if the boss is so powerful then why isn't communication just a snap of a couple of fingers..." "HELLO ALL", a loud voice boomed into the room. The voice seemed to be coming from every where. "It's the boss!", the men screamed. "YES IT'S ME." "Uh, welcome boss, it's been a while", one of the men nervously exclaimed. "BE QUIET. I DIDN'T COME TO EXCHANGE PLEASANTRIES. DON'T SPEAK UNTIL YOU'VE BEEN SPOKEN TO" "Right boss..." "I THOUGHT I SAID...." "Uh, sorry boss! I mean...!", he spat out. He was going to get it now, he was only burying himself deeper with every apology. "SIGH! NEVER MIND. NOW TO BUSINESS. WE NEED TO SECURE ANOTHER BASE OF OPERATIONS. MY EMPIRE IS EXPANDING AND WE NEED TO MAKE OUR PLANS BIGGER! I WANT A NEW NEXUS AREA OF POWER IMMEDIATELY. MAKE SURE IT HAS A SUPPLY OF STRONG WARRIORS FOR RECRUITING" "We'll get right on it, boss" "GOOD. ANYTHING ELSE?" "Well, do you mind toning it down a little boss? I mean we can all hear you fine, but the neighbors might start getting curious." "WHAT?! OH SURE, GIVE ME A SEC. JUST GOT TO FIND THE VOLUME SWITCH. There, how's that?" "Perfect, boss." "Of course! Now if there is no further business..." "None boss" "Good. Then who was the one that was complaining about my limited powers?" "HIM!", all the other men pointed their fingeres at a sole solitary figure. "Gee, thanks a lot guys", he said sardonically. "Well for your information, I can so set up communication like that " "Well, then, why didn't you do that before?!", he demanded. "Instead of making us wait for hours! We are your trusted followers! We have followed you through thick and thin! I would think we would expect a little graditude." Luckily for him he had still had a friend to defend him. "What he meant was: Oh, dear merciful Leader, did you find it necessary to test your most unworthy followers? If so we truly understand", his friend blubbered. "I just wanted to see how devoted you guys were.", came the response. "AND if if any one had any guts", "Huh?", her followers droned. "I like those who have spirit and a little spunk. "Then you're not angry?", the singled out man asked. "Well... may be just a little. No one likes a discontented army but sometimes it's better to have someone with some brains then a bunch of mindless wimps. Look, here's another trick I can do with just snapping my fingers " With that little sound, a loud snap of light crackled into existance. The light popped down and sped straight down like a lightening bolt. In fact it was a lightening bolt! It circled around the astonished men and impaled itself in one of the men's arms. Three guesses which guy. In a single instance it struck his left arm and transformed it into a charred lump. His cries of anguish echoed out into the chamber. "However", the leader's voice flared into pure venom. "There is a fine line seperating zeal and open defiance. Guess who crossed it? I will not tolerate such behavior in the future. Understood?!" "Yes, boss", the man replied weakly, clutching his injured arm. "Didn't hurt a bit", he rattled through clenched teeth. "You know, I kind of like you. Guess what, I'm going to promote you. I was looking for to head this new expedition. I think you've got what it takes to lead these ya-hoos." "You are too kind", he managed to let out. "Good, now start phase II" "Uh, boss...?", the present leader of the group timidly asked. "Oh right. Someone call the healer for him" "He IS the healer", he replied sadly. * * * * * From a far land there is a lone solitary figure, wearing an old cloak, sitting and meditating. Suddenly his head snaps up. He seems to be in pain but then slowly relaxes. "Yet another one. A great evil is rising. Justice will not wait. I am called... again." The figure picks himself up and dusts off a large stone block with some rune carvings on it. He then puts some straps around it and carries it on his back. He gathers up a few belongings as well. His journey begins. * * * * Gosunkugi had been chanting for hours. It didn't seem to be working. Well the thing was he couldn't read the manuscript since the writing was so faded. Despite the fact it was also in english, he made it up a summonings chant as best as he could from the parts that he could read. But no matter what happens he was safe in his pentagram. Suddenly a flare jumped out in front of Gosunkugi! The flare grew bigger and bigger until it become the size of a door. And like a door two figures stepped out. "Ohhh, I *hate* teleporting, makes me sick", said one figure wearing a green coat. "Oh quick complaining. We're here aren't we? Better than flying or running any day", said the other man who was wearing a purple suit with a purple coat. "Are you summoned spirits?", asked Gosunkugi, not quite believing he managed to summon not one, but two beings. Too bad they weren't very cute. "Hmm, is this the place?", asked the one in green. "Yeah, apparently there's supposed to be a good potential for power and troops here. Hey look a kid!", said the one in purple. "I am Gosunkugi. I am your master. I have summoned you here", Gosunkugi said, mustering as much bluster as he could. "Is this kid for real?", Green asked dryly. "Quiet, let me handle it. And he can't be stupid. He's got a protective pentagram." "I repeat, I am your master, Gosunkugi. If you wish to return to your home dimension, you must bargin with me!". Well that was assuming he could even send them back. He wasn't sure how he even got them here. Maybe by reading the encantations backward? "Oh great, master! (Quiet GC!)", purple said in a deceptive voice. "You truly have us at a disadvantage. Might we ask of what area of Japan you have imprisoned us in?" "I have called you to the city of Furinkan!" "Furinkan? Then this is the right place. Glad to know that the teleporter hasn't lost it yet", mumbled Green. "Will you please shut-up!", whispered Purple. "Wait, how did you know we're in Japan?" "You blew it", Green complained. "Shaddap! Uh, well you see, master... We're uh, really popular spirits. We're summoned all over by Japanese wizards...", Purple explained hesitently. "Um, uh, yeah, that's the ticket, yeah!", mocked Green. "Good! I have need of strong and experienced spirits", Gosunkugi said. He was very pleased that he managed to nab such flexible fellows. "Maybe he's not as smart as I thought", Purple considered thoughtfully. "Now for your task: I want you to defeat the man known as Saotome Ranma!", demanded Gosunkugi. You know, it was really easy to get into the absolute master role when you got gave it a little time. "Is he a strong warrior?" "Alas yes" "Pay dirt!", Purple whispered-yelled. "Now all we have to do is lose this kid.", Green whispered back. "No, if we kill him we may be losing a valuable source of information. We still know nothing about this place and it's defense levels.", explained Purple "We can handle anything", Green yawned. "Then why don't you step outside to see what time it is?" "Alright you got me there. Well in any case he's still protected by that lousy pentagram. Only our most powerful attacks will penetrate." "And they'll also kill him. No let me handle this.", Purple whispered. "Dear Boy. We have no intention of doing that.", Purple smiled his evil grin, the one that would really unnerve the inexperienced novice types, like Gosunkugi. Yep, it seemed to be working. Gosunkugi was already sweating like a pig. "What?!", exclaimed Gosunkugi worriedly. Was he really sure he got the defenses right? "But you can't! I'm your master!" "Master?! Snort! You couldn't even stop us from tearing you limb from limb", said Green as he advanced on Gosunkugi. "W...Wait! You can't approach me past the pentagram!" "Pentagram!? You sure are a novice aren't you? Any real experienced spiritualist would tell you that it's a Pentagon!" "Really?" "C'mon, the essence of magic is in it's simplicity and power. Look at the US, do you know why they're so strong militarily?" "Their nuclear war-heads?" "No... well mabye... Anyway the real reason they're so strong is that their military headquarters is the Pentagon!" "You're right! That makes sense. Wait! Wait", Gosunkugi desperately bent down and started erasing his badly drawn pentagram and quickly started drawing a pentagon over it. "Uh, how many sides?" "Five" "Thanks!" "They have to be completely even or the spell doesn't work" "Thanks again!" "No problem" "You are *good*", beamed Green admiringly. "Yeah, aren't I?", gloated Purple. "C'mon lets get him." Green roughly grabbed Gosunkugi by the neck. "Urk! Wait! I'm not finished yet!" "Oh yes you are", purred Green. "Don't kill him. We need him as an agent", Purple warned. "Trust me, I have my own tricks up my sleeve." Green gave a wink and locked his eyes on Gosunkugi's. Gosunkugi took one look at his eyes and suddenly all sense of resistance faded away. He saw in his eyes a primal force that screamed: Give up! over and over again. When he even considered about disobeying they started yelling: Die! Die! Gosunkugi tried to resist but he was no match for his powers. Green raised his right hand on top of the left side of Gosunkugi's face. "Be at peace. Be at rest. Do not fight me, else I will harm you. Our minds shall become as one. What you know I shall know. What I know only I shall know. We are together as one: Master and slave. "Our minds are one, Master", drummed Gosunkugi vacantly. "I think you've been watching too much star trek", Purple said sourly. "Live long, Prosper and stick it" * * * * * In another area, the absolute leader of the invaing force, was in conference with his elite officers. The current official was presenting the newest conditions of the advance. "All goes in readiness, your grace.", the official declared. His voice was a monochrome buzz, as if the voice was hundreds of years old, lacking almost any emotion whatsoever. "Excellent. Are all the forces in place?", the leader asked. "Yes they are. Lately all our agents have infiltrated major cities in the country. With the new power base centered in this town known as Furinkan, our power nexus will be complete. Japan will be yours" "Very Good. And then we can move across the world... Just how did you find this new base-city?" "We traced a weak mystic signal. Amazingly it was just what we were looking for. Agents Purple Coat and Green Coat are already there and have started building operations and subjugating the local populace." "What about man-power?" "This town seems to be ripe in supernatural power. It seems to be a natural magnet attracting many spectres and beings. In addition there is a fine cadre of experienced troops to be recruited. In the center of the room a large rectangular light suddenly blinks in. It then cools down into the form of a smooth mirror. In it several forms appear. First Ranma, then Ryouga, Mousse, Kunou, and a couple of others including Genma, Soun, Dr. Tofu and Mikado. "Hmmm. Very nice.", the leader murmurred. "What else?" "Well there also seems to be a very nice selection of possible *extensions* ". Again the rectangular mirror shimmered. This time images of Akane, Ukyou, Kodachi and Shampoo and a few more girls such as Azusa appear. "VERY Nice..." "What about the local constables?", the leader asked. "Yes. That is the beauty of it. There seems to be none." "What?! Explain." "Well, we're still not too sure about it yet. But there hasn't been a single sighting of law enforcement in years. Suprisingly crime hasn't run rampant except for some occurances of panty raids. We think it might be due to the high number of perverts in the city. We're still investigating it." "Hmm.. I don't like it. Take extra precautions. My plans are too important to be upset by any random factors. Anything else?" "Actually yes. There seems to be a slight problem. Actually two special cases." The magic mirror shimmered yet again and two small figures now dominated the plane. "Them!", gasped the leader. "Yes, your grace. But don't worry too much. Despite possible confrontations, we have already deployed special task force plans to neautralize the targets. They will not interfere. The power is ours. No one can stop us, no one" "No, there is still one who could ruin our plans" "The renegade? Surely we can handle him, he is only one and.." "No not him. We are now too strong for him to stop us. Besides last time I checked he was fighting the local constables in another town. He was always an idealistic fool. Actually I was thinking about the wandering one" "That wandering one? We don't fit his specific parameters. He's the stuff of ledgends, he hasn't been sited for.... "I know, I know, but he is real. We even clashed a very long time ago. I was still a young world-conqueror. I doubt he even remembers me. I was just small potatos to him, he never took me seriously. But our plans are becoming much too big for even him to ignore. He will seek us out, and when he does, we best be prepared" "Very good, your grace." * * * * In the distace, a lone figure is seen trudging mile after mile. Nothing will stop him. He would reach his destination without fail. It is his destiny and duty. He will fight his dark foe again. It is written in the stars. * * * * In another town nowhere near Furinkan, in a college class, two students notice their bracelets lighting up. "Kay-kun! Did you get the signal?", a young but very attractive girl asked a somewhat slow witted but comely young man. "Yes I did, Aih", the one known as Kay responded. "Then you know what this means. We've been called to duty and ..." "..and we get to cut school!", exclaimed Kay. "Fool! It means that we have a possible assignment. And that means it's dangerous.", Aih chastised. "Oh yeah, that's right. They wouldn't call us if it wasn't." "They only call us if it's something that the regular forces couldn't handle. Something para-normal" "Sounds like trouble" "It's always trouble. C'mon, we better head for debriefing" "Sigh! And midterms begin in two weeks. When are we going to prepare?" "Don't worry about. Maybe you won't come back from this one", Aih joked. * * * * * A figure is crawling through a desert. He slows down several times but he never completely stops. No, he is too determined. Onward he will go. He will never give up on his quest. Hours later he is still seen continuining. Finally he stops and bends down to catch his breath. He looks up to the skys as if challenging them. In a loud bellow he screams: "Does anyone know the way to the Tendo Dojo?!!" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is end of Part 1. Please send the usual comments such as: 1 - Did you hate/like it? Should I continue or work on something else? 2 - The new story-like format was good/stunk. Get back to writing in script format? Or you don't care. 3 - Fix your writing. I couldn't understand what the heck was going on. 4 - This and that was good/bad... From rec.arts.anime Fri Jan 29 12:30:37 1993 Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!uknet!!bnrgate!nott!torn!!!!!krim From: (KAL Rim) Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Subject: Ranma 1/2 FanFic: Darker Half- Pt II Message-ID: <> Date: 27 Jan 93 19:01:08 GMT Sender: (The Network News) Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Lines: 760 Nntp-Posting-Host: This story was not meant to be written in typical Ranma 1/2 story. I am just using the characters in a different style as a sort of experiment. So don't expect the usual slapstick (but of course some will still exist) However responses haven't been very good (or even existing). My experience has been that if it's not really good, people won't trouble themselves to read it or even comment on it. So as an attempt to boost up ratings, and for easier reading(you) and writing(me), I'm going back to writing in scripish format. Some parts were still written in story format since I wrote them before coming to my new decision. This next part also has something that I completely forgot about: COMMERCIALS! Ranma 1/2: The Darker Half Part II -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ At Furinkan High School it is the start of a new school day. Various students are seen coming in. However no matter how busy they may be, the students seem to always have time to exchange the daily gossip ] "Yeah, did you hear? Another student was reported missing." "Apparently she was coming home late from studying and never arrived home" "Well that'll teach them to study so much at school" "Well I heard she was having a secret tryst with her boyfriend" "Maybe she ran away with him" "Well she is just the 10th missing student so far" [ Enter Gosunkugi. He looks the same except something seems different about him. His stature, his walk, his entire attitude seems changed. He walks tall and straight yet something about his eyes. His eyes have a more tired and spaced out look, more so than usual. They're always just staring out into space ] "What's wrong with Gosunkugi, he's been acting weird" "What do you mean weird?" "I never see him do those mystic ceremonies anymore" "That's weird?" "Well, it's weird for him" "Hurry up, the Vice-Principle is calling a special session in the auditorium about the disappearing students" [ In the auditorium ] Vice Principle: Students of Furinkan Koukou. I am going to address a serious problem that has been plaguing this school. I'm sure you have all heard about the missing students. The Principle is out of the country on a educational exchange program in Hawaii. However the matter still hasn't escaped his attention, he has left a letter on the subject and instructed me to address it to you. [reading the letter] My dear students... The real world, as you are finding out, can be a very dangerous place. I regret I cannot be there to protect you all. In a sense I am your father and you are all my children. But since I am not there in body, I have left some careful instructions for you to follow to help protect yourselves. (1) If any of you are faking and playing hooky, as a result you will wash the toilets for 3 months! (2) Always walk home in groups. There is strength in numbers. (3) Walk in well lighted areas near a lot of people (4) Don't talk to strangers (5) Follow a curfew. (6) Hold hands when you cross the street and look both ways before crossing. (7) Always have your parents check your Halloween candy beore eating it (8) And get a traditonal Furikan Japanese hair style. Be marked as a proud patriot of your country. No one will dare cross a student of Furinkan High..... [ The students have already started filing out ] Vice: Hey?! Where is everyone going? Oh well, it was a stupid speech. [ Outside near a tree, a group of boys are meeting ] Boy1: Alright, Gosunkugi, what's up? Gosunkugi: You guys want to see something interesting? Boy2: Like what, Gosunkugi? Gosunkugi: Come to my house tonight and find out. Boy3: Well I'm not sure, I've got a lot of things to do Gosunkugi: I have some *special* pictues of Akane to show you. Boy3: Well, since you put it that way... Gosunkugi: Don't tell anyone you're coming. All: No problem! [ After the school day Akane and Ranma are walking home together ] Ranma: That's unusual. Akane: What Ranma? Ranma: Kunou hasn't showed up to fight for the past 2 days. Akane: Maybe he's given up? Ranma: You don't really believe that, do you? Akane: No, you're right. Maybe Kunou is one of the missing students... Ranma: I don't think so. I'm never that lucky. Akane: I can't help but feel something strange is going on. It's not just students, people all over Furinkan have been reporting people disappearing. Ranma: Great now all we need is a dead body and we can break into a mystery plot. Akane: Be serious! Ranma: I wouldn't worry so much, I've seen much wor..WHOOPS! Akane: Ranma! Are you okay? Ranma: Yeah, I just tripped over that hand lying over there.. Akane: ....HAND!!! [ cut back to a view of the city as Akane's scream pierces the entire city limits ] * * * * * In some secret government bunker a debriefing is taking place. Two figures walk in a conference room. One is a young man and the other is a young woman. Both are dressed in some sort of military uniform. "Officers Aih and Kay reporting for duty", the woman stated. They immediately snapped to attention. "At ease Em-chan, you know I don't like being formal", said a distinguished young man from a chair. Like the others he looked young but seemed a little older by maybe 5 years. From his markings he was a superior officer. "Please don't call me that, sir", officer Aih replied. "I'm your superior officer. I can call you whatever I want. Isn't that right Sugar-plum?", their superior asked officer Kay. "Uhh, where is officer Whii?", asked officer Kay trying to get off the subject. "Oh, he asked for time off to study for his College Entrance Exams. We're not totally heartless you know, Kay-kun" Kay just groaned and thought how low his GPA was going to be this semseter. "Can we just get to business, sir?", snapped Aih. "Ah yes, ever the woman of action", remarked their superior officer. "I'll let Dr. Kno handle the debriefing. Long boring explanations are his forte.". Another figure stood up. He was an old man wearing spectacles and a labcoat, looking very sterotypically scientist-like. "Thank you Officer Zen. I'll get straight to the point. This is the current situation..." The doctor pressed some buttons on a controller he was holding and a nearby monitor started lighting up various charts and data. "The city you see before you is the town of Furinkan. It looks like any other ordinary city. Recently however there has been some quite unusual activities. The local police force found it impossible to handle it so the government pulled them out and put us in. For the most part we have been observing via satellite and secret remote-controlled cameras. The town seems to have been dominated by extermely powerful paranormals. While exceedingly rare, such beings are not unheard of." The monitor begins to flash various scenes of popular fights in Furinkan. Ranma vs. Ryouga (various streets and buildings are being wrecked) Ranma vs. Golden Pair ( an ice rink is totally devestated ) Ranma vs. Mouse (minor property damage) Ranma vs. Shampoo's Great Grandmother (incidents at the beach) Ranma vs. Happosai (too numurous to log) Ranma vs. Panda (fights on a fence overlooking a river) Ranma-chan vs. Kodachi (school property severly thrashed) Ranma-chan vs. Shampoo (building structures are being destroyed) etc. Officers Aih and Kay look visibly shocked. "These people seem to be even stronger than Whii-kun!", Aih said amazed. "Oh please, Em-chan, I think you're still a match for some of these", Officer Zen remarked. "I wish Whii was here to back us up", gulped Kay. "Kay-kun, you never got along with Whii very well as I remember", Officer Zen reminded him. "Yeah, but if I'm going to get beat up, I want it to be from someone still human!", exclaimed Kay. Dr. Kno continues: "There are also appearances of what we believe to be mystical beings/monsters/ghosts and maybe even aliens..." Again the monitor flashes showing us some more of our favorite fight scenes: Ranma vs. Dojo Yaburi Ranma vs. a winged Minotaur Ranma vs. Demon Ghost-cat Ranma vs. GIANT Happosai Ranma interacting with various minor ghosts. "Ghosts....", whispered Aih. "You're making this up, right?", asked Kay nervously. "I thought you of all people wouldn't be suprised Kay-kun", scolded Officer Zen. "And even evidence of esper or magical power", Dr. Kno flashed more images. Ranma using his Heavenly Rising Dragon Whirlwind Fist attack. Ryouga attacks with his exploding point technique. Ryouga unleashing his Ki as a force bolt. Shampoo's Great Grandmother is preforming various special attacks. Happosai unleashing the power of his firecrackers in a wild display of fireworks. "So where do we exactly fit in?", asked Aih. "You and Kay-kun will be disguised as transfer students at the local high school. Both of you still look young enough to pass.", explained Zen. "That's because we are", Kay said. "Your goal will to closely observe the occurances in the town. We want specific reports on what's going on in the city", Zen said. "Why this personal interest all of a sudden?", enquired Aih. "Well, you see, crime wasn't a major problem even without the local police force. Even the Yakuza didn't overrun the city. We believe that there was a martial arts dojo of the Tendo clan to handle any such incidents." "So why the sudden interest?", persisted Aih. "Ah, Aih-chan, there's no putting anything past you. I never knew a more alert and capable officer..", "So *why* the sudden interest?", Aih interrupted. "Okay Okay. Something recently occured in the city that has us in an uproar. I'm hesitant to mention it to you since it might be a little shocking to you." "Well the department must feel it's not a big enough shock to prevent us from duty, since we were still called in for debriefing. I would rather know now than finding it out later by myself ", Aih said. "You're right. The thing is, about 50 people have all dissapeared. And more are missing every day." "That's not that unusual. What is this, some mass kidnapping ploy?", Kay commented. "Well six of them were found this morning..." "That's great!", Kay said. "...dead." The room fell dead silent after Zen's last remark. * * * * * [ At the Tendo Dojo, some town elders are asking for help in solving this unusual delimna. ] Soun: Please accept our sympathies. It is truly a shame about those six people.... Man: Since this terrible misfortune, the people of our fair city are all in turnmoil. For any semblance of normancy to return, this dark mystery must be solved and any missing survivors found. We humbly ask you to investigate this matter further. The security of the city rests on your shoulders Tendo-san. [ Bowing ] There is none other we can turn to. Soun: Please, there is no need. This too troubles me. There hasn't been a death in this town since.... since.... Nabiki: This has been the first time since we lived here father. Soun: Since as long as I can remember! And there shall be no more! This heinous deed shall not go unpunished!! The culprit will not escape the pursuit of justice! Ranma: You can count me in on this too. I haven't lived here as long as you all may have, but Furinkan has become my home and I don't want any filthy murderers running around it. Right, dad? Genma: Murderers?.... Kasumi: Oh dear, has any one seen Happosai? Soun: Well, honorable guests it was nice of you to stop by. [ he pushes them out the door ] Genma: What are we going to do?! We can't fight our sensei, Happosai! Ranma: Wait! Hold on! Before jumping to conclusions let's think this through carefully. [ Everyone takes a deep meditative form ] Soun: Simply being an underwear thief, a freeloader, and a merciless sensei hasn't been enough for him, Happosai has finally resorted to murder! Genma: Then we're next! [ Genma and Soun start packing everything up to move away ] Ranma: Will you two cut it out! Think about it. Happosai may be scum even a pig wouldn't touch, but he would never resort to something like this. Kasumi: But, he's been gone for so long. Ranma: Exactly, I'm willing to bet, that Happosai is one of those people that disappeared. Why didn't we report him earlier as missing? Genma: Well, we didn't really notice that he was gone.... Soun: And we didn't actually MISS him... * * * * * In a dark room a single shape stands out. A square window of light is floating on the floor. From it sounds and images are eminating. The command: "Execute general order 52!", came from the window. "Will you shut that thing off and hurry up?! The meeting is about to begin!", Purple Coat screamed out as he turned on the lights. "What?! Kirk just ordered the Enterprise to execute a...", Green Coat started protesting. "I don't care if he's about to execute the Klingon throneworld! The meeting is about to begin and you haven't even set anyting up." Grumbling Grean Coat shut off the TV. "You know you're getting awefully cranky, I think the power is getting to your head.", Green replied. "Enough! You are a Fang warrior, act like one", the invasion commander stated as he walked in. "I will not tolerate any more delays" Hmf! It was as if a guy couldn't even get a decent amount of television to enjoy, thought Green Coat. He and Purple Coat were doing fine until the old Battle-axe Invasion Commander came along to head the operation. He heard he got the command after a grueling interview in which he had his left arm struck by lightening. Something like that kind of makes you lose your sense of humor. But Green Coat still thought that was a poor excuse. "How many of the townspeople have you subjugated?", asked the commander. "About 50", responded Purple. "More like 60.", corrected Green. "We worked pretty fast.", he bragged. "You fool!", the commander yelled out and hitting Green's head with his fist. "If you keep up this pace we're bound to attract attention! If our cover is found out before our power base is complete all our plans may be ruined!" "Oh, who's going to notice?", Green asked. "And how are you keeping track of all your victims?" "Uh, well..." "Well, I'll tell you how you are. You're not! And because of your non-existant accounting, you cretins already lost six people!" "I thought HE was keeping track of them", Green and Purple each responded simultaneously, pointing to each other. "I don't care whose fault it is. The townspeople have already found the bodies. I want you to slow down the operations and be watchful of any who might be gettting too suspicious." "Yes sir!", Purple promised. "Yeah, yeah, Yow!", Green yelled out when the commander hit him again. There was just no satisfying this guy, thought Green Coat, rubbing his head. Why was he always blaming me? And how do these guys always manage to summon up a wooden mallet out of thin air anyway? * * * * * Akane: Ranma, where are you going at this time of the night? Ranma: Our dads and I are going to find those missing people. Akane: And how do you propose to do that? Ranma: Look, this is a man's job, leave the details to us. [ they leave] Kasumi: Please return safely. Akane: Those idiots. Well I guess it's up to me to do my own investigating. Kasumi: Don't stay out too long Akane, dinner will be ready in an hour! [ At Dr. Tofu's clinic ] Akane: Tofu sensei, you examined the bodies, what do you make of it? Tofu: ... [ Dr. Tofu has a very intense look on his face ] Akane: Tofu-sensei, what's wrong? Tofu: Akane-chan. Listen to me very carefully. Things are changing in Furinkan. Very bad things are happening. I want you to go home, pack your things and leave Furikan with your sisters for a while. Akane: Tofu-sensei.... Tofu: Please Akane-chan, go! There's no time to lose! [ Dr. Tofu pushes her out the door and closes it behind her. Akane is so bewildered she just stands outside for a while ] Akane: What.... [ She then hears some sounds fron the door. She tries listening but can't seem to make out anything. Apparently Dr. Tofu is working on something ] [ In another scene Ranma and the others are seeking out the help of Shampoo's Great Grandmother ] Genma: Ranma, is this wise? Ranma: Relax, with something this big I figure that old woman should know something about it. Genma: What if she's the one behind it?! [ We see Shampoo sweeping in front of her restaurant. ] Ranma: Shampoo! [ Shampoo just ignores her. She just continues sweeping ] Ranma: Shampoo, it's me Ranma. Ranma! Shampoo: Oh hello, Ranma. [ Ranma notices something wrong. Shampoo isn't running up and hugging him like she usually does. ] Ranma: Shampoo, what's wrong? Shampoo: It's Great Grandmother. [ continues sweeping ] Ranma: Uh, what about her? [ nervously starts looking around for any ambushes] Shampoo: She's gone. [ continues sweeping ] Ranma: What do you mean? [ still looking around ] Shampoo: Great Grandmother received a message from our village to return immediately. Something bad happened. But she wouldn't tell the family what it was. I'm afraid for her. Ranma: ... [ Genma and Soun who were hiding breath a sigh of relief ] Shampoo: I..I have to get back to work Ranma. [ Shampoo goes into her restaurant. ] Ranma: What could have Shampoo so worried about her Great Grandmother? I've never seen her so worried. Something is definitely very fishy around here. [ Genma and Soun are passing the time by fishing for goldfish at a shop ] * * * * * [ Commercial Break ] Hi there! My name is Ryo Seaba. You proabably know me better as the City Hunter, super-detective and all around hunk. Many of you have proabably complained about why Tokyo subways are always so darn crowded. Well take it from me. As long as I've been an investigative detective there's no better way to get around in Tokyo. The subway is cheap, fast, and mostly reliable. But if you think it's bad in here you haven't tried hailing a taxi or riding one stuck in a gridlock. And subways don't have meters running. Besides there are a lot of fringe benifits from riding on a crowded subway. [ Ryo smiles as he flattens himself against a young girl ] Oh! Excuse me miss. You know you have a very soft.... [ The girl starts screaming while Ryo continues leering ] I'm so sorry, but you see I just can't seem to move out of the way. Oh no, it looks like we're stopping between stops again, oh well.... "Ryo!!! I see you there!" [ Everybody in the subway train manages to take a step back allowing a running Kaori with a wooden mallet to reach up to Ryo. ] Uh, Kaori, how did you catch up to me? Kaori smiles, "I took the subway" Hi, my name is Leika, but you proably know me better in my role in BubleGum Crisis as the mysterious and glamorous singer/assassin Vision. I just want to spend a little time talking about a serious life and death subject. [ smiles] No don't worry, it's not a sex talk. [ We hear cries of BOO! coming from the background ] No, this isn't about AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. No this is something worse. I want to talk to you about drugs. They're bad news. Don't let anyone push you into taking drugs. If anyone is telling you that drugs are cool they're lying and they're not your friends. As a matter of fact taking drugs is uncool. Don't listen to their lies. There's nothing exciting about taking drugs. Drugs won't make you popular or special. The only thing drugs will bring you is Trouble. Take it from me. I don't do drugs. And none of my friends do either. Remember, if someone asks you to try drugs, just "Say No!" [Announcer] Say No to Drugs and Say Yes to Life. This message has been sponsored by the Drug-Free Japan program. * * * * * [ In the secret headquarters of the invading force ] Purple: Sir, you were right, the townspeople have enlisted the local Martial Arts school to investigate the matter and search for the missing victims. Commander: I see. Purple: I wouldn't worry too much sir. Our spy tells us that for the most part, they're a bunch of idiots. They pretty much act like the local police force. It's amazing some other group hasn't infiltrated this place already. Commander: I wouldn't put too much stock in what your spy, Gosunkugi says, considering he's an unwilling pawn. And considering he's also an idiot. Purple: That may be so, but he does have his uses. Green: [ thinking] no, Battle-axe is right, he is an idiot. Guess it takes one to know one... Commander: What was that Agent Green Coat? Green: Uh nothing, sir! Just thinking out loud. Commander: By the way, you're right. Green: .... Purple: But Gosunkugi has even gotten us 5 new "recruits" just today. Commander: I see.... In any case, have this "police force" elimated descretely. We don't need any more publicity. I don't want any more investigators investigating the investorgator's deaths. Green: Could you say that one more time? [ The figure wearing the purple coat just glares at his partner to keep quiet] Commander: Just get to the job. Green: Right away, SIR. [ exits ] Commander: Is agent Green Coat always so insubordinate? Purple: He may act a bit rough, but he's one of the top agents. Commander: I see. Any word from Central? Purple: Yes. The Boss is still worried about the Wandering one. Commander: Ah yes. The entity our Leader seems to fear so much. In any case there is only a low probability that he will even seek us out. I'm more interested in any activities of the renegade. Purple: Latest intelligence reports that he is still stuck in the last city we attacked. Commander: I see... [ We here Green Coat in the distance: "Yeah, with both 'eyes'!" ] Still, he's very clever and dangerous, he might actually track us here. It might be best for the Teleporter to send us some more experienced reinforcements. Purple: If we are in need of strong warriors, this investigative police force may be what we are looking for. Command: I se.. uh, I mean: By all means, if they survive: recruit them. And even if they fail, it won't matter. There are still others that can fill our ranks. [ The Commander points to the end of the room where the unconscious forms of Kunou, Mousse and Kodachi lie. ] * * * * * "Look I'm telling you I'm innocent!" He was getting really annoyed. Here he was investigating a possible murder and tracking down this malicious organization and the next thing you know he's been arrested for the murder of two high school students. "You're making a big mistake!" But his explanations were falling on deaf ears. Okay maybe he was a little overzealous when he knocked out one of the police officers when they tried to handcuff him. Now he had to deal with about ten officers surrounding him. "Sure you are", one of the leading officers said. "Why don't you come down by the station and explain your side of things" "I already told you, precious time is wasting! The real murderers are getting away. It may already be too late!" "You sure seem to know an awful lot about this case..." "I didn't do it! I'm the good guy chasing the bad guys who did it. This is pointless and I really don't have time for this" "If it already may be too late. Then you won't mind spending a little more time in a cell explaining yourself." He stood up to his full height and gave a swipe from his blue cloak in a martial arts stance. He has had it! No Mr. Nice Good-Guy. "Foolish Man! You are dealing with forces beyond your understanding. I am attempting to aid your people and all I receive is scorn and distrust. Enough of this. I will take my leave of you.." "Oh, I don't think so..." "And how do you propose to stop me, little man?" "With these.." While they were talking police reinforcements have arrived. He couldn't believe they actually managed to stall him until morning. Had they really talked that long?! The Swat team came rolling in with their laser scopes and automatic weapons clicking and snapping and making all those darn neat-o sounds when a person was targetting his weapon. Hmmm, a team this size with this much firepower under these conditions might actually be an ...annoyance. "Okay, I give up.", he mumbled. They may have me, but they can't hold me... for too long anyway. * * * * * Genma: Where do you suggest we start looking now? Ranma: I figured we would just walk around town and hopefully run into them." Genma: And maybe if we walk around the corner we'll also run into a beautiful fairy who'll grant us all a wish. Ranma: You got a better idea?! Genma: Yes, let's go home. Ranma: Huh? Genma: Well, look at it this way. The missing people could be anywhere. The chances of us finding them are about the same as us looking anywhere else. Maybe we'll find them on the way home. Ranma: Yeah and maybe they'll just come looking for us and save us the trouble... Soun: Ranma-kun, look! From around the corners an army of people started coming out. One by one they trickled into the streets. First they appeared in front of them and then behind. In seconds they were surrounded. The trio would ordinarily have been happy to find all the missing people all like this. If only they all didn't have those crazy looks on their faces. If only they still looked alive. The crowd started moving in with shuffling steps. They were as pale as ghosts, dead in spirit and deadly in intent. Ranma: I think we found the missing people. Genma: Couldn't we just unfind them now? * * * * * "Hey chief." The police chief looked up from his desk. The night shift was just starting but he was still stuck here doing all this blasted paperwork. When he accepted his promotion he never expected such a drastic change from walking the streets to filing the reports. The rookie was just about to leave his shift before coming up to him. "What is it?", the chief asked the rookie. "That guy in cell 4..." "The one we picked up for the missing school kids?" "Yeah, that's the one, he gives me the creeps." "Well crazy killers all seem creepy." Remember when they dragged him in here this morning?" All he kept on saying the whole time was something about 'we were only dooming ourselves.' And then when he was put into a cell, he just sat there indian style and didn't even twitch." "Yeah, I remember. He would have done a statue proud." "He's just been sitting there for the last 10 hours straight. He hasn't asked for food, water or even go to the bathroom." "Wasn't the only time he moved was when we tried to fingerprint him or search him?" "Well, when we tried to do that, he just gave this really scary look at us. Nobody had enough nerve to go into the cell with him even with a battalion of armed guards right outside" "Well, we ran him through a metal detector on the way into his cell. It's the new standard equiptment. The only thing that registered was that circular metal disc with two slits which he claimed was his mask." "Aren't you afraid he might try to break out?" "Not really. That metal disc isn't going to help him pick or smash any locks. We probably couldn't even pry it away from him if we wanted to. Besides we have enough guards on duty to plug him full with holes if he tries anything. He's locked in an electronic windowless cell down in maximum security. He's has no tools and no weapons. He's not getting out." "Yeah I guess so chief, but he still gives me the creeps. You know, the only time he said anything was when I just left. He asked me if I was going to be replaced by the night shift." "What did you answer?" "I told him I was, I don't see how that's really going to help him. "He probably wanted to know how long he was down in there. There's no way he can even tell if it's even day or night." "Well so far he hasn't been very cooperative. Refuses to answer even the simplest questions." "Don't worry, he's not going anywhere without a proper explanation. I'm willing to let him rot in there until he starts talking. Even if he can bend bars, alarms will alert us if there is any tampering with the cell. There's no where for him to go. He's imprisoned in a secure, escape-proof maximum security cell", the chief said adamantly. We see flashes of the state-of-the-art detention facilities. The security monitors, the integrity alarm centers, the electromagnetic locks and the cool uniform bars all stand unchallenged. And in the maximum security ward we also see rows and rows of prison cells. And of course they're all empty. * * * * * Ranma was fighting these ghouls for what seemed like hours. None of them seemed to recognize him. He saw schoolmates, neighbors, people who yelled at him in the streets for destroying their homes, and even total strangers. All of them just had this blank look on their face. The cut he received from a one of these zombie's claws (don't these guys ever cut their fingernails?) on his back was starting to hurt. He certainly knew that all his moving around was only aggravating the wound. Every time he knocked one down three more would just rise up to take it's place. He lost track of the others in the resulting melee. And the goons wouldn't stay down, they just picked themselves up and kept coming and coming and... * * * * * Commercial Break 2: And it keeps going and going and going... [ We see a stuffed Panda Bear walking across, pounding on a drum and sounding a horn in it's mouth. It has a HUGE battery on it's back ] Nothing stops the energizer! Announcer: [ singing ] EN-I-GI-ZER! Panda: [sign] Are we off the air yet? My hands are getting tired. A young red haired woman is running for her life. Behind her is an army of men in military gear and are firing energy rifles at her. The woman dives behind some cover. She tries returning fire but her assailants have her pinned down very badly. A young woman with long dark hair dressed in a uniform that's a little more modest than a bikini steps onto the screen and speaks to the audience: "This is Gamma Zentrades. One of the more dangerous places for travelors. The people here are very strict and prefer to give out their own form of justice and punishment. There is almost no centralized government and no police force to appeal to. Raiders such as these hunt and destroy any unsuspecting visitors ignorant of their various sacred customs. Any hope to resolve a dispute in a peaceful fashion is almost non-existance.| "Yuri! I could use some backup here!", screamed Kei as her cover was slowly being blown away. "But if you think THIS is bad, wait till you see what happens when you DON'T carry your Bloody card. Because in Gamma Zentrades, they DON'T accept apologies and they DON'T take American Express. [ Yuri throws the Bloody card at the attackers. In a matter of seconds the Bloody card makes sushi out of them. ] BLOODY CARD: Your visa and secrurity to the Universe * * * * * [ Flashy Fight BGM starts up ] Next time on Ranma 1/2! Ranma is still caught in the unrelenting press of the zombie army. [ We see Ranma being overwhelmed by minless attackers ] Ranma: Give up?! The evil invasion continues unabated [ We see flashes of students being ambushed and kiddnapped. ] Purple: The Conquest is continuing according to schedule Invasion Commander: "Furinkan shall fall!" And who is the mysterious blue robed stranger? Is he a friend, or the most dangerous threat Furinkan will ever face? [ Fist a clip of the phantom stranger crushing stone blocks to powder. Next we see the blue cloaked warrior facing off Ranma in a death match. In the next frame he has Ranma in a headlock ] "The last sound you hear will be your own neck bones snapping" Join us next time for the next episode of Ranma 1/2: The Darker Half! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Well that's part II. If people still show disinterest or utter contempt for the job, then I'm going to just scrap the whole project and write a new story that's more Takahashian-like. Send me all comments, critisms, threats, but send something if you want to see more of this storyline. From rec.arts.anime Tue Feb 2 10:39:21 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!!sunic!uunet!!rpi!!!krim From: (KAL Rim) Subject: Fanfict: Ranma The Darker Half - Part III Message-ID: <> Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1993 23:16:51 GMT Lines: 906 Thank you all who sent me comments. I'm sorry if I seemed like whining. The reason I was asking for feedback was that I was afraid this new Ranma style was really bad so I wanted to get a reaction to see if this thing was worth continuing or not. Heck, if no one liked it, why bother working so hard on it? But since there appears to some interest (both good and bad :) I will do my best to continue the story. There has been mixed preferences over the writing style. I decided to write in prose when there is a lot of activity and write in script whenever there is a lot of dialogue with more than two parties. To understand dialogue in prose, every different person or set of parties will have a different indentation. "Party 1" "Party 2" Also, I mistakenly called the city Furinkan, after the high school. The reason was I didn't know what the city name was so I used the HS name hoping no one would really notice. But someone recently informed me that the place is Tokyo, the Nerima ward on the outskirts. Ranma: The Darker Half Part III -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= How does he always get himself into these fights?, Ranma wondered. All he was doing was investigating the murder of six townspeople and 50 missing people with his father and Akane's father. Then while walking down the street they bump into them. But they were changed, they become like zombies. And true to their nature they started attacking, trying to flail off his flesh. Ranma fought the best he could, but the people just started clawing and biting. He just hoped whatever they had wasn't contagious. Suddenly there was a flash of green and Ranma felt a blow to the back of his head. When Ranma finally threw off the effects of his ringing head, he noticed that his assailants were pulling him down. Ranma struggled with all his might but he just couldn't budge them. There were too many of them. Slowly but surely he was dragged down down into the ground. With a last burst of strength Ranma managed to pull up. With a gasp of air he surfaced. To his suprise he was in a freshly dug grave. "How did I get here?", Ranma wondered. And then he noticed the tombstone, on it was written the name: Saotome Ranma. "No!", Ranma screamed. "NOOOOOOO!", he screamed a little louder as if volume alone could change the course of destiny. But soon the zombie hands were back, grabbing him and pulling him down again. Ranma: Get back! Get away....... NO! Leave me alone! Tofu: Ranma, stop struggling. Wake up, you're safe, you're safe... Ranma: Huh, huh, oh, it was a dream, just a dream... That's the last time I watch Vampire Hunter D and eat all that junk food before going to sleep. Oh, my body aches all over... Tofu sensei, what are you doing here?! Tofu: Taking care of you. Ranma: [ looks down at his body and notices he has a lot of bandages ] It wasn't a dream... it wasn't a dream.... Tofu: Ranma, get a grip on yourself! You were in a fight, but you're safe here in my clinic now. Ranma: Yeah, Yeah I remember now. HAHAHAhahahaha..... That was one spooky fight [ shudders ] Tofu: You were hurt pretty badly Ranma. Ranma: Wait! Where's everyone else? Where's Mr. Tendo? Tofu: Mr. Tendo is in even worse condition than you. He's still asleep. Ranma: What about my dad? Tofu: .... Ranma: Where's my dad? What happened to him? Tofu: He's not with us. He stayed behind at the battle. Ranma: WHAT?!?! Why would he do such a thing? Can he do such a thing? Tofu: Your father bravely defended our escape. Tofu: Please Mr. Saotome, Ranma and Mr. Tendo need immediate medical attenton! Genma: Wait Wait! Come back! Come back! Don't leave me! Ranma: Wow, I never knew he could make such a noble sacrifice. Tofu: I'm afraid he hasn't returned yet. You were very lucky I was passing by. Ranma: Well, I better get going, it's up to me to save the town again... Tofu: Ranma, please rest, you took a very nasty beating. Ranma: No problem Tofu-sensei, I'm trusting your unparralled medical skills.. Tofu: Ranma, I may be able to fix broken and dislocations but I can't do a thing to speed up cut wounds, if you start moving you're going to reopen your wounds... Ranma: ARRAHHARH!!! Tofu: Here Ranma, this will help you rest [ Dr. Tofu hits a nerve on Ranma and he flops unconscious ] Tofu: Rest easy Ranma, I will guard your dreams. * * * * * Clickity-clickity-clack, The Hack went down the Stack. What a bunch of amateurs. A blue robed figure was hacking away at a keyboard. First they lock me in a cage termed "maximum security" for a crime I didn't commit. Then they don't even moniter their own halls. And finally they leave their terminal room unguarded with direct access into their database. But it was still a challenge in the software sense. The police, like any other administrative system had their own unique operating system with a help mode that might as well have been in a foreign language. He had to quickly master it before he was discovered. Fat chance of that, not only was the police force totally incompetent, but he was a master of stealth, not a single sound would resonate from his graceful movements. But cracking the database and actually making up the right queries to get the information he needed wasn't an easy task. But he enjoyed having something to test himself to avoid his boredom. He knew it was a smart move to get his Computer Science Degree at night classes at Tokyo University. "AHA! I thought I heard someone in here!", came a voice. It was from a young redheaded police woman. What?!, he thought. How did she hear me? I'm as silent as the night breeze. "I knew something was wrong when I heard the clicky-clack of a keyboard but didn't hear anything else as well. Only a criminal cyberpunk would go to some such trouble to hide themselves.", she explained out loud. Oh well, you can't win them all, he consolded himself. He swiftly rose up with his back to her and stumbled into a chair he didn't see, making a loud clatter. Ouch!, he thought. "I wouldn't move if I were you!", she warned and pointed her gun. In response he slowly turned around confidently. What a shame he couldn't see the gun behind him. He started speaking in a voice like ice. As he spoke he slowly raised his head in a cheap theatrical ploy. + "I am the terror that hacks in the night I am the magnet which erases your hard drive I..." " too much.", she finished for him and then emptied her revlover. "But I don't think that'll be a problem anymore.", she said. * * * * * In the next day, a familar couple is seen walking towards Furinkan High. The pair turn out to be the Government Special Agents Kay and Aih. "It sure feels weird to be wearing school uniforms again", Kay said. "It's only been two years Kay-kun", responded Aih. "Well, truthfully, I didn't really enjoy high school. And I'm not very thrilled at the idea of retaking it." "I remember." Aih suddenly started giggling. "I remember that it was partly my fault too.", she confessed. "No, it wasn't. I was dumb enough to put myself in all those stupid situations." "But still, we did have a lot of fun together." Yes they did, thought Kay. But that all changed when he was "recruited" by the government. Still he couldn't blame the government for what they did. They did have a point about him protecting his country. He was being very selfish if he didn't use his special talents to protect those who needed them. His mother always told him that with great power came great responsibility. At times like these he really missed her..... "Kay-kun, are you listening to me?!", Aih said, interrupting his thoughts. "Oh sorry, Aih-san, my mind was just wondering a little..", apologized Kay. "Well pay attention, this isn't the classroom anymore. If you make a mistake it could mean more than a bad grade." "Sorry. So what were you saying?" "I said, remember: Keep a low profile. We're only here to observe." Easy for you to say, thought Kay. "Look, there's the Furinkan High campus", Kay said. "Remember to be inconspicuous." Aih gave a toss of her long hair and stepped in past the gates. Sighing, Kay followed in. * * * * * Barney: Watch me trick Fred out of his delicious Coco Pebbles. [ Barney dreses up in some sailor officer suit and has a car disguised as a Veritech in guardian mode. ] Barney: Help we need a fuel source! Fred: Captain Gloval! Barney: Alas our supply of protoculture will dwindle if we don't get a new supply of chocolaty Coco to refuel it. Fred: Here try my Delicious Coco Pebbles. It's Chocolately delicious and part of a balanced breakfast. Barney: Mmmm! It is chocolaty! Fred: Boy, I always wanted to fly one of these. [ Fred hits the ignition, the car flies off, slams into a tree and in the process knocks off Barney's hat and coat ] Fred: Barney! My Pebbles! Barney: Whoops! Well gotta "Fold". [ Fred chases Barney ] Hello music-fans! Presenting one of the hottest songs out now. This song is hot! It's breaking all the charts. Coming LIVE from a special performance in full stereo. And now here's Vision with her award winning messge to help fight the war on drugs! Say 'No!', Let's go! [ From a large stage, a lone woman stands. Suddenly the TV monitors around her all light up basing her in an inferno of light. The music starts, first a gentle beat, and then a guitar accompiament, and then the rest of the band swing into a full blaze of sound and fury ] [ Vision ] Like a wind, blue and tearing away, you have disappeared down the drug path. Even if I hold on to that day's voice, which said, 'Try the high.' Just wind blows I'll bite my lips with all my might until this storm stops, 'cause the more you use, the more fragile the valley of buildings seems to become. Say 'No!' Don't listen to the pills I want only you, Say 'No!' Drugs will only destroy your freedom and your heart Say 'No!' Because Life already offers so much to you. Please reach out, You can be, you can do, you can sing, you can live... Announcer: All procedings will go to the Drug-Free Japan fund. * * * * * A lone figure is walking down a road. He seems a little disoriented, anybody looking at him might have guessed he was traveling for days. The figure stops to rest a little. He then notices a farmer nearby. "Excuse me, do you know the way to Furinkan Koukou?", he asked. "Sure, you just go straight down and take the first left. You'll be there in no time." "Thank you" "No problem. You know, you're the forth person that asked me that in two days. Must be a popular place." "Forth?", he said to himself as he went down the road and turned right. * * * * * It was all over the school. Even during these mournful times, somethings never change. Soon every one heard the news. There were new students at Furinkan high. Everyone was curious to know what the new people were like. Gossip was already spreading like wildfire. "Hey, did you hear?" "Yeah, a couple of new transfer students just came in" "Boy did they pick the wrong time to come" "Who cares, let's see what they're like." "I heard one's a girl." "Is she hot?!" "What about the guy?" "Oh, I heard he was the nice niave looking kind. The type brainless over-cute girls fall for" "Yeah but *I* heard he looks a little older than normal" "Maybe he was left back?" "Let's go see!" "But the sensei is taking a roll call." "Big deal, with so many missing students he's not going to notice" In the classroom where the new students are being introduced, the halls around it are filled with curious students from various other classes. At the front stood two students, waiting for the teacher to finish roll call before introducing them. "Toyato" "Here" "Mishubusu" "Present" "Yotsuya" 'YO!' "Yotsuya gets a zero for today.... Godai" This time no response was given. "Godai Hmm, another missing student?" "..... Here! I'm sorry I'm late Otonashi-sensei" "Too late, I marked you as absent." "But.. But..." "You know the rules! Don't argue with me! Next time come early, I have no time to waste on lazy students." "Then if I'm marked as absent, I might as well leave." "Do that and I'll have you assign you to wash the toilets for playing hookey." ".... ..." "Tendo." The teacher waits again only to be greeted with continued silence. "Tendo Nabiki. ... Nabiki!" Still no answer is given. "Well, she probably just went to the bathroom...", the teacher nervously marked her as present thinking about the compromising pictures she had of him with a student. He just got his new job and he wanted to keep it. "Kunou" Again the teacher receives silence for an answer. "Is Kunou hanging out at that 2nd year classroom again? If anyone sees him tell him if he wishes to repeat his 2nd year in high school, it can be arranged." Meanwhile the other students in the hall were passing the time sharing more of the latest gossip. In irritation the teacher starts snapping at them. "You students in the hall! If you don't talk more quietly I'll have you all dismissed back to your classrooms!" The students immediately changed to whispering their gossip. "And now, if there are no further interruptions, it gives me great pleasure to present two new visiting students. Please introduce yourselves" The young man Kay walked up. Despite his age, he still looks as innocent and niave as the first day he originally started high school. He had a nice homely look, with clear eyes and brushy brown hair. "My name is Kay Kai, but you can call me Kei. I am very pleased to be here. I asked to be received with favor." Kay bowed to a small applause. Next the girl walked up. While Kay was an average looking student Aih was definitely not. She was a tall, thin and very attractive young girl. The class examined her carefully, from the tightness of her bright white socks with matching shining dark shoes up to her long flowing skirt and well formed blouse up to her perfectly chistled face and silky black hair which was pleasantly draping over her shoulders and back. She wasn't just cute she was pretty, heart-stopping, gorgeous and cute. She looked like a goddess! Every Otaku's dream girl and every school girl's role model. Aih was the central role, the standard every other girl in an anime story was measured up to. She opened her large green luminous eyes wide and took a deep breath before speaking, which gave the male students no end of delight. "Hello I am..." The deafening applause drowned out the rest of Aih's words. The teacher put up his hand to quiet the class. "..I am called Aih Em." Again the fanfare of clapping hands rose up to various shouts from the audience. "Hooray!" "Wonderful!" Again the teacher raised his hand to quiet them. "I am very pleased to be here...", Aih continued. On cue the class erupted into praise again. "Fantastic!" "You're welcomed here" "Are you busy Friday night?!" "Do you have a boyfriend?" This time the teacher stood up and gave a glare which said: Interrupt one more time and you'll be VERY sorry. "Please accept me with favor.", Aih finished and sat down. Yet again the students went crazy. "More!" "Speech! Speech!" "Do you want to have tea after school?" "I think she's cool!" "Were you ever a voice actress in an anime role?" The teacher lost all control of the situation and barely escaped being overrun by overzealous students. "Recess....", he said before being trampled. * * * * * Ranma awoke in the darkness. Where is everyone?, he thought. "We're right here Ranma!" a voice called out from the darkness. "What?", Ranma wondered. Then shapes started coming out. It was everyone one he knew. Akane, his father, Kunou, Kodachi, Shampoo, her Great Grandmother, Mousse, Happosai, Ukyou, Ryouga, Nabiki, Kasumi. But something was wrong with them. They were all pale the missing people who attacked him. "You failed us, Ranma...", they chanted and advanced on him with their claws outstretched. "You failed..." No! Ranma thought. It's only a dream. Just another dream. And then Nabiki bit him and Ukyou slashed his face. "ARRH!", Ranma screamed in pain. "It's not a dream! It's a nightmare!", Ranma yelled out. But the legion continued, "You failed...." "Stay back! Please I tried my best...!", Ranma pleaded, not sure what they were talking about, but he wasn't about to argue with them. Soon he was overwhelmed with the crowd. But from the corner of his vision he saw a strange man wearing a long green coat. He seemed to be smiling wickedly at him. And all the time he was eating a bag of... popcorn? Immediately Ranma woke up in a cold sweat. Ranma: Oh my head... is this what a hangover feels like? Tofu: Good morning Ranma, how are you feeling? Your wounds have been healing very nicely. Ranma: Well, I'm a strong guy. I always heal fast. Tofu: You better eat something... [ rolls in a cartful of food ] Ranma: All for me?! Tofu: Ranma, you need to build up your strength. After all, you've been asleep for over 2 days. Ranma: TWO days?! Tofu: I was expecting three. Ranma: Okay, so what now? Tofu: Ranma, I have reason to believe that an army of bloodsucking monsters will be the city. Ranma: Why do you think that? Tofu: Well, remember the six deceased. Ranma: Yeah, Akane and I found the first one. Tofu: I was asked to examine the bodies. They were all almost completely drained of blood. And they had tiny puncture marks over their jugulars. Ranma: But those people I fought... Tofu: No, they were still alive in a sense: they were still warm blooded, I managed to take some samples. This is the part I didn't understand. They were nothing like the original victims. Ranma: So then are there two parties behind this? One kidnapps, the other sucks people's blood? Tofu: I can't say. What I want to do is re-examine those six bodies again. This time I want a more thorough autopsy. Ranma: But weren't they already buried? Tofu: Ranma, how do you feel about a little grave robbing?... * * * * * Outside the in the school yard, Aih was still being harrassed by a bunch of students asking her out. Aih just walked around the yard and tried to them and until recess was over. If anyone started getting to pushy, she would just give them one of her classic icy stares that could freeze a barbecue. She didn't really care for the attention. From a distance Kay could only stare at her. Every time someone got too close to her he would just feel a twinge of jealously in his heart. But he knew he could trust Aih-san, she wasn't that kind of punk girl to do such things. He kept telling himself to stop being so glum. It wasn't as if they were an item or anything. Sure they'll were good friends, but that was about it. I mean the two of them never even really kissed. Still, deep down he wished they were closer. Even all this time and all their sharing, Kay still didn't really know exactly what kind of relationship they had. Perhaps he should confront her with his inner feelings, but times like this, and from past experiences, he was just too afraid that the feelings weren't mutual. If things didn't work out, their friendship might never be the same. So he took the coward's way out. He wasn't proud of it but it was the only solution he could live and work with. At this point just being friends with Aih-san, to be near her, was enough for him. "Excuse, restaurant?" Kay yelped out in suprise and then scolded himself. He would have to stop his daydreaming in his line of work. One mistake like this and he could have been killed. Then he saw the source of the voice. It was from a really cute blue-haired girl of about 15 or 16. Her hair was arranged in a cross between a ponytail and a criss-cross braid. She must be chinese, he thought. For one thing she was wearing a chinese style top and pants in a matching color of lavendar and.... "Tell... Way.... Chinese.... Restaurant...", the girl continued. ...she had a thick Chinese accent when she spoke. "Uh..., are you hungry?", Kay asked, not sure what to make of this. "Kay-kun, what do you think you're doing?!", Aih demanded. "Whaaa! Aih-san.", Kay exclaimed. "What are you doing fratenizing with girls?!", Aih demanded. How did she get here so fast?!, thought Kay. And did he imagine it but, did Aih-san look a little jealous? That was good, that meant she liked him at least a little. But then again that was also bad since she was a combat expert. "You were supposed to keep a low profile and just observe, REMEMBER?", Aih scolded. Then again mabye she wasn't. "Well you see...", Kay stuttered. "Way... Chinese restaurant..", the girl persisted. Aih finally noticed the girl. "", Aih asked the girl in semi-fluent cantonese.++ "", the girl asked, a little suprised. Aih allowed herself a little smile. Aih: Girl: Aih: Girl: Aih: Lets see. [ Looks at a nearby map ] Girl: Aih: Girl: Arigatou... gozaimasu... Em-san... Aih: [ smiles ] You're improving. Girl: Lotion... 1000 thanks. "Bye" Aih: Goodluck. [ The girl leaves ] Kay: So what was that all about? Aih: Oh, she was just lost. I helped her out. Kay: That was nice of you. Aih: It was no big deal. Kay: You know, I think you have a weakness for those cute little sister types... Aih: Oh? You think she's cute? Do you think she was prettier than me? Kay: ..No no! I didn't mean... Aih: [ laughing ] Just kidding! Kay: So where was she heading? Aih: Oh, just this chinese restaurant called the Nekohanten.... Kay: Hmm, now why does that name sound familiar... What was her name anyway? Aih: I'm not sure... [ thinking ] What did she say?... * * * * * [ Flashes of various scenes of people in green military uniform fighting another army in dark leather. The two sides employ various weapons and vehicles such as state-of-the-art battle tanks, helecopters and jets. ] [ Song ] GI Jo a real Japanese hero! Gi Jo is there! It's GI Jo against Venom the enemy. Fighting to save the day GI Jo takes the fight to the land and sea and air Gi Jo is there! [ Announcer ] GI Jo is the code name for the nations's top special missions force. Their purpose: To stop Venom, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule Asia! [ Song ] Never gives up, fights till the battle's won, GI Jo is there, GI Jo, A real Japanese hero! GI Jo! [ A long shot of all the members of the team lined up, all together they raise their arms and yell out: ] Oi, Jo! [Announcer] Weekdays at 4:30 on Channel X [ Scene: A young girl of about 4 or 5 is running. All around her is a blazing forest fire and she's caught in the middle of it. Another girl of about 10 or so is running after her ] Girl: Mei! Mei! Mei: Sister! I'm scared! [ Suddenly a big flue furry cat/owl like creature flying down on a child's top sweeps both of them to safety. From a safe distance away the three of them witness the devastating effects of the fire. ] Mei: Totoro, you can save the forest, can't you? [ The Totoro just looks away sadly and shakes its head. Totoro looks toward the audience and puts on a fire marshal's hat. On it are the words: "Only you can prevent Forest Fires" ] * * * * * Ranma: I can't believe I'm doing this... by myself too. Ranma: What do you mean I'm going alone?! Tofu: Well Mr. Soun is still in a coma. And someone should keep an eye on him in case he condtion deteriorates. Ranma: I can't go by myself! It's midnight! Only a fool or maniac goes grave robbing in the middle of the morgue by himself. Besides, weren't they cremated? Tofu: No, they haven't received a proper burial yet. The town elders decided to keep their bodies in the morgue for further possible study until this whole incident is behind us. Ranma: Why don't we just call up the authorities. Tofu: Ranma, there is no time to lose. We can't waste time with beaucratic red tape. That's why you're going in at night. All you have to do is bring me one of the bodies. It's not that difficult. Think of it as just running another errand for me. You're not scared are you Ranma? Ranma: No...Of course not... Ranma: Me and my big mouth. [ Ranma sneaks into a building room. He hears a commotion in the room. Ranma looks in, in the room he sees a tall man wearing dark blue robes. He is in the middle of decapitating someone's head, namely by ripping their head off. Already two previous victims lie on the ground. Anothe person tries to get away but the stranger quickly grabs him by the leg and pulls him in. ] Ranma: ....!! Stranger: You can't escape me, you fool. Prepare for true oblivion... Ranma: I won't forgive you! Stranger: What? [ turning ] [ When the stranger turns we get to see his face. But he doesn't have one. Instead, a smooth stainless metal circular mask is in the middle of his hood, the only features on it being two small eye slits. And on his chest seems to be the markings of four small bullet holes ] Ranma: ...Monster! Stranger: Another one! Ranma: You will die for your crimes! [ Ranma takes a flying leap at the stranger only to encounter a puff of mist ] Ranma: What.. [ At the other end of the room, a swirl of mist starts forming, and a deep voice like the whail of a ghost calls out.. ] I am the terror that guards in the night I am the laser that burns away darkness I am.... FireWater!+ Ranma: Is that your name or another metaphor? [ From within the mist, a form of a man appears, "FireWater" leaps out from it and tries to grab Ranma's neck. Ranma quickly dodges and rolls out of range. ] FireWater: Yes, you are a quicker one than these other deadbeats. Ranma: You won't find me such easy prey like the others. [ Ranma throws a chair and throws it at him. FireWater easily catches it smashes it to pieces with his bear hands ] [ Ranma and FireWater trade blows for several minutes. However as the fight progresses, it is clear that Ranma is outmatched. Ranma couldn't dodge a side kick given by FireWater into his wounded side. Groping in pain, Ranma just stood there while FireWater moved in to grab him a headlock ] FireWater: The last sound you hear will be the snapping of your own vertebra. Ranma: ..... * * * * * [ At the Nekohanten Resaurant ] Shampoo: Thank you please come again. Next! Please wait just a moment... Girl: Shampoo: [ She runs up to the girl and hugs her ] Lo-shin: Shampoo: Lo-shin: Shampoo: Lo-shin: Shampoo: Lo-shin: Shampoo: Lo-shin: Shampoo: Lo-shin: [ Shampoo hurriedly opens the letter and starts reading it. Suddenly she starts crying. Lo-shin tries to comfort her ] Lo-shin: Shampoo: Lo-shin: Shampoo: [ There comes an explosion. The door flies apart. The two girls scream in suprise and are buried under a small amount of rubble. The girls groggily pick themselves up. A figure walks in. ] Mousse: Shampoo! [ Strangely enough, Mousse is wearing DARK glasses ] Shampoo: Mousse...? Mousse: I have come for you. You must suffer by my hand. [ Mousse roughly grabs Shampoo by the neck ] Shampoo: You're hurting me! Mousse: [ huskly ] No, not yet. I have much to pay you back, for all the humiliation you caused me. I was completely devoted to you, but you threw me away to run after some half/girl foreign Jap transvestite!+++ Shampoo: Well that was better than a half/duck blind wimp! Mousse: [ squeezing harder ] That's it Shampoo, make me angrier. Shampoo: Mousse, you're killing me! Mousse: How does it feel Shampoo? Do you enjoy me as the pure warrior? Do you enjoy my new darker side? No more holding back on you Shampoo. It's time you learned what it means to be tamed by a real man! [ Suddenly Lo-shin appears and kicks Mousse in the chin ] Lo-shin: [ Mouse drops Shampoo but quickly recovers, he pulls out a mace out of his sleeves and swings it at her. His counter attack is so swift Lo-shin couldn't dodge or block. It hits her in the left rib area ] Mousse: Stay out of this little girl! This is a man's business! Lo-shin: Mousse: Let's just say, my eyes have been opened. [ Shampoo comes running back and manages to knock Mouse down. She's armed with her two "balloon" rods ] Shampoo: Lo-shin, run! I'll hold him off! Get help from Ranma! Lo-shin: But... Shampoo: He's crazy! Go! There's no time! Please, for my sake go! [ Shampoo barely manages to block Mousse's sword attack. Lo-shin takes her cue and runs off ] Lo-shin: [thinking ] Mousse. Mousse: It didn't matter, I have no interest in her. It's you I want! Shampoo: Then come and get me! Mousse: Very well. Just the two of us. And only one shall stand... [ Shampoo and Mousse each face off. Their gird themselves mentally as well as physically. Both prepare themselves for a clash of steel and strength and of skill as well. In a spring motion the two leap into battle with no reservations. The only purpose they have in their minds is to win and even to kill if becessary. Mousse and Shampoo duel off in a frenzy of thrusts, counters and kicks . In a sense it is a dance, deadly yet beautiful. On and on the two move about, as if in some great stage performance, each step seems pre-planned and executed with complete grace. But at last, the dance must end, with only one victor and one crown. ] Mousse: [panting] It's over Shampoo. [ Shampoo lied on the ground, bruised and battered. Her voice cracked with gasps and coughs. Her body overcome by spasms. Her clothes torn and scraped. Her eyes wet with tears. Most of all, her mind screaming at the fact of her defeat and plauged by some unknown feeling of betrayal. But still she resisted, her mouth set in a deteremined lock. She may be beaten but she would never give up. Her Great Grandmother taught her better ] Shampoo: What..What are you doing? [ Mousse stands over her with sword in hand, and moves in ever so slowly. The camera fades away and concentrates on the shadows. The sword's shadow comes in close and enters Shampoo's trembling form. We hear Shampoo struggling to control her terror, but soon it overwelms her and her cries pierce the air to be coupled by a sinister laugh, of one enjoying in another's suffering. ] Shampoo: What are you doing?! Stop!!! [ In the shadows lies a piece of paper. The camera moves in and we see it is the remains of the torn letter Shampoo received. On it the following words are written: "Shampoo, I might not last the next battle. The tribe feud has escalated into higher and higher levels than we could have imagined. But the reason I'm writing is not about me. Your childhood friend, Lo-shin should be delivering you this message. I have sent her away from all this destruction. Take care of her Shampoo. I decided that she would best take the news from you with the least amount of pain. When you feel she's ready, you duty is to inform her that her entire family is not at the front battle lines, but that they have already died defending the village. Comfort her. Raise her up in the old ways. You two may be our last seed. Tell "son" that he was a good rival and despite all our differences I respect.." * * * * * [ From a distance we see Agent Green Coat. He's munching on some popcorn ] Green: Boy wasn't that just depressing? A young man driven by his evil side to destroy what he loves the most. Don't worry, we may be the bad guys, but we're not *that* bad. After all, this series is just PG rated, we can't have too much gore or we'll lose our kiddie market. Good fight scene though. [ turns away from audience and walks into the scene ] Hey Mousse! Stop torturing her, we need her in one piece. Mousse: What?! But I didn't even shave her bald yet! I didn't even get to cut off her fingers one by one and laugh like it was incredibly funny. You said I could make her suffer any way I wanted to once I defeated her. You promised! Green: Well too bad. You know we want her body in one whole piece. You already got to bruise her up pretty badly. Mousse: No! I want more blood! More pain! Besides how are you going to stop me?! Green: Stupid question. * * * * * [ The door to the morgue cabinet snaps open as one of the bodies crawls out ] FireWater: What! More Fang foot soldiers. Ranma: Fang?! What the heck is a Fang soldier? FireWater: Don't play dumb with me, you... Hey, kid you're sure bleeding a lot for an undead trooper. Ranma: Who's an undead trooper!? [ At Dr. Tofu's clinic ] Tofu: [ Looking in a microscope ] From the samples I've taken, they bear remarkable similarities to ledgendary vampires. Maybe I should have told Ranma to go to the morgue first thing in the morning. [ back at the town Morgue ] FireWater: Then you're not an evil vampire monster? [ Snaps the neck of another undead assailant ] Ranma: Then you're not a kidnapping/murdering maniac? [ Gives a chop at a lunging corpse ] * * * * * [ In the Fang headquaters ] Commander: Report. Purple: All goes according to plan. Green Coat reports that the target has been acquired and the slave performed remarkably well. Although it was a little overzealous. Commander: Good, have him hit the next target: Utchan, with the other one. Any word on the six? Purple: They should have finished their transformation tonight. With any luck they'll be compelled to return here. Commander: Good, anything else? Purple: Latest intelligence reports the Wandering one was seen headed in this direction. Commander: WHAT?! Call central for reinforcements, if he should interfere... Purple: ...this area will become a 500 feet deep hole at ground zero.... * * * * * [ In the night a figure is wandering around the city ] Lo-shin: Please excuse me, does anyone know the way to Tendo dojo?! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= + Yes, for those who watch DarkWing Duck, you'll recognize this ++ I am guessing she speaks the Cantonese dialect +++ No insult intended, you just have understand Mousse's incredible hatred for Ranma and Mousse isn't Japanese . From rec.arts.anime Sun Feb 7 20:51:12 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!!!mailgzrz.TU-Berlin.DE!!!!!!krim From: KAL Rim Subject: [FanFic] Ranma: Darker Half - Part IV Message-ID: <> Originator: Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: The Krimlin Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1993 19:41:08 GMT Lines: 941 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ A slow spooky BGM starts up.... ] Bloodythirsty monsters have awakened and gathered for conquest Human victims have been abducted and slain Responses have risen in outrage against the actions. In the final night when fiends and humans clash, a young fighter Wanders in and the story begins.... [ From the darkness two forms emerge. One is a tall man in dark blue robes with a shining metal circular mask with only two eye slits as the features. The other is a young girl wearing a white kimono, her hair is arranged in a single braid to one side. She gives a twirl and we see her face. Ranma-chan opens up a fan and throws it at the audience. ] Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction: The Darker Half Part IV -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ Scene: Tendo Dojo, night, during a thunderstorm ] Nabiki: Hmm, I'm kind of dubious about all these missing persons. Five people who owe me money just completely vanished. Sister, did you notice some odd things happening in town? Kasumi: Well, the night market seems less crowded than usual. [ Thunder roars ] Kasumi: I'm getting worried. Ranma, Father, Mr. Saotome and Akane all haven't returned yet. And with this storm starting up, I hope they don't catch a cold. Nabiki: There's got to be a way to make some money out of this. I know! I'll place bets on who will disappear next! Or, what the count of disappearing people will rise to! Hmmm [does some calculating ] [ More Thunder ] Kasumi: Oh! That was the door bell. Akane is that you? Voice: Please open, it's Kunou. Nabiki: [ to herself ] Kunou? [ Louder ] Akane and the pony-tailed girl aren't here. Kunou: I want to talk business with you. [ The Thunder roars again ] Nabiki: Business? [ suspicious ] about what? Kunou: I'll make it worth your while. Nabiki: Not interested. Kunou: I'm willing to pay 3000 yen up front. Nabiki: Well, okay. [ opening ] What do you want? Kunou: You. [ The Thunder escalates into a frenzy. In the next lightening flash we see Kunou, he is soaked to the skin with rain. He has a blank look on his face and his eyes are a burning red. ] * * * * * [ NOW: It is two nights later, a blue robed man and Ranma are running in the night. Neither says anything during their run. ] Ranma: .... Man: .... Ranma: .... Man: Is it much further? Ranma: Not far now. Man: That's what you said 10 minutes ago. Ranma: Well, even less further now. Man: .... Ranma: .... [ The two run on ] * * * [ At the okonamiyaki store: Utchan ] Ukyou: I don't know why I let you stay here. Tsubame: Because I told you I'll work for free (just to be near you Ukyou-sama) Ukyou: I hope you're worth the trouble. Oh! Customers. Please come in! [ Suddenly the room is filling with black rose petals ] Ukyou: What?! Kodachi: Hohohohohohoho! Prepare to meet your end Kuonji Ukyou! [ Kodachi appears wearing her leotard and dark glasses ] Ukyou: You! [ to herself ] That bad girl who is bothering Ran-chan! [ out loud ] You and what army?! [ The wall collapses and an army of zombies enter ] Ukyou: .... You wrecked my store... scared away my customers I won't forgive you, army or no army! Tsubame! Take care of these losers while I'll handle the rose freak. [ The battle seems even with Ukyou's flying spatelas verses Kodachi's throwing batons. Then the two close in to clash personally, each seems to be just holding their own against each other. But in the last exchange Ukyou's spatella slices Kodachi's ribbon and rings. ] Ukyou: Gotcha! uhh feel weak... Kocachi: I guess you're finally feeling the effects of my sleep spray in those rose petals. Ukyou: Why you cheater.... [ A zombie lunges for Ukyou, but she sees it and rams the end of her spatula in it's head. ] Ukyou: Not over yet... Tsubame, you're supposed to be taking care of her goons for me! Tsubame: Ukyou-sama, help!! I'm caught! Ukyou: What.. Kodachi: Chance! [ Kodachi whips out a whip and attacks with no reserve. She hits her target at Ukyou's arm. The force of her strike is so great, Ukyou drops her spatula. ] Ukyou: ahh, my.. arm... it's numb... Kodachi: Feel the sting of my scorpion whip. It's coated with sharp spikes guarenteed to render flesh apart! Taste it again! [ Kodachi lashes again, Ukyou barely dodges. The next time she swings, Ukyou manages to block with one of her smaller spatulas. ] Ukyou: Losing blood fast.. only one chance.. I have to use my special technique.... Kodachi: You can't keep this up. Die! Ukyou: Kuonji Okonomiyaki Special! [ There is a flash of light as the scene fades out ] * * * * * Purple: Central should be sending in our reinforcements. Green: When are they arriving? Purple: Any moment now. The Teleporter is sending them. Green: Oh Great! Purple: Teleportation is one of the fastest, efficient and safest ways for supernatural beings to travel. What do you have against it? Green: Do you think I like having my atoms scattered all across time and space? Besides the guy never liked me. I'm afraid he'll sneeze in the middle of his spell and teleport me into a rock. Purple: Here they come. [ In a crackle of light a mystic doorway forms, through it comes two people ] Taihen: Hi guys! Green: Taihen! It's been a while! Taihen: Yeah, I just finished that major assignment in China. Purple: Where's the rest of the reinforcements? Taihen: Here she is, one spell caster. I'm the extra muscle. [ PurpleCoat takes one look at the woman in the black hooded robe and then at Taihen ] Purple: This is it?! We're supposed to overrun the city with only two extra agents?! Taihen: Well the budget is kind of tight right now and the Boss has other things to do as well. The Boss also said that you guys are way behind schedule. Everyone is waiting for this 13th town to be subjugated for the completion of the... Green: ...pow-er nex-us. Yeah yeah yeah. We know we know. Purple: The commander is going to have a fit. Taihen: Oh, by the way, intelligence also confirms that the Wandering one is definately headed this way. Purple: Great, just great! Did any one bother to try and delay him? Taihen: And risk a confrontation? Hey, we may be some of the toughest operatives in the field but we're not crazy. * * * * * [ Closeup of Linna ] Uh, guys? Can I talk to you for a little while? It's about Priss. Well you see, she just found out that not everyone was buying our OAV series. And to but it mildly, she was kind of upset. So if you want to keep all your arms and legs, I suggest you run out and buy a copy right now. The Bubblegum OAV series. Only $35 a tape. Cheaper than a hospital bill. [ "Dance in the sweet Memories", ending song of the third season, is playing lightly in the background ] Go back to the romance. Kyousuke: A..Ayukawa... Madoka: Kasuga-kun... Go back to the music. [ A soothing saxophone blues is playing ] < Madoka singing > And I....... will al-ways love you..... Go back to the excitement. [ Exposive rock music ] Madoak: I'll give you 3 seconds to get out of here. Punks: Ayukawa!! Go back to the fun! Kyousuke: Kurumi! Let me down! Kurumi: Not until you appologize. Jingoro: rawrrr! Kyousuke: Ahhhh! Don't you want to go back to that day? Well you can! Kimagure Orange College: The series with all new stories Coming soon to a newsboard near you! [ small print: Professional actors and events have been impersonated ] * * * * * [ At Dr. Tofu's clinic, Ranma and his companion finally arrive ] Ranma: Well here it is. Well what are you waiting for? Man: Aren't you even going to ask me in? Ranma: Oh stop fooling around and get in here. Man: Fair enough. [ walks in ] Ranma: Weird guy. [ also goes in ] [ inside Tofu-sensei is looking into a microscope ] Tofu: Ah, Ranma, did you get any body samples? Ranma: Not exactly. [ Tofu looks up ] Tofu: ... Oh my, it's alive. [ Next frame Tofu-sensei is holding a staff in a stance postion ] Ranma: No no! This isn't one of them! He was investigating in the morgue too. Man: I had to destroy those six bodies before they had a chance to fully awaken. Ranma: He's somewhat of an expert on the situation. Tofu: So, what is exactly going on? Man: Okay... it's like this. I have to warn you, this might be a little hard to believe. The group you are going up against is ancient vampire guild called the Fang. They have hordes of dark minions and mystical might. They're determined to conquer all of Asia. By now they have worked themselves into a foothold in your city. I've been trying to stop the Fang from doing that, which eventually led me here. ... You don't believe me, do you? Tofu: Why don't they want to rule the world? Man: They pretty much think the rest of the world stinks and plan to blow it up after they conquer Asia. Ranma: And you are... Man: I am... myself. Ranma: .... Can we have a little more cooperation here? We're only going to be risking our lives together. Man: Alright, Alright, you're right. I'm called FireWater, I'm sort of a freelance agent that specializes in cases such as these. But me and the Fang go back, way back. Almost two... a really long time. Ranma: Is 'FireWater' your real name? FireWater: Here's my library card. Ranma: "FireWater, Jo" Tofu: Do you always wear that mask? FW: One, in my line of work, secrecy is of upmost importance. Two, it strikes terror into the hearts of my enemies Three, Trust me, you don't want to see my real face Four, ... there is no number four Ranma: I thought you were going to be serious. FW: I thought *we* were going to get down to business, not brown-nose. Tofu: Please continue, Mr. FireWater. FW: Thank you. The Fang's standard method of operation is to infiltrate a city, destroy the local police force from within, subjugate the local population and "recruit" any new troops. Namely the most strongest fighters. Ranma: So I may be next. FW: Perhaps, Tofu: There's still a large number of alternatives. And we have no idea who haven't been targetted yet. Can you narrow it down a bit further? FW: Are any of your fighters pretty young girls? Tofu: I don't think this is exactly the time for... FW: NO!! It's not like that! The absolute Fang leader has a certain *taste* for cute strong girls. Tofu: Maybe you *are* next, Ranma. FW: Can you give a listing? Ranma: Let's see, there's Shampoo, Ukyou, Akane... Akane! I completely forgot about here! Tofu: Ranma, calm down, I told Akane to leave the city two days ago. Ranma: Akane leave town? That stubborn bratty girl will never listen! She might be in danger! I have to make sure! FW: Ranma wait, we can't afford to divide our forces! Ranma! Blast... Tofu: He could have just used the telephone. * * * * * Ukyou: Kuonji Okonomiyaki Special! [ She throws a large steaming okonomiyaki at the zombies's feet. They soon start fighting over who gets to eat it. ] Kodachi: Stop it you fools! She's getting away! Ukyou: I was right. They're half starved. No wonder they look so pale and ravengous. I have to find Ran-chan... [ exits ] Kodachi: Ukyou! If you don't surrender immediately, I'm going to whip your friend to death until you do. Tsubame: Don't do it Ukyou-sama! I can endure! Kodachi: ONE [whips] Tsubame: ARRHRH! Wait, I can't take it, give yourself up! [ to himself ] I'm so weak. Kodachi: TWO! [whips again] Tsubame: Please Ukyou! ARRHR!! Kodachi: THREE! FOUR! Tsubame: ..... Kodachi: FIVE! huff puff Tsubame: [ crying ] please... I can't take it... I'm dying... Zombie1: Mistress, I think... she already... left. Kodachi: GRR!!! Who asked you! [ whips the zombie ] COWARD!! COME BACK!! FACE ME LIKE A WOMAN! It's all your fault! [ whips Tsubame over and over again ] Tsubame: Please, stop the pain, please... ARRHHH! Kodachi: I'm going to make you scream loud enough until she can hear you if she were on the other side of the country! Tsubame: Please, she won't hear you. Please stop.... Kodachi: But I've barely even started... EIGHT! Tsubame:'re crazy! ARRARHH! Kodachi: Hohohooho! EIGHT! EIGHT! EIGHT! Hohohohoho! In the distance we see Ukyou stumbling away, clutching her injured arm. She stops as if she hears something. But then the pain from her wound snaps her back to reality. She then rips off part of her shirt for a makeshift bandage. "Darn!", she thinks. "This is one of my better shirts." Ignoring her pain she gets up and continues on. Behind her is a bright trail of blood. * * * * * Tofu: What did you mean by: 'they destroy the local police force' FireWater: Well they all they sort of disappeared, didn't they? Tofu: Yes, a while ago. First the law enforcement, and then even the direction guides vanished. FireWater: It sounds like their standard procedure. They usually pick a low police level area. If they can't find one they make it one. First they help fight crime to lower the police man-power. Most officers then get transferred out since there seems to be no need for so many officers. Then the Fang slowly take out who ever's left. The main police headquarters is usually too swamped with paperwork to figure out exactly what's going on. Instead they just assume the police stationed there are getting too lazy with inactivity, like closing the office and going fishing. Then the Fang operatives start kidnapping people for troops. In fact that's how I found this area looking for these specifications through the police database records. Tofu: What were you doing in the police database? FW: The same thing Ranma and I were doing in the morgue. Tofu: What about the missing people Ranma encountered before, you say they weren't vampire monsters? FW: No, they were only mind induced slaves. Usually a small "kiss" from a vampire helps makes them into suscepible zombies. Like vampires they dislike sunlight but it won't kill them. Tofu: Why didn't they convert all their victims into vampires? FireWater: The Fang still need servants that can operate unhindered by their own restrictions. Each victim must have more than 4 pints of blood drained from their body and rest 3 days to transform into a vampire. They can't always wait that long. And there is only so much blood a single vampire can drink at a time. Tofu: So all their prisoners are either all zombie slaves or transformed vampires? FW: No, occasionally they keep live hypnotised spies. They still have need of untainted sacrifices... * * * In the Fang headquaters, GreenCoat is showing the newly arrived Taihen the various sites. It is also a chance for old friends to become reacquainted and talk about old times. "And that finishes the tour. The place isn't that bad." GreenCoat finished. "Well, you should have seen the other place I was stationed.", Taihen replied. "You wouldn't believe it! The girls there will let you do anything to them if you just beat them up! Oh wait, we just destroyed it. Sorry guy." "Don't worry, we have a lot of cute girls here too.", GreenCoat assured his friend. "I see PurpleCoat hasn't changed.", Taihen remarked retrosepectively. "Yeah, well don't mention it, okay?", GreenCoat warned. "Purple still hasn't forgetten about that incident with Jo.", GreenCoat said as he walked. Genuine concern seemed to be on GreenCoat's face as he just kept staring at the ground. Suddenly he spun around grinning, "Hey, you hungry?" "Starved!" "Good, because we have about 100 people we need to transform into vampires." * * * * * FireWater: Any luck calling the Tendo's? Tofu: No answer, that could mean the girls left... FW: Or that they were already captured. Keep trying until Ranma gets there to answer the phone. Tofu: Excuse me, but what are those things on your chest? FW: What these? They're just bullet holes. Tofu: Why do you have four bullet holes in your chest? FW: Because the person missed twice, she was a really bad shot. Just a minute [ flexes his chest and four bullets pop out ] Tofu: I see. * * * * * [ Ranma arrives at the Tendo Dojo. It is completely empty but there are signs of a big fight ] Ranma: Akane!! I'm too late. [ he sees a girl lying on the ground nearby] Akane! Akane? Ukyou: Help... Ranma: Utchan! What are you doing here? Utchan, You're hurt! Stay still, I'll carry you to a doctor. [ scoops her up in his arms ] girl: Ran-chan, I'm so glad you came to save me.. [ weakly hugs him ] Ranma: uhh, actually, you came looking for me. Lo-shin: Ranma!! What think you doing? Ranma: Ow! Sh-Shampoo! eh, you're not Shampoo. Lo-shin: So, you not so stupid. Ranma: What did you hit me for?! Lo-shin: What an unfaithful one. Shampoo must be crazy. Ranma: Who are you? Lo-shin: I.. Shampoo friend. Shampoo in great danger Ranma: Hey are you okay? [ notices that Lo-shin is clutching her side ] Lo-shin: Nevermind, Shampoo need help! Ranma: I think you're the one that needs medical help. [ pokes her in her injured rib ] Lo-shin: ARRHRHARH!! [ hits Ranma ] Why you do that?! Ranma: To prove a point. Lo-shin: No time... help... [ falls unconscious ] Ranma: I thought she was injured. Great, now I have to carry her too. [ Nearby the ruins, a shadow is watching. He sees Ranma pick up both girls and runs off ] * * * The Fang Commander was getting more and more stressed every day of the conquest. If it wasn't one thing it was another. The latest orders concerning their conquest goals just made him more dismal than ever. "What is the status of the targets?", he was almost afraid to ask. "The first two targets were slightly injured but in satisfactory condition. However the latest one, Kuonji, suffered an untimely demise.", reported PurpleCoat in the usual calm collected voice the Fang Commander was used to. His own however wasn't, "What?! What happened?!", he yelled. "Apparently the Kodachi-slave was a little overzealous, she practically brought back a corpse. Kuonji is no good to us in her present condition. She's barely even recognizable.", explained PurpleCoat. "Where was GreenCoat when this was happening? He was supposed to be supervising.", I'm gonna kill him, the Commander thought. "He was taking in a movie when this happened. He was so confident of the past preformance of the slaves, he thought that the slave could handle the operation independently. It was a mistake, it won't happen again. He has been properly disciplined.", Purple responded. "I don't think making him miss the newest episode of DeepSpace9 is exactly disciplinary." "Oh, you don't know GreenCoat." The Commander sighed. "Try and stabilize Kyonji's condition. We may still be able to use her later." How in blazes are we supposed to over take a city with such a sorry strike force?!", he asked himself. "Well, sir, our new spy has come up with a plan to optimize our forces." How did PurpleCoat do that? It was almost like mindreading, but the Commander dismissed such a ridiculous thought. Well it couldn't hurt at this point to consider it. "Very well, tell me the details." * * * * * Tofu: Does it hurt? [ bandaging Lo-shin ] Lo-shin: Heh, small wound like this. Not even bruise. [ Ranma looks like he's going to say something but a glare from Lo-shin makes him change his mind. ] Tofu: What is your name, miss? Lo-shin: I... Lo-shin. Ranma: Lotion? Tofu: Well, get some rest Miss Lotion. [ outside the recuperation room ] Ranma: How is Utchan? Tofu: She should be alright, she just had a bad cut. She just needs a little rest to heal. FW: Sorry, but they're not going to get it. We need all the help we can get. Ranma: Wait a minute! FW: No! Every minute we waste we're giving FANG a chance to get stronger. Soun: He's right, whoever he is. Ranma: Mr. Tendo! Tofu: You shouldn't be up, you should be resting. Soun: No, if my city, my family, and my friends are in danger, I cannot rest! FW: Glad to hear that. Vampires are a strong bunch. We'll need every fighting person. Soun: Vampires...?! Uh, I think I'm going to be ill... FW: No time for that now! You don't have the luxuary. Ranma: Alright, let's go over what exactly we're up against. FW: Vampires are super strong and highly impervious to harm Tofu: They can only be killed by a stake through the heart, sunlight or decapitation. Soun: They drink blood. Ranma: They can transform into night creatures or mist Tofu: But garlic retards their transformation powers and keeps them at bay. Soun: They drink blood. FW: They can't enter a home uninvited. Tofu: They can also control animals and the weather. Soun: They drink blood. FW: Vampires have powerful hypnotic ability by catching eye contact. Ranma: They can be frightened off by religious symbols Soun: They drink blood. Ranma: Will you cut that out! We're already spooked enough as it is. FW: They don't age. Tofu: They can be harmed by silver and holy water. Soun: They must feed, on average, every other night to avoid losing their strength, and they feed by drinking blood. FW: But that's not all. Higher level FANG vampires can also develop magical powers such as mind control, teleportation, spell casting and worse. They can even negate some of their mystical restrictions. ... but they still drink blood, they like the taste. * * * * * Commander: Are you in tune with the Wanderer? Purple: Yes, unless he masks his presence, some one of his caliber is hard to ignore. Commander: Spell-caster, are you ready?! [ In response, the woman in the hooded robe just nods ] Purple: Wait, I feel him, he's coming! Commander: He's ahead of schedule! Purple: Closer... Closer! Commander: Get that spell up!! Purple: He's Here!!!! Green: We're too late! Purple: Wait... He's going... Going... Gone! He passed us! [ Everyone collapses in a pile of groans ] Commander: Don't celebrate yet, we were only lucky. I want that spell up as soon as possible. * * * * * This is a public message for kids: Some Basic Military Strategy [ A blond guy wearing green togs appears in the screen ] Remember, GI Jo exists is to kill terrorist scum, not save lives. Don't take any prisoners and when you shoot down their aircrafts, for pete's sake, aim for the cockpit, not the engine! The last thing you need is an enemy paratrooper. Knowing may be half the battle but it's the results that count! This was a service message by: GI Jo! [ Ataru is walking towards the breakfast table ] Ataru: mm-hmm-mm... heheheh... Boy I'm hungry, I think I'll have some some breakfast. ANNOUNCER: Good morning! Ataru: WHAT?! Who are you? What the heck are you doing in my house? ANNOUNCER: I'm here to help you choose a nutricious breakfast. Ataru: Well, it's none of your business! If I want to eat a nutricious breakfast then I'll just have some Oat-bran rice. ANNOUNCER: I hope you're hungry. Ataru: Of course I'm hungry! ANNOUNCER: Why don't you try some Total cereal? [ A hand places a bowl of Total cereal in front of Ataru ] Ataru: Forget, I'm not touching that cheap foreign stuff. ANNOUNCER: Did you know that it will take FOUR bowls of your rice to match the nutrients in ONE bowl of Total? [ 4 bowls appear in front of Ataru ] Ataru: What?! Then I'll have Brown rice. ANNOUNCER: Then you'll have to eat EIGHT bowls to match ONE bowl of Total. [ 8 bowls slide in front of Ataru ] Ataru: Fine! Then I'll eat old fashioned white rice! ANNOUNCER: Then you'll have to eat FIFTEEN bowls [ Ataru is buried in a pile of rice ] Ataru: Okay! Okay! ANNOUNCER: So what do you say? Ataru: I'm going to eat the rice! ANNOUNCER: WHAT?! Ataru: Now I have an excuse to eat 15 bowls of rice! ANNOUNCER:... I give up! I'm going back to work in the states... * * * * * Officer Zen was busy doing his paperwork when he had one of his premonitions. He wasn't sure how it happens. Whenever something pivotal was about to happen, he would just get one of his feelings. Having nothing else to do, he poured himself two cups of tea. Right on cue, Dr Kno burst into his office without even bothering to knock. He was going to have to remind Dr. Kno of proper etiquette. "Officer Zen..!", Dr. Kno started. "Have some tea, cream no sugar, correct?", Zen offered. "Umm yes. I have some bad news..." "We've lost contact with the team" "Yes, how did you..." "How do I always know? Trust me, if I knew how I know, you'd be the first to know, Dr. Kno. Anyway I had a bad feeling about this. I think we should send in E.S.P.E.R. EPSILON." "Are you crazy?! We haven't even finished running all the tests! It's the ESPolice's newest..." "I know, I know, Doctor. But I've got a hunch that our team is going to need all the help they can get." "Let's not get carried away. After all anything could have happened. Maybe they just forgot to check in. Maybe Kay-kun broke the transmitter again. Maybe..." "Maybe he and Em-chan are just in grave danger and the only thing that can save them is our most powerful unit." "But.." "Dr., No. The issue is closed. You have your orders." "Yes SIR" "Dr. Kno, please try not to forget, I'm you're superior officer." "It's hard to sir, you keep reminding me all the time." "Well, I'm just afraid you might be getting senile in your old age." "I'm only 46." "Exactly." Dr. Kno slammed the door on the way out. "He didn't even thank me for the tea, he's so rude.", Zen thought. * * * * * Lotion: So, you Ranma's fiancee? Ukyou: That's right. Lotion: And Ranma have one more fiancee? Ukyou: You got it. Lotion: So confusing, he much playboy, no? Ukyou: Well, it's kind of hard to explain. [ looks away from Lotion out into the window ] But Ran-chan is a very caring, loving... Damn. Lotion: Ranma is a... dam? He fall in another pool? Ukyou: We better tell the others. Lotion: This not too personal for Ranma? [ In Tofu-sensei's main office ] FireWater: So we have to seek out any others who may still be able to fight.. Ukyou: We've got trouble! Ranma: Utchan, you shouldn't be out of bed. Tofu: What do you mean by trouble? Ukyou: What do you call being surrounded by an angry mob? Everyone: WHAT?! Ukyou: Okay, fine. We're surrounded by an angry zombie mob! [ outside, GreenCoat is leading a mass of zombie troops waving torches in the night ] Green: Oh, it feels so good not to be on the receiving end for a change! March on my zombie brethren! Let's stamp those disgusting humans out of town! [ inside ] Ranma: We're surrounded! FireWater: Any chance of escape? Tofu: No. FW: Any chance of outside help? Ranma: From this neighborhood? HA! FireWater: Fine, then we better marshall our defenses. Any wood? Tofu: I just had the place redecorated. All plastic and steel. Ranma: Any silver? Tofu: I run a clinic, I'm not exactly rich. Soun: Any garlic? Tofu: I never cared for the taste or the smell. Ranma: What about that wooden chest? Tofu: That's a family heirloom. It is said the spirit of my father protects it. FW: Okay then, who's a devout Buddhist here? [ Everyone looks away from FireWater's eyes ] C'mon, this is no time to be shy. Who's a devout Buddhist? [ Still they all look away ] Who's a devout anything? Who's religious?! Who regularly goes to temple?!! Everyone: Well... ummm... I always meant to.... Does once a year count?... FireWater: ARRAHRH!! What a bunch of amateurs! [ from outside, Green is yelling out taunts ] Green: Come out, come out where ever you are! We know you're in there! Olly-olly-oxin-free! All the-All the-oxen's-free! Ukyou: If you're such a professional, why don't you have anything? FW: I only have three stakes and one vial of holy water with me. [ places them on a nearby table ] I didn't expect to share. Ranma: Holy Water, eh? [ spashes the contents on himself ] Ranma-chan: So will this protect me from vampires? I'm ready for them now! FW: You idiot! You're supposed to spash it on the enemy!! Ranma-chan: Eh? Whoops. FW: Amateurs! I'm working with amateurs!! .... Wait a minute, that's the first time I've seen holy water do *that*. Ranma-chan: I'll explain...LATER. FW: Has your disguise been disrupted, you evil succubus spy?! [ starts choking Ranma ] Ukyou: Ran-chan, I think you better explain NOW. [ outside] Green: Well if you guys aren't coming out, we're coming in! First wave advance! [ A cluster of zombie troops march in the clinic. About four seconds later the zombies all fly out. ] Green: O-kay.... [ Ranma-chan is gloating from a window ] Ranma-chan: Is that the best you can do? We can hold out all night if that's all you can throw at us! Green: Why don't you come out and fight like a real man?! Oh, wrong gender, Ranma-chan: Why you! [ about to jump out ] Tofu: Ranma! Ranma-chan: Oh yeah. That would be stupid. FireWater: We only have to hold out until morning, about 3 hours away. Green: Can the little girl come out and play? Ranma-chan: Nyah! Nyah! If you're such a man, why don't you come in here. Unless you're afraid? Green: Blast! I can't go in a house unless invited first. What a stupid limitation! Ranma-chan: You're just chicken! Come on in, 'fraidy-bat! Green: Watch me, you little 'fraidy-brat! Tofu: Ranma, I just remembered. I left the 'Come-in we're open' sign on the front door. [ Ranma turns to stone upon hearing that ] FW: If he tries to come in, he won't be stopped! Ukyou: Look! He's about to charge with his entire army! FW: We've got to get rid of that sign! Soun: There's no time! We're all going to die! Lotion: May I borrow? [ grabs one of Ukyou's spatula ] Hyaa! [ She sends it spinning towards the door with the sign. It swings around and slices the sign in half. ] Ranma-chan: Wow. Ukyou: What a shot! Soun: Amazing! FW: I could have done that. Lotion: Rats! Meant to flip sign. [ Green leads his vampire brigade in the charge but is repelled by his mystic restriction ] Green: There has GOT to be a better way! The zombies are too weak to handle this group and I can't enter a house uninvited. Blast, I knew I should have brought the Dark-slaves as backup. Spy: I've got an idea. Green: Oh you. What is it, you mere mortal. Spy: Well, I was just thinking. You can't enter a home without first being invited, right? Green: Yeah. Spy: But do you have any restrictions on the home itself? Green: Other than being unable to enter it, no. Spy: So what will happen if there is no more home to enter? Green: [ smiling ] I see. No more home, no more restriction. Make it so. [ inside the clinic, Tofu-sensei is serving tea and muffins while they wait for the seige to end in the morning. Ranma managed to find some hot water. ] Ukyou: What are they doing now? Tofu: They're setting fire to the building. Soun: Very good tea. [ Suddenly it sinks into their minds. Everyone either spits out tea or chokes on a muffin ] FireWater: Everybody out! Ranma: But... FW: It's either that or burn to death in here! Ukyou: Ran-chan! [ outside ] Green: On my signal.. [ inside ] FW: [ eyes closed concentrating ] Stay Calm... [outside ] Green: Hit the foundations... [inside] FW: [ eyes flash open ] Everybody out.... [ The screen splits to show events occuring inside and outside the clinic ] FW & Green: ... NOW! [ The building collapses on itself in a blaze of fire ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= End of Part IV To be Continued From rec.arts.anime Mon Feb 15 15:30:36 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!!!!!!!krim From: (KAL Rim) Subject: [FanFic] Ranma Darker Half - Part V Message-ID: <> Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: The Krimlin, KAL at Kennedy Airport Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 20:58:21 GMT Lines: 918 I was just wondering... is anyone totally lost with all the new characters I threw into this thing? Should I post a roll call for the new characters? Until then, enjoy. Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction: The Darker Half Part V -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE STORY SO FAR: Investigating a series of murders and massive kidnapping crimes, Ranma and the others encounter an army of zombie killers. Little did they know, they actually stumpled onto a secret army of a more deeper and darker plot. A secret clan of Vampire conquerors known as the Fang plan to use the city and it's people as a pivotal point to hatch a power structure in which they can rule all of Japan. Already Mousse, Kunou, Kodachi, and Gosunkugi have fallen to their dark dominion. Skirmishes have occured and prisoners have been taken. Genma, the Tendo Household, Shampoo and many more may already have been taken prisoner, killed or worse. The ramifications are so powerful, two government agents, Aih and Kay, specializing in paranormal activities, have been sent in to investigate. Currently the last possible fighting chance seems to lie within Ranma, Dr. Tofu, Soun, Ukyou, Lotion, who unknown to herself, may be the last of Shampoo's tribe in China, and the mysterious FireWater, a supernatural specialist who has previously dealt with the Fang. There is also an unknown factor, only known as: The Wanderer, who's ultimate motives and abilities are as yet unknown. However this entity is highly feared by the Fang for unknown reasons. The current Fang strike force consists of it's commander and two operatives known only as PurpleCoat and GreenCoat who have an absolute leader known only as the Boss. To boost of their power they have recived reinforcements in the form of Taihen and a mystic spellcaster. Recently the Government Central has lost contact with special agents Aih and Kay, and the Wanderer has been seen headed away from the city while Ranma and the others face a fiery deathtrap by GreenCoat and his zombie mob.... * * * Green: Hit the foundations... NOW! [ The building collapses on itself in a blaze of fire ] Green: Look for any survivors... [ Suddenly the ground under the ruins explodes... ] Green: What.... Voice: HEAVENLY SPINNING DRAGON ASCENSION!!! [ From the depths of the fiery ruins, a small cyclone starts forming. It soon gets larger and more powerful. In a matter of moments the whirlwind overcomes the fiery ruins and actually absorbs the debris. The fiery cyclone crackles with power and then releases it's contents, hurling burning blocks at the surrounding forces. ] Green: Impossible! UHH! [ he gets hit by a fiery flagstone ] [ From the heart of the cyclone six figures fly out as the cyclone disperses. The rest of the zombies are too disoriented from the whirlwind to try and stop them. ] * * * * * In a remote open field, a top secret weapon was about to start it's trial run begins. Around the area stands a huge hanger with various helicoptors and jeeps surrounding it. At the mobile command center are Officer Zen and Dr. Kno. "I think this is a mistake", Dr. Kno kept on saying. He said it over and over again ever since Zen first brought up the suggestion. Dr Kno said it to him when they left headquaters. He said it again over and over on the way to the launch site. And he said it again when he assigned the test pilot to the unit. And he said it again even when the operation passed the point of no return. Zen was getting very tired of the Doctors' non-ceasing prattle. He must have politician blood in him, Zen thought, he's heard more interesting fillibusters. "I think this is a mistake" If he didn't shut up, he was going to shoot him. It was almost amazing, he kept on saying it every three minutes exactly. In fact..., Zen held the thought as he checked his timer as it reached zero... "I think this is a mistake" "Dr. Kno, could you please be quiet, the decision has been made and the launch will go ahead according to schedule. We can't call it off now." The transport already brought out E.S.P.E.R. Epsilon. The unit was on it's back, over 100 feet long. It's super steel alloy gave off a dazzling luster like silver. It's armaments consisted of internal cannons capable of emmitting explosive bullets at a rate of 500 rounds per second. High accuracy laser torches gave limited range cutting ability which could slice apart even diamond. A wide range capability missle rack was stored on it's back with armaments anything from smoke bombs to putty grenades to smart missles to a sub-atomic bomb. It's main armament was a highly charged electro-plasma blaster which had enough firepower to level a mountain. And the best thing about Epsilon was it's cool sleek appearance which would tell, anybody looking at it, that it was indeed as impressive as it seemed. Designing the system was indeed a challenge for the mechanical team. They had to hire a specialist group in theoretical mecha designs from a out-of-business toy company. But now looking at the final product, Zen had to agree, they really knew how to design neat looking mecha. Not only did it have a really good offense, but it was built with a personal energy shield guard to protect itself. And even if the shield was overloaded, the unit was armored so much, only a near fatal hit could even dent it. The launch stage began. The transport activated the hydralic pumps to lift up the EPSILON unit in a incline. Slowly but surely, EPSILON got onto it's feet. Similarly of all stereotypical mechas, this one had a very suspicious humanoid look to it. As the sunlight gleamed off it's armor, Zen wished all the ESPolice's activities weren't so classified. They could have made a fortune marketing their mecha as a toy line or merchandising them on lunch boxes, pencil cases or even have their own animated series debut. It would even work since they had actual models to compare to. "Initiate take-off procedure.", Zen ordered through the communications channel. "Yes, sir!", the test pilot barked back on the channel. "I STILL think this is a mistake", Dr. Kno sulked. EPSILON first took a step, and then another to get into position. But then the entire unit started rocking. Joints creaked and infrastructured started crumbling. First it just started with a loose screw, but then it was followed by many more until the entire outer armor came crashing down. All the technicians and escorts scattered about taking cover from the falling debris. When the dust finally settled and the large mecha's form finally remained still, one by one everyone crawled out from their cover and just stood out in the lawn just staring blankly out at the disaster. "I KNEW this WAS a mistake", Dr. Kno simply said. "Apparently the unit's armor was too massive. It couldn't support it's own weight.", explained a technician while checking his readouts. "Would you call it a design flaw or a construction flaw?", another technician asked candidly. "Who's idea was it to put some much armor?!", Zen demanded. "It was the theoriticians, they said it was a psychological advantage: It's important to intimidate the opposition and protect the unit from any possible serious attacks", the technician explained. "But of couse the only experience they have is building those little plastic toys...", a second technician pointed out. "And all the Emperor's techies and all the Emperor's men, couldn't but back poor EPSILON back together again.", finished yet a third. "I knew this was a bad idea", Dr. Kno repeated. "Will you all please shutup!", Zen was on the verge of losing his temperature. "Well, we had to test EPSILON sooner or later and the result would have been the same.", consoled the first technician. "I still say we should have had more stress testing before rushing to activating the unit", argued the second technician. "That's not important right now. What's important is that we have two agents who may be in grave danger. Fall back to the secondary plan, get a sqadron of Gamma units and head into the target area", ordered Zen, trying to regain some semblance of command. "I think this is a mistake", predicted Dr. Kno. "Will you just get going!", Zen screamed. Immediately the area was dispersed. People running around, following the new commands. Speed and time was of importance. It was the well ordered machine-like operation of the force that gave it its strength. In seconds everyone was already at work at their new tasks. The only thing that remained of the day's fiasco was the smoldering pile of junk remaining that was once the proud mecha known only as: E.S.P.E.R. Epsilon and a low voice emminating from the wreckage. "Can someone please help me out of here?", the test pilot groaned out weakly. "Help, I'm trapped in here, I think my leg's broken... Can anybody hear me? Is anybody out there? Okay joke's over... HELP!" * * * GreenCoat: What happened? Oh my head... I feel as if someone dropped a 100 ft mecha on top of me. Zombie: Commander... Green: How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not your commander. Your COMMANDER is some overbearing meglomaniac. I am your squad captain. Cal me Captain, 'Keptin Koat'. Zombie: Aye sir... They... gone... Green: The people in the building? [ The zombie just nods ] Green: Blast! Do a low level search sweep around the local area... Zombie: Sun-light!!! Green: This just isn't my day. * * * * * [ In the area of Ukyou's store: Utchan ] FireWater: Is every one okay? Ukyou: I'm sorry about the mess, but Kodachi pretty much tore it apart. Ranma: I can't believe you made us come here. FW: It's an old trick, they'll never expect us to come back to a place they already trashed. And they trashed this place pretty badly. Ukyou: Dr. Tofu, I'm so sorry about your clinic... Tofu: Don't worry, I have disaster and fire insurance. You can't live here without it. Soun: You're quite right Dr. Tofu. Ukyou: Wish I knew that... Ranma: That technique... how... FireWater: It's one of my special techniques. I invented it a long time ago... You see, the whole point is staying cool while.. Ranma: .. your opponent gets hot trying to hit you while you spiral into the center of a circular path. And then you throw your.. FW: punch and create an artificial whirlwind. So you've heard of it. Ranma: I was taught it! FW: Impossible, I only shared the secret to one person... Ranma: But how did you make that flaming cyclone? FW: When you fully master the technique, you can use it against any hot source closing in against you. By concentrating and staying calm, the cool punch can be used offensively in this manner and gain total control of the resulting inferno whirlwind. Otherwise the techinique is just a very limited defensive method. Ranma: But... Tofu: I think there are more important things to discuss now. FW: We'll talk about it more later, Ranma. Right now we need a plan. The Fang are going to be hunting for us now. We're the only thing that is standing in their way from total dominance of the city. Ranma: I say we go on the offensive for a change! Lotion: Lotion agree! FW: Let's list our options. (1) Right now, time is on our side, we have all day to prepare. Are there any in the city who could help us. Ranma: I doubt it. No one is skilled enough to be any real help. FW: Fine then, it's up to us. (2) We have to find their base of operations and figure out what their ultimate goals are. (3) We also need to try and assess their strength and power, as well anyone they may have converted. And we should try to guess who might be their Dark-Slaves. Ranma: Dark-Slaves? FW: Sort of a converted fighter. They are neither zombies nor vampires but a dedicated slave-warrior to the Fang. Ranma: How are they converted? FW: They're sort of coerced.. sort of seduced. A recognizable detail is glaring red eyes. Do we know of any? Ukyou: Well, I had an encounter like that with Kodachi. Lotion: Lotion know of one also. FW: Who? Lotion: His name.... Mu-so... * * * * [ The scene is a dungeon. Chained up on one of the walls is Akane. She looks worse than she actually is. Her clothes are faded and filthy, and she has a couple of blisters over her body. She starts to stir.. ] Akane: Uhh, where am I? What happened to me? Hard to remember.... < Slowly her thoughts fade back to the events three days ago during the thunderstorm when Ranma and the others went investigating > Akane: Hello, I'm home. I'm sorry I took so long. [ Lightening flashes, Thunder roars ] Nabiki: Hello Akane, welcome home. Akane: Oh Sister! You startled me. Where's Kasumi? Nabiki: She had to go. [ More storm effects ] Now Kunou! Akane: Kunou?! [ Kunou walks in, his sword drawn, and wearing dark glasses. He doesn't waste any time for opening jests and he immediately strikes to kill. Akane barely blocks and goes on the defensive. But Kunou doesn't let up and continues on the offensive. It becomes very apparent that Akane is going to lose not only the fight but possibly her life. ] Nabiki: Kunou you idiot! What's taking you so long? Can't you do anything right?! [ Attempts to knock out Akane with a vase but misses and hits Kunou ] Kunou: OWWW!! Nabiki: Whoops! [ Akane sees her opening and manages to knock Kunou out with a good kick to the face. ] Akane: Sister!! What's going on? Nabiki: Akane.... Voice: What she's trying to say is that the fight's over... [ The storm reaches it's climax ] Akane: [ to herself ] What, a hand on my shoulder... ARRGGH!! Voice: ...and you lose. Nabiki: What did you do to her?! GreenCoat: I just gave her my Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Nabiki: I think you broke her collar bone. Green: Whatever. Akane: Grrr, cheap shot... [ She finally fully awakens. As her vision clears she realizes she isn't alone. On the opposite wall is Kasumi, likewise chained up but seems to be unconsious. However in front of her is a strange man ] Akane: What? Sister! [ tries to break free ] Ow! My shoulder... [ The man hears Akane and turns around. ] Taihen: Hmm, ah, you're finally awake. Akane: Who are you? What are you doing with my sister? Taihen: I'm your warden. It would be best to be nice to me. kane: Wh..what.. Taihen: My, you're such a fiesty little girl... [ He lifts up Akane's chin with his hand ] Akane: Get your hands off of me! Taihen: Heh heh, oh come on, I'm only trying to be nice to you. But if you want me to leave you alone, there's always your pretty sister over there. Akane: .... Purple: What do you think you're doing? These two aren't to be touched. Taihen: Ulp! PurpleCoat, I .. uh.. Purple: I see you haven't changed a bit. Get out of here, the next time I see you down here, it'll be as a prisoner. Akane: Th-thank you. Purple: Don't bother. I didn't do it for you. You wouldn't be harmed, as long as you don't do anything stupid. You are our prisoner, don't ever forget that. Akane: Why are you doing this? Purple: ... [ PurpleCoat just leaves ] * * * * * Commander: What happened to the last bit of resistance? Purple: Unfortunately they escaped. Commander: There is still this Ranma person, the two girls he brought with him to the clinic, Dr. Tofu and the head of the Tendo Dojo all unaccounted for. They seem to be the last obstacle this town has to offer. Still, there are too many variables. What if they had an army we didn't know about holed up in there? Purple: In the short time they had, the strike force searched the remains and found a skeleton buried in the rubble. We didn't have time to look for any more remains but it is possible a good number of them did not survive the siege. And as far as we know, no one else in this town can offer any meaningful resistance. Commander: Any news of outside interference? Purple: Well the last Intellgence report says the renegade is still being held in his prison cell. Commander: And how is the spell holding up? Purple: It is working perfectly, as long as the spell-caster is concentrating on it. Even if the renegade or the Wandering one manages to arrive they'll never find the city. Commnader: Good. Now, tell me a little more about your new spy... Nabiki: I believe I can speak for myself. [ Nabiki steps from out of the darkness wearing her very revealing dress from the 2nd Ranma 1/2 movie, which everyone on shampoo-l seems to love :-) ] Nabiki: Are you the leader? Hello. Taihen: I trust her.... Purple: Stop drooling. Commander: She stinks of free will. Why didn't you indoctrinate her like the other zombie troops? Nabiki: Commander! A person as intelligent as you must realize that someone of my skills can best serve you with my full wits about me. Becoming a zombie somehow makes a person a little brain dead. Commander: I don't know. Why should we trust you? Purple: We made a deal with her. Her services and loyalty for.. Nabiki:, power and freedom. Green: Her ideas were very helpful... Commander: Very well, I'll accept you as one of our own, outsider, for now. Then you know what to do next, don't you, GreenCoat? Green: Yes. Gosunkugi! Gosunkugi: Yes, Master? Green: You'll be rewarded very well for your dedicated service... Gosunkugi: I live only to serve... Green: You weren't a bad slave, I'll kind of miss you. Gosunkugi: Thank you, Master. Purple: Just get it over with. [ GreenCoat rips into Gosunkugi's throat, suprisingly, Gosunkugi doesn't cry out but instead lets out a sort of sigh. If Nabiki is shaken at the inhumanity she just witnessed, she doesn't show it.] Commander: It is done. He will rise as a full glorious Fang warrior Purple: That's enough, Green, you can stop now. Green: SLURP! He should eat more iron, his blood tastes weak. Commander: Now we can engage the next phase. * * * * * Sleep is meant to be relaxing, restful. But at times it can also be a frightening experience, where the mind must face it's deepest darkest secrets and fears. This is the time when the id and ego collide. One such figure is facing this delimna. He is lying alseep, but it is not a peaceful one. The man tosses and turns. Everywhere, he hears voices, a hodgepodge of all levels, ages and sexes. Sometimes the voices sound familiar, yet at other times they seem like total strangers. Night by night he has been plagued by the same dream, the voices are always different but the content remains the same: "But Father, he is one of my most faithful servants!" "No, he has refused my gift. No man may insult me in this way, no man!" "If he must go, then we all shall follow." "No one will ever aid you or even mention your name." "I am no hero, I am just.. myself. And I must be true to myself." "Farewell." "You will face doom at the end of your path" "DOOM!" With a start he wakes up. Breathing deeply he reminds himself that they are only dreams, only dreams. They cannot harm him. But he takes little comfort from it, something big is happening. He does not even bother trying to return to his slumber. The recent events have been puzzling even to himself. But the only thing he knows is that he must reach his destination without fail. He has this unquenchable drive to continue. He gathers his few belongings in the dusk and restarts his journey. * * * * * Soun: We've got big trouble! FW: How bad could it be? We still have six hours of daylight left. Soun: I don't think so, look! FW: They actually did it. They're closer to their goals than I thought. Tofu: What did they do? FW: Just Eternal Night. We don't have much time. We have to strike sooner than I planned. * * * * * [ The scene is at martial arts competition. On the mat are two people wrestling. One is a HUGE muscular person - sex dubious. The other is a young girl. In the end the girl soundly throws the other out. Cheers rise and the girl takes a bow. Reporters flood her as she tries to leave ] Reporter: Yawara, you've just won the Olympic Gold! Where are you going? Yawara: I'm going to Disneyland! Announcer: Yes enjoy the comforts of the Disneyland resort and amusement park. Experience cheap western pleasure and sites. See first hand why Americans never work hard and procrastinate. All in the Japanese branch of Walt Disneyland. [ A closeup of Priss yelling her head off ] If Linna was here she'd ask you nice! But since she isn't, I'm here and I'm just telling you just once! I found out not all of you are buying our BGC OAV series. That better change real quick or I might just start breaking heads! You guys wouldn't know a good anime if it bit you in the And I can find out where you live! ANNOUNCER The BGC OAV series, only $35 a tape. Cheaper than a hospital bill Lucky: Oh no! It's those kids, they're after my Lucky Charms! Kids: There's lucky! Let's grab his Lucky Charms! Lucky: I know, I'll use my magic Kids: Too late Lucky! Lucky: Help! Police: What in the name of God, do ye think y'er doi'n? Off ye go, you 'llil rascals Kids: Police?! Police: Are ye daft? Stealin in broad daylight, Now go on home, before I run the lot of you in jail Picking on a wee old man, ye should be ashamed of yuirselves. Kids: But, there's never been any police in cartoon commercials before! Police: Guess ye never heard of: Cookie Crisp, eh? Lucky: Saints be praised, constable! Police: The people have to stick up fer each other,don't cha know. As if they just canna buy it from the store. ANNOUNCER: Lucky Charms is a proud sponsor of the Irish-American coalition. If the people don't help the people, who will? * * * * * Green: So what does this spell exactly do? Taihen: It bankets the city with an inhibition field. It doesn't work in the physical sense, it works more subtly. Any personal or signal attempting to come into the city will be passively sidetracked. The outside world will never find their way here. And that includes the Wanderering one. Understand? Green: Yeah, sort of... So what is this next spell supposed to be doing? Taihen: This one is called: "Eternal Night" Using our natural weather controlling powers, we pool all our resources into this continuous thunderstorm over the city. This way the sun is blocked out leaving us free to operate whenever we wish. Green: Cool! Now I can get the early bird special! Taihen: You know, PurpleCoat is sure acting like a real .. Green: Don't say it! Purple will know... Taihen: Well, I was just going to get some laughs, you know? With the prisoners in Basement Block San, and I was practically chased out of there by... Green: Whoa! That Block is restricted and off limits. It's sort of a deal we made. Taihen: What?! Who is the moron that made it? Green: Actually it was me. Taihen: Whoops, sorry, I didn't mean it like that... Green: Don't worry about it. I was kind of suckered into it. I was a moron. Anyway if you want to have some fun, I know this really HOT chick in Block Nee... Taihen: Lead on! By The Way, Whatcha eating? Green: Oh this gaijin snack called 'popcorn' Taihen: How can you eat that western junk food? Green: Hey, as a matter of fact that's exactly what this food is called. Taihen: 'Junk food?' You're kidding me! Green: No! * * * * * Lotion: How we know where to strike? Soun: Their headquarters could be anywhere! FireWater: I have special sensory perceptions when concerned with the Fang. I can locate their base of power. Just give me some time to concentrate... [ The others are watching the storm building up outside a window ] Ranma: Hmm, I wonder why Kunou mansion is glowing like that. FW: Their mystic nexus is concentrated around... here! Tofu: According to this map, that position is known as Kunou Manor. FireWater: We don't have much time, we're going to have to hurry. Since Dr. Tofu and I have experience in masking our presence, he and I will try to infiltrate directly into their main headquarters undetected. Ranma and Lotion, you two will try and free any prisoners, be careful, it may already be too late for them. Mr. Tendo and Ukyou, look around and try and find anything useful. Be careful, if you recognize anyone, remember they could have been converted to the other side. Strike first, ask questions later. FireWater: Let's go! go! Fang-busters! Ranma: Fang-busters? * * * Purple: Her plan was to use a substitute with those two dark-slaves. Normally they would only operate up to their full potential given a smooth cold surface... Ah! Commander: PurpleCoat, what is it? Purple: I felt a disturbance.... something familar. He's here. Commander: What? Who's here? Purple: Oh very clever... Masking your presence like that. You really fooled us... but I know you too well. Commander: What is going on? Purple: Commander, we are about to find those loose ends we were worried about. In fact, they're coming here to invade us any minute now. [ Thunder crackles outside ] * * * FireWater: Split up! Remember, suprise and stealth are on our side! Ranma: Let's hurry before this drizzle gets any worse! * * * Green: Anyway, then I said: "No no no, it's not a pentagram it's a.. a.." Taihen: What is it? Green: I'm getting a signal from Purple. We're being invaded. Go to Red Alert. Taihen: Still watching Star Trek I see.... * * * [ Two people are running in the dark. Both are very quiet ] Lotion: [whispering] You not bad kempo artist, Ranma. Ranma: Thanks. Lotion: But could be better. Ranma: ...thanks... [ Ahead of them a small cyclone appears. It is heading right for them and reaches up to them in no time. ] Ranma: What! [ Both Lotion and barely Ranma dodge the whirlwind. The cyclone reverses course and heads back toward them. It slows down and we see it's actually.. ] Voices: We are the Golden Pair! There is no escaping us! Ranma: Mikado and Azusa... on roller skates?! Mikado: We meet again, Saotome Ranma. There will be no chance for you to run away like out last encounter. Ranma: Who ran away?! Lotion, I think they may be dark-slaves, FireWater was telling us about... Lotion: Did their glowing red eyes give it away? Ranma: Oh yeah. No, actually becuase he isn't trying to kiss you. Mikado is such a playboy, normally he tries to hit on every cute girl he sees. Lotion: Hm. [ Mikado and Azusa attempt to ram the pair again, breaking off their conversation. ] Ranma: Blast, they're just as fast on wheels as they are on ice! What a bunch of cowards! Hitting and running! Can't you fight like a real man? UGH! [ Ranma couldn't dodge their next assault ] Lotion: Ranma! Ulp! [ Lotion started to run towards him but tripped and fell ] Mikado: Prepare for the end, girl! Ranma: Lotion! [ A cheesey stereotypical flash of light covers the attack preventing the audience from seeing the gory results ] * * * * * [ In another part of the basement of Kunou Manor ] Ukyou: Look over there, Mr. Tendo! Soun: A circle of zombie guards around some sort of well. Ukyou: What's that noise? Soun: What noise? Ukyou: That wailing. [ A disembodied voice cuts through the room like a low whisper ] Women.... Ukyou: It sounds like some one suffering. Soun: It seems to be coming from the well. Ukyou: I think it's calling me. Voice: Women.... Girls..... Soun: Perhaps it's a prisonor they haven't forced over to the their side yet. Ukyou: I say we check it out. After all, the guards are only zombies... [ The two of them manage to make short work of the half a dozen zombies ] Ukyou: And that's how it is in a fair fight! Soun: There seems to be sort of cover over the well. Ukyou: And look, there's also some sort of magic seals. Maybe it's some powerful magic that the Fang fear. Soun: Hmm... Oh no!. [ Soun grabs Ukyou and starts to run away ] Ukyou: Mr. Tendo! What is it? Is is some sort of demon? Soun: No, something worse. Ukyou: What could it be? Voice: Women... Girls... Panties... Soun: Happosai. [ In the shadows, two figures see them run off, they follow ] * * * [ In an upper chamber in the Manor ] FireWater: Be very careful to remain undetected, Dr. Tofu. This will stretch your stealth skills to their limits.. Purple: Hello, Jo. FW: PC! Purple: It's been a long time, Jo. FW: Not long enough, PC. Purple: You know, you were my hand-picked disciple, and yet you betrayed me! After what you did to the Boss.. FW: Your boss got what was deserving to.. Purple: Shutup! Don't talk to me about grief. Because of you, I lost my status. Because of you, my existance was became miserable. Becuase of you, I was assigned, that moron GreenCoat, as my partner! FW: You're breaking my heart. Purple: No, not yet, old friend, not yet. [ PurpleCoat brings up his hands, in a flash his fingernails extend to claws ] FW: You'll never win. Purple: Why, is your pathetic last minute G-force spinoff going to stop us? Did you really think you could suprise us? FW: Dr. Tofu, get out of here! It's all a trap! * * * Ranma: Lotion! Mikado: ARRH!!! Lotion: Take that, stupid male. Ranma: Lotion, are you alright?! Lotion: Of course. Did you think one such as I would just trip? [ We see a slow re-enactment of the events. When Lotion "tripped", the Golden Pair closed in for the kill. Lotion suddenly springs up with a jump kick nailing Mikado in the jaw and sends Azusa flying off. ] Lotion: Typical over-confident playboy. Azusa: Azusa-chan say it not over yet! [ The fight isn't over yet. Azusa managed to regain her balance and circled back to the fight ] Ranma: Lotion, look out! [ Lotion calmly punches Azusa's lights out as soon as she came in range ] Lotion: Hmf! Weak. Ranma: You *hit* her! Lotion: She was going to hit me. Ranma: Well... Lotion: And Lotion think she deserved it. Ranma: I wonder how they found us, it was almost as if they were waiting for us to show up here... Lotion, you should be more careful, I think.. Lotion: I need no man's protection. Voice: How sweet! Ranma: What?! [ From above a figure wearing black evening clothes jumps down and palm stikes both Ranma and Lotion ] Lotion: My side...! Ranma: Uh! Taihen: My dear, with your fighting style, you must be from the Joketsuzoku clan in China. Lotion: You! The stranger! Taihen: At your service. [ mock bows in western style ] I'm sure you will be happy to know, you're the last survivor. Lotion: What?! You lie! My family... Taihen: All dead. We made sure. [ smiles, shows off his fangs ] Lotion: I'll kill you...ARHH! [ clutches her sides ] Ranma: Lotion run! I'll hold him off! [ jump kicks Taihen ] Lotion: I said I need no man's... Ranma: Don't argue! You'll be no help if you're dead. And with your injuries you'll only be a liability. [ Lotion seems to protest, but then remembers Shampoo told her the same thing. She looks at Ranma and then runs off ] Taihen: Not a bad kick, kid. Want to try again? [ Ranma gives a punch to his jaw ] Taihen: Did that hurt? [ Ranma clutches his fist ] Ranma: ...No! [ Ranma delivers a fast and furious assault on Taihen. After a while Taihen just picks Ranma up and throws him through a wall ] Taihen: Well, I had enough. Give up? Ranma: No!!! Taihen: My, you are persistant. Alright, let's do it again! [ Repeated scenes of Ranma getting his tail kicked ] Taihen: You're very strong, I'll give you that. But you're only human. Me, I have mystically enhanced super strength and endurance. I'm getting bored, are you sure you don't want to give up? Ranma: Not over yet... [ Ranma slips out of Taihen's reach and starts racing towards one of the walls that are still standing, from his body colliding with it. He jumps at it and rebounds all over the chamber building up speed and power. Finally he bounces off the ceiling. ] Ranma: My last chance is a kick with reflex action from the ceiling... [ Ranma comes straight down towards Taiehn, who is bracing himself for the impact with a confident look on his face. ] Ranma: That fool, I don't care if he is a monster. My reflex attack has taken out Ryouga and even Pance Taro! [ As Ranma touches his target, Taihen changes into a cloud of mist. Ranma goes right through and makes a pretty impressive crater in the floor] Taihen: You're not a bad fighter. You actually lasted 5 minutes with me in combat. You'll make a welcome addition to the Fang. For what it's worth, I think you gave your girlfriend a decent chance of getting away. Ranma: sHE's nOT mY GiRl.... ugh... [falls unconscious ] Taihen: Don't feel bad that you lost, you're only mortal. After all, I'm NOT just a monster, I'm a VAMPIRE monster. (Sheesh, I should be on a credit card commercial. I've been hanging around GreenCoat too long) * * * * * [ At another level, Soun and Ukyou are locked in mortal combat with Kunou and Kodachi ] Ukyou: I thought you were watching our back! Soun: No, I told you to! Ukyou: You were too busy running out of the room all scared! Soun: I was not.. Kunou: Face your opponent! Ukyou: Shut up! This is a private argument! [ Ukyou's spatula and Kunou's sword clash evenly ] Kocachi: Hohohohoho! We meet again, coward! Ukyou: Who's a coward! I'm not the one who needed an army to back myself up. Kodachi: I made sure your friend suffered in your place. Ukyou: Tsubame? Kodachi: Hohohohoho! Ukyou: Oh. Too bad! [ Ukyou knocks down Kodachi with her spatula ] Kunou: You left yourself open! [ thrusting at Ukyou ] Soun: So did you! [ knocks down Kunou ] Never did like that boy. Are you alright, Ukyou? Ukyou: Nothing some padding can't fix... Mr. Tendo, behind you! [ The two of them just notice where they have been fighting. They are in a large chamber filled with stone slabs. About ten are covered with black sheets. Two of the covers stir. From them arise two vampires. One was about to slash Soun, but Ukyou pushed him out of the way, but.. ] Ukyou: My arm..., and I just bandaged it from the last time. Soun: Ukyou! Run away! I'll hold them off! Ukyou: But... Soun: Don't argue! You're in no condition to fight! Tell the others about Happosai! Ukyou: Mr. Tendo... I just hope we all aren't pulling off a seiya+ or we'll have no resistance force left. [ One of the vampires is staring down Soun. It bares it's fangs but Soun holds his ground nervously ] * * * [ We see FireWater and PurpleCoat both wrestling with one another all across the room and in the process destroy a lot of priceless antiques. ] Purple & FW: Give up?! (pant! gasp!) Purple: What, He's here, the Wanderer! FW: The Wandering one?! * * * [ Outside the thunderstorm has reached it's peak. The rain is pouring down in the black and dismal air. We see Ukyou running out clutching her wounded arm. Following her is a vampire ] Vampire: Hungry..... [ Ukyou runs but stumples and trips on the way. The vampire easily catches up to her. Ukyou tries to resist but he just slaps her down. Holding her down, his claws rip open the top of her blouse exposing her vulnerable neck. In tears, Ukyou tries to break free but she's too weak. The vampire bends over to satisfy it's insatiable appetite. ] Ukyou: Ran-chan, I love you... Vampire: Very pretty... hungry... [ Suddenly a spinning object cuts into the vampire's hand. He drops Ukyou and clutches at his wounded hand. The vampire looks up toward his attacker. In the distance a lone figure wearing some sort of thing on his back and holding an umbrella in his hand. The rain softly hits off his umbrella which has a shining silver-like guard on top. ] [ Slowly but surely, step by step, the stranger walks up to the pair. In a voice like death he speaks: ] Hibiki Ryouga has arrived. [ Thunder sounds and lightening flashes in the background ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= End of Part V Notes + seiya - Def. :(1) To split off a force so that the free part can accomplish some greater good. ex: The army unit preformed a seiya and left a small contingent to hold off the enemy while the rest of the force rejoined the front line. Historical reference: Seiya was a ledgendary warrior of pseudo Japanese/Greek mythology. From the Anime dictionary. From rec.arts.anime Tue Feb 23 15:01:20 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!seunet!pipex!!bnrgate!corpgate!!wupost!usc!rpi!!!krim From: (KAL Rim) Subject: [Fanfic] Ranma: Dark Half - Part VI Message-ID: <> Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: The Krimlin, KAL at Kennedy Airport Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1993 19:35:11 GMT Lines: 904 Everybody not confused with all the new characters I threw in? Does anyone want a roll-call list? If so just email me. BTW, if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, that's on purpose, we all know how bad native Japanese's english is :-) Sorry I took so long with this part, but I'm running out of commercial ideas. As a college student, who he heck has time to watch TV?! FanFiction Ranma: The Dark Half Part VI -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Story so Far The resistance force has infiltrated the Fang headquarters in a desperate attempt to stop the Fang dominance before it was too late. Already the Fang's power was growing to large. However their sneak attack was discovered and Ranma and Soun were captured. The rest are fleeing for their lives while FireWater encounters his old nemesis PurpleCoat... (If you want a more detailed synopsis, read the original parts) * * * [ We see FireWater and PurpleCoat both wrestling with one another, when suddenly PurpleCoat gets a sudden revelation ] Purple: What, He's here, the Wanderer! FW: The Wandering one?! Purple: But that's impossible, he couldn't bypass the inhibition mis-direction field... UNH! FW: Hate to sucker punch anyone, but we're both professional enough to admit anyone who doesn't keep their mind on their business deserved that. Tofu: Shall we go now? FW: Yes, I've got enough of what I was looking for. * * * [ Ryouga has just arrived on the scene where a vampire was about to attack Ukyou ] Ukyou: Ryouga. Ryouga: I'm not here to look for any trouble, I just need some directions. What you do after that is none of my business. Vampire: RARRH!! Ryouga: Do you know the way to Tendo Dojo? [ In response the Vampire attacks, Ryouga easily sidesteps. ] Ryouga: I have had it! I don't need this! Do you have any idea how long I've been Wandering around aimlessly?! Vampire: RARRH!! Ukyou: Ryouga! It's a monster! Kill it before it kills you! Ryouga: He may be a masher but that's no reason to call him a monster... Ukyou: You idiot! He wasn't assaulting me, he was trying to eat me! [ The vampire leaps at Ryouga, in response Ryouga rams his umbrella pole right into the back of the vampire's head knocking it out. ] Ryouga: Hmf, wasn't so tough. Ukyou: It must be the wooden splinters... Ryouga: Ukyou, do you know where Akane is? Ukyou: ... Don't you know what's happening?! Don't you know what's at stake?! I almost got killed and all you want to know is where Akane is... Why I... [ Ukyou falls unconsious due to her injuries and excitement ] Ryouga: Ukyou! * * * "Captain Zen, the squadron of Gamma units are calling in", an aide prompted. What now?, Zen thought. He was busy in the middle of another heated debate with Dr. Kno. "Patch me in. On-screen", Zen ordered. On his monitor the commander of the squad, officer Yotsuya's face popped on. Zen didn't like him too much. The man was too much of a loner, no one really knew much about him. He never really talked about himself, no one even knew his age, hometown or even first name. He didn't even have his home address in their Databanks. Of course all that information was highly classified even to officers, the ESPolice was a highly covert organization. And from what he heard about Yotsuya made him consider him as a far less than competant man. He had a reputation to be lazy, a party animal and a pervert whose hobby was peeping and being nosey in other people's private lives. Luckily he wasn't directly in his own department. "Captain, we regret to inform you that the search turned out negative.", Yotsuya reported. "What? How can that be?", Zen asked. "When we approached the target area, we somehow kept on getting off course. We can't explain it. We've never experienced anything like this before.", the squad leader explained. "That's ridiculous! Have you all forgotten how to read maps?!" Zen brushed his hair back with his hand, it was getting to be a long day. "We've been trying for over an hour. It's not working, even with computer guidenance. We're running out of fuel sir and I personally really have to go to the bathroom. We're heading back to base.", Yotsuya reported. "Oh no you don't! You have a mission to accomplish, your fellow agents...", Zen started. "Sorry, but we're not going to be much help if we run out of fuel and crash. Squad leader out.", and then the transmission was cut. "Well, no New Years card for him.", but Zen was still stuck in a delimna. He still didn't know what was happening with Aih and Kay, and he hated that. "I knew this was a mistake.", Dr. Kno butted in. "Constructive critism would be a bit more helpful.", Zen said calmly. "Well, they have a point. Something very screwy is going on in that town. Do you think you can do a better job?", Dr. Kno challenged. "Why do you think I'm so worried?! And YES, I think I could do a better job. In fact, I think I will!", Zen exclaimed. "Are you crazy?", Dr. Kno retorted. "No, enlightened. Get a Gamma unit ready for me." "The fuel consumption of a Gamma unit won't last you more than a...", Dr. Kno started to argue. "You're absolutely right. Belay that order and prepare the Delta unit for me." "That's the only working prototype! If anything happens to it.." "Don't worry Doctor. I'll take good care of it. I need the Delta's solar power cells. If the reports are right, I'm going to need the most efficient power system.", Zen pointed out. "But weather reports say there is an unexpected storm brewing in the area...", Dr. Kno started dumping the pilesof reports on Zen. "Doctor. I'm getting one of my feelings on this. I have to go with it. The batteries are always charged up and by the time they run out the storm will have blown over. Now if you excuse me I have meetings to cancel and my flight suit to prepare." "I think it's a mistake.", Dr. Kno said to himself as he left his office. * * * [ Ranma awakes to find himself... ] Ranma: Chained?! Where am I? [ He looks around, he seems to be in some sort of dungeon. ] Ranma: I never knew Kunou had weird places like this in his mansion. [ He sees that he's not alone. Another person is chained on the opposite wall with him. ] Ranma: Mr. Tendo! Soun: Oh hello, Ranma. I see they caught you too. Ranma: Well it wasn't my fault, I was covering Lotion's escape. Soun: The same with me. Green: What a bunch of wimps. Why can't you both just admit that you were out classed and got trounced? Ranma: Where did you come from?! Green: Magic. Ranma: If I weren't in chains... Green: Anytime, boy. Ranma: Don't call me, boy! Taihen: Green, get yourself to the meeting. We're all waiting for you. Green: Taihen! Where did you come from?! Taihen: Magic. Now c'mon. It seems to be pretty important. Purple's raving about the Wandering one. Soun: The Wanderer? * * * In a familiar police station in the secrurity division, "I tell you he gives me the creeps.", the rookie on duty was telling his shift partner. "That guy suspected of murder?", his partner replied. "Yeah, he's still there, sitting still as a statue, never says a word, never accepts food or water..", the rookie explained. "Well, he's been like that ever since they brough him in. But don't worry. He can't keep it up forever. The Captain's getting anxious, and one way or another the Captain is gonna get his answers.", his partner assured. Which might might or might not be true. In any case, sitting in the cell, was a not of a madman with iron will but rather just a person on the verge of breaking. It has been days since the prisoner has moved, spoken, eaten or even bathed. The prisoner would do anything to just end the torment. For beneath the figure's long jagged blue cloak and fearsome metallic faceplate was just a vulnerable young woman. A young redhaired woman in a police uniform. A young woman who has been gagged, tied, and had this ridiculous costume draped over her. She tried contacting the guard on duty of her predictiment, but all she could get out were some jiggles and groans. The rookie on duty would just stare at her and then run off. What the heck was taking them so long? Why didn't they just come in and rip off the disguise and see that they had the wrong person! Why was the police force always so incompetent?! "I tell you, the way he moves and makes those sounds. Do you think he could be some weirdo engaged in a trance?" "I dunno, he just gives me the creeps.", the rookie replied. "Let's get out of here..." "Yeah, I'm with you.", and the two rookies run off to make their other rounds. * * * [ At the ruins of Utchan ] FireWater: Where are the others?! Tofu: Calm down, they may have just have been delayed. FW: I don't think so. The Fang were expecting us, I guess Purple's mental disciplines has been improving more than I thought. Tofu: Did you find out what you wanted to know? FW: Partly, we're in worse trouble than I thought. If we don't get more fighting power we may never be able to free this city from Fang's influence. And if the city falls... Tofu: That person, what was his name..? FW: PC? Well, PurpleCoat was never the one to give up a grudge... Tofu: Yes, he said he knew you... FW: That was a long time ago.. Tofu: What exactly.. Lotion: Please forgive this one for being late. [ Enger Lotion covered in blood and clutching her side ] Tofu: Lotion-chan, you've been hurt! Lotion: Not to worry, this not my blood, it theirs. FW: Where have you been? Lotion: Some zombies still patrol in shadows, but they, taken care of. Big fight but big victory. Many apologies for lateness but this still new city for Lo-shin. Tofu: I guess this is all still a little new for you. You've barely been in the city for a couple of days. Lotion: Yes, Lo-shin live in home village all live. Amazing concept this thing called street sign. FW: Where's the others? Lotion: Ranma did not make it, he stayed behind to cover my escape... Tofu: Hold still, Lotion-chan, you've aggravated your rib injury.. Hmm... Tofu: We have to talk! [ grabbing FireWater aside ] FireWater: Dr. Tofu? Tofu: What's going on? That zombie blood is exactly the same as human blood! FW: Oh, is that all? That's because it is. Despite being mindless slaves, the Zombies are still human. Tofu: But then they may still be abled to be saved. We can't hurt them too badly! We might kill them! FW: Don't you think I know that?! I've fought the Fang before, they do the same tricks, turning your friends and family into their shock troopers. I wrestled with the same dilemna. If we tell the others that the zombies are still their friends, they'll go easy on them. Tofu: But can't we cure them or release them from their control? FW: Once their blood has been linked, it is nearly impossible. Tofu: But still... FW: This isn't a rpg adventure! We can't afford to hold back with these stakes. Remember what happened the last time Ranma took it easy with an attacking zombie horde? He nearly got killed. Tofu: I don't like this... FW: I'll take responsibilities for any lives lost. Their deaths will be on my hands. Tofu: There's got to be another way.... Ryouga: Excuse me, do you know the way to the Tofu clinic? I have a patient here.. [ Enter Ryouga, coming in from the rain, and carrying Ukyou's limp form with the top of her blouse ripped open, exposing her neck ] FW: Vamp..ire! [ staring at Ryouga's fangs ] Ryouga: Huh? [ In one fluid spring motion, FireWater leaps up to Ryouga, grabs his neck and flings him on top of one of the not-broken tables. With a flick of his free hand, a stake slides from out of his sleeve ] FW: Die, you monster! Ryouga: What..! Tofu: Stop! He's not a vampire. [ Tofu-sensei grabbed his hand before FireWater impaled Ryouga with the stake ] FW: What? Tofu: I said he's not a vampire, he just needs some dental work. Ryouga: .... FW: [ himself ] Amazing, he actually stopped my hand. * * * < The next couple of scenes switch quickly from one to another > [ At Kunou Manor ] Purple: I'm telling you, the Wandering one is here! I felt his presence! Commander: Just like you sensed the renegade. Taihen: But the latest Intelligence reports say the Wanderer was heading away from this town and the renegade is still incarcerated in a jail cell.. Purple: Well I'll tell that to FireWater the next time we're engaed in nmortal combat together. Green: Yeah, and Intelligence has been know to be, well, wrong. [ At the store Utchan ] Ukyou: Thank you Tofu-sensei, I wouldn't know what to do without you. Tofu: Just get your rest Ukyou. Ukyou: Where's Ryouga? I wanted to thank him for saving me and I also wanted to apologize for.. Tofu: Mr. FireWater sent him out as a scout. He decided that Ryouga would be the least conspicuous among us. FireWater: What I'm curinous is how he bypassed the misdirection field surrounding the city. Ukyou: Ryouga said he was just walking around aimlessly. He gave up and was heading home when he bumped into me. FW: That boy must have incredible luck.. Ukyou: Well, not really... Tofu: Mr. FireWater, what was it you said before, about the Wandering one? I thought he was just a myth. [ In a dungeon at Kunou Manor ] Ranma: So just exactly who is this Wanderer? Soun: Well... [ Kunou manor ] Green: Is he like the Wandering kid? Purple: FOOL! This is a PG rated series! [ Utchan ] FireWater: No, more like the Wandering Jew, except he's not jewish. Tofu: "He will not taste death until his work in the world is finished." Ukyou: Aren't you the Wanderer, Mr. FireWater? [ Kunou Dungeon ] Soun: Ledgends say he's a holy man, a saint but also a hermit. It is said that he was a pivotal player in one of the ancient holy wars. He was offered solace with the Gods in paradise but he turned it down to serve on earth. His duty is to defend the weak against the overwhelming forces of evil. -=- PurpleCoat: But the Gods were upset at such a refusal, it was an insult to them! So they cursed him to walk the earth preforming his duty. They also warned him that they would never come to his aid when he needed them and that even in death, paradise would be denied him forever. So he is doomed to wander the earth until the end of the world. But ledgends also say, that's the way he likes it. Commander: He is said to have awesome powers. They say he could split the very earth, sky and stars. His exploits have carried him into far lands and netherworlds. Stories say he has done everything from repelling alien invasions to time travelling to overthrowing conquerors. It is rumored that he reincarnates himself to remain strong and powerful. In his new incarnation he has a new life until his conscioussness awakens. That might explain why he is seen so rarely and even disappears completely for years at a time. The last alledged siting was about 20 years ago. But of couse this all ledgends. -=- FireWater: Oh, he does exist, but I'm not him. But I did meet him a very long time ago, in fact he's the that my life. I offered to be his disciple but he told me he had no wish and no need of one. He warned me that no one wanted to lead a life like life. But he also told me that I would be forced to walk another path, very similar to his own. He was right. I think we've even crossed again once or twice but I don't think he remembered me. He probably had bigger things on his mind. -=- Soun: It is also said that in the final day, he will face death with his greatest enemies. And his punishment for defying them in life, in death he must continually wage battle against them all, in every second of every day in any condition for all eternity. It is also said, that is the way he wants it. -=- Ukyou: Incredible Lotion: Wow. -=- Ranma: I don't believe it. -=- Green: Sounds like a bad movie plot. * * * [ In the Kunou Dungeon ] Green: Come on boy! It's your turn. Ranma: Don't call me, boy. Green: It's the big event. You get to be a Dark-Slave. Ranma: What? Never! Green: Yeah, they all say that. Do you know what it really means to be a Dark-slave? Ranma: ... NO! And I don't want to know! Green: Well I'm going to tell you anyway. Soun: Endure Ranma! We'll get out together! [ GreenCoat cuffs Soun ] Green: Quiet, old man, I wasn't talking to you. Now where was I? Oh yeah. It's not what you think, it has nothing to do with sucking your blood out. We use good old fashioned reliable BRAIN-WASHING. Ranma: Brain-washing? Green: You see, BOY, you're still pretty naive. Not like me at all, I'm over 150 years old. You see everyone has a Dark half. Ranma: Dark half? Green: The part of them that they always supress. The really bad part of you. Where your id and ego collide. The trick is to subjugate person towards this evil inclination. Once a person confronts and destroys what they hate and love the most, they are eternally lost to their dark side. Afterwards the victim usually hates herself so much, they willingly follow the Fang in a feeble attempt at self-punishment and as a chance to release all their vent up frustrations on innocent victims. Ranma: Why do you do this? Green: Well, this way, the person is still basically the same, they can still utilize all their talents and abilities. And after a while they start to like it and then ASK to fully join the Fang. Ranma: That's crazy! Green: Yeah, we all felt the same way too. Ranma: ... No! I'll fight you. I won't lose! Green: Resistance is futile Free Will is irrelevant. You will be assimilated. Soun: This man is NOT well.. * * * * * [ A walks onto the screen toward some large thing covered by a sheet. She is a blond wearing thick glasses, long labcoat and has her hair up in a bun. Typical scientist type. She speaks: ] Are you tired of those incredibly cheap and dangerous plastic home models? Don't you wish there was an affordable luxuary car that wasn't a foreign import? Well now there is. [ With a swing of her arm she unvields the cover. It turns out to be a very nice looking blue sportscar. Then she grabs her labcoat and rips it off revealing her very skimpy evening gown. ] Introducing the new affordable Genom 3SS-Buma. Beneath it's native sleek blue exterior, contains a high performance engine system. A luxuary car with all the hight quality of a car of it's class, yet it's built like a tank. Nothing is more secure, nothing is more tougher. It even has a limited AI to warm up the engine, open the doors, fasten seatbelts all independently. It's new patened security program will sound an alarm, flash lights or even start up the engine and chase away possible criminals or car thieves. And inside, we have a state-of-the-art service system which will serve drinks, clean your windows, play soothing music and even give a a warm massage that's so sensuous you'd, swear there was someone else in there with you. We create excitement... Genom Corp.! The leader in the technology of the future. [ scene 1, a couple outside a hardware store, the store is completely totalled. The woman is calling someone on the telephone. ] Woman: Mari? This is your mother. Your father destroyed another store. He forgot to wear his restraints. Send more money quick or your parents will be run out of our home... [ scene 2, a complete highway accident, totalled cars everywhere. A girl is on a telephone while another is arguing with some officers and motorists. ] Yuri: Gooley? We got into a minor incident. No, it wasn't our fault. Send some money quick or you may have to bail us out of galactic prison... [ scene 3, a police station. A man is nervously talking on the telephone. ] Man: Yeah, I lost control of my Labor and broke the safety speed limit. Send money quick, or I might recieve more than just a prison sentence. [ The scene backs off. We see Ota in his Ingram right above him, his Labor is cocking the Riot Gun. ] ANNOUNCER: Eastern Union, the fastest way to send money. We have hundreds of offices worldwide as well as connections across the space and time continuum, so if the money absolutely has to get there, it will. [ Back to scene1, Yuri is dragging Kei away from the accident while she's still yelling her head off. ] [ Scene2, Mari's parents get the money from a local teller machine only to accidently break it. ] [ Scene3, the man has just paid his fine ] Man: Keep in touch. [ pats the PatLabor's leg ] Ota: GRRRRR. [ Man runs out of the police station ] < Commercial C> SONG: It's the right beer now! [ We see the residents of Maisson Ikkoku partying in the local bar ] SONG: It's the right beer now! [ They are now partying at a local celebration party ] SONG: It's the right beer now! [ They're now partying in Godai's room ] Godai: Get out! Get out! I have a mock exam tomorrow! Akemi: Come on Godai, let's have a little fun. Yotsuya: Godai, you should relax and enjoy yourself. Have a Rumic Rum, it's brewed right here and has a fine rich classic golden taste. Ahhh.. SONG: Rumic....Rum! It's the right beer now! [ It's early morning and the sleeping bodies of Maison Ikkoku are crawling out of Godai's room ] Godai: I'm going to kill myself! You ruined my study night! [ Suddenly he is hurtled by bottles ] Ichinose: Hey Godai! Keep it down! Some people are sleeping. Akenmi: Yeah, Godai. Don't you have a mock exam today?! Yotsuya: Going to a wild drinking party before a test? You should be ashamed Godai. Having the right beer, is absolutely definitely not now. [ Godai starts crying ] * * * * * "Any luck?", Kay asked Aih who was fiddling with the transmitter. "No. Local communications between us seem fine but I can't get in contact with headquarters.", Aih responded. "Are you sure?", Kay inquired. "I've been trying for two days. I think we should assume the worst that we've been discovered and our transmissions are being jammed. In that case we better get our equiptment ready in case we're attacked. I'm tired of just waiting around. Too many strange things are happening. It's high time we started a more explicit investigation.", Aih said as she got her gear together. "Yes Aih-san!", Kay quickly responded. As he was unpacking his equiptment, Kay stated thinking about the old times. Everything seemed so much simpler then. Sometimes he just wished he could go back to that day. But instead he got "drafted" for this government job. His mind started drifting back to the day when he was discovered. Oh sure they first promised him great power, status and money. But he wasn't really interested in those things, he was always just a simple guy. He only wanted life's simple pleasures, the company of his friends and family. But when they suggested that they might start recruiting the rest of his family if he didn't cooperate, he knew he was caught. It was also better than being an outcast, blacklisted by the government. Luckily they also wanted to enlist Aih-san and Whai-kun since they felt they had what it took to make it on the team. Otherwise he would have been all by himself with a group of strangers. If he was going to go on these hazardous missions, he wanted to be surrounded by people he trusted. He would follow Aih-san to the ends of the world and back just to be with her. And Whai-kun, although the two of them didn't really get along, they did know each other for a long time. And if push came to shove, he knew Whai-kun would risk his life for him, or so he hoped. Luckily They never ran into such a situation in their short mission history. One thing about Whai-kun was he could handle himself in a fight. And in a situation and place like this, having such a backup would really help calm his nerves more than 10 bottles of Pepto-Bismol. While he was putting on his armor, he was just amazed how beautiful Aih-san always looked. No matter what the time, condtion or weather, she was always a shining star. She always looked good no matter what she was wearing. In fact, it was amazing how cute she looked, even in battle gear. "Kay-kun", she suddenly said. "Aih-san...", he responded. "Why are you Kay-kun?" "What...?", Kay could not believe what he heard. "I said: why are you just standing there, Kay-kun?", she said more firmly breaking his imagination. "Uh..uh.." "Stop fooling around.", she chastised and zipped up her jacket. "Sorry", Kay glumly apologized and got to his own gear. He berrated himself for thinking so inappropriated during a mission. If he wasn't careful, his inability to concentrate on the things at hand might end up getting himself, or worse, Aih-san, killed. "Let's go. We're going to take this place by storm and find out exactly what's going on", Aih vowed. And outside, the thunderstorm was breaking. * * * Ranma: Where am I?.. How did I get here?... Why does my head hurt so much?... What's my name again... Voice: Saotome Ranma, welcome. [ Ranma is in a dark empty room. On cue the lights flash open. Blinking in the light, he takes in his surroundings. He is suprised to find himself in a huge arena. ] Ranma: Not so loud, please... Voice: Your test will commence immediately. Ranma: You'll never break me. Voice: And in this corner, introducing your first opponent, it's someone you know very well. Let's have a big hand for... The Panda! Ranma: Dad? [ From one end of the arena, a gate opens. The Panda CRAWLS out on all fours. But something is different about him. He eyes Ranma and just gives a snarl. ] Ranma: Dad. Voice: In case you're wondering, yes we already broke him, in fact we even HOUSE-broke him! < drum sounds: sha-sha-bam! > Voice2: Just get on with it! Ranma: This is my test? Then all I have to do is beat him up to get out of here? That's it? No problem! [ The Panda crawls up to Ranma snarling all the time ] Ranma: Dad! Snap out of it! C'mon we can get out together. Mr. Tendo needs help. [ The Panda takes a couple of swipes at him ] Ranma: Look dad, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye.. I know you're upset that we abandonned you.. I don't want to fight you if I don't have to. [ Ranma barely dodges another swipe ] Voice: The test is, can you kill your father, before he kills you? Ranma: What? You want me to kill him? We may not have gotten along as the best father and son but... Hey! There's no reason to get violent! ARRHA! My face... You cut me.. [ The Panda just clawed Ranma's face. Bright red blood flows evenly from three cuts across his cheek. ] Ranma: I'm bleeding... [ The Panda roars and charges him, clawing and biting ] Ranma: Get off me! I'm trying to help you! ARRHA! [ The Panda just bit him across the shoulder, Ranma gets a crazed look on his face ] Ranma: I'm tired of being easy on you! You stinkin A-hole! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! [ Ranma's words disappear in a frenzy of fists and kicks ] < In a control room> Purple: How is he doing? Green: The drugs are working fine. He's a really crazy killing machine all right. It's in his blood. [ Back in the arena, Ranma is covered in the Panda's blood. The still form of the Panda is an artistic color mix of Red, White and Black. But Ranma isn't satisfied, he's still plummenting at the lifeless form through his bruised knuckles and distored vision. ] Ranma: It's all your fault! It's all your fault! I hate you! I hate you... ... [ Suddenly Ranma stops and just stands there, staring at the unmoving form. After several minutes he stops and looks at his bloody fists. Then he looks back at the still body of his father. Suddenly it isn't a Panda he sees before him, but the broken body of the man he calls his father. He no longer sees the panda who tried to kill him, nor the man he always hated, nor even the man who gave him such a miserable life. He only sees the dead form of a man who loved him as a child, took care of him when he was sick and kept him warm when he was cold. ] Ranma: What have I done.... Somebody help me!! DAD!!! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... It's all my fault.... I'm a killer, I killed my father... [ In the control room the two Fang agents are calmly watching Ranma hugging and sobbing in grief over the rotting corpse. ] Purple: The depressants are working right on schedule as well. Green: He's ours. * * * [ A conference room in Kunou Manor ] Taihen: Commander, the spell-caster is ending the "Eternal Night" spell. She's tired and needs her rest, she'll begin again in the morning. Commander: But the mis-direction field is still operating? Taihen: Yes, no signal or person can come in or out. Commander: How is the conversion process going? Green: Good. Ten new warriors have all risen and are hungry. Tomorrow we'll have 15 and the next day 25... In no time at all the city will be ours. Purple: I'm having trouble locating the resistance base. The only lead I have is trying to isolate the renegade's bio patterns. However, since he is an expert at hiding his presence it's proving to be very difficult. It might take hours of constant mediataion. Taihen: Assuming he's even here. Nabiki: I've got a better idea. Purple: Such as what? I am one of the best trackers in the Fang. Nabiki: Why don't you just interrogate the prisoners? They might have an idea where they are. Green: That could work. Nabiki: It should be no trouble at all to some one of your hypnotic power level. Commander: Assemble a strike force as soon as possible. I want the able-bodied ones in one piece. And if the renegade is there, capture him alive, but not necessarily able Is there any other business? Purple: No. Commander: Then the meeting is adjourned. Green: Does that mean we can break open the snacks now?! Purple: Come on, we're all going on this raid. * * * [ At the store: Utchan ] Ukyou: The garlic Okonomiyaki will be ready in no time. [ At a distance away the others are conferring ] FireWater: Good. So do you understand the situation? Ryouga: Yes. I'll do my best to help. FW: Your umbrella, it has an unusal top... Ryouga: Oh, you mean this metal sphere? Well it has a kind of an unusal story to it. In fact I think I should show you these.. [ He dumps out the contents of his bag, out comes some sort of circular discus, a chain, and an arrow, all made out of some shiny glistering metal ] Lotion: What beautiful weapons!!! Ukyou: What's going on? Tofu: Ukyou, could you please stand a bit further? I'm sorry but I never could stand the smell of garlic. FW: A-choo! Yes, please. Ryouga: Mmmm - garlic. Ukyou: [ a little annoyed ] Fine. Tofu: What are these things made out of? Steel? Lotion: No. The strength and luster do not seem so. Maybe magic? FW: It looks like silver to me. Tofu: No, the weight seems too heavy. [ fingers the arrow ] Ryouga: Please take it if you wish. Tofu: No thank you, I never cared for weapons of any sort. Lotion: Lotion want this chain, please? Ryouga: S..sure. I think each of you were meant to have one. Uh, are you sure that isn't too heavy for you? Lotion: [ swings the chain around easily ] Has feel of platinum. FW: If that stuff is what I think it is, then I can't touch it. Ryouga: Then I guess this is for Ukyou. [ tosses the small circular object to her ] Ukyou: What is this thing? [ barely catching it ] Ryouga: I think it's some sort of throwing weapon. Ukyou: Great, and it's made of platinum. An excellent choice for a projectile weapon. [ She throws it at a nearby wall, it flies 3 feet before dropping] FW: These weapons.. how did you get them.. Ryouga: Well, it's like this... Lotion: Look! The sky! FW: Is it falling?! Tofu: The storm, it's dispersing... FW: This may be the break we were looking for. It's our best chance to stake an all-out offensive... Tofu: My, the stars are bright tonight. FW: Blast, they'll just restart the spell in the morning. We better get back to figuring out a more covert plan... [ Suddenly the entire store is rocked. ] FW: What the-- [ outside ] Green: We're ba-ck! Fang Warriors - Sanjuu! Purple: What? Green: Hmm, maybe we should use another Battle Cry like.. Fang Warriors Assemble! Purple: Green, shutup. Alright, everyone... ikimasu! Green: ... [ inside ] Ukyou: Look! Ran-chan is with them! FW: BLAST! I thought they could hold out longer than this. We should have relocated sooner, but I kept hoping that somehow they would manage to escape. Ryouga: What's going on? FW: Ranma is serving the Fang now as a Dark-slave. All: WHAT?! [ outside the top three Fang fighters and Ranma, who is wearing dark shades, are preparing to attack again ] Purple: Again. Ranma: Lion's Roaring Bullet! [ He unleashes an energy blast which punches another hole in the wall] Purple: Under our tutelage, he's fully mastered the technique. Becoming a dark-slave has given him the mental discipline he needed. He no longer needs to be fuelled by emotion. Green: Give up! [ inside, everyone is in shock at Ranma's new allegience. Ukyou is crying on her knees ] FW: I'll hold them off. The rest of you get out of here! Ukyou, get a grip on yourself! Don't make me... Ukyou: I can't help it! I got a piece of onion in my eye. Tofu: They're whittling down our numbers one by one. We have to think of something else. FW: All their major players have come out for this one, Ukyou and Lotion are still recovering from injuries. We don't have a chance otherwise, now go! [ Outside ] Purple: If they don't start coming out, we'll send in the slave to flush them out. Most of their defenses will be useless against a non-vampire. Green: Look! [ The whole store is suddenly engulfed in smoke, form a point the figure of a man slowly forms... ] I am the Terror that Guards in the night.. I am the Bell curve which gives you an F... I am FIREWATER! Green: ...that causes stomach acid. And they say *I* watch too much TV. Taihen: He always did have a flair for the dramatic. FW: I am your opponent. You must defeat me before passing. Green: How are you going to stop us? Your Spinning Dragon technique won't work against us, being a vampire makes us as cool as a corpse. FW: [thinking ] I don't want to do this, but I have no choice.. [ outloud ] Heh, your little bullet technique doesn't impress me. Here is one personally taught to me by the master. [ concentrates ] Mmmmmmm.. Taihen: What in.. Purple: That power signature... [ As FireWater concentrates, a blue aura surrounds him. The light gets more brigher and more powerful ] FW: WINGED GRIFFIN POUNCE! [ His light expands and engulfs him completely. The light takes on the form of a giant Griffin with it's wings unfolding. FireWater thrusts out his arm towards the Fang warriors, likewise the Griffin image leaps at them. The resulting impact blows all of them down through the pavement ] Purple: That... hurt... real bad... Taihen: Okay.... Green: I'd like to see you do that again... FW: Winged Griffin Pounce! [ Again they are all hurled away ] Taihen: You and your big mouth! Green: He can't keep it up.. [ This time FireWater throws both arms in the air in his next attack. The results are still the same ] Taihen: Uhhh, that didn't hurt *too* bad... Green: He must be tiring... Purple: How much do you want to bet we'll break before he does? Ranma: Why don't we attack him while he's powering up instead of waiting for him to finish. [ All three of them just look blankly ] Purple: All together now... ALL: Lion's Roaring Bullet!!! FW: Winged... uhhh! [ This time FireWater is the one blown through the ground ] Purple: HA! That knocked the wind out of his sails! Green: Yeah, and it only took four of us to do it! Taihen: Oohh, my back feels like it's broken. Purple: Where are the others? Ranma: They escaped. Purple: It doesn't matter, there is no one coming to help them. They can run, but this city is already ours. It's only a matter of time before everyone joins us. * * * [ In the city four people are running around aimlessly ] Tofu: Hurry! They might be following us. Just keep running straight ahead. Ukyou: Tofu-sensei, what we going to do? Ryouga: Straight ahead? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= End of Part VI From rec.arts.anime Mon Mar 22 10:48:12 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!uunet!!emory!!!!krim From: (KAL Rim) Subject: [FanFic ] RANMA: DARK HALF - PART 7 Message-ID: <> Keywords: Yes, It's finally here! Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (KAL Rim) Organization: The Krimlin, Karl's AirLines Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1993 04:14:39 GMT Lines: 1093 Sorry this took so long, but I was really busy with real work and doing the Saint Seiya! fanfiction. For all those of you who have been requesting previous parts, I will try and deliver. But I believe there should be ftp sites floating around with copies. Please don't email me and ask for everything I've written. I don't have time to respond to every one, wouldn't you rather have me waste time writing these fanfictions? :-) The story is now about HALF done :-) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ A classic adventure fanfare BGM starts up, on the screen as dark as space, the following words in large print roll out. ] __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION EPISODE VII A New Hope The Fang Empire has struck a vital blow to the Resistance. Their new found base was attacked and overwhelmed. Their most important ally in the fight, FireWater, was captured covering the escape of the other Resistance forces. Many brave fighters have already fallen to The Dark Side of their minds. Their newest recruit, Ranma has gladly joined their ranks as did Nabiki in exchange for material wealth and power. Things look bleak for the heroes, with an army of Fang troopers free to stalk the city at all times and a magical misdirection field prevents any aid from any outside allies. Hope lies only in the mysterious ESP Knights of justice if only they can act in time... [ As the Starwars theme dies down, the next scene starts ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ In a prison cell, a captured prisoner awakens into darkness ] FireWater: Uhh, where am I? Female Voice: You've been transported to a prison cell. FireWater: Can't see, why can't I see?! Voice: Calm down, you've been put into freeze storage. That's the reason for your vision impairment. Your eyesight should be returning shortly. FireWater: Who are you? Voice: ...A friend. They'll be coming for you shortly. I..I.. have to go. FireWater: Wait! I don't even know your... Blast. Who was she... [ FireWater closes his eyes and remembers the sweet scent of her perfume and honey-like voice. He can almost picture her in his mind. Was he dreaming? At last he forces open his eyes and is greeted to... ] Male voice: Good evening, I see you're finally awake. [ .. a rather homely looking young man wearing some sort of gray uniform. FireWater looks around his dark prison cell, along the opposite wall is Soun likewise chained up. Likewise, so is he. ] FireWater: Talk about a rude awakening. Gosunkugi: I trust your trip here wasn't too unpleasant. FW: Who are you, kid? Gosunkugi: I am Gosunkugi, you are a prisoner of the Fang. FW: Aren't you a little short to be a Fang Trooper? Gos: [ bares his fangs ] As you can see, I honorably serve the empire. FW: You barely even taken over a dozen cities and you're already calling yourselves an empire? You guys were always a bit egotistical. Gos: If you wish to be unpleasant, that can be arranged. LIGHTS! [ Immediately the dark damp cell room is flooded with strobes ] FW: OUCH, MY EYES! Why you little sadistic... Gos: As our prisoner, I must warn you: If you must continue in your uncivilized manner, expect an equally adverse response. I wouldn't not advise you to attempt escape, your bonds were specifically designed to hold you They are too strong for even you to break. FW: Ugh! Gos: And no doubt you have noticed the magical sanskrit seal on your chest which will prevent you from utilizing your supernatural powers. FW: Kid, lose the stupid English accent. It just doesn't work on you. OOF! [ gets gut punched ]. That's pretty low, hitting a guy that's tied down. Gos: As the officer in charge of your incarceration, I will advise you to address me in a respectable manner. "Sir", "Gosunkugi-san" and even "Fang Officer" will be acceptable. However "kid" is nowhere on the list.+ FW: I'm trembling in my grave. Gos: Mock me if you will, but the Empire is unstoppable. We will crush the Resistance forces. [exits ] FW: Hey! How about turning off the lights! Jerk. Well, what else can go wrong? [ Immediately the cell is filled with loud military marching music, amplified and pumped up as high as the stereo system will allow ] FW: Damn cliches. Arh, my eardrums are going to burst. Soun: Huh?! Is it morning all ready? [ Outside the cell, Gosunkugi is proudly walking down the hall. Near the cell block, a lone figure is hiding behind a corner ] * * * [ At the Resistance outpost ] Ryouga: This is our base?! Ukyou: At least we're not in the arctic where it's freezing and snowing. Tofu: This was the cheapest place we could rent. We don't dare go anywhere else in case they track us. Ukyou: We tried going to Shampoo's restaurant as Lotion suggested but it was already swarming with zombies, and maybe one or two vampires. Ryouga: We're in a power struggle that might change the order of the country and we're staying at a room in the Hothiday Inn?! [ ed note: Yes, Hoth-iday Inn ] Ukyou: Well, what do you want us to do? Start a panic? Tofu: It's not even that. All the people are aware of are some strange occurances and unusual wheather. We don't even know how much the Fang has even infiltrated in the city. For all we know the innkeeper could be a Fang Trooper. And if what Mr. FireWater said was true, no one can come in or out of the city until the Fang is dealt with. Ukyou: Poor Ran-chan... Tofu: Listen, Ranma is no more. That.. thing out there isn't Ranma anymore. It's only his Dark Half. Ryouga: I've never seen Ranma so powerful. Tofu: One of the more unfortunate benefits for submitting to his Dark side. He no longer has any reservations about seriously hurting someone. Don't expect him to pull his punches like your previous fights. Ryouga: "Pull his punches"? Tofu: Being on the "good side" means we must be more merciful, more careful not to do excess harm... Lo-shin: So this, Dark side, is stronger then. Tofu: ...No... But it is more quicker, easier, more seductive. That's why so many have already fallen to it, willingly even. Lo-shin: Then hope, we have none. Tofu: No, don't ever think that. We have the Force, of justice and right! Ukyou: But they have a lot more might. * * * [ In a different prison block at Kunou Manor, Akane is getting restless just waiting to be rescued ] Akane: [ waking up ] uhh, I'm still here. What?! Where's sister? She's not here! That's it, I'm not waiting for someone to rescue me, I'm getting out now. UHHH! [ tries to break free ] Still too weak to free myself.. Kasumi: Akane, do you want to get out? [ Kasumi appears next to her ] Akane: Sister?! How..?! Kasumi: You were struggling so hard I was getting worried. So I picked the locks with one of my hairpins and decided to check up on you. Akane: Where did you learn to pick locks?! Kasumi: Well, Father always used to lock himself in the bathroom. It was up to me to get him out. I've gotten fairly proficient at it. Akane: Well, get me out of here and I'll see if I can break the door open. Kasumi: Oh, I already opened it. It just gets so stuffy down here in this dungeon. They really ought to clean it. I've been looking for cleaning agents outside. * * * In the main conference room of the Fang, the Strike Commander is sitting on his chair, which just happens to be fairly large, luxurious and more slightly elevated compared to the other chairs in the room. He is also wearing his customary black robes but unusually he is also wearing his black lusterous war helmet as well. At the far end of the hall, a large pair of elaborate double doors open. Coming through is the form a young man dressed rather smartly in a spit and polish leather uniform which marks him as an officer. As he approaches the Commander, the only sound to disturb the chamber is the soft clicking of the young man's shoes and the harsh breathing coming the Commander's chair. The Commander, sensing the approaching person does not even bother to turn his chair to face him. The young man steps in front of him and performs a stiff formal military bow. Commander: Huhhhh, huhhh. Report. Gosunkugi: Yes, mlord. The prisoner has been fully secured. Commander: And the other Resistors? Gos: We are trying our best to locate them. Commander: I will not accept failure, is that understood? Gos: Yes, mlord. [ starts to leave ] Commander: Gosunkugi, one last thing. Tell someone to open some windows in here, it's so stuffy I can't get a decent breath of air in here. Huhhh, huhhh cough cough! Gos: As you command. [ exits ] Green: Mlord?! [ GreenCoat and PurpleCoat just popped in ] Purple: He was always a weird one. I'm not sure it was so wise to put him in such a high position so soon. Green: But he has a good record of being a loyal servant! Purple: You mean loyal slave. He really didn't have much choice. I'm not sure he's so stable. He's an unusual case, an early bloomer, he awakened after only 1 day. Very strange... Green: There's plenty more where he came from.. Burp! Commander: ENOUGH! What is the state of the Dark Slaves? Purple: They are all preforming optimally. The only injured ones, the Golden Pair, suffered remarkable injuries from their encounter with Saotome Ranma. Whoever can make such expert attacks on them must truly be a master. Commander: Are they being treated? Purple: Yes, they are currently in the healing tanks. Full recovery should be done by tonight. Commander: What about Kuonji Ukyou? Has she stabalized? Purple: Barely, Commander. Commander: I think I shall visit the tanks later tonight. How is everything else? Purple: Our agent, Nabiki has been very helpful in defense plans. Although she demands very expensive payment. Green: Big deal, we can steal it. Purple: The spellcaster was exhausted by the constant spells but she should be fully rested by morning. Commander: What about the vampires? Have they awakened yet? Green: Their number is growing nightly. Commander: Let about half a dozen run free on the city. It's time to expand the empire and let our prescence known. * * * Ryouga: There has to be some way to boost our fighting power. Ukyou: That reminds me... before Mr. Tendo was captured he said to mention.. Happosai! Lo-shin: What's a Happosai? Ryouga: One of the most disgusting hentai creatures in the world. Lo-shin: What's a hentai? Ukyou: He's sort of a super powerful martial artist pervert. Ryouga: In that order. Lo-shin: Perhaps he ally us to fight Fang? Ryouga: I don't think so. Ukyou: Well, he was their prisoner. Maybe he'll want to help for revenge. Ryouga: Most likely he'll run off and go on a panty raid. Tofu: Unfortunately that may be our only option. We need his power. The four of us can't take on the entire city. Ukyou: Tofu-sensei is right. We have take in the consideration that anyone we meet might already been converted to their side. But I have an idea. Ryouga: Wait, what about Akane?! What happened to her? Ukyou: ... Tofu: I told her to go out of town before this whole thing started. She should be fine... Ryouga: ... Tofu: Let's hear your idea. Ukyou: It's going to be very risky. Ryouga and I will go to Kunou Manor and try a direct assault as a diversion. Then you two free Happosai and anybody else that can help. Hopefully by the time they're on to us, we'll have enough man-power to take on the Fang's leaders. Tofu: I don't like it... it's too dangerous. Ukyou: It's our best chance. Lotion: Lo-shin say we attack! Ryouga: I guess it's the only thing we can do. Tofu: All right then. But before we go, everyone take a magic sanskrit seal. Use it sparingly, it will paralyze one monster when put it on it's head. Ryouga: Amazing... where did you get these? Lo-shin: Yes, your knowledge of the mystic is very intensive. Tofu: An an old friend of mine was heavily in the occult. I met her in medical school, she was studying to be a nurse. Ukyou: A nurse? Tofu: Well, only as a minor. She was a Shinto priestess fulltime. * * * FireWater: I'm tired of waiting around, Mr. Tendo. Soun: The only thing we can do is wait for a rescue. FW: That's never been my style. [ FireWater starts spinning his head, slowly at first and then he started picking up speed. With a sudden snap of his neck he flings his circular faceplate off. It spins through the air and rebounds on one of Soun's chains and returns towards FireWater. The disc shreds through the seal on his chest. From the angle of his hood, FireWater's face is still unseen being covered by shadows.] FW: Ha, beat that Lotion. She's not the only one that can make a crack shot! [ ed note: See Part 4 ] Soun: So that's why you always wear that ugly mask. FW: Now to free myself. UGH!....OW! Soun: Are you alright? FW: Yes, just a little weak. Apparently using my Griffin technique drained a lot more of my strength then I thought. [ ed note: See last Part ] I'll have to try something that doesn't requires so much strength. Exploding Point Technique! [ Hitting his finger against the stone wall, a minor explosion erupts. ] FW: Just another one of my special techniques. Cough Cough! ..OW.. Soun: Wasn't the explosion a little too much for you? FW: [ bending down to recover his faceplate ] No, when you have perfect control you can direct the exploding effect away from you. Only an amateur actually sets it to blow up in his face. [ touches his chest ] Actually, it was a minor miscalculation with my faceplate..ouch! I'm exhausted... Soun: Well, hurry up. We haven't got all night, and get me down from here. * * * Ryouga: Are you sure it's not this way? Ukyou: Ryouga, we agreed I would lead. Ryouga: You must really like Ranma a lot to do this. Ukyou: Almost as much as you love Akane. Ryouga: Eh? Ukyou: Oh come on. Everybody (except Akane) knows. You're so devoted to her. Ryouga: Almost as much as you are to Ranma. Although I can't see why. Ukyou: Eh? Ryouga: Here you are, a nice girl who offers Ranma everything she has to offer, and he just puts you on hold. Ukyou: Oh yeah?! What about you? You practically bend over backwards for Akane, but all she wants to be is "good friends" with you. She only has eyes for Ranma! Ryouga: Oh yeah, for that matter Ranma really likes Akane, everyone knows it. But he's just too much of a coward to tell her. Ukyou: You're no better, you can't even tell Akane! Ryouga: Oh yeah, at least I didn't waste half my life waiting for a guy who ran out on you! Ukyou: Shut-up! You don't know what I went through. I was scorned and everyone knew it. They'd all talk about me. "Jilted" Ukyou, they would call me. And everybody would feel so sorry for the poor girl. Because of that I was always afraid to get close to anybody, I never had any real friends. My life was miserable! Sometimes I didn't know why I bothered going on. And it was all the fault of the same guy I thought would love me and cherish me. I.. I.. [ starts to cry ] Ryouga: Ukyou! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Don't cry! I know I said a lot of nasty things I shouldn't have. I didn't mean it. If it's any consolation, I can sympathise with you. I've had a pretty miserable childhood too. Since I'm always lost and Wandering around most of the time, it's hard for me to make friends since I rarely see them for a long time. I have to live with this curse and the only consolation is that the girl of my dreams loves me as a pet. Look, I've just had a lot of problems boiling inside me for a long time and you just happened to the closest target. I'm sorry. Can we at least be friends? Ukyou: Okay, friends! [ they shake hands ] Ryouga: Ranma is still an idiot. Ukyou: Eh? Ryouga: He's a fool for refusing such a nice girl like you. Ukyou: Stop it! You're embarrassing me! [ slaps/knocks him down ] Ryouga: Uhh...maybe that's why... * * * In the night, two figures in trenchcoats are moving up a long path. If there were any spectators around and if they bothered to look carefully, they would notice that the figures were fairly BIG and when they moved, they barely made a sound. That might not seem unusual except for the fact the two figures were gliding about an inch off the ground. But since it was a deserted road, everything was normal. "Aih-san, where are we going anyway?", the young man in one of the trenchcoats asked his companion. "We're tracking down some odd energy readings.", his female friend responded. "Remeber the weird weather we've been having?", she continued. "Yeah, that was one of the longest thunderstorms I've ever been in" "Well I analyzed the wheather scope and it originated within the city." "What? That's impossible!" "After all you've seen adn done, you should know better than to say that. In the ESPolice everything and anything is possible" "So we're headed for that source nexus?" "Bingo. I'm not sure what we're going to find. I cross-checked it with some local maps and found out our destination is at some place called Kunou Manor", Aih said as she popped open a small scanner. "Kunou Manor?! Sheesh, this is starting to sound like a bad horror film. First we investigate missing townspeople, then dead bodies drained of blood appear, and then after a dark thunderstorm we're visiting an old mansion... Who knows, maybe we'll meet Dracula!" "Be quiet!", Aih stammered. "Oh no. Brave Aih-san is getting scared! Maybe we'll meet a ghost on the way!", Kay prodded. "I said be quiet." "Heheh, don't worry Aih-san, I'll protect you!" "I said shut-up!", she whispered-yelled at him. "There's someone coming up, shut off your hydralics and hide" "Oh..sorry" "Baka.", she scolded him. The two of them shut off their hydralic air hover systems and ducked in some bushes nearby. "I feel stupid, why are we doing this?", Kay complained. "Because, we don't want anyone know we're investigating." "Just like that last couple we almost bumped into? I hardly thought they were very threatening" "Maybe, maybe not. I still don't know about them." "Why not? Is it so unusual for a guy and a girl to be walking all alone on a deserted path in the middle of the night?" "Yes it is." "Well, look at us" "It's not just that. The boy, I swear he had fangs!" "Then why didn't you arrest them for questioning?" "They might have been harmless" "So then why are we hiding?" "In case whoever is coming isn't" The two of them waited in hiding until however it was came by. Up across the path something was definitely coming. Whoever it was, he wasn't bothering to be very inconspicuous. He approached with the same discretion as a bunch of college students who just finished their finals. As the figure approached, it turned out to be about a half a dozen people. They were all screaming and snarling and doing various acts of vandalism, destroying any tree, bush or signpost in their way. "Hey! That's against the law", Kay silently exclaimed. "Quiet, do you want them to hear us?", Aih reminded them. "But we're officers of the Law! We can't just let them.." Kay suddenly fell silent when he saw one of the men suddenly drop and give off a hideous groan. Soon he was convulsing on the ground, his very skin and face distorting. After several seconds the man started shrinking and metamorphasising into a large brown colored bat. The bat gave off a shriek and started flying off. "Mo...Monster....", Kay and Aih both stuttered out. * * * Ukyou: There it is. Ryouga: The front gate is opening. Ukyou: They already know we're here. [ Out comes Gosunkugi, an army of zombies, and .. ] Ukyou: Ran-chan! Gosunkugi: What business do you have with the Fang? Oh, you. Do you wish to surrender? Ryouga: Blast, it's too soon for a confrontation. Ranma: Ranma is no more, there is now only Dark-Ranma. Ukyou: Wait! I'll make a deal, I'll give up this boy in exchange for Ran-chan's freedom. [ Ukyou quickly flipped out a small spatula and hods the sharpened end next to Ryouga's neck ] Ryouga: Ukyou! We had a plan! Ukyou: Forget the plan! I can't bear to see Ran-chan like this. Gos: Very well, we shall make accommodations, bring him inside. Ryouga: You can't trust them Ukyou. Ukyou: Forgive me Ryouga. [ They all go in ] * * * [ In the bottom-most level of the Kunou mansion ] Lo-shin: Your ability to hide yourself is very impressive. Tofu: Thank you, I practiced very hard. Is this the right place? Lo-shin: Yes, Lo-shin remember it right here. Tofu: When you get the signal, free Happosai. I'm going to try and find the others. Lo-shin: How will I know signal? Tofu: You'll know it. Lo-shin: How free old man from prison, must be very weak by now. Tofu: Just drop your bra or something down the well to him. Lo-shin: My bra? I'm not wearing a bra... Tofu: [blushing ] uh, or something like it, like um.. panties.. Lo-shin: Lo-shin not sure she like this. Tofu: No, don't do it now! It has to be still warm, he sort of prefers them that way... [ blushes again ] It sort of stimulates him... Lo-shin: Dr. Tofu, we barely know each other. [ she blushes too ] Tofu: Sigh. Kasumi forgive me. [ in another area of the basement ] Kasumi: Ah-choo! Akane: Sister, are you alright? Kasumi: I'm fine. It must be all the mold and mildrew in here. People should really clean their basements more thorouly. Akane: Let's keep going. [ thinking ] This place is so big. Ranma, where are you? * * * [ Commercials 1 ] We see Gold Saint Leo just destroying a basketball team. No one can block him, no one can stop him, no one can keep up with him, heck no one can barely even see him! Point after Point he scores. At half time, Spike Lee goes to interview him. Spike: Man, how can you play so well? Is it the cape? Leo: No. Is it the Gold Cloth? Leo: Well... Spike: Is it the shoes? Leo: No.. Spike: It's gotta be the shoes.. Leo: It's actually... Spike: It's the shoes! Leo: Will you listen to me..! [ The following subtitle runs up ] "Gold Saint Leo's views do not necessarily reflect those of Acme Sneakers" Spike: It's the shoes! Leo: LIGHTENING PLASMA! [ commercial 2 ] A night scene in the city. The quiet serenity of the busy city is enturrupeted by the sudden appearance of a great blue andriod on a rampage. Nothing can stop this juggernaught of destruction. Nothing except... Silly-a: Knight-Sheriffs! We have arrived! The Buma slows down and faces them off. It grabs a nearby kid by the neck and preforms various hand signals. NoNo: Oh no! I think it's challenging us. Press: A duel, huh? I'll give it one! Silly-a: No! I am the leader. I will duel with this monster. The Buma and Silly-a face off. A couple frames of the two they size each other up. Suddenly the Buma opens it's mouth wide. Silly-a: Oh no you don't! [ she pops in a pink cube in her mouth ] From out of the Buma's mouth comes a huge pink Bubble. Silly-a blows out a matching bubble. Suddenly they both pop. The Buma's bubblegum is all over it's face. It's tearing it's own face trying to get it off. Silly-a simple peels it off her helmet. Silly-a: That's why I always use Hubba-Bubba-Gum to avoid Crisises like these. Announcer: Don't get stuck by your Bubblegum, use Hubba-Bubba-Gum. On sale everywhere. [ commercial 3 ] Double your plesure with Doublemint Gum! [ Scene where the Miracle Girls just running together in the park. ] [ Another scene where the twins from Touch are both at a baseball game, one's cheering the other is playing ] Double your freshness! Kurumi and Manami [ dressed as Kurumi ] are both on a date with the same guy. Too bad no one told the guy. Double your suprise! [ Shot of TWO Kyousuke Kasugas rubbing the back of their heads ] [ Next scene two Atarus's are fighting with each other over who gets to stay on earth and who must leave with Lum to space ] Double your excitment! [ We see two cute twin girls singing. Pan back and we see they are in the hand of some giant monster destroying the city ] Chew Doublemint Trident Gum! Voice: And don't forget, Double your POWER! [ We see the voice belonging to Gold Saint Gemini Saga and Marine General SeaDragon Kanon who are facing off a horde of Spectres ] Saga & Kanon: Galaxian Explosion! [ Guess who's winning. ;-) ] * * * [ In another area of the basement ] Purple: And as you can see, the Golden Pair are almost recovered thanks to the healing-rebirth tanks. Commander: Yes very good. Purple: To increase their fighting effectiveness, Nabiki has a plan for diamond edged rollar blades to enable them to move along any surface. Commander: Hmm. What does she require? Purple: Well she says she needs a large amount of diamonds to work with. Commander: Well, I'll have to consider it. Purple: There's also some new developments with Kuonji Ukyou's body. Apparently... ARGH!! Commander: What is it?! Is it the Wanderer again? Purple: I... do not know. I just felt... a disturbance, somewhere here. Commander: What? Here? So soon? Purple: I can't explain it. Commander: Can you pinpoint it? Purple: No, it seems to be somehow dispursed. Perhaps something is trying to mask its presence. Commander: I think it is time to alert the Boss. * * * [ Gosunkugi and some zombies are escorting Ukyou to Ryouga's cell. Ranma has went off elsewhere. ] Ukyou: Where are you taking us? Where did you send Ran-chan off to? Gosunkugi: Ranma, is being... processed until this one is safely in chains. Ukyou: You look very familiar.. although your accent sounds different... aren't you.. Gosunkugi: I am one of your old class mates, Gosunkugi. Ukyou: Oh my goodness... You've really changed. It must be horrible to for you to be enslaved by the Fang.. Gos: Not at all. For the first time in my life I have respect. I am no longer a weakling, more power flows through me than through your little finger. [ He proves his point by smashing a nearby stone to powder ] Ukyou: But with all your power are you really happy. All your strength won't buy you Akane's love... ahhh! [ Gosunkugi just slapped Ukyou across the face ] Gos: Quiet! You will never speak to me about that! Ryouga: That did it! [ punches Gosunkugi through a wall ] Ukyou, are you alright? Ukyou: I'm fine, but you acted too soon. We should have stalled longer. Ryouga: Too late now. Here come the rest of the troops. [ As the rest of the zombie hoard runs up to them, Ryouga and Ukyou tear into them. ] Ukyou: That wasn't too bad. Ryouga: Wait, where's Gosunkugi? Ukyou: Forget about him, look. [ Ahead of them are the forms of Mousse, Kunou and Kodachi, with their red eyes glowing in the darkness ] * * * [ Tofu sensei has somehow got himself in the thick of things. Right now he is fighting off an army of zombies and vampires by himself. ] Tofu: Please, I don't want to hurt you. [ Yet Tofu-sensei has no choice but to defend himself. He nerve strikes two zombies and forces them unconscious. A vampire leaps at him but he ducks under the attack and slaps a sanskrit seal on his forehead neutralizing the vampire. Some more fiends try to grab and claw him, but he manages to catch their arms and reverse their holds. He quickly applies pressure to certain points of their body and they fall unconscious. A couple more Fang Troopes advance but two well placed strikes knock them off guard. As things stand, Tofu-sensei is actually beating the small army. ] Tofu: You are not responsible for your actions. I have no wish to harm you. Green: How about me? [ Green has just arrived. From a silent cue, the rest of the undead army backs off. ] Tofu: You are my opponent, I bear you no malice but violence seems to be no other alternative. Green: I'm not like the others. I'm way past their league. But it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a challenge. Tofu: [ to himself ] I will not lose to my Darker half. Green: C'mon! C'mon! Let's fight! [ The two run towards each other and cross. Both only hit cloth. GreenCoat recovers first and leaps back to swing a fast punch. Tofu-sensei actually catches it and reverses it to put GreenCoat into a half nelson. ] Green: ARRH!! You're good. [ GreenCoat jumps into the air to get more leverage and does a quick kick to Tofu-sense. Tofu-sensei dodges the blow but loses his hold on GreenCoat. ] Green: REAL good. [ Tofu-sensei feints a right cross and strikes GreenCoat's side with his other hand's finger. While GreenCoat winces in pain, Tofu sensei leaps on top of his back and grabs his neck ] Tofu: Please forgive me, I'm a doctor. Green: We are warriors! Finish it! [ With a sickening crack, Tofu-sensei twists GreenCoat's neck in a very awkward position ] Tofu: It's over. Green: !!! Tofu: Your neck is dislocated. I wouldn't move if I were you. If you don't remain absolutely still, you'll cause yourself a great deal of pain. [ Tofu sensei starts to leave ] Green: [singsong] Oh Dr. Tofu... [ He turns around to see GreenCoat's back. With a loud sickening snapping noise, GreenCoat twists his head around 180 degrees toward Tofu sensei ] Tofu: You're not human...! [ GreenCoat then spits out acid from his mouth striking Tofu-sensei in the chest. ] Green: You're very good but you're just no match for me. Like you said, you're only human. Take his body away. [ As his minions drag Tofu-sensei's convulsing form away, GreenCoat does a quick twist of his neck and resets his neck in its proper position. ] Green: Ah, feels great to get those kinks out. * * * [ In another chamber, Ukyou is holding her own against Kodachi while Ryouga is hard pressed by both Kunou and Mousse. Ukyou and Ryouga then back off from their opponents and head towards each other back to back. Ukyou then suddenly turns throws something at Kunou's forehead, it's one of Tofu-sensei's magic seals. However Kunou just rips it off ] Ukyou: The seals, they're not working! Kunou: Of course not! We are no ghouls! We willingly serve the Fang! Ryouga: They're playing for keeps, we can't afford to hold back either. Ukyou: No, there has to be another way. Ryouga: We're out powered and out numbered. What other way is there?! Ukyou: Dr. Tofu warned us about our dark halves for a reason.. Ryouga: I don't think he was talking about now.. Look out! [ Suddenly the wall behind them collapses. Ryouga pushes Ukyou out of the way only to be buried in rubble. ] Shampoo: Nihao! [ looks down at Ryouga ] Oh... "Bye-Bye"! [ Shampoo, who is wearing dark glasses similar to Ranma, raises her battle rods and is about to crush Ryouga's head ] Ukyou: Not yet! [ Ukyou takes a swipe at Shampoo with her spatula, which Shampoo easily blocks with her Balloon-rods. The others then surround Ukyou and close in for the kill. Ukyou unleashes a barrage of flying spatulas to keep them at bay. Kunou blocks with his wooden sword while Kodachi spins her ribbons to form a primitive shield. Mousse however opens up a fan shield and throws out a chain which catches Ukyou's leg. He wastes no time in pulling her off balance. ] Shampoo: Gotcha! [ Shampoo sees her opening and rams her rod into Ukyou's back. She goes limp and drops her spatula-staff. By now Ryouga has recovered but is still too stunned to move ] Ryouga: Ukyou... Kodachi: And now we settle our score. Ryouga: Look out! Ukyou: Can't breath.. [ Kodachi has whipped her ribbon around Ukyou's neck and is choking her. Ukyou reaches for one of her smaller spatulas but Kunou knocks it out of her hand with a sword thrust to her wrist. Kodachi gives a snap to the ribbon sending Ukyou flying upwards. On the way down the ribbon catches on a railing and Ukyou is essentially left hanging. ] Ryouga: Ukyou! Kunou: You're next! [ Gathering his strength, Ryouga rushes out of the rubble. Kunou is the first to attack. In a single stroke he swings his sword down at him. But Ryouga just catches the sword and flings it across the room. Unfortunately for Kunou, he was still holding on to it. Before the others have a chance to react, Ryouga sends his umbrella twirling around like a mad rotor, forcing them all to take cover. Ryouga quickly runs up to Ukyou and throws one of his spinning bandanas to cut her down. But as he catches Ukyou's falling form, Kodachi managed to recover and throws one of her spiked batons at him. Too engrossed with catching Ukyou, the baton slashes Ryouga across his arm. ] Ryouga: ARRH! Fighting dirty, don't you believe in an honor code?! Kodachi: Hohohohoh! The only honor is in winning the fight! [ She throws more batons at him, but by now Ryouga has Ukyou safely in his arms. He counters by throwing more of his spinning bandanas. The two spinning weapons meet and Ryouga's bandanas cut right through Kodachi's batons. But they're still going and head straight for Kodachi's head. Luckily for her, Mousse intercepts it with one of his own projectiles ] Mousse: Look at us, you cannot win. Give up. [ Ryouga barely catches Shampoo's thrusting balloon-rod sneak attack from behind. ] Ryouga: You really expected me to fall for such an obvious distraction?! Shampoo: Rats! I lost the bet. You're not as dense as we thought. Ryouga: Do you just think this is a game?! [ Holding the end of her rod, Ryouga angrily squeezes the rod into powder with his bare hands ] Kunou: Prepare for the end! [ Kunou suddenly leaps out at Ryouga, sword raised high. At that time Ryouga's spinning umbrella returns and knocks Kunou over as it returns to it's master's hand. ] Ryouga: Who's next?! Mousse: You can't hold out against all of us! Shampoo: It's only a matter of time before your injury overtakes you.. Kodachi: And before it's too late for Ukyou. Ryouga: Bug-off! [ Grasping his umbrella, he slams it into the ground causing a shockwave that sweeps everyone off their feet. In the short reprise he has, Ryouga checks on Ukyou's condition, she's as pale as a ghost. ] Ryouga: Ukyou, breathe! Ukyou: Cough Cough... Ryouga: Stay still, don't try to move. Ukyou: Ryouga, hold me. Why am I so cold... Am I dying?... Ryouga: ... Ukyou: I guess Ran-chan can be happy now with Akane... If you see him, tell him to not to have any regrets and... Ryouga: Don't talk like that! You're just delirious.. Ukyou: .... Ryouga: Ukyou, talk to me.. Ukyou! [ No response ] [ her voice echos in his mind ] "Ranma can be happy now with Akane..." [ By this time the others have recovered ] Kunou: You've only bought yourself an extra moment of life.. Ryouga: NOOO!! LION'S DEATH ROAR! [ With tears streaming from his eyes, Ryouga calls his most powerful technique. In one arm he holds Ukyou's unmoving form and in the other he is firmly grasping his pole as a focus. His explosive power causes the very air to be charged up. His surrounding enemies are thrown completely clear along with the surrounding territory. His energy spiral extended to 50 feet in diameter and runs through the ceiling, through the mansion, and even through the heavens. ] [ From inside the central part of the mansion, the strike commander, sitting in his chair, looks up at the energy release. He folds up his dark robes and puts on his black helmet preparing for battle. ] Commander: That one is *strong*. * * * Lo-shin: That tremor! It must be the signal. They must be in great danger. I must do this. [ Sighing, Lotion looks around to make sure no one is watching her. Lotion reluctantly puts down her chain on a nearby stone block. The chain she recieved from Ryouga just instills her a great sense of security, like a security blanket. Maybe because it's one of the best weapons she ever held. She slowly slides off her tight fitting pants very carefully. Then she just stands here in her long shirt gathering up her nerve ] Lo-shin: Lotion can't believe this will really awaken the ancient fighter. Taihen: Well, it's doing wonders for me. Lo-shin: Who? You! Taihen: Hey! Don't stop on my account. Although it won't really help you at all. You see, we knew you were coming, so we moved the target. Lo-shin: What! Taihen: You really are a bunch of amateurs. Hey, I recognize you! You're from that village we destroyed! You know, I think you are the cutest little thing to ever come out China. Why don't we both confirm it, yes? [ Pushing her down, he falls on top of her on the hard granite floor.] Taihen: Quit sniveling, I want to see what you've got. Relax, all your friends liked it afterwards.. Lo-shin: You, monster! Taihen: Not just a monster, a vampire monster. And a pretty studly one too, if I may so modestly add.. [ Lotion tries to resist but he just laughs and slaps her down. As he starts to rip open her shirt, Lotion's mind retreats to the days when she was home in her village. Her thoughts drifts to the good times she shared with her friends, Eye Shadow, Conditioner, Blush, Soap... and many more. All who might be dead because of the monster on top of her. In her heart she weeps for her lost comrades. ] Lo-shin: No... NOOO!! Taihen: That's it, I love it when they play hard to get. [ Lotion suddenly grabs him in a tight embrace. ] Taihen: Whoa, you like it rough? [ She then sweeps her leg under her and flips him over. ] Taihen: Ouch! Why you little.. [ Lotion quickly springs up and grasps for her chain. Once attained, she starts spinning it around in a defensive posture ] Taihen: You know, there's nothing more sexier than a half naked sweating girl covered in spikes and chains. You know, you're really turning me on. Lo-shin: Shutup! [ Lotion swings the chain at him, but Taihen easily catches it ] Taihen: Are you sure you want to fight? You do know what happens when you lose... [ Suddenly the chain erupts up in a flare of white light ] Taihen: ARRH!! My hand! [ He immediately drops his end of the chain and checks his hand, it has burn marks where he was holding the chain. Lotion swings the chain again and this time connects right with his face. ] Taihen: ARRHHH! That hurt! That actually hurt! [ Taihen tries to recover but the blow was too powerful. Again and again Lotion lashes out at her target, with every strike the chain starts glowing brighter and brighter and begins burning hotter and hotter with a light of vengeance. ] Taihen: Who..who are you?! Lotion: I am Lo-shin of the Joketsuzoku clan. You killed my family. Prepare to die. [ Lotion lets out a death cry and leaps toward Taihen who collapses on his face while covering his head with his hands. ] Taihen: Help!!! Purple: You can open your eyes now. Taihen: PurpleCoat?... How long were you there? Purple: Long enough. Taihen: And you just stood there and watched and ... Green: [ munching on some popcorn ] ..Let her beat the tar out of you. Wow! It was great! Plot was good, action was fast-paced, lots of skin and an awesome fight scene with special effects! Who needs to go to the movies! Purple: Green, get out of here before I start on you. Go check on the other slave's progress. Green: Well, it was fun. I gave it one fang up. [ exits ] Purple: She really had you on the ropes. [ suddenly Lotion stirs. ] Taihen: Actually it was a chain. Are you sure she's unconscious? Purple: Yes, she didn't even see me coming. She was too busy kicking your sorry hide. [ stares at the chain Lotion is holding on to ] In any case I think I've just solved the unusual bio-readings I've been sensing. [ Suddenly he strikes Taihen ] Taihen: OW! What was that for? Purple: You were supposed to neutralize your target and get back in case they had other reinforcements, not indulge in your petty fantasies. If you ever pull a stunt like this again, I'll personally have you for breakfast. Do you want us to lose our sales?! We already had enough trouble with that Miyuzaki guy freaking out all those parents groups! * * * FireWater: So far so good, no encounters yet. I'm not sure about Dr. Tofu and the others, but we may be the last two. Soun: No other reinforcements? FW: Yes. If that's the case, our only chance may be to assassinate their Strike Commander and cripple the whole operation. We'll only get one chance, we better make it count. Just give me a minute to rest... Soun: Oh, I will. [ Soun pulls out a stake from his shirt ] FW: Oh good, you've already found a weapon. Well, let's go. [ And then he stabs FireWater in the back. FireWater wriggles in pain as the stake pierces right through his back into his heart. In defiance he tries to scream out a challenge but only a bloody gurgle erupts from his lips as Soun drives the stake even deeper. ] FW: ...Why? Green: I believe I can answer that, Tendo here is now working for us. Soun: Yes, Master. FW: GC? You're... here.. too..? Green: Fellow prisoners make the best unsuspecting betrayals, don't you agree? FireWater: You can't win, GC. If I die I'll only become more powerful than ever. [ As FireWater is bent on the ground in pain trying to pull out the stake, GreenCoat calmly steps on the stake in his back and drives it in even deeper ] FW: ARRHHH!!! Green: Is that a fact, Jo? * * * He was in trouble. Captain Zen realized this an hour ago when he was lost, searching for that darn city. He couldn't understand it. All his computer readouts should have pinpointed the exact location but for some reason the city still escaped him. Then he got caught in that thunderstorm. Totally blew him off course and scrambled a lot of his systems. He even lost communications with headquarters. Now, as his fuel reserves are empty, his solar batteries almost exhausted with out a decent solar source to repower them, he was wondering what the heck he was thinking flying down here by himself in a Delta unit. Now he was in DEEP trouble. But one thing about Captain Zen was that no matter how disasterous his decisions have been, his gut feeling always turned out right. But if he didn't find a proper landing zone soon he might crash and be stuck in a deserted wilderness with no chance of survival. So much for gut feelings. Then the energy cone appeared. He never seen anything like it. It just blew all his sensors off the scale. The funny thing was after that, the storm started to break. Well, he had a target, he was going to move in. His gut feeling was telling him that this was it. Captain Zen was always glad whenever he was right. * * * [ In the darkness, Ryouga is holding on to Ukyou's still form. Already she is getting cold to the touch. In the darkness, there is a soft sobbing and a promise of retribution. ] Ryouga: "Vengeance is mine, ..." [ His eyes glow afire with the intensity of his promise. He places her body gently on the ground. He looks at her silent form in the moonlight for a short moment. He makes a silent prayer and then fishes for some shining circular object from his backpack. He places it on her chest. Finally he marks her position by stabbing her spatula-staff into the ground above her. He takes a moment to tie one of his bandanas around his arm wound, then gathers his things and runs on down the corridor ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= What do you think? To be continued. As usual send me the usual comments, critisms, corrections and complaints. No .sig, this thing is long enough! + I got this joke from Death: The High Cost of Living # 2. From rec.arts.anime Mon Mar 29 10:09:15 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!pipex!uunet!usc!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Subject: [ FanFic ] Ranma: Dark Half - Part 8 Message-ID: <> Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: The Krimlin Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 23:45:53 GMT Lines: 660 Here's part 8 as we continue to poke fun at one of my favorite sf movies. For those of you who feel the ESPolice are a waste of time, there really is a point to them, I just have to think of it. Hmm, does taking up filler space count? __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION EPISODE VIII The Fang Empire Strikes Back -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE STORY SO FAR: It's been a really crazy time here, recollected GreenCoat. First I just had a simple assignment to subjugate this town by the Boss. It was rather straight forward, infiltrating the city and slowly transforming the denizens first into zombie slaves and then into full Vampire Fang Troopers. Of course there was also a rich amount of competent fighters to use as Dark Slaves, some people known as Kunou, Kodachi, Mousse, Shampoo and possibly the most powerful: Ranma. Other converts have been our human agent, Nabiki who basically just wants to side with the winners, something I can understand. And of course Gosunkugi, who is know a full fledged Fang Trooper. Purple's a bit wary about him, since he awakened in only one day when it normally takes a victim three. I just think it's because he's been his mental slave for so long and deep down the kid actually WANTS to be one of us. Another thing I can relate to as well. But it hasn't all been fun and games. We've been put on a tight schedule. Apparently this is the pivotal city that will enable the Fang to full control the nation and then the world. Of course there has been intervention by my and Purple's old "friend", Jo FireWater and the champion good guy known, even to us, only as the Wanderer. Luckily all of these factors as well as the resistance have been taken care of. Most of the resistance fighters have been rounded up. There are only a few minor loose ends to take care of. Soun is on our side, Tofu has been neutralized and the girl, Lotion, (what a babe! Taihen sure knows how to pick'em), seems to hold the key to Purple's detection problems. He said he'd explain more later. We finally unleashed a vampire hoarde onto the city this night. The time for secrecy is over. It's time for us to take a firm hold on this town. The only thing that can possibly stop us is some outside influence. But that only happens in the funny books. I think I've been working at this too long, I'm beginning to think in plot summaries.+ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In the standard beginning of every new scene where a person was transported while unonscious, Lo-shin awakened into darkness. She slowly sat up rubbing her head. Whoever knocked her out was a real professional. Just be feeling the angle of the hit, the person who knocked her out had done this sort of thing hundreds of times before. Ignoring her headache, she tried to remember exactly what happened. The last thing she remembered was fighting with the stranger. She recognized him from the village. What did he call himself, Taihen? She knew him as the stranger. He arrived at the village not too long ago. He claimed to just be a friendly visitor. She never trusted him. Every day he would go around hitting on all the girls. When they refused his attentions he started becoming violent and attacked them. Of course the village elders only dismissed it part of the customary battle ritual, but Lo-shin could not. She was mad, she wanted to try and knock down the stranger's ego down. The only thing that stopped her was her brother who refused to let her anywhere near the stranger. Ever since that stranger came, that's when the trouble began with the other village. She couldn't really remember the details but she knew that somehow he was responsible for it. Disputes escalated into full blown battles. The situation was so volitile, Shampoo's Great Grandmother was called back to help. That's when her family went to fight at the front line. A day later, one of the elders sent her to China to deliver a special message to Shampoo. And now thanks to the fates, the stranger has followed her. His words kept echoing in her mind. The way he bragged about how he personally destroyed her village. She wished she could have another chance to kill him. Nothing mattered to her now but revenge. Her home was gone, there was nothing left for her. The life that she knew was no more, and it was all his fault. Suddenly she started crying, the tears just came flowing out. Although she may not know why in her head, she knew why in her hart. She was crying over her loss in this life. She cried for her friends. She cried for her village, for her family, for Mousse, for Shampoo. Shivering in the cold, she wrapped her torn shirt around her and hugged herself tightly. She also cried because she knew that despite her bravo, she almost lost her fight with the stranger. His sneering face kept haunting her even in her dreams. And when one of the Joketsuzoku clan loses a fight, they lose more than just the battle. * * * Ryouga was running through the halls and bulldozing anything in his path. Nothing but vengeance burned in his heart. He still remembered Ukyou's cold body laying in his arms. Her last words still haunted him: "Tell Ranma to be happy now with Akane". Wiping away his tears, Ryouga just picked up speed. Soon he reached a large set of double doors. This must be the place, the central room where the ringleaders dwelled. Ryouga tried ramming down the door but suprisingly it held fast. No matter how many blows he gave it, the door refused to open. Crying in anguish he just kept pounding until finally exhaustion wore him down. Cursing his weakness, Ryouga sat down. Suddenly a voice rang inside his head. "Use your Force....", it moaned. The voice sounded familar but he just couldn't place it. But there were more important concerns. He gathered up his concentration, gripped his umbrella firmly, pointed it in the direction of the door and exclaimed, "Exploding Point Technique!", and then charged. * * * In a once-upon-a-time-peaceful clearing, but now a post-battle- mindless-destruction disaster area, ESPolice officers Aih and Kay were resting from their recent encounter with some of the Fang's newly bred vampire horde. "That was the last one.", Kay consoled Aih. "They were horrible.", Aih was still a little shocked. "Aih-san. It was either them or us. You did what you had to do." "I'm not sure if I'm glad to get rid of such.. things.. or just shocked at what I did to another living being." "Well, if it's any consolation, they're not dead." "What!?", Aih started strangling Kay. "What are you talking about?! Do you know how much damage we inflicted on them?! Nothing could have lived through that! Nothing...", she let go of Kay and just stood there in silence. Sometimes, Kay thought. Sometimes I really don't know if this is the line of work that's right for us. He hated being the one in charge, but Aih-san was in no condition to give orders. Meeting ghouls and goblins always frightened her, much less fighting them. Heck, even he was shell-shocked by the night's encounters. "Aih-san, listen to me.. Listen to me!", he said a little more forcefully. "We have a job to do. If things like this are going on, who knows how many other people are suffering. We gotta find out what's going on." "You're right", she said, breaking the silence. "Besides, like I said, I don't think they're dead" "But we just.." "Hear me out. I'm not saying that they should be alive but these things have the characteristics of vampires. You know what that means. " "They'll return from the dead.", she finished for him. "Unless we take measures to avoid that.", he opened his hand to reveal a set of sharp stakes. "There's got to be another way. I.. I can't do it." "We have to continue our investigation. But we can't just leave them here. What if they recover and come after us? Or what if they go down into the city and attack innocent people?" "You're right again, Kay-kun.", Aih picked up up a stake into her trembling hand. * * * Suddenly from the darkness a patch of light appeared. The guards were opening up the door. Lo-shin thought about ambushing them, but she was still too weak physically and emotionally. She huddled into a corner and wiped away her tears with her torn sleeve. The guards roughly tossed someone in. Lotion carefully looked over to see who it was. The figure groaned and put his hand to his chest as if checking for an injury. The person then looked up to take in his surroundings. "Dr. Tofu!", Lo-shin exclaimed in joy. "Lo-shin so worried about you", she said as she ran up to hug him. "Lotion, OUCH! Please don't squeeze too hard. I'm still very weak." "Lo-shin sorry. What...", she said puzzled, as she stared at a black splotch on his chest. "Don't worry, it's only some acid. I received a minor burn.." "They torture you?!", Lo-shin asked worried "No, no need to be concerned. That's just how they caught me. Lotion, what happened to you?", Tofu-sensei asked staring at her torn attire. "Big fight... they..", she mumbled out. "They didn't... *hurt*.. you, did they?", Tofu-sensei asked concerned. "N-No.. Lo-shin too strong for them..", she replied hesitantly "Well, you must be cold. Here take my shirt.", Tofu-sensei wrapped his longer shirt over her in a feeble attempt to cover her. "Many thanks, Tofu-san.", Lo-shin softly said. Maybe it was his warm smile. Maybe it was the safetly she felt in his strong arms. Maybe it was becasue she was just a frightened sixteen year old girl. Maybe it was the fact that she was tired of keeping up her brave front. Maybe it was just that he looked just as vulnerable as she did, sitting there in the darkness in his bare chest. "I was so scared!", Lo-shin cried out and buried her face in his chest sobbing. "There there...let it all out.", Tofu-sensei consoled her and tried his best to comfort her. "I won't let anyone hurt you.", he promised, hoping that somehow he could keep his word. They were both to weak to even escape. In the distance the sounds of footsteps were echoing, heading towards their cell. * * * [ In the main council chamber, the Fang leaders are meeting ] Green: You finally figured out what was all the weird readings you were sensing? Purple: That's right. But first I want to know what you said about Jo. You subdued him? Green: Yup, me and our mental slave, Soun, took care of him. Purple: Impressive. So where is he? Green: You know how dangerous he was, we had to eliminate him. Purple: You what?.. So where's the body? Green: The body? Purple: Yes, you know, the body, the corpse, the remains... We need it so we can ensure he can never return. Green: He, it, um, discorporated. Nothing was left except his robes and his faceplate... Purple: You idiot!! That leaves him free to take over another host body! Green: He can do that? Purple: He's a renegade, remember? Green: Even for us it's... Purple: He's a very special case. Green: But I thought he had morals against that. Purple: Well, sometimes morals go out the window when faced with oblivion. This could be a problem if he picks a very strong new body. Green: And I thought he was bluffing... Purple: Wait.. Another disturbance. Another piece of the puzzle is coming. Commander: We'll continue this later. * * * Kasumi: Akane, I think there's someone in here. Akane: Is it Ranma? Kasumi: Well whoever it is, I'm sure they want to be let out. Akane: Well, I guess any prisoners here are friends of ours. Stand back. [ Taking a deep breath, Akane lets out a series of well placed kicks and punches. Soon, the creaky door relented and slamms open inwards. ] Voice: Don't hurt us! Akane: Calm down, we're hear to rescue yo... [ Inside are Tofu-sensei and Lotion. From their viewpoint Tofu-sensei has a young girl in his arms who looks like the only thing she has on is a shirt, which just happens to be *his* shirt. The girl is huddled against Tofu-sensei and grasping him with all her strength ] Akane: Sensei... Lo-shin: Kyaaaa!! Who are they?! Tofu: Please Lotion-chan, I told you not to squeeze so hard.. Akane..! Akane & Tofu: What are you doing here? Tofu: I thought I told you to leave the city. Akane: I never knew.... [ Akane has the usual shocked look on her face, bulging eyeballs. Tofu sensei finally realizes how this must seem ] Tofu: Ummm... This isn't what it looks like... Kasumi: Akane, is everyone all right in there.. OH! Tofu: Kasumi?! Kasumi: [ blushing ] Please excuse us. Let's go, Akane. [ Kasumi quickly grabs Akane's hand and drags her outside. Then she swiftly closes the door ] Kasumi: Let's go on, Akane. Akane: But, Sister... Tofu-sensei.. Kasumi: Akane, it's not proper to talk about such things. Let's go. Akane: [ thinking ] Kasumi... [ From a voice in the distance ] Tofu: The door! It's jammed shut! Come back! SIGH! * * * Elsewhere a set of double doors explode inwards. A figure stumbles in, being caught in the middle of the explosion. After walking near the center, he stands tall, burning with vengeance. Ryouga: I am Hibiki Ryouga. Purple: Welcome. We've been expecting you. Ryouga: Who's in charge here ?! [ points his umbrella ] [ At the far end of the room a figure turns in his chair. He is dressed in long shiny black flowing robes and is wearing some sort of dark war helmet ] Commander: That would be me. I am the Strike Commander. Ryouga: Roaring Lion Bullet! [ Ryouga throws a couple of force-blasts at the Commander. The Commander just raises his palms and blocks every shot. ] Ryouga: Na..Nani?! (WH-AT?!) [ ed note: sorry but you don't get the same theatrical effect in english ] Commander: Heh, Your power is too weak. [ Ryouga raises his umbrella but suddenly it flies up into the air and flies toward the Commander's hand ] Commander: I think I'll just take this away from you. You've had enough of a power focus... [ the umbrella handle flies into his hand ] Oof! Heavy! [ and the top end of the umbrella drops like a dead weight ] Ryouga: I'll kill you with my bare hands! Purple: That will be unnecessary. Arm him. [ A figure in a long Green overcoat tosses Ryouga a glowing sword. Ryouga deftly catches it. GreenCoat likewise has his own.] Ryouga: What's this? Commander: You will now duel with your Lightswords. Green: Let's fight! [ thrusts ] Ryouga: I won't lose! [ The two give various parrys and thrusts, but Ryouga is a bit slow ] Green: I can feel your anguish. You are not preforming your best. Ryouga: This is the first time I've held a real sword.. Green: You are letting your emotions cloud your judgement. Anger is dominating your feelings, you cannot defeat me that way. Ryouga: [ thinking ] He's right... I could barely summon up enough power for a Force-blast... Green: Release your hate, release your anger! Ryouga: [ remembering ] "Ranma can now be happy with Akane...." AAHHHH!!! I'll kill you! [ Ryouga attacks with new vigor. He goes more on the offensive. Soon GreenCoat can barely block all the blows. In the last exchange GreenCoat's LightSword is knocked out of his hand ] Ryouga: Prepare for the end! Green: Not likely. [ Ryouga swings his LightSword down in a killing arc. Just before contact, GreenCoat clasps his hands around Ryouga's blade, stopping his blow ] Ryouga: HOW?! Green: When you've got it, flaunt it. [ GreenCoat celebrates by quickly raising and lowering his eyebrows ] Purple: Actually they're only battery operated toy light swords he got on sale. We wanted to see how good a swordsman you are. Green: What, do you think I'll be dumb enough to give you a weapon that might actually kill me? Ryouga: I'll kill you with my bare hands! Commander: Enough, this has ceased to bring even the slighest amount of amusement. You will now cease your hostilities. Ryouga: My throat...! Can't breathe.... [ As the Strike Commander clenches his fist, Ryouga starts gasping for breath. ] I won't give up.. This won't stop me Gasp.. [ And then a large boulder drops on top of him. ] Commander: How about that? [ Ryouga lies unconsicious ] Purple: [ staring at the shiny top of Ryouga's umbrella ] Yes, another piece of the puzzle... * * * Hello, my name is Miyu. I just wanted to take a little time out to talk to you about the importance of safety. I know, sometimes it's hard to seperate fantasy and reality. When a woman walks down the street after dawn, she shouldn't be paralyzed by fear. It is the responsibility of all women to help stop this violation of their our natural freedom to move about. As women, we're known as the weaker sex, but that doesn't have to be the case. Be smart and cautious, that's all you need to travel in safety. It's time for women to take a stand and reclaim what is ours. It's time to take back the night. Announcer: This has been a service message from the Pro-feminist anime-girl movement. [ We see Ranma being attacked by Kunou, Ryouga, Mousse and Happosai ] Ranma: Can't fight them all... Others: Hahahaha! This is the end for you Ranma! You can't win! Ranma: Too weak.. I need more energy. [ Suddenly Shampoo rides in, lands on top of all four of Ranma's opponents ] Shampoo: Nihao! Ranma: Shampoo! Shampoo: You skipped breakfast again didn't you? Ranma: Well, I didn't have any time, too many challenges. Shampoo: You only need 5 minutes to enjoy a quick nutricious breakfast. [ holds out a bowl ] Ranma: Ranma 1/2 cereal! [ Shampoo pours milk into the bowl of cereal ] And look! It's changing color with milk! Shampoo: The cold milk turns chocolately delicious! And the rice flakes, half one side is corn and the other half grain to give you a double taste of nutricious goodness! Ranma: Mmmm! It's good! Others: Ranma! We challenge you! [ The others have recovered from Shampoo's crash landing ] Ranma: Heh, I'm ready for you now! Heavenly Flying Dragon Ascension Fist! [ sweeps them all up into a cyclone of air ] Others: NO!!! Ranma's too strong! We can't beat him! Ranma: Heh! [ poses for the camera ] Shampoo: My hero! [ she hugs Ranma ] Announcer: For a martial arts packed nutrious breakfast: Enjoy Ranma 1/2: The cereal to give you the strength to take on the challenges of the day! [ Ranma starts makeing muscles in front of the camera ] Akane: [ clobbers Ranma with a mallet ] What do you think you're doing with Shampoo?! Ranma: Kawaii-kunee... Akane: Better eat your Wheaties.. SONG: So kiss a little longer [ We see Hikaru and Misa celebrating their union with a passion kiss. In the background we see veritechs flying off to battle. ] SONG: Hold a little longer [ Clarisse is desperately holding on to Lupin III, as if her life depended up on it. They're descending down a cliff on his rope from the scene in Castle Cagliostro ] SONG: Stay close a little longer [ Kyoko and Godai are walking along holding hands ] SONG: Longer with Big Red [ Hikaru (the girl!) is crying and holding on to a Kyousuke trying to disengage himself from her ] SONG: With it's big red freshness [ There is a tremendous space battle between the earth forces and the Zentradai fleet. The SDF-1 smashes an enemy battle cruiser. Hikaru and Misa are still kissing. ] SONG: that goes on and on, while you chew [ Amuro Rey is dreaming about Lala Sun ] SONG: So Say goodbye a little longer [ Nausicaa is hugging a baby Ohmu being returned to its mother ] SONG: Let it last a little longer [ Ataru is trying to get away while Lum is holding on to him ] SONG: with the freshness of big Red! [ The space battle is over with the earth force triumphant. The clean up crews and damage control teams are assisting the emergency medical teams. They're all working around the clock in the midst of a still lip wrestling Hikaru and Misa. ] * * * In the main ESPolice headquaters, Doctor Kno was assessing the circumstances. Well, he thought. With Captain Zen away on assignment it was up to him to regulate the everyday business at the office. The first thing he did was give himself a raise, open a new research facility and fire or transfer half of Zen's staff, the ones he didn't get along with, and smoke Zen's private stash of cigars, almost entirely in that order. Ah, what a shame it couldn't last forever. Decisions, decisions, he thought, as he reviewed the staff roster. He was currently reviewing the file of a Dr. Kishida. Brilliant man but he's been a little unstable since the death of his young wife. But he was Brilliant. He was one of the main scientists working on the EPSILON unit, before Zen's hasty activation turned the entire operation into scrap metal. Kishada had already drawn up plans for the next mecha, but they were, to say the least, a bit non-standard. And the man was always talking about the threat of invasions from space aliens. His aid told him that he was fooling around with new expirmental weapons, and using them. Oh well, he'll just transfer him to that Science Chemical Electronics division. It was a relatively small unimportant sub-division where he could still do off the wall research until he felt he was competant to return. But he had more important things to take care of. Dr. Kno was researching the city in which Captain Zen and agents Aih and Kay were assigned to. The odd thing was no communications could reach the city. Be it by telephone, fax, satellite linkup, postal system, electronic mail or carrier pigeon. When he updated this new information into the database, he just noticed that another city had the same characteristics about a week ago. Out of curiosity he skimmed through the records. Sure enough another city had the same conditions. He wasn't sure, but he had a bad feeling something bigger than anyone thought was occuring. He quickly paged his aid and ordered her to make a complete search and give him a report by the afternoon. * * * [ Cut to another room. Sounds of a roaring fire being eminate from the room. Next the clanging of metal against metal. Voices whisper to and fro ] Akane: Sister! I hardly think this is the proper time for cooking. Kasumi: Nonsense, Akane. We've been Wandering around these halls for some time now. You must be getting tired and hungry. Akane: [ thinking ] Well actually , I am a little... Kasumi: Besides it will help take your mind off your problems... Akane: Sister... Kasumi: Let's see.. Hmm it seems they have everything I need to cook.. Rice, Ground Beef, Peas, Beans, Eggs, Onions, Carrots... Akane: [ thinking ] I don't know what's going on anymore. First we've been kidnapped and then the whole city seems to have gone crazy. Everyone I've seen seems to be in some sort of daze. We escape from some sort of prison cell and end up Wandering aound in some sort of basement. I don't even know what our captors want. Something big is happening, If I only knew what. Kasumi: My doesn't this smell good? Akane, please be a dear and pass me the pepper. Akane: Pepper? Okay... [ thinking ] Let's see, it's got to be the thing in black... [ Akane fumbles around for a while trying to desperately find the Ground Pepper. Finally she settles for a jar of soy sauce.. ] Akane: Close enough... [ Then someone hands her a pepper shaker ] Akane: Oh! Thanks Ranma...RANMA?! [ Ranma stands before her. ] Ranma: We've been looking for you two for a long time now... Akane: Ranma?! What took you so long to find us? Where have you been... [ Akane notices something seems different about him. The way he looks, the way he stands, even the way he's firmly grasping the pepper shaker, as if he's trying to choke the life out of it. ] And then she notices the Dark Glasses he's wearing. She flashbacks to the time when she was fighting Kunou that night she was captured. He too was wearing Dark Glasses. ] Ranma: You should have stayed in your cell, now you must pay the price.. Akane: Ranma, not you too?.. Kasumi: Oh, Ranma! You're just in time for dinner! * * * Commander: So tell me again... we were never in danger of conflict with the Wandering One? Purple: Yes. The signals I was sensing were being given off by these. [ PurpleCoat points to a nearby table. On it are the shiny chain, a circular shield and an arrow. ] The Shield was set on top of this Bamboo Umbrella. I'm guessing that's what enhanced the kid's power leveln. A search of his backback revealed an arrow with similar properties. Taihen: So what exactly are these things? Purple: I believe they are ancient magical artifacts from an ancient war. They give off an unusual energy reading which confused my mystic senses. I mistakened them for power traces of the Wandering One. All the times that we almost had an encounter with the Wanderer, it was actually just some bystander who possessed one of the pieces. Green: But why do they give off similar readings? Purple: It very may be possible these relics were actually once weilded by the Wandering One or by his comrades during the Holy Wars. Most likely someone just stumbled upon some of these artifacts. Commander: Where is the one known as Ryouga? Green: He's being indoctrinated with Soun Tendo. Soun Tendo was just a hypnotized Zombie, we didn't have time to transform him into a Dark Slave just yet. Purple: I'm very curious as to where he acquired these weapons. If there are any more out there, I'll know. Green: This guy, Hibiki Ryouga, has great potential to be our ultimate Dark Slave killing machine. He's very strong, extremely resourceful in various weapons, and most importantly: emotionally unstable. Purple: And we still have the prisoners: Tofu, Lotion, Tendos Akane and Kasumi to oversee. Commander: Things are finally locking into place. The resistance has been crushed and the city is an open market ripe for our takeover. Any who may have stood in our way has been neutralized. The Wanderer is no longer a threat, the renegade has been dealt with and our army of Dark Slaves is one of the most powerfullest formed. All hail the Empire! Green: Alright! Let's celebrate! [ He lets out some party favors and covers everyone in ribbons ] Purple: Ahem.. There's still some other business to take care of. Commander: Yes? Purple: Yes, I wanted to talk to you about Kuonji Ukyou's body. Commander: What about it? Purple: After the Dark-Slave, Kodachi, nearly killed her, we tried to stabalize her condition by putting her in the healing tanks. Commander: Yes, I remember giving the order. How goes her treatment? Taihen: Very badly, she won't last the night. Purple: However, there was some tissue regeneration. Upon close obeservation we noticed something. Commander: And that is..? Purple: That the person in the healing tank is NOT Kuonji Ukyou. Green: WH-AT?! Taihen: Are you sure?! Purple: Yes, for one thing, the body is that of a Male. Commander: Then she's still out there. Green: Big deal, she's just one lonesome girl. How much harm can she do? She's probably hiding and crying her eyes out somewhere. Gosunkugi: If I may, Commander. Commander: Yes? Gosunkugi: The Dark Slaves who initially encountered Hibiki Ryouga have reported that Kuonji Ukyou accompanied Hibiki in the assault. Purple: So where is she? Gos: The Dark-Slaves report that unfortunately, she was slain during the conflict. Green: The Boss is not going to be happy to hear that. Commander: Her body was one of the personal selections we were not to harm. Purple: Well, if we rush her to the Healing Tanks perhaps we can still salvage the body, if not the person. Gos: It's not that simple. Commander: Explain. Gos: Well, umm... When we sent a crew to clean up, her body was no where to be found. They only found her Spatula struck into the ground and four unconscious Dark-Slaves. Purple: Another lost corpse...Great. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To be continued + This joke is taken from the (in)famous Justice League of America -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Well since everyone seems to be doing these, so will I. Character profile: PurpleCoat PurpleCoat is a top notch officer in the Fang Vampire Heirarchy. He is a very good leader and an excellent administrator or a field commander in battle. PurpleCoat is sort of like the ultimate first officer to a Captain. Sometimes he's the only thing keeping the conquest system flowing smoothly. His close partner is GreenCoat, a relationship he's not too happy about but is stuck with. He somewhat of a perfectionist and is highly contemptuous of his comrade's unprofessionalism. He has an old grudge against FireWater, their exact relationship and events of their falling out are unknown. Nicknames: He is called "Purple" by GreenCoat and "PC" by FireWater. Physical Description: PurpleCoat is an imposing tall man wearing a dress shirt with a purple tie in a purple suit, with a long purple overcoat, with cute little purple buttons (well, you get the idea.) His head is entirely convered by a purple hat which also shadows his eyes. He sort of looks like a '50s gangster. Oddly enough he has purple fingernails. Abilities: PurpleCoat is very old and experienced vampire. Being such, we can only assume he has the standard vampire abilities heightened up to a level befitting him. His main specialties seem to be great strength, high martial arts ability (he's had a lot of practice) and a keen mystical extra sensory perception. His main combat weapons seem to be his fingernails which he can extend at will and are strong enough to shred through metal. From rec.arts.anime Tue Mar 30 11:55:26 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!uunet!!emory!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Subject: [ FanFic ] Ranma: Dark Half - Part 9.01 Message-ID: <> Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1993 02:11:08 GMT Lines: 671 Okay, I promise, this is the last one in the "trilogy" :-) There will be no more commercials for a while since at this point I think they will disrupt the story and frankly I'm running out of good ideas. __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION EPISODE IX Retreat of the RedEye The story so Far A short Time Ago In A gallery deep deep below... (So I'm getting lazy...) Tendo Akane and Kasumi are the last hope against the onslaught of The Fang, who have either enslaved, captured or killed all others who could have aided them in their struggle. Taking a break, they two of them have retreated to a kitchen in the basement and started cooking dinner. No sooner then it was ready, they were discovered by Ranma, wearing Dark Glasses, the tell-tale sign of a Fang Dark-Slave... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Akane: Ranma! Ranma: Quiet! You will come quietly. [ grasps her arm ] Akane: You're hurting me... Ranma: Do you surrender, girl?! Akane: Let go! [ she swings a punch at him but Ranma catches easily.. ] Argh! [ ..and squeezes HARD ] Ranma: Heh, you weak girl. Akane: My shoulder still hurts...+ Kasumi: Dinner will be ready, you two! Akane: [ in pain and in tears ] Ranma, why are you doing this? Ranma: You will soon know what it means to serve the Fang empire with all your heart. [ about to strike her with a closed fist! ] Akane: RANMA! Kasumi: Oh, we have a dinner guest. Person: Miss, are you alright? [ A stranger, about five feet tall, wearing a standard military Fang uniform similar to Ranma's and and helmet which is covering his entire head. He's standing on top of Ranma, who is apparently unconscious ] Akane: Who are you? That.. uniform you're wearing... Aren't you a little short to be a Fang Trooper? Person: ... Excuse me, I'll just find some one else to rescue. Akane: No no! I'm sorry. Please help me. Help Ranma... Person: I gave him a hit that should keep him unconscious for a while. Be careful. He's been brainwashed to serve the Fang. Akane: And what about you? Person: This uniform? I'm not sure how I came to wear it.. My memories are a little blurry.. All I know is that I must stop the Fang at all costs. Akane: The Fang? Ranma was talking about them... Person: They're a conquest group of mystic vampires. Akane: What is your name? Person: My name...? Akane: The thing we call you by. Person: You can call me... (struggling) ... Tsu, call me Tsu. Akane: Well, I suppose that's better than "Hey you!" Kasumi: Pleased to meet you Tsu-san. Akane: [ thinking ] This person, the voice is muffled by the helmet, but something about it... Kasumi: Oh look. More dinner guests. [ From out of the hall way, an army of zombies are forming ] Tsu: I think they're on to us. Akane: But how did they find us? Tsu: Probably the same way Ranma and I did. I smelled something good and followed my nose. Kasumi: Thank you. Tsu: Everyone knows any member of the Fang can't cook even if their life depended on it. What an amatuer show... Akane: Never mind that now, they're advancing! Kasumi: Oh look, arrows. Akane: Take cover! Tsu: Don't worry. They're only zombies.. they couldn't hit the broad side of a.. ARGGHH! [ An arrow strikes Tsu's left arm ] Mousse: Surrender! [ draws another arrow in his crossbow ] Akane: Mousse... Tsu: Blast... another Dark Slave... and he seems to know what he's doing. Akane: They stopped firing. Look some zombies are advancing... Tsu: I'll stop them! [ concentrates deeply ] ARGGHH! [ gasps in pain ] Blast, I haven't recovered as much as I hoped... [ rips out the arrow in his arm, along with some flesh ] OW!!! That was a pretty stupid thing to do.. Akane: Some rescue! [ She charges into the zombies and knocks the stuffing out of them. She then quickly grabs a bow and some arrows one of the zombies were carrying and provides some cover fire ] Think of something! I'm running out of arrows! Kasumi: Well if they're so hungry, they can have the first serving. [ She tosses some food at the zombie horde. Immediately they start fighting over the food. ] My, what hearty appetites! Mousse: You fools! Get out of the way! Tsu: Good work! These zombies are half starved! Akane: It won't hold them forever, we better get out of here. Tsu: This kitchen only has one exit. Kasumi: We better clean up before we leave. Akane be a dear and throw out the garbage. Tsu: Garbage.. That's it! The Garbage chute! Akane: Are you crazy?! That's goes to the garbage.. Tsu: I don't care. It's either that or facing them. Akane: But... Tsu: Move it! * * * Commander: What did you want to see me about? PurpleCoat: About those two prisoners... Commander: Yes? PurpleCoat: I was thinking, concerning our losses and from what I've seen of the girl, I think she'll make an excellent substitute selection.. Commander: Yes, she might at that... Very well. What about the other one, Tofu, is it? PurpleCoat: He's an interesting case. He is very strong, has a deep knowledge of nerve combat and human physiology, as well as incredible mental discipline. Commander: He's that good? PurpleCoat: That and more. His knowledge of the occult is even enough to make him a serious threat. Commander: So what do you plan to do with him? PurpleCoat: Why, kill him. He's just too dangerous to let live. * * * Akane: UGH! This place.. stinks! [ They four of them are emersed in sewage garbage within a steel fortified room ] Tsu: Don't be so soft. I think it makes a pretty cozy swamp. Kasumi: This place is certainly dirty. [ attempts to wipe the walls with a clean hankerchief ] Akane: Where are we? Tsu: The Trash heap. Count your blessings, at least it wasn't the incinerator. How's Sleeping Beauty? Kasumi: I'm not tired. But Ranma is resting comfortably. Akane: Let's get out of here. Tsu: No. Akane: No?! Tsu: Look, this is the first time we've gotten a peaceful break. I don't know about you, but I still have no idea what exactly going on. We have a chance to actually make a plan. Let's not blow it, Okay? Akane: Why should we trust you? We still don't know who you really are. Tsu: All the more reason to settle down and reason things out. How do I know if I can trust you? Let's make an effort to act instead of react. Akane: Isn't your wounded arm hurting? Tsu: Well, now that you mention it, YES! Kasumi: Oh my, the walls are closing in. Tsu: Some much for that idea. Akane: Do.. do you think they're on to us? Tsu: Probably not. I think it's just an automatic setting. When a certain amount of garbage gets collected, it gets compacted for transportation... Kasumi: But just the four of us came in.. Tsu: Hmm, Akane, is it? Akane: Yes. Tsu: How much do you weigh? Akane: [ furious ] What a thing to ask a girl..! Tsu: Well, I guess it's not important now. The trap's already been activated. Akane: KYAAA! Tsu: I hope you're not claustiphobic. Akane: Something.. touched my leg... Tsu: Well, it wasn't me. Akane: No, it was some thing under the sewage.. Tsu: What... could it be some sort of predator? Maybe they did anticipate some sort of escape maneuver like this. We better get it before it gets us. Akane: [ fearfully ] Look! Something's rising there! Tsu: I got it... [ In a explosion of refuge and garbage. the creature rises up. It turns out to be a GIANT cockaroach ] Tsu & Akane: KYAAAA!!!!!!! Tsu: Let me out of here! Let me out of here! [ Tsu starts banging into the walls over and over. Finally, the walls cannot stand the relentless pounding and fall before his might ] Keep it away from me! Keep it away from me! [ Tsu runs out of the trash compactor (which happens to be the end of a garbage truck) and keeps on running until Tsu collides into a wall ] Ouch. [ falls unconscious, face down.] * * * PurpleCoat: And furthermore...WHOA! Cammander: What was that?! An earthquake?! * * * [ In a clearing just outside Kunou Manor, there lies a garbage truck, one side of the end is totalled, likewise a section of the wall facing the truck is also damaged. ] Kasumi: Are you sure you're up to this? Tsu: Yes. [ The right side of Tsu's helmet is cracked open. Beneath a mound of soft light brown hair, a big bandage is stuck ] If what you told me about Ranma is true, we're going to need his power. Besides, Ranma's their newest recruit. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to break his drug addiction. Kasumi: There, try not to aggrivate your arm. [ bandaging Tsu's wounded arm ] Tsu: You're very good at first aid. Kasumi: Thank you, I was taught by a very good friend of mine... um... Akane: Sister... Kasumi: Never mind... Now try not to move it around too much for about three days. Tsu: THREE DAYS?! I haven't got that kind of...! Kasumi: Well you did tear open the wound several times while exposing it to a highly unsanitary environment. And if you're going to keep waving it around like that, you better add two more days. Tsu: Okay, Okay. Akane: What did you say about Ranma before? They have him on drugs?! Tsu: Very powerful, mindbending and highly addictive. Coupled with their hypnotic abilities and brainwashing methods, the kid never had a chance. Let's see.. [ takes off the dark glasses Ranma was wearing ] Akane: Ranma... [ Ranma has a deep red hue in his eyes ] Tsu: Definitely the mark of a drug addiction. It's already been saturated into his bloodstream. Akane: So what do you plan to do? Tsu: I'm going to deprogram him. But before I do that I'm have to first eliminate the drug factor and break his addiction. Akane: And how are you going to that? Tsu: By eliminating his Dark polluted Half. Akane: And how are you going to that? Tsu: By cleansing him of the drugs. Akane: And JUST how are you going to that?! Tsu: By draining Half the blood from his body. * * * GreenCoat: How is the investigation going on locating Kuonji's body? Gosunkugi: Not very good, absolutely no leads. GreenCoat: Any theories? Gosunkugi: Sure, maybe she just got up and walked away. GreenCoat: Stupid! Corpses just don't come back to life... Well, it takes them at least a few days to come back at any rate. Besides, if she did, why would she just leave her weapon behind? Blast! With the rate of vampires increasing nightly, it's hard to keep track of them all. Gosunkugi: That is why I'm here, sir. GreenCoat: Yeah, that's right. I want a comple personel tally. If any vampire has decided to take extra liberties, I wan't to know. Gosunkugi: Is that really necessary, sir? GreenCoat: Is there any reason why not? Gosunkugi: Well, umm,.. I mean we keep them on a very tight discipline and umm.. we feed them well enough... GreenCoat: Yeah, I guess you're right. But even so I want that check to be done. Gosunkugi: Yes, chief. GreenCoat: And just in case, I want all Dark Slaves making routine patrols. Report to me immediately if anything comes up. Gosunkugi: Sure, chief. GreenCoat: Oh, and Ensign Gosunkugi, one last thing. Gosunkugi: Yes, sir? GreenCoat: Keep calling me, chief. I like it. [ Gosunkugi exits ] [ to himself ] "GreenCoat, Chief of Security..." [ gives off a low growl ] * * * Tsu: I wish you two would relax. My memory may still be hazy but I do remember getting a degree in psychology and mental training as well as being taught professionally in medicine. Akane: So you went to medical school? Tsu: ...Yes. Kasumi: Then you have a medical degree? Tsu: ...No. I remember going, but I think I flunked out. It's all still a little jumbled, especially after that hit on the head. Hey, don't look like that! I could have just lied to you! Akane: [ herself ] How do we know you didn't.. Tsu: Here goes nothing. [ Starts sticking pins into Ranma's body ] Akane: You can say that again. Tsu: Make sure he doesn't regain consciousness while I'm doing this... WHOOPS! * * * "Why we stand here?", asked a zombie to his companion. "Becase, you walking pile of drool", responded his compainion, "We were put on guard duty to prevent any of the Masters's enemies from gaining entry into this chamber", he continued in his haughty manner. "Goodness, you zombies are certainly braindead" The zombie bit back the harsh response on his lips. It made no sense, even to him, to start a conflict. After all, the other guard, as a vampire, was a lot stronger than he was. In a sense the vampire was also his superior. But he consoled himself by reminding himself that if his vampire companion was so hot, what was he doing on guard duty? "Remember, we're supposed to be guarding some very important items.", the vampire guard continued as if reading the zombie's mind. "That's why I'm being put on guard duty with such a lowly *thing* such as yourself." Blast him!, the zombie thought. He was always so arrogantly annoying. But wait, he thought he heard some whistling. TweeT-TweeT... Tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-TweeT-TweeT... He looked to see if it was his vampire companion. But no, he was too busy yapping his mouth off. It was so easy to get him started but always so hard to stop him. But like it or not, the overstuffed vampire did have a point. As a zombie he always felt so brain dead. Something about being a zombie just made him feel that way. It was the same with every other zombie he knew. If only he wasn't always so hungry. There was always a ringing in his ears as if there was a buzzsaw cutting through his skull. He was just so hungry all the time. And his vampire companion thought he was such hot stuff just because he got to have his blood drained a few days before he did. And that was his last thought before darkness overtook him. "Another thing", the vampire continued. "Do you zombies always have to raise such a stench where ever you.. Hey! Are you listening to me..", his voice trailed off as he saw the end of a throwing weapon embedded in the zombie's chest. "Those who fall from the path of the righteous are doomed to Wander lost in purgatory.", a crisp voice rang out from around the corner. The interloper was calmly approaching him, not even bothering to muffle the sound of his footsteps closing in. "Whoever you are, you won't find me as easy a target as this piece of carrion", the vampire warned. "I don't expect to. You'll probably be easier.", the voice mocked. The vampire barely even saw what happened next. The intruder jumped up into the air and then landed behind him. He quickly turned to face his opponent before a wave of a garlic breath overtook him. Gasping and losing consciousness, he just made out a long slim hand holding a sharp piece of wood. Then he felt a painful jab enter his chest. "May this too solid flesh melt away but let the spirit soar free. Rest in piece." * * * [ Later, Tsu, Akane and Kasumi are all covered in blood, Ranma's ] Ranma: GAAAK!!! Tsu: Is he still alive?! Akane: His pupils are dilating! Tsu: Good, he's not dead yet. What color are they? Akane: ... They're black! The redness, it's leaving! Tsu: Don't celebrate yet, we're only half finished. I just need a moment to rest.. Kasumi: Tsu-san, are you alright? Tsu: I'm fine.. it's just all that blood.. Nevermind, we have to hurry with the next step, we drained the poison from his blood and now we must heal the scars in his mind. We have to undo the damage caused by their deceitful brainwashing. Akane: How are you going to accomplish that? Tsu: Hypnosis. * * * [ In a Fang prison cell ] Lo-shin: Tofu-san! You shouldn't be up in your condition... Tofu: If we don't get out of here soon, we'll be in even worse condition. They'll be coming for us soon. Lo-shin: But prison is escape-proof from inside.. It my fault. We stuck in because of me... Tofu: Lotion-chan, it wasn't your fault. We have to forget about the past and concentrate on the present. Lo-shin: Only a miracle can save us... Tofu: Maybe not.. [ staring at the door ] * * * Ranma: I must suffer! All must suffer! No one must be happy! Tsu: Ranma, calm down, I'm here to help you.. OW! [ Ranma is thrashing about ] If he keeps moving like that, he's going to lose what little blood he has left. Ranma: No one!... No one.... [ starts breaking down and crying ] Someone... please... help... me... Kasumi: Ranma, I'm here. Ranma: Mother?.. Kasumi: ...That's right, I'm here to take care of you... Ranma: I'm sorry, Mommy, I did a bad thing... A really bad thing... I.. deserve to suffer... Kasumi: Shhh... It's not your fault.. They made you do it... Ranma: Mother... I love you.... Kasumi: Everything is going to be all right. I'm here now.. Ranma-chan... * * * "Alright it's decided then", Aih said. "Yup, since it'll be morning anyway, the sunlight will do the job for us giving them a peaceful death. And if they happen to wake up before then, the cables should hold them in place until then." "Alright, let's go.", the two sped off leaving the currently unconscious vampires restrained. The two ESPolice officers had a bad enough time fighting these ghouls, they just didn't have the heat to condemn these poor souls and kill them in cold blood, so they left them to the tender mercies of Nature. Soon enough, the merciful sunlight would end these poor creatures of darkness's dismal existance. But death is never a pleasant journey, already the night fiends are stirring, fighting off the threat of eternal sleep with every ounce of their supernatural strength. Far above them, farther then even their sensors could see, a large mecha was on a decsending course. Captain Zen was coming in for a landing any minute now. Everything's going smoothly, he thought. He made a big gamble, just closing in on that huge energy spiral he saw earlier. By his usual hunch feeling he even shut off the navigational and geography computers. All he had to do was just maintain his current heading. By his clock, it was nearly morning. And then his sensors picked up a large thrunderstorm brewing. Great, he thought, not again. Now he would have to compensate his jets for this extra weather factor. Just then his fuel consumption ran out. He immediately tapped into the emergency battery power for a temporary boost only to find out his solar cells were nearly exhausted. Why weren't things ever easy?, he whined. * * * Akane: Well?! Tsu: It's no use. Ranma hates himself too much. I can't break their mental barriers they have around his psyche. Akane: Well try again! Tsu: I have been! These guys are experts! They've been brainwashing warriors for hundreds of years, one cheap counselling session is not going beat their system. You know, you really have to admire their work.. Akane: Why is Ranma like this? Tsu: He believes he committed patricide. Akane: But Ranma would never.. Tsu: He was pumped up on drugs, remember? Akane: ... So what are we going to do? Tsu: He needs to somehow seperate himself and his crime. If we can just force some sort of detatchment between himself and the actual event, we have a chance of appealing to him. It's very dangerous, almost like forcing a split-personality. Sort of like blaming everything on your imaginary friend. His better half must somehow come through. Akane: ... There's a way... * * * Gosunkugi: Chief? GreenCoat: Yeah? Gosunkugi: Remember the routine patrols you had me run the Dark Slaves on? GreenCoat: What about them? Gosunkugi: We have a *minor* setback. * * * Ranma: I'm evil!! I deserve to suffer!! Tsu: Listen to me carefully... Ranma is a wicked boy.. Ranma: Yes... Ranma is wicked! Tsu: And he deserves to pay for his deeds.. Ranma: Punish me! Tsu: But Ranma's friends are in great danger, and only Ranma can help them. Ranma: ... Tsu: Only the skill and courage of Ranma can save them, or they're all going to die. Ranma: But... But.. I.. Ranma... can't, he's, I'm,... hopeless... Tsu: But you are not Ranma... Ranma: I.. I'm not..? Ranma: No, you are...(Now Akane!) Tendo Ranko! And you must save Ranma's innocent friends... Ranma-chan: I am... Tendo Ranko.... * * * Taihen: Spell-caster! It is nearly dawn, it is time for the unified Thunder-Storm field. But conserve your strength, it is nearly time for the calling of the Leader. [ The woman sitting in the black robes sitting in a trance just nods her head. She is seated in a circle, surrounded by candlelight. In moments the room freezes up as a wind out of no where rushes into the room putting out the candles and enclosing them in darkness. The ozone of magic fills the air as she begins her spell anew, Taihen shudders at the slight weakness he always experiences when she draws upon their collective weather warping might to summon the storm, the only power capable of staying the death touch of the sun ] Taihen: Well done, spell-caster. Tonight the Leader comes. Prepare yourself for the dimensional portal. [ If it weren't for his night vision, he couldn't even see her nod ] Taihen: [ to himself ] Hasn't she ever heard of light bulbs? She even gives me the creeps! [ Suddenly all the candles suddenly ignite. ] Taihen: Umm, well I'll be going now.. * * * Akane: Ranma.. um.. Ranko-chan... R-chan: What happened to me... I remember being.. Tsu: No! Don't think about the past. Concentrate only on the present. R-chan: Who.. Who are you? You seem familiar... So hard to remember... Kasumi: Ranko-chan, rest now. You'll need your strength. R-chan: You... the person that's been trying to help me... Akane: Don't strain yourself. R-chan: I.. know you... Akane: You do?! R-chan: Yes, you're that hot tempered uncute Tom-boy cousin of mine that always.. UGH! [ Akane punches him ] Kasumi: Akane, was that really necessary? Tsu: It's alright. He.. I mean She's alseep now. Besides, if Ranko can't even survive a punch to the face, there's no way she'll survive a confrontation with the Fang. Kasumi: Oh Akane, you've given Ranko-chan a black eye. And her eye, it's swelling red. Akane: ... * * * The stranger stood open in front of the chamber doors. "Hmf. They thought to seal the room with mystic wards and seals. But these won't stop me.", the interloper reached out and calmy tore down the seals. The door wasn't even locked. "What an amateur show", the intruder pushed open the door and stepped in to claim the treasure. * * * [ Tsu is intently watching the main hall ] Akane: Oh, Tsu. You're here. I was wondering where you disappeared off to. Tsu: [ ignoring her ] Those energy manifistations... They're planning something big, like a major teleportation. Akane: Do you think.. Ranko will be up to an encounter so soon? Tsu: Hmm? Oh Ranko, well he.. She better be. I set up some psychic barriers in her mind, to her Saotome Ranma is a completely seperate entity. But her personality is still her own unique one. Akane: A tom boy. Tsu: ...Yes. But she should still be able to use all the techniques she learned as a man, although she may be a bit hesistant or unsure about them. [ Tsu stands up and looks away from the viewers. After Tsu takes off the broken helmet, long flowing light brown hair cascades down to the shoulders. Tsu then ties a pair of thick goggles around where the hemet used to be. ] We better get ready. This is going to be the big one. [ Tsu unzips the uniform jacket to reveal a shapely form and starts stretching ] Akane: Wait, you're a girl! Tsu: Hmm? I'm a girl... Akane: It makes sense.. your height.. your build... your voice... Why didn't you tell us?! Tsu: I... it didn't seem important at the time. Akane: Who are you? Why are you helping us fight? How do you know so much about the Fang? Tsu: Honestly... I don't know and I don't remember... It'll be dawn soon, we better get the others. [ leaves ] Akane: [ thinking ] Wait.. Her voice... something about it.. * * * Commander: What was it that GreenCoat reported? PurpleCoat: Apparently someone broke into one of our secruity chambers and stole some items. Commander: Which chamber? PurpleCoat: The one containing the weapon artifacts. Commander: WHAT?! In the right hands, that person might have enough power to challenge.. PurpleCoat: Doubtful. Unless they have the proper mental training, it's unlikely they will be able to tap into their full power. Commander: From what you've told me, didn't the girl, Lotion, do just that against Taihen? PurpleCoat: Well, those were very, umm, unique conditions. Her hatred of Taihen knows no bounds, after all, he was one of the major players which destroyed her home village. Her intense anger somehow activated the weapon's energies. Commander: Can we utilize this power source? PurpleCoat: Unfortunately, no. These weapons are considered holy, only to be weilded by some righteous boob or a saint, same thing. Just like the Wandering One. But even then, to unlock their full power takes two lifetimes of intense training. To beings such as ourselves, we wouldn't even be able to touch them if their true power was awakened. Commander: Then what's the problem? PurpleCoat: It's just that the only two people I know who would have that much training are dead. Commander: Then what's the problem? PurpleCoat: One was a being known only as Cologne. Commander: Yes, I remember in the debriefing. Remarkable skills. But didn't she die in that village incident? PurpleCoat: Yes, she was too dangerous to the plan. In fact, the whole ruse was set up mainly to lead her away from this target site. I'm suprised that she was actually killed. Commander: What about that other one... similar to her... PurpleCoat: Happosai? He certainly has power but I hardly think he has the necessary discipline. Commander: True. Like Cologne, he could have been a serious interference to the plan. Is he still imprisoned in the north sector in the cavern wall? PurpleCoat: Yes. Despite his weaknesses, he's still too powerful to convert into a Dark-Slave. Besides, we need him alive to bargin with the winged Demon in China. Commander: The same one who played the pivotal role in the Village Wars? PurpleCoat: The same. But concering the original topic, the other one I was thinking about was FireWater. Commander: He's dead. GreenCoat killed him. PurpleCoat: Perhaps.. But even so, he's too tainted. Even his goody-goody motives aren't enough to overcome his failings.. Commander: Then what's the problem? PurpleCoat: There was another item in that chambers, and it was also taken. [ Dramatic pause as he slowly looks away ] FireWater's faceplate. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To be continued + She injured her shoulder when she was captured by GreenCoat in Part 5 Character Profile: Taihen Taihen is basically a field operator for the Fang. Other than having above average power levels for a vampire and mastering all the abilities of a vampire, he is nothing realy special. Like GreenCoat, he sometimes prefers enjoying himself than doing his assignment. He seems to be go way back with GreenCoat and PurpleCoat. Although PurpleCoat is at times contemptous at his lack of discipline, Taihen is good friends with GreenCoat. The most notable characteristic for Taihen is his love of girls. This passion is no where near the level of Ataru Moboroshi or Ryo Saeba, but it's close. He is sort of like Mendo, just a little bit more dignified and arrogant about it. But he's still a pervert and sex maniac. Although he WILL resort to brute force to have his way, his superiors usually keep him on a short leash since it usually turns out to be detrimental to the current assignment. Physical Description: An okay looking Japanese guy usually wearing a black sports jacket and constantly combing his hair. Near anime equivalences could be a grown up Mendo from Urusei Yatsura or the tennis coach, Mitaka from Maison Ikkoku. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= "Putting me in concrete, Burying me alive.. = (Karl "KAL" Rim) Did you think that would stop me?!" = - Saotome Ranma = Location: The Krimlin From rec.arts.anime Fri Apr 2 10:44:01 1993 Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!!uknet!!agate!!olivea!charnel!rat!usc!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Subject: [ Fanfic ] Ranma: Dark Half - Part 10 Message-ID: <> Date: 1 Apr 93 19:29:37 GMT Sender: (The Network News) Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Lines: 719 Nntp-Posting-Host: This thing took a lot longer than I thought to finish. __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION PART 10 The Story so far: In the struggle to against the Fang domination over the city, Tendo Akane, Kasumi are aided by an unknown stranger, Tsu. She turned out to be highly secretive, her true motive, past, and face unknown. She claimed that somehow her own memory has been befuddled. Together they escaped capture by the Fang forces with their own captive, Ranma. With the help of Tsu's apparent basic hypnotic skills, they have bypassed Ranma's brainwashing. Freed from the spell of being a Dark-Slave, Ranma is now in a more subtle imprisonment as he now believes himself to be Tendo Ranko, Akane's cousin, yet he is now driven to fight the Fang. The Fang on their part are highly confident of their victory. They believe all their enemies either slain or captured. They have become careless and ripe for conquest. Small incidents have been adding up to cause potential disaster for them. First a few bodies turn up missing, then some prisoners escape, and finally ancient weapons of power have been stolen from their vaults. The fall is coming... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ In some a workshop, we see Nabiki working on some table. She is wearing one of those jeweler's eyepieces and cutting some diamonds ] Taihen: Hello, beautiful. Nabiki: Oh, you. What do you want? Taihen: Only to gaze upon your lovliness. Nabiki: Look, I'm really busy right now. I have to finish these diamond edged roller blades for the Golden Pair. Taihen: You know, you're father must be a thief. Nabiki: Eh?! Thief...?! Taihen: How else could you get those diamonds in your eyes? Nabiki: Oh. Actually, GreenCoat just robbed a jewelry store for me. Taihen: C'mon. How about we go out together. Have a romantic dinner, play soothing music.. Nabiki: Sorry, but your idea of a meal and my idea of a meal kind of conflicts. Taihen: Don't you think I'm handsome? Nabiki: No. Taihen: C'mon, just look me in the eye and tell me again. NAbiki: If you're trying to use your mind-control powers on me, it won't work. First of all, I have a mind. Second, I have this pendent. [ she shows off a SILVER necklace ] Taihen: How..How did you get silver in here?! Nabiki: I convinced PurpleCoat to let me keep it. For my own protection... against you. He agreed immediately when I mentioned that point. Taihen: [ a bit ruffled ] Fine. The commander sent me to check up on the Regenerative Tanks anyway. Nabiki: No! Taihen: Eh? Why not? Nabiki: I don't want any one to disturb my work.. The Golden Pair are at a very impressionable stage at this moment. I need to to fit to their exact specifications. You might disrupt my measurements... Taihen: I don't know.. Nabiki: [ smiles very sensually and drapes her hand over his chest ] Please? Taihen: Well...Okay... Nabiki: Good, now if you'll excuse me, I have get back to work. [ turns her back on him and picks up a thin wire ] Taihen: .... * * * [ At a certain battle site, GreenCoat is lingering around a Spatula stuck into the ground, the last site of the body of Kuoji Ukyou. ] GreenCoat: Why am I stuck with all these stupid little problems? PurpleCoat [ flashback ]: So you want to play Security Chief? Good.. GreenCoat (present): Hmm [ starts to pull out the spatula ] Oof! Sheesh, this guy is strong! [ drops the overgrown utensil ] This investigation is going no where. Ah, idea! [ hits the palm of one hand with the bottom of his other hand's fist ] I should have done this before. [ GreenCoat shimmers a bit and then grotesquely starts transforming into a hairy wolf. He starts sniffing around the area. Suddenly his eyes glow with a certain revelation. ] PurpleCoat's Mental Voice: Green! Green! There's an attack by the north wall. Report there immediately. GreenCoat: [ back to "human" form ] Eh? Command recieved, changing course. Bearing 2-3-5, mark. Warp 5. ETA:... PurpleCoat: Just get there!! GreenCoat: Acknowledged. GreenCoat out. [ Summoning his energy, GreenCoat starts floating in the air and then picks up speed and flies down the cavern. When he leaves, a figure comes out of the shadow and stares at his disappearing form. He bends down and fingers the Spatula. ] Stranger: "A warrior's life and a warrior's death. What more can one ask for, save honor and love's breath" Rest in piece. [ Like GreenCoat, the stranger leaves, disappearring silently into the shadows. ] * * * [ In their prison cell, Tofu-sensei is examining the door ] Tofu: I think it is time for us to make our depature.. Lo-shin: But how we get out? Door too strong from inside. Tofu: The door, it's unlocked. [ opens it ] Lo-shin: But... Tofu: [ staring at some scratch marks on the handle ] Someone picked it open. Lo-shin: But who? Tofu: I'm more concerned over where the guards are. * * * [ In another large chamber, the conflict between Ranma's group and some Fang troopers is raging. ] Tsu: Akane! Protect Kasumi! Ranko, take care of the zombies.. I'll take this braggart! Kunou: You cannot defeat the power of Dark-Kunou! [ This time, all the zombies are armed with weapons. Akane does her best to keep them at bay while Ranma-chan is dancing around them. Tsu tries to attack Kunou but.. ] Kunou: Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! [ Kunou's quick sword thrust attack knocks Tsu ten feet away! ] R-chan: Kunou! I challenge you! Kunou: Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! R-chan: Crackling-Fire-Speed-Fist! [ Gives off super fast punches ] [ The two of them go at it for several seconds, each attack being countered by the other. But then Ranma-chan falters and Kunou gets in a painful jab ] R-chan: Too weak.. Kunou: Little pony-tailed girl, you're no match for a real man! R-chan: I'm a...! ..girl? [ looking at herself ] Tsu: Ranko, no! You still haven't recovered enough. (as if I did...) There's got to be a way to slow down his attack.. [ Tsu spies something at the far wall, she immediately runs towards it. A zombie with a sword tries to intercept her, but Tsu graps his neck and snaps it in an awkward angle. Tsu graps his sword and advances. ] Kunou: No one can stop the power of Dark-Kunou! Voice: Wanna bet?! [ A cabinet flies towards him. Kunou uses his fast-thrust attack on it, but the cabinet is made of steel and blunts his attacks. When the cabinet reaches him, Tsu leaps out and cuts him with a swipe of her sword. ] Kunou: Feh, this little cut doesn't bother me at all! Tsu: Let's see how well you handle a fair fight! Swordsman to Swordsman! [ They thrust and block for a couple of rounds. After a few minutes they both back off, tired and sweating. Then without warning the two charge. The two move as one, each brandishing their swords. Finally they meet and cross. This time neither goes to parry but go on the offensive. Both strike flesh and score fatal blows. ] Kunou: Strike! Tsu: ARG! My ribs.. [ The only difference is, Kunou's sword is wooden, Tsu's isn't. ] Kunou: UGHG!! [ blood gushes out of his mouth as well as his wound ] Akane: Kunou-sempai...! [ With the defeat of their Dark-slave leader, the rest of the zombies, who are still conscious, retreat. ] Kasumi: Tsu! Are you alright? Tsu: I'm fine, just a little hit.. Kasumi: No you're not. I've seen enough injuries to know, you're ribs aren't just bruised, they're broken! [ She tears off a piece of cloth from her dress and wraps it around Tsu's side. ] There, this should hold them in place. Tsu: Thank you.. Ranma-chan: Kunou..? Akane: You didn't have to do that! Tsu: Yes, I did. Kunou: Tendo Akane... Pony-tailed girl... Please...Before I die, I want to tell you... [ Akane and Ranma-chan lean over ] That I always....HATED you! [ starts strangling them both ] How long have you two always scorned my love?! How long have I been betrayed by your flirtatious... UGH..! Akane: Gasp! Cough Cough... R-chan: What was that? Tsu: That was his death rattle. It's over. He won't bother you any more. I always hit my target. R-chan: Kunou... Akane: You mean, he's dead...? [ The two just look at his body, silently ] Tsu: From the way you two talked about him I would think you would be dancing a jig. Akane: He's dead! Don't you realize how precious life is? All life?! This isn't just some game where we score points.. He was an innocent! He didn't deserve to die... [She starts crying, her tears dropping onto Kunou ] VOICE: AW! NOW ISN'T THIS SOOOOO SAD! [ The voice seems to fill the entire cavern. Everyone looks around but can't see the source. ] Voice: Looking for me? Here I am! [ Suddenly Ranma-chan keels over as if struck ] Hahaha! You fools don't have a chance! Tsu: There! [ she jump kicks something to Kasumi's right ] Green: Oof! Hey you're pretty good. [ He fades into sight ] I could probably still fight you with my cloak field on but that's no fun. Tsu: Fang scum! Your invisibility tricks won't save you from me! Green: Hey, you look familar. R-chan: You're arrogant enough to take on all of us? We'll pound the crap out of you! Green: Against four cream puffs like you? No problem. Hey, you look familar too... Akane: [ wiping the tears from her face ] Face your opponents! Green: Talk is cheap. Well, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to attack me? (God, I just love my lines!) [ Everyone except Kasumi leap towards him. But Green lights up like a christmas tree and unleashes his power and sends them all flying ] * * * Gosunkugi was upset. Everything was falling apart and as the middleman he was getting all the heat. But it shouldn't be this way!, he thought. As a Fang Officer he thought he was finally in a position of respect. His master, GreenCoat entrusted in very important responsibilities. The first real ones any one has ever given him. He was not going to let him down. Right now he was a winner and he was going to stay that way. He already had a hard life of being the clown and the butt of every one's jokes, always being shown up by jocks like Ranma and Kunou. No, he would never go back. He would never go back to being hurt miserable and alone. He would never go back to being weak and always beaten upon. Everyone always laughed at him. Everyone, except Akane. She was always so nice to him. And now she was a fugitive, wanted by the Fang for most likely some dark diabolical plan. Gosunkugi wasn't sure where his loyalties lied anymore. His thoughts were so jumbled right now. His mind was concentrating with thoughts of lost romance. So of course he gets nailed. Before he knew it, some sort of wire spun around his neck. Strong hands then grappled him and pulled on the garotte HARD. Gosunkugi tried to yell or scream but the pain and the tightness were too much. He could barely remain conscious. As hard as he struggled, he couldn't break free. That was pretty impressive considering that now as a vampire, Gosunkugi had ten to twenty times his normal strength. Whoever his captor was, he really knew his stuff, he was using his leverage against him. Even though Gosunkugi was a weakling before, a whole legion of weaklings was still nothing to scoff at. "I highly advise against engaging in futile resistance. A more agreeable nature would enable you to keep your head", whispered a voice as he was dragged into a private location. Times like these, Gosunkugi was really glad he wasn't a girl. "A loose tongue is abhored save on the lips of the bearer of news", the voice said in his ear. "What?!", Gosunkugi let out in some brief gasps of air. It sounded like a bad fortune cookie or some lame chinese proverb. "I want information", the voice reiterated. "And I'm in a bit of a hurry, so if you don't talk you die. I can pull on this so hard, your head will slice clean off. Understand?" Gosunkugi could just nod. "I want to know where you're keeping a particular prisoner. Where is the one known as, Happosai?" * * * [ Akane, Ranma-chan and Tsu are lying on the ground ] Tsu: Just with one blow.. Akane: He sent us all flying... Kasumi: My, he's very strong. Green: You've got to be able to do better than that. R-chan: You mean like this?! [ concentrating ] Roaring Lion Bullet! [ Her power blast knocks GreenCoat agains the wall ] Green: Ow... [ peels himself out ] Not bad, for a skirt. R-chan: [ furious ] Roaring Lion Bullet! [ this time GreenCoat returns with his power blast and overwhelms Ranma-chan ] Green: Hey, you wanna play Phaser-fight, I'm game. But you can't beat me like that, you just don't have the emotional maturity to master that technique. You guys aren't much of a challenge. Then again, what can I expect from a bunch of girls.. R-chan: I'M A ...! Tsu: ...GIRL?! Akane: Eh? Tsu: Which part of me is a Girl?! Green: Well, if I was Taihen I would go into a very long detailled explicit... Tsu: Blast you! [ Silence falls as Tsu begins humming in concentration ] Green: That power buildup... Tsu: Mmm... [ Tsu raises the palms of her hands towards GreenCoat and... ] Green: That's it?! [ stops bracing himself, nothing happened ] Tsu: Darn, what was the next step? Can't remember... Green: Here, maybe you were trying to something like this... [ About to unleash another power blast ] OOF! [ someone knees him in the face ] Lo-shin: "Nihao" [ ed note: she's dressed in a zombie's shirt uniform ] Kasumi: She's so cute! R-chan: Lotion! Akane: Dr. Tofu! Tofu: Looks like we're just in time. [ he drops the body of an unconscious zombie, who happens to be missihg his shirt ] Green: By tose... Di tink it's broken... Tsu: You're finished. Green: Heh, you're merely humans. You can't kill me. You've hurt me, but you'll pay with your lives! [ opens his mouth wide ] Tofu: Lotion-chan! Watch out for his acid attack! Green: UHHH! Akane: Tsu... Tsu: [ sticking a stake in his back ] A life for a life, Fang scum. R-chan: You're a pretty cold guy, Tsu. Tsu: Good distraction, Lotion, Dr. Tofu. Tofu: [ shocked at her display of cold blood ] Wait, I don't believe we've been introduced.. Tsu: Let's go, we have bigger pigs to fry. [ everyone slowly files out except for Tsu, who remains ] Green: No....wait... I challenge you.... Tsu: Cute humans shouldn't suffer this kind of pain, especially you, Jo F. Water. But since you're a vampire... [ leaves ] Green: Purple... PURPLECoat... [ He's all alone, lying in a pool of his own ichor ] Where the heck is my backup?! [ Tsu comes back ] Tsu: [ she spits at him and then leaves again ] * * * Commander: What is going on?! PurpleCoat: Please, Commander, I'm a little busy trying to manage our defense plan. Commander: We're under attack? PurpleCoat: Yes, I'm sensing several intruders. Too much is happening, I can't sort it out. Commander: Who are our enemies? PurpleCoat: I believe they are two-fold. Somehow our prisoners from cells H and R block have escaped. I believe they are headed this way. But I'm more worried about the second group. The vampire guards at the front gate report that two metal monsters are attacking. They've already decimated an entire vampire squadron. They might actually have enough power to defeat us! Commander: Casualties? PurpleCoat: Two Dark-slaves, Ranma and Kunou are unaccounted for. We've also lost a couple of vampires and a whole battallion of zombies. Commander: They're expendible. Recommendations? PurpleCoat: The prisoners will reach us first. I told GreenCoat to head them off. But I haven't heard any word from him yet. Commander: They must be mighty indeed to defeat him. PurpleCoat: Yes, he's a good fighter despite himself. Blast! I can't raise Gosunkugi. Where is he?! Commander: Recall all available Dark-Slaves and vampires immediately. PurpleCoat: Can't. We need the vampires to hold off the external intruders and some idiot had the Dark-Slaves go on patrols all throughout the complex. They'll never arrive in time. Commander: Very well, it will be up to our own power to stop them, the way it should be. PurpleCoat: Wait, there is no need for that, I have a plan... * * * Taihen: Move it Nabiki. We need the Golden Pair in whatever condition they're in. Nabiki: No! You can't! Taihen: Look, I don't have time to fool around, Purple's gonna have my head if.. What, they're all gone. [ The tanks are ALL empty ] What did you do with them?! Nabiki: I um...they felt better and asked to go for a walk! Taihen: What kind of idiot do you think I am?! Nabiki: A hormone crazed one? Taihen: [ Slapping her down ] You traitoress! Nabiki: No.. you've got it all wrong.. I really don't know.. They were missing when I started working but I wanted to keep the extra diamond dust for myself.. Taihen: I should kill you.. Nabiki: [ trembling ] Not as long as I have this silver pendent.. Taihen: You really think that little trinket will protect you from the wrath of the Fang? You're not dealing with amateurs anymore. Why I... [ stops as if recieving a mental message ] I'll deal with you later. [ he leaves the room ] Nabiki: [ trembling on the ground ] What have I done? What have I gotten myself into? * * * [ At the Fang Central, PurpleCoat and the Strike Commander anxiously await the arrival of their foes. The doors shatter open in a thunderclap as Ranma-chan, Tsu, Tofu and Akane run in ] Purple: They're right on time. Ranma: We found them! Akane: I'm glad Lotion is taking care of Sister. Tofu: Well, she um.. insisted upon it. Tsu: It is time for you to pay for your sins! Purple: And who's going to stop me, you? Your little rag-tag resistance force doesn't stand a chance. Most of you can barely stand, I see our troopers have left their mark.. [ Ranma-chan is starting to drift off due to her lack of blood, Tsu is clutching her broken ribs, Dr. Tofu is feeling his chest where he was badly burned by acid, and Akane is panting and sweating like a pig ] Akane: Maybe he's right.. R-chan: So weak... Tofu: No! Don't listen to him, he's trying to hypnotise us.. Ranma: It's working.. Tsu: Purple.. you're mine! [ leaps up drawing her sword ] Purple: Do I know you? Commander: Now! [ Suddenly the cast is smothered in soot. At that time PurpleCoat and the strike commander put on white robes ] Tofu: What? [ At that time a door at the opposite end explodes in. Two people, a young man and a young woman wearing trencoats, glide through ] Aih: ESPoilce! Freeze! R-chan: ES what? Kay: We don't know what's going on, but everyone put their hands to their heads! What did I tell you, Aih-san? I knew this was the right place! I have a sixth sense when it comes to tracking. Aih: And I just thought it was just the way we were constantly attacked ever since we approached this mansion. Purple: Please protect us from these demons! Akane: What?! Aih: You there with the sword, put it down! Tsu: [ hisses ] You idiots! We're the.. [ His words are cut short by the arrival of two vampires. The jump down from the ceiling and surround The Commander and PurpleCoat. ] [ ed note: The vampires are covered in soot and have dried blood covering thier clothes, just like Ranma-chan, Akane and Tsu ] Vamp1: Protect the masterssss! I will slay the prisonerssss! Akane: What?! Kay: That did it! [ he throws off his trenchcoat to reveal he is wearing a fairly sophsicated piece of battle armor. He also has a rifle and shoots at the vampire ] Vamp1: Foolish, mortal! Do you really thinksss a single bullet can hurt me? [ Aih likewise has her own cannon and hires a couple of hundred rounds into the vampire ] Aih: How about a couple hundred bullets? Vamp1: ...! Kay: And we've also got a lot worse! Tsu: Uhh! Magical surge.. their spell caster is activating the spell! No time! [ Jumps toward PurpleCoat ] Kay: I told you to freeze! [ shoots Tsu with blast from his wrist, twin electron beams slam into Tsu ] Tsu: Electric shock... My heart!... [ falls unconscious ] R-chan: Why you...! [ advances on Kay only to be shot down too ] Aih: Calm down everyone! They're only stunned, but if you'll join them too if you all don't settle down. Purple: Save us from these dark demons! Akane: Now just wait a minute, you guys put black soot... Vamp2: You hurt my Mistressessss! You will pay! [ leaps toward Aih ] Kay: Aih-san! [ shoots the vampire down with his automatic rifle ] I'm tired of fooling around! Aih: No.. don't... Tofu: If you'll only.. [ he gets stunned along with Akane ] Commander: Thank you for saving our lives...! Aih: Wait, slow down, too much is happening.. Purple: I now call upon the power of the lightening! [ PurpleCoat raises his arms high. And then a window shatters as a lightening bolt from the outside storm hurles down and strikes the two unsuspecting ESPolice officers. ] Aih: What in..? Agh! Kay: Aih-san... [ PurpleCoat then finishes with two with a blast of ki-energy ] Kay: Ahhh! Aih: I'm not down yet... [ stuggling to get up ] uh.. systems fused.. Commander: Of course my dear. Have a taste of my power. [ He points towards her and immediately her armor is stripped off her ] Aih: Another telekenetic...?! Purple: Sleep... [ his eyes glow with a hypnotic light ] Aih: Kay-kun.. help me... uh... [ falls unconscious ] Commander: The plan worked, with no unrecoverable losses on our part. Purple: Yes, we managed to distract them long enough to have them lower their guard. It's a shame we had to diminish the thunderstorm to draw the extra power. Commander: But as long as we keep our forces indoors, there shouldn't be a problem. And the vampires we lose, we can always replace. [ looking down at the defeated heros ] Poor pathetic fools, they never really had a chance. They've only come this far because we let them... But it was all in vain, the Leader comes, soon! Purple: Ahem! Might I suggest that we send a repair crew to seal that window immediately?! R-chan: [ stirring ] ESPolice no Baka... * * * Dr Kno poured over the data. Twelve other cities in Japan had the same conditions as the one officers Kay and Aih were assigned to. All of them were cut off from the rest of the world and had unsual weather patterns surrounding the local area. He had a map of the situation up on the board. "What do you make of it?", he asked his aids. "Well, how about we connect dots to see if we can make a picture?", asked Aide A. "That's stupid! You've been watching too many detective movies", Aide B exclaimed. "What if we connect them in order that they started exhibiting these conditions.. ", Aide C started writing. "Hey look! He's drawing letters!", Aide D pointed out. "F-A-N-G, Fang!", Aide A read out. "Fang? What the does it mean.", asked Aide B. "Sharpened tooth.", Aide C proudly explained. "You idiot...!" "I think you spelled it out wrong." "Yeah, it should be F-I-S-H. Fish!" "Fish? That's even dumber than before." "No you both got it wrong. It spells S-U-S-H-I, Sushi!" "Sushi?" "NoNoNo! It spells F-O-O-D" "Hey, who's hungry?" "Me!" "Fool! How can you think of food as a critical time like this?!" "I think it spells F-O-O-L for Aide D" "Yeah, I think you're right." "I'll get you for that!" As his aides started fighting again, Dr. Kno just looked over his other project notes. We was studying a prototype power screen for a possible defense shield to protect Japan. It was very ingenious, the idea was to couple 13 generators at strategic locations in Japan, dependent on the shape of the land to optimize the power and... Dr Kno stared at the map. The positions coincided. He wasn't sure what this meant, but in the pit of his stomach he had a very bad feeling. And it just wasn't hunger. At the very least they might have a double agent in the ranks. * * * In the cavern where Ranma's strike force had their first battle, a figure steps out from the shadows. The stranger looks around the room at all the destruction and loss of life. He takes a breath and remembers the last battle he was in, where both friend and foe fell fighting. At one end of the room, Kunou's body still lies silently on the floor. The figure looks sadly at him. "Rest in piece, fallen one", the stranger dips his hand into the, still wet, tears of Akane's that lie on his face. Looking around once more, the stranger sees a pool of dark ichor. He draws near to examine the liquid. "So, he still lives. They should have cut off his head. What an amateur show.", the stranger paused for a moment and then turned skyward and shouted out his pledge, "He still lives while the blood of innocents remain shed. My work on earth is not done. But by the lives of the fallen souls, I swear it shall end! Fight on, my friends, your sacrifice shall not be in vain! Victory shall be ours!" "What the heck was that?!", a voice beyond the corrider asked. "What was what?", a second voice asked the first. "I didn't hear anything." "I could have sworn I heard someone making a speech." As quickly as he came, the stranger left, like a prowler in the night. "You must be hearing things, I don't see anything but corpses. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess I'm just too tired from all this work they make us do." "So? It's not like we have much of a choice. We can't exatly form a union." Moments later, silence again dominated the cavern. And then a single whisper carried across the room. "Tendo Akane... I love you..." * * * [ Elsewhere in a somewhat safer location... ] Kasumi: So, Lotion-chan, is it? Lo-shin: Yes. Kasumi: You seem to very close with Dr. Tofu. How long have you known him? Lo-shin: Tofu-san? Only couple days, but feel like lifetime. Kasumi: Oh, really. Lo-shin: Yes, he so gentle, and strong, and... Kasumi: And... Lo-shin: What? We not alone... [ From down the hall, a figure slowly walks up ] Shampoo: Nihao. Lo-shin: Shampoo! [ stares at her glowing red eyes ] Mousse: Lo-shin. [ he suddenly appeares behind her ] Lo-shin: Mousse... We're surrounded. [ around them, figures are emerging from the shadows ] Kasumi: Oh look! It's father! And Ryouga and Kodachi-chan and... * * * [ Taihen is helping GreenCoat to walk down a corrider ] Taihen: Are you sure, you're okay? Green: Fine... just to be glad to have that thing out of me...gasp.. Taihen: Easy. Green: Heh, it'll take more than that to stop GreenCoat! Cough! Gasp! Taihen: You're just lucky I came when I did. Green: You were late. Taihen: Sorry, some things came up. Green: But we nailed those twerps, right? Taihen: Yeah, everything is pretty much taken care of. Green: Everything? Taihen: Everything. We just have to sort and identify everything and clear up those bodies. The blood is so delicious, but the smell.. P.U.! Green: Hey, don't knock it! That's where Purple went for undergrad. Taihen: Sorry. Green: It's okay. How's Kunou? Taihen: He's a goner. Green: Oh well, not like he was especially important or anything. Taihen: I never liked him anyway. Green: Why? Too much competition? [ chuckles ] Taihen: Yeah yeah yeah... Green: Oooh, that hurts when I laugh.. So, I hear the Boss is coming. Taihen: Very soon. The spellcaster has withdrawn all her spells to prepare for this one. Green: ALL?! Doesn't that include the misdirection field? Lately we've been having X-factors crop up like crazy. Taihen: Don't worry. At this point nothing can stop us. Green: Good, then let's go catch a movie. Taihen: What? But how? We can't leave the grounds. Green: No problem, I ran over a video store when I held up that jewelry store for Nabiki. Taihen: Yes, Nabiki... Wait, we're supposed to be on duty! Green: So? After what I've been through, I know I deserve a break! Besides, we caught everybody. What could possible go wrong? * * * In a distant cavern, behind tons of rubble and magical wards, a most disturbing and unatural disaster occured. Some unrelenting force teared asunder the stoney entrance which was entrapping the poor souls that were lying dormant inside. In the dust, a figure in blue robes glides through. "Which one of you here is Happosai?" A small emancipated man looks up and asks, "Sen..Sensei?!" Within the hood of the robe, one can almost image two eyes glaring out and squinting down. "Happy?!" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Need I bother saying it? To be continued. Character Profile: The Strike Commander His real name is unknown. He is not a very sociable sort so no one really knows him. All he cares about is doing is job and rising in the hearchary. He's like an aggresive corporate raider. He was a member of some Fang cult. He rised to his current rank by showing some spunk and talking back to the Absolute Leader of the Fang. His gamble paid off and he only suffered a blast of lightening to his left arm. Luckily for himself, he's a healer. Frankly he hates most of his subordinates and they hate him, with the exception of PurpleCoat, who is stricly business. But he's still their commander. His main abilities seem to be healing powers, which is kind of ironic considering his line of work. He can enhance human life but it is unknown if he can actually heal a vampire of his injuries. He installed the regeneration healing tanks by his powers, basically an injured person is placed in these tanks to be healed. They can peserve bodies if not lives, some injuries are just too severe. He also seems to be a strong telekenetic with enough skill to actually choke people from a distance. It is also theorized that he can make small telekenetic shields, only about the size of his palm but strong enough to resist repeated blows from Roaring Lion Bullet. Physical Description: He is a very tall handsome young man in black shiny soft velvet robes. During battle, he wears a Dark helmet covering his entire face. How he can see through it, nobody knows. He looks very similar to the dark swordsman the Daicon Bunny fought in Daicon opening animation IV. From rec.arts.anime Fri Apr 2 10:46:14 1993 Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!!uknet!!agate!!olivea!charnel!rat!usc!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Subject: [ FanFic ] Ranma: Dark Half - Part 12.AFD Message-ID: <> Date: 1 Apr 93 19:39:28 GMT Sender: (The Network News) Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Lines: 390 Nntp-Posting-Host: __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION PART 12 AFD "All Fall Down" EPILOGUE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ ESPolice Headquarters ] Dr Kno: So that's the story, huh? Aih: Yes. Kay: That's one heck of a debriefing. Dr Kno: This is incredible. The data we accumulated on this alone.. Aih: Over sixty men, women and children died. This isn't incredible, it's tragic! Dr Kno: Yes, yes, well that's how it happens sometimes. Aih: I can't believe you! [ storms out ] Kay: Aih-san! Dr Kno: Let her go, she's too idealistic and soft. She was never cut out for this line of work. Kay: .... If Aih-san leaves, so do I! And you can stuff your threats about my family! Aih-san! Wait! [ chases after her ] Dr Kno: ... Amazing, simply amazing... * * * [ Elsewhere ] Nabiki: How is Akane feeling? Kasumi: As well as can be expected. Nabiki: Here she comes... Akane! Umm, nice funeral wasn't it? Akane: ... It's okay, sister. You don't have to cheer me up. Kasumi: Akane... Akane: Sister, don't worry about me. I'm strong! A thing like this won't bother me. Nabiki: [ aside ] She was always the most emotional one. When mother died, Akane cried for 2 years. Although she may be smiling on the outside, she's crying like a little ten year old girl on the inside. Akane: Sister? Why is Nabiki going off by herself like that? Kasumi: Although she may act rough and uncaring, she was always bothered by death. Instead of facing the problem, she often pushed it out of her mind and drove herself into other things to forget. When mother died, you were really to young to fully comprehend it. But since that day, Nabiki hardened her heart and vowed to love only the things that she could alsways count on and would never betray her. Akane: Money.. Kasumi: It's really tragic. Akane: But what about you, sister? Kasumi: Someone has to be the one to keep everything together. And as eldest of the Tendo children, the responsibliy is mine and mine alone. Ryouga: Akane-san, Kasumi-san. Akane: Ryouga-kun! Ryouga: I have come to pay my respects. I know the others have come too, but I just had to come by myself. Akane: Well, you probably knew him the longest. In a way, he was your oldest friend. Ryouga: He may have not been the best person in the world, but he was a good man. He had a lot of qualities to admire. Akane: Yes, he always meant well. I always misjudged him, but now I realize that he always tried to protect me. I miss him so much. Ryouga: Rest in piece, Ranma. * * * [ The following dialogue occurs in Cantonese ] Lo-shin: So what will you do now, Mousse? Mousse: What else? Go back to China. There's nothing left for me here. Lo-shin: There's nothing left for you there, either. The village was destroyed, the people, killed. Everyone, including the village Elders. Mousse: All the more reason to return. I refuse to believe that our people gave up so easily. They must be scattered about, they're going to need everyone from the village to restore it. We must preserve our old ways. Lo-shin: What about Shampoo? Moussse: Ha! She never loved me, and she never will. I realize that now, I just couldn't accept it, until now. Already she's found another foreign man to lay with. Lo-shin: You speak of customs! You speak of old ways! But isn't becuase of our battle rituals Shampoo is forced to walk this destiny?! Mousse: Hahahahah! Lo-shin! It's so good to have you back, little sister. You've grown so much. But maybe you are right. Maybe it is time to change the old ways into the new ways. For if we cannot adapt with the changing world, a disaster like this is just bound to happen again. Lo-shin, come with me! We can certainly use your help in rebuilding the village. Lo-shin: ... No I cannot. I can never again return to the old ways. I have tasted what this new world is offering and cannot come back. If only you asked me last year, you would have made me the happiest girl in the world. But I cannot. Mousse: Lo-shin, what is it? You're talking strangely. Lo-shin: ... Mousse: Come, it is your big brother Mousse. You can tell me, you know me better than that to judge you. Lo-shin: I am with child. * * * Tofu: So you will take your leave of us? Tsu: Yes, my work is done here. There are other responsibilities that need my attention. Tofu: I just wanted to tell you, thank you. Tsu: No, I should be thanking you. Too often I had been alone fighting the forces of darkness. I am weary of all the death that surrounds me. Tofu: So where will you go? Tsu: I am still unsure, where the wind blows I suppose. I just seem to Wander from place to place, not having a clue. Where ever I go, there is always some wrong to right. Tofu: May i ask of you a boon? Tsu: Of course. Tsou: Let me go with you. Tsu: What? Why? Tofu: I have nothing here. Tsu: But your practice.. Tofu: Means nothing! I need a fresh start... After what I have been through, the same old life holds no pleasure for me. I need excitement! I crave adventure, as I first did in the days of my youth. Tsu: Really? Tofu: ... No, there are other reasons as well. I can't go back to my practice. Tsu: Why not? Everyone holds you in the highest regards.. Tofu: Because I can't trust myself. I broke my trust as a physician. I was intimate with one of my patients.. Tsu: What? But I would hardly call that.. Tofu: You don't understand... The temptation was always there, but I always resisted. Do you know how many young girls I treat every day? Do you know how easy it is to seduce them? And they all have these fantasies about me. They've been reading too many sojo manga. But that last time, I just couldn't help myself. We were all alone together, and neither one of us thought we would ever see the next day. I'm just afraid that I'll succumb again. Tsu: Well, Dr. Tofu, you are a fairly handsome man. Tofu: Thank you but you don't have to.. Tsu: I speak truth, nothing more. But if you do wish to follow, then you must leave everything behind. There is no turning back. Tofu: I understand. Tsu: Good, we leave within the hour. * * * Kay: Aih-san! Wait! Aih: I can't take it anymore, Kay-kun. I'm going to quit. This isn't for me. I can't stand it. Kay: So what are you going to do? Aih: I don't know. We're still in college, you know. Kay: Don't remind me! Aih: I just have to get away from all this. Away from the killing and the nightmares. Kay: Where will you go? Aih: Maybe America. I have relatives there. Kay: But that's an entirely different place. Aih: Well, I always had this crazy dream of being a Pop Singer. And I heard that America is a great place for foreign talent. Kay: Yeah, I heard you sing once, you were amazing. Aih: [ smiles ] Thank you. Kay: Aih-san, if you're leaving, then so am I Aih: Kay-kun... Kay: You're the most important thing to me, Aih-san. I won't lose you. I already turned in my badge and weapon. Aih: I.. I'm glad. It'll be nice to have a friend in a strange new country. Kay: Then I'll wait for you here. Aih: You won't be coming with me? Kay: Why? What can I do there? Become a grocery clerk? America isn't a great opportunity place for non-english speaking immigrants. Aih: Well, that might be what you're going to do here. Your grades weren't that great. Kay: Sure, rub it in! Aih: Just kidding! [ The two laugh for a little while ] Kay: You can't stay in America forever. I'll wait for you as long as it takes. Aih: Will you wait for me forever? Kay: Don't make fun of me! I'm serious! Aih: So was I. Kay: Just don't take too long, okay? * * * Akane: It's been so long since we've spoken, Ryouga-kun. Ryouga: Yes, I know. Akane: Maybe it's best that it ended up like this. Ever since Ranma found out about Ukyou... he's never been the same since. Ryouga: There were long good childhood friends. She meant a lot to him. Akane: You've always been such a dear friend to me, Ryouga-kun. Ryouga: Akane-san... Akane: So what are you going to do? Ryouga: [ lets out a deep breath ] I'm going to marry Shampoo. Akane: What?! Ryouga: Apparently I KO'd her during that last fiasco. With Ranma dead, she demands I live up to my responsibilities. Akane: I..see. Ryouga: Are you disappointed in me, Akane-san? Akane: No, not really. You always were an honorable man. Ryouga: You're still mourning for Ranma, aren't you? Akane: ..Yes. Ryouga: Akane-san, I have to tell you. Akane: What, Ryouga-kun? Ryouga: From a long time ago... I... I... LOVED YOU! Akane: Ryouga-kun! Ryouga: I know, you don't feel about me like that, but I had to tell you anyways. Akane: [ shocked ] Ryouga-kun... Ryouga: And I also have to tell you.. Akane: I.. I.. Ryouga: I.. I.. I AM P-chan! * * * Nabiki: So you're really going to go through with this? Kasumi: I must, it was Father's last words before he... Nabiki: Before he lost his mind. The trama was too much for him. It made him snap. Kasumi: There's no one else to take care of the Tendo dojo. Nabiki: I know... but why him?! Kasumi: Because he was Father's closest friend. There's no one else. Nabiki: Then why you? Kasumi: I am the eldest. The responsibility is mine. Nabiki: That's no reason to get married. Kasumi: Yes it is. It's about honor. It's about duty. Nabiki: Father also said to have a son within a year. Kasumi: It's not impossible. Nabiki: Kasumi... Kasumi: And Mr. Saotome even agreed to it. He said that he couldn't refuse his best friend's last wish. * * * Mousse: You're what?! Lo-shin: It was my decision. I do not regret it. Mousse: But you've sullied your family name.. You disgraced your.. Lo-shin: Get a clue! Everyone's dead! Nothing about stupid honor matters! Mousse: Lo-shin, you're right. I'm sorry. It's just that it was a big shock. Does he know? Lo-shin: No. Not yet. I had to think about it first. Mousse: Lo-shin, my boat is leaving soon. If forever reason you ever need me, I'll be there for you. Lo-shin: Good-bye, Mousse, you were always a kind man. Mousse: Be happy, Lo-shin. Be happy. * * * Tsu: Are you ready? Tofu: Yes. Tsu: We leave now for the Wandering Trails. Say goodbye to your past life. You must now walk the way of an eternal Travellor. Tsu: Farewell...Kasumi... * * * [ Akane is in DEEP shock ] Ryouga: Akane-san, I'm sorry. Akane: So. All through my life, I was always being used. First by Father, and then by you. Ryouga: Please forgive me, Akane-san. Akane: Just get out of here, Ryouga. I don't ever want to see you again. Ryouga: Akane-san.. Akane: I SAID GET LOST! RUN BACK TO YOUR SLUT WIFE, SHAMPOO! Ryouga: I'm sorry. [ walks away ] Akane: You guys are all alike, you're all alike... * * * Nabiki: Akane, aren't you over reacting?! Akane: No. I have to do this. Nabiki: I know we need money but, so soon? Akane: He wanted the ceremony immediately. Nabiki: In case you come to your senses.. Akane: There's nothing else we can do. We're just high school students. Who is going to pay for the rent and dojo? Mr. Saotome, I don't think so. Who is going to pay for Father's Doctor bills? Nabiki: They say he's lost most of his brain activitiy. We can save a lot of money just be pulling the plugs... Akane: You're heartles! Just like everyone else! Nabiki: I was only thinking about you... Akane: Forget it! I live up to my responsibilities no matter what! Just like sister... Nabiki: Akane... Akane: Besides, it doesn't matter. Guys are all alike anyway... All alike.. except for .. Ranma... * * * Kunou: I know not if this be the happiest day of my life or a black day of mourning. I am a changed man, ever since my near death experience. I am now a man of humility, even I can be killed in battle... Even as I speak, my sister is being buried. A fornight ago, the love of my life, died by my sword. Her memory still lingers within me. Little Pony-tailed haired girl, I loved you so much! But I must honor her sacrifice by living on. Tendo Akane will become my bride in the morrow. She will finally be mine.. * * * Tsu: I bid homage to you all! Those who fought without fail! I salute you Saotome! I salute you Kunou! I salute you Kuonji! I salute you Gosunkugi! I salute you.... ... May your sacrifice always be remembered. Because of your shed blood, the Fang have been defeated forever. Rest in piece. Tofu: So, it's finished. Tsu: Yes. I have chopped off all their heads and embedded a stake in each of their hearts. Tofu: They are all being cremated tomorrow, was it really necessary? Tsu: One can never be too sure. Tofu: This is such a dark ending. Perhaps it would have been different in another time, another life. Tsu: This is life, old friend. This is the Yin and the Yang. Life has it's light sides and Dark Halves. [ We see flashback shots of all the characters interacting. Then we move to the present as we see: Lotion wanders the streets crying out Dr. Tofu's name. Mousse is slowly rebuilding his village. Kay & Aih say goodbye at the dock with their first kiss Switch to the ending marriage ceremonies of: Genma & Kasumi Ryouga & Shampoo Akane & Kunou Move up to the future as: Some members of a rival Chinese village are feasting on roast duck. Switch to Nabiki who has become an alcholic and is drinking herself to death. Lotion returns to China, accidently slips into a pool, and surfaces as a man. Ultimately becomes an assassin for hire. Kay reads about a new young Japanese Pop singer who ran into the wrong crowd, became involved in some scandals and is now a hopeless drug addict. ] Tsu: Do not despair, friend Tofu. I believe that somewhere, all your friends are still alive and happy, living out the rest of their natural lives in their normal mundane worlds. But, that is in another time, another place. Come, we must move on, Evil waits for no one. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE END - AFD ;-) From rec.arts.anime Fri Apr 2 10:47:44 1993 Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!mcsun!!uknet!!agate!!olivea!charnel!rat!usc!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Subject: [ FanFic ] Ranma: Dark Half - Part 12.AFD Message-ID: <> Date: 1 Apr 93 19:39:28 GMT Sender: (The Network News) Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Lines: 390 Nntp-Posting-Host: __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION PART 12 AFD "All Fall Down" EPILOGUE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ ESPolice Headquarters ] Dr Kno: So that's the story, huh? Aih: Yes. Kay: That's one heck of a debriefing. Dr Kno: This is incredible. The data we accumulated on this alone.. Aih: Over sixty men, women and children died. This isn't incredible, it's tragic! Dr Kno: Yes, yes, well that's how it happens sometimes. Aih: I can't believe you! [ storms out ] Kay: Aih-san! Dr Kno: Let her go, she's too idealistic and soft. She was never cut out for this line of work. Kay: .... If Aih-san leaves, so do I! And you can stuff your threats about my family! Aih-san! Wait! [ chases after her ] Dr Kno: ... Amazing, simply amazing... * * * [ Elsewhere ] Nabiki: How is Akane feeling? Kasumi: As well as can be expected. Nabiki: Here she comes... Akane! Umm, nice funeral wasn't it? Akane: ... It's okay, sister. You don't have to cheer me up. Kasumi: Akane... Akane: Sister, don't worry about me. I'm strong! A thing like this won't bother me. Nabiki: [ aside ] She was always the most emotional one. When mother died, Akane cried for 2 years. Although she may be smiling on the outside, she's crying like a little ten year old girl on the inside. Akane: Sister? Why is Nabiki going off by herself like that? Kasumi: Although she may act rough and uncaring, she was always bothered by death. Instead of facing the problem, she often pushed it out of her mind and drove herself into other things to forget. When mother died, you were really to young to fully comprehend it. But since that day, Nabiki hardened her heart and vowed to love only the things that she could alsways count on and would never betray her. Akane: Money.. Kasumi: It's really tragic. Akane: But what about you, sister? Kasumi: Someone has to be the one to keep everything together. And as eldest of the Tendo children, the responsibliy is mine and mine alone. Ryouga: Akane-san, Kasumi-san. Akane: Ryouga-kun! Ryouga: I have come to pay my respects. I know the others have come too, but I just had to come by myself. Akane: Well, you probably knew him the longest. In a way, he was your oldest friend. Ryouga: He may have not been the best person in the world, but he was a good man. He had a lot of qualities to admire. Akane: Yes, he always meant well. I always misjudged him, but now I realize that he always tried to protect me. I miss him so much. Ryouga: Rest in piece, Ranma. * * * [ The following dialogue occurs in Cantonese ] Lo-shin: So what will you do now, Mousse? Mousse: What else? Go back to China. There's nothing left for me here. Lo-shin: There's nothing left for you there, either. The village was destroyed, the people, killed. Everyone, including the village Elders. Mousse: All the more reason to return. I refuse to believe that our people gave up so easily. They must be scattered about, they're going to need everyone from the village to restore it. We must preserve our old ways. Lo-shin: What about Shampoo? Moussse: Ha! She never loved me, and she never will. I realize that now, I just couldn't accept it, until now. Already she's found another foreign man to lay with. Lo-shin: You speak of customs! You speak of old ways! But isn't becuase of our battle rituals Shampoo is forced to walk this destiny?! Mousse: Hahahahah! Lo-shin! It's so good to have you back, little sister. You've grown so much. But maybe you are right. Maybe it is time to change the old ways into the new ways. For if we cannot adapt with the changing world, a disaster like this is just bound to happen again. Lo-shin, come with me! We can certainly use your help in rebuilding the village. Lo-shin: ... No I cannot. I can never again return to the old ways. I have tasted what this new world is offering and cannot come back. If only you asked me last year, you would have made me the happiest girl in the world. But I cannot. Mousse: Lo-shin, what is it? You're talking strangely. Lo-shin: ... Mousse: Come, it is your big brother Mousse. You can tell me, you know me better than that to judge you. Lo-shin: I am with child. * * * Tofu: So you will take your leave of us? Tsu: Yes, my work is done here. There are other responsibilities that need my attention. Tofu: I just wanted to tell you, thank you. Tsu: No, I should be thanking you. Too often I had been alone fighting the forces of darkness. I am weary of all the death that surrounds me. Tofu: So where will you go? Tsu: I am still unsure, where the wind blows I suppose. I just seem to Wander from place to place, not having a clue. Where ever I go, there is always some wrong to right. Tofu: May i ask of you a boon? Tsu: Of course. Tsou: Let me go with you. Tsu: What? Why? Tofu: I have nothing here. Tsu: But your practice.. Tofu: Means nothing! I need a fresh start... After what I have been through, the same old life holds no pleasure for me. I need excitement! I crave adventure, as I first did in the days of my youth. Tsu: Really? Tofu: ... No, there are other reasons as well. I can't go back to my practice. Tsu: Why not? Everyone holds you in the highest regards.. Tofu: Because I can't trust myself. I broke my trust as a physician. I was intimate with one of my patients.. Tsu: What? But I would hardly call that.. Tofu: You don't understand... The temptation was always there, but I always resisted. Do you know how many young girls I treat every day? Do you know how easy it is to seduce them? And they all have these fantasies about me. They've been reading too many sojo manga. But that last time, I just couldn't help myself. We were all alone together, and neither one of us thought we would ever see the next day. I'm just afraid that I'll succumb again. Tsu: Well, Dr. Tofu, you are a fairly handsome man. Tofu: Thank you but you don't have to.. Tsu: I speak truth, nothing more. But if you do wish to follow, then you must leave everything behind. There is no turning back. Tofu: I understand. Tsu: Good, we leave within the hour. * * * Kay: Aih-san! Wait! Aih: I can't take it anymore, Kay-kun. I'm going to quit. This isn't for me. I can't stand it. Kay: So what are you going to do? Aih: I don't know. We're still in college, you know. Kay: Don't remind me! Aih: I just have to get away from all this. Away from the killing and the nightmares. Kay: Where will you go? Aih: Maybe America. I have relatives there. Kay: But that's an entirely different place. Aih: Well, I always had this crazy dream of being a Pop Singer. And I heard that America is a great place for foreign talent. Kay: Yeah, I heard you sing once, you were amazing. Aih: [ smiles ] Thank you. Kay: Aih-san, if you're leaving, then so am I Aih: Kay-kun... Kay: You're the most important thing to me, Aih-san. I won't lose you. I already turned in my badge and weapon. Aih: I.. I'm glad. It'll be nice to have a friend in a strange new country. Kay: Then I'll wait for you here. Aih: You won't be coming with me? Kay: Why? What can I do there? Become a grocery clerk? America isn't a great opportunity place for non-english speaking immigrants. Aih: Well, that might be what you're going to do here. Your grades weren't that great. Kay: Sure, rub it in! Aih: Just kidding! [ The two laugh for a little while ] Kay: You can't stay in America forever. I'll wait for you as long as it takes. Aih: Will you wait for me forever? Kay: Don't make fun of me! I'm serious! Aih: So was I. Kay: Just don't take too long, okay? * * * Akane: It's been so long since we've spoken, Ryouga-kun. Ryouga: Yes, I know. Akane: Maybe it's best that it ended up like this. Ever since Ranma found out about Ukyou... he's never been the same since. Ryouga: There were long good childhood friends. She meant a lot to him. Akane: You've always been such a dear friend to me, Ryouga-kun. Ryouga: Akane-san... Akane: So what are you going to do? Ryouga: [ lets out a deep breath ] I'm going to marry Shampoo. Akane: What?! Ryouga: Apparently I KO'd her during that last fiasco. With Ranma dead, she demands I live up to my responsibilities. Akane: I..see. Ryouga: Are you disappointed in me, Akane-san? Akane: No, not really. You always were an honorable man. Ryouga: You're still mourning for Ranma, aren't you? Akane: ..Yes. Ryouga: Akane-san, I have to tell you. Akane: What, Ryouga-kun? Ryouga: From a long time ago... I... I... LOVED YOU! Akane: Ryouga-kun! Ryouga: I know, you don't feel about me like that, but I had to tell you anyways. Akane: [ shocked ] Ryouga-kun... Ryouga: And I also have to tell you.. Akane: I.. I.. Ryouga: I.. I.. I AM P-chan! * * * Nabiki: So you're really going to go through with this? Kasumi: I must, it was Father's last words before he... Nabiki: Before he lost his mind. The trama was too much for him. It made him snap. Kasumi: There's no one else to take care of the Tendo dojo. Nabiki: I know... but why him?! Kasumi: Because he was Father's closest friend. There's no one else. Nabiki: Then why you? Kasumi: I am the eldest. The responsibility is mine. Nabiki: That's no reason to get married. Kasumi: Yes it is. It's about honor. It's about duty. Nabiki: Father also said to have a son within a year. Kasumi: It's not impossible. Nabiki: Kasumi... Kasumi: And Mr. Saotome even agreed to it. He said that he couldn't refuse his best friend's last wish. * * * Mousse: You're what?! Lo-shin: It was my decision. I do not regret it. Mousse: But you've sullied your family name.. You disgraced your.. Lo-shin: Get a clue! Everyone's dead! Nothing about stupid honor matters! Mousse: Lo-shin, you're right. I'm sorry. It's just that it was a big shock. Does he know? Lo-shin: No. Not yet. I had to think about it first. Mousse: Lo-shin, my boat is leaving soon. If forever reason you ever need me, I'll be there for you. Lo-shin: Good-bye, Mousse, you were always a kind man. Mousse: Be happy, Lo-shin. Be happy. * * * Tsu: Are you ready? Tofu: Yes. Tsu: We leave now for the Wandering Trails. Say goodbye to your past life. You must now walk the way of an eternal Travellor. Tsu: Farewell...Kasumi... * * * [ Akane is in DEEP shock ] Ryouga: Akane-san, I'm sorry. Akane: So. All through my life, I was always being used. First by Father, and then by you. Ryouga: Please forgive me, Akane-san. Akane: Just get out of here, Ryouga. I don't ever want to see you again. Ryouga: Akane-san.. Akane: I SAID GET LOST! RUN BACK TO YOUR SLUT WIFE, SHAMPOO! Ryouga: I'm sorry. [ walks away ] Akane: You guys are all alike, you're all alike... * * * Nabiki: Akane, aren't you over reacting?! Akane: No. I have to do this. Nabiki: I know we need money but, so soon? Akane: He wanted the ceremony immediately. Nabiki: In case you come to your senses.. Akane: There's nothing else we can do. We're just high school students. Who is going to pay for the rent and dojo? Mr. Saotome, I don't think so. Who is going to pay for Father's Doctor bills? Nabiki: They say he's lost most of his brain activitiy. We can save a lot of money just be pulling the plugs... Akane: You're heartles! Just like everyone else! Nabiki: I was only thinking about you... Akane: Forget it! I live up to my responsibilities no matter what! Just like sister... Nabiki: Akane... Akane: Besides, it doesn't matter. Guys are all alike anyway... All alike.. except for .. Ranma... * * * Kunou: I know not if this be the happiest day of my life or a black day of mourning. I am a changed man, ever since my near death experience. I am now a man of humility, even I can be killed in battle... Even as I speak, my sister is being buried. A fornight ago, the love of my life, died by my sword. Her memory still lingers within me. Little Pony-tailed haired girl, I loved you so much! But I must honor her sacrifice by living on. Tendo Akane will become my bride in the morrow. She will finally be mine.. * * * Tsu: I bid homage to you all! Those who fought without fail! I salute you Saotome! I salute you Kunou! I salute you Kuonji! I salute you Gosunkugi! I salute you.... ... May your sacrifice always be remembered. Because of your shed blood, the Fang have been defeated forever. Rest in piece. Tofu: So, it's finished. Tsu: Yes. I have chopped off all their heads and embedded a stake in each of their hearts. Tofu: They are all being cremated tomorrow, was it really necessary? Tsu: One can never be too sure. Tofu: This is such a dark ending. Perhaps it would have been different in another time, another life. Tsu: This is life, old friend. This is the Yin and the Yang. Life has it's light sides and Dark Halves. [ We see flashback shots of all the characters interacting. Then we move to the present as we see: Lotion wanders the streets crying out Dr. Tofu's name. Mousse is slowly rebuilding his village. Kay & Aih say goodbye at the dock with their first kiss Switch to the ending marriage ceremonies of: Genma & Kasumi Ryouga & Shampoo Akane & Kunou Move up to the future as: Some members of a rival Chinese village are feasting on roast duck. Switch to Nabiki who has become an alcholic and is drinking herself to death. Lotion returns to China, accidently slips into a pool, and surfaces as a man. Ultimately becomes an assassin for hire. Kay reads about a new young Japanese Pop singer who ran into the wrong crowd, became involved in some scandals and is now a hopeless drug addict. ] Tsu: Do not despair, friend Tofu. I believe that somewhere, all your friends are still alive and happy, living out the rest of their natural lives in their normal mundane worlds. But, that is in another time, another place. Come, we must move on, Evil waits for no one. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE END - AFD ;-) From rec.arts.anime Mon Apr 12 19:12:52 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!uunet!!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Subject: [ FanFic ] Ranma: Dark Half - part 13 ! Message-ID: <> Keywords: Yes, part THIRTEEN!! Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 04:39:36 GMT Lines: 781 This is a supplement to part 12. If you liked the original ending then feel free to ignore this. If not.. What a shame, I thought that the original wasn't such a bad ending. Of course I had to blow away Continuity, but I'm doing that now anyway. (^_^) Resolving all these little details is a lot harder than you think. __RANMA 1/2__ [ ] [ THE DARK HALF ] [_ _] FAN FICTION PART 13 Previously on Ranma: The Dark Half < As the Fang prepares their final offensive > Image of the Leader: I AM COMING NOW. < The Resistance prepare themselves for their final battle > Blue robed Stranger: Happosai, I need your help to defeat the Fang. < Against a merciless and brutal foe > Green: We want you DEAD. < But the forces of good continue to fight back > Aih: We'll fight you with the last ounce of our strength. < Ranma frees himself completely from the dominance of the Fang > Ranma-chan: I see now, it's all your fault my friends are dead! [ Next frame we see Ranma blowing away GreenCoat ] Ranma-chan: Lion's Death-Roar Canon! < Our heros plan their final all or nothing assault > Ranma-chan: I, Saotome Ranma, swear this carnage will end! < And now, the conclusion > -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ Opening animation, Song: Panda Fantasy, a fast paced fighting theme ] SONG: RANMA 1/2!! (echos.. Ranma 1/2.. Ranma 1/2... ) Like a Magic Panda from a Chinese Ledgend Running out of the dojo on feet of air With fists of power, toes of steel Splitting the skies, the earth, the seas! Ranma 1/2! [ Scene opens up as Ranma and his gang are running out from Tendo Dojo. Dr. Tofu stops and looks pensive, holding a mystic seal. Akane smashes a block in half on the way. FireWater appears in a cloud of smoke, uses his Winged Griffin Pounce technique to summon the image of an saphire griffin. Lotion jumps in and throws darts uni-directionally. Ukyou gracefully swings her spatula around. Ranma goes through some of his martial arts forms. An image of a Panda surrounds him while he does this. ] SONG: When the forces of darkness arise! When the demons of night threaten! When the forces of evil attack! Ranma 1/2! [ The forces of the Fang as shadowy figures jump in and then take form. The Strike Commander levels the area around him with his telekinetic power A cloud of mist forms into Taihen, who then promptly comb his hair. The spell caster fades in, her hands crackling with energy. PurpleCoat appears with his eyes glowing hypnotically. GreenCoat flies in lets out a acid bath from his mouth. The outline of the Fang leader appears, hundreds of vampires and zombies flock to the Leader, lightening flashes around them. Then PurpleCoat and GreenCoat stike their fists together and break up the screen ] SONG: Eternal night reigns unchallenged. All hope seems lost, All resistance fades. The innocents cry out! Where are their champions?! Ranma 1/2! [ Next we see zombies and vampires attacking people. Gosunkugi is bitten, eyes start glowing, rips off his shirt and reveals he is wearing a Fang uniform underneath. Kunou, as a Dark-slave, swings his sword around. Kodachi emersed in Black roses, twirls her ribbon around, occassionally striking at targets. Mousse and Shampoo fly through some beautiful battle maneuvers each showing off their skill at a wide assortment of weapons. Ryouga ends the scene with a huge blast of Ki-energy. ] SONG: We are here! We will fight! No matter the odds, No matter the plight! We will strive! We will win! Never give up, not till the end! Ranma 1/2! [ Next scene more vampires are attacking. We see ESPolice officers Kay and Aih in battle gear blowing them away. But more keep coming, suddenly a Giant mecha behind them fires it's HUGE cannon at the horde. Screen whitens with the energy release. ] SONG: You are the ones! The warriors of hope! Guradians of the light! Ranma 1/2! [ Later the main Fang warriors line up and are all about to attack Ranma. Ranma falls back, closes his eyes in concentration, and then unleashes his Dragon-Cyclone technique, blowing everyone away ] Song: Ranma 1/2!!!! [ Ranma takes on a basic martial arts stance as the Logo flashes large and bright behind him, except for 1, as it darkens into black. @@D RANMA: DARK HALF /A @@@@@ @@ /R @@ @@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@ /K @@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@ ---------- @@@@@ @@ @@ @@@@ @@ @@ @@ @@@@@@@ @ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@@@@ @@ @@@@ @@@ @ @@@@@@ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ Ranma-chan is lying on a stone slab in the night ] Ranma-chan: Where am I? Why can't I move? Tsu: I salute you Saotome! [ She brings a metal stake and mallet over her heart.. ] R-chan: Tsu! Stop! Stop!... [ and brings it crashing down ] R-chan: AHHAH!!!! Tofu: Ranma.. Ranma... R-chan: Uhh.. what..where? Tofu: Ranma, we're on a sneak attack, please try to be more quiet. R-chan: I had a dream.. no something more, a vision. Kay: You mean like a precognative dream? You wouldn't happen to be an esper, would you? R-chan: No, I'm not. But if we continue on our course, we may be facing our doom. Tofu: Ranma, why don't you tell us about it? R-chan: Well, it's kind of.. um.. embarrassing. Aih: We're dealing with supernatural forces, it could be important. Tell us everything. * * * Vamp1: Where are we supposed to dump this body? Vamp2: The healing tanks. They should be empty. Vamp1: I don't know why we bother. This guy's already cold. Vamp2: It was PurpleCoat's order. They consider him too be too valuable an asset to lose. Vamp1: Kunou-sempai?! They just don't know him like we knew him. Vamp2: Yeah... * * * Commander: How long should I keep stirring? Kasumi: Until the vegetables turn a golden brown. [ We see the two of them cooking some dish. The Commander has an apron on. (ed note: looks pretty cute!) ] Commander: This is great! I never learned to make anything except instant ramen. Kasumi: See, isn't this easy? We need more pepper. Commander: I got it. OW! The oil hit my finger.. Kasumi: Here, let me take care of it. Commander: No, it's quite alright, I'm a healer.. [ Kasumi takes his hand into hers, they look each other in the eyes...again ] Commander: Kasumi-san... [ looking away ] Uh, I just want to thank you. This might be hard to believe but, these past few moments have been the most happiest time in my life. Before, all I was interested in was power and success. But now I see there is enjoyment in just the simple things in life, like cooking! Kasumi: I had fun too. It's been so long since I had a chance to meet new people.. Commander: You know, I had a dear friend, a long time ago. You remind me of her so much. We were so close... Well, she's dead now, and I don't think I ever really got over it.. but I'm just glad to have met you now.. Kasumi: I'm very glad to make your acquaintance too. I feel that deep down you are a very good man. Commander: Well.. Kasumi: I have never met any one like you before. I can't explain it, but you make me feel so free and excited, as if I was a school girl again. Commander: Kasumi-san Kasumi: Kazuya-san... [ They lean over ] [ Suddenly there's a crash and the two are shaken up. ] Commander: What now?! Stay here, I'll check it out. * * * Tofu: That was umm.. very interesting, Ranma. Ranma-chan: [blushing ] well... Aih: But Ranma, Tsu just died, we left her body back buried in the prison cell. R-chan: Yeah.. Tofu: And isn't your father already married? R-chan: Well, yeah... Tofu: And dead? R-chan: Yeah... [ sadly ] Yeah! [ revelation ] Yeah... [ sadly again ] Aih: And this Lotion-chan, how could she detect her pregnancy so soon? R-chan: Well, I wouldn't really know, I'm not a girl... Tofu: Ahem! Aih: Besides, I hardly think Dr. Tofu would act in such an unscrupulous manner under any circumstances. R-chan: Sorry... Tofu: And paying rent on the house and Dojo? Don't the Tendos already own them? R-chan: Okay, okay... Kay: And isn't this guy Kunou already dead too? Aih: And I just do not sing professionally. R-chan: Alright already! [ The other three have somehow found a coffee table and are enjoying some hot tea and pastries over the conversation. ] * * * Commander: Alright, what's going on?! Purple: There seems to be a slight problem.. [ Dark-slaves Mousse and Soun are wrestling with some brown cloaked stranger. The stranger is actually holding his own between the two ] Commander: Release him. Stanger: Are you in charge here? Commander: I am. Stranger: Then you are to blame! Commander: Who are you? What is your business here? Stranger: You make me sick! You leave me hanging for this long and then completely forget about me?! I won't forgive you! [ Leaps up to the Commander, but PurpleCoat intercepts ] Purple: Have a care, stranger. You have no authority here. Your empty boasts mean nothing to us. Now explain yourself. Who are you? Stranger: Your worst nightmare... [ reaches for a vial in his cloak ] I still have my ace in the hole... * * * [ Elsewhere our heros are preparing for their assault ] Tofu: Ranma, I think your dream had much truth to it. Ranma-chan: What do you mean? Tofu: About how you really feel. R-chan: Huh? Hehehe.. Tofu: I think it did contain a special warning for all of us. R-chan: Really? Tofu: Yes, [ picking up a stake ] What we *should* do to any vampires. R-chan: ... Tofu: And what we must do to even our fallen friends... But it's too late to go back for Tsu. R-chan: Watch where you're pointing that thing.. Tofu: Ranma, I think what you saw may have been A future not neccesssarily THE future. R-chan: You've got to be kidding. Tofu: It tells us many things and helps us prepare for them. R-chan: Like what? Tofu: Ranma, are you prepared to die? R-chan: What?! Tofu: I'm serious, Ranma. Are you ready to die for what you believe in? R-chan: I.. I... Tofu: It's all depends on your outlook. What ever it will be, it will influence your split-second decisions at a critical moment and might make all the difference in the world. R-chan: ..I AM! [ Aih and Kay are in their own little discussion ] Aih: Kay-kun, are you sure you're up to this? Kay: I guess I just have to be.. What about you? Aih: I'm far from defenseless. Look what I found. [ shows him some spatulas ] They're not what I'm used to, but they'll do for throwing projectiles. Kay: Aih-say, before we continue, I just want to tell you.. umm.. Aih: Yes? Kay: Um.. I hope we both get out of this together. Aih: [ smiling ] We always do. Kay: It's just that.. I had the same dream.. * * * [ Elsewhere, a figure is lying lifeless. It seems to be just floating in space, on a thin thread between death and life. Suddenly his eyes flash open. Struggling up, the person only utters a single thing. ] "Rejuvenation.. !" * * * Stranger: With this vial I shall attain victory!... UGH! [ He was standing right in front of the chamber doors before they came crashing open ] Purple: And we just fixed the door... Commander: You again?! Can't GreenCoat do anything right? Purple: You know, I'm getting pretty tired of this. You always attack, we always beat you and imprison you. Then you always escape and attack again. Ranma-chan: You're pretty confident, What makes you so sure you're going to win again?! Purple: History. Ranma-chan: Blast you! Commander: You mere mortals! You can not hope to stand against my power! [ He lifts up his hand and large pieces of debris start floating over Ranma-chan and the others. Just as he drops them the debris falls for half a foot and then just remain suspended in mid air ] Commander: WHAT?! Impossible! Kay: No it is not. I am an ESPolice officer, I have the power too! [ eyes glow ] [ He redirects the debris toward the Strike Commander. As it reaches him, the debris shatter into smaller pieces ] Commander: Another esper, eh? But you are still young, you lack experience and the killer instinct. But no matter, if it is battle you crave, it is battle you shall have! [ The two begin their awesome telekinetic fight, suberb special effects ] [ Everyone else charges into battle picking a partner ] Ryouga: Ranma! You will now die by my hand! R-chan: Ryouga! Where did you come from?! [ Ryouga slips off his belt and whips Ranma-chan with it. The force of the blow knocks her down. Then without missing a beat, Ryouga wraps his belt around her neck and starts choking her. ] Ryouga: Die! R-chan: Gasp.. no strength ... too weak ... [ Soun, in full battle armor, is attacking Dr. Tofu with a heavy spear ] Soun: Die! Tofu: Please, Mr. Tendo, don't make me hurt you. [ Mousse is attacking Aih with his throwing weapons ] Mousse: Die! [ amazingly she just gracefully dodges all his attacks ] Aih: Can't you guys say anything else? [ she flips out three spatulas and throws them expertly at him ] Mousse: [ blocking them all ] The fight is just beginning! Aih: I couldn't agree more. [ Her initial attack was but a diversion, Aih gets in close and hits him right in the face with an open palm. The impact is so great it knocks Mousse's glasses off and Mousse for a loop. ] Aih-Smash! Mousse: What.. hit me? Purple: The fight is even so far, but that will change when I.. Stranger: [ getting up ] Wait.. I'm not finished speaking yet... Purple: [ ignoring him ] Where are the Fang Troopers?! What's taking them so long to get here? [ in answer to his question, a low echoing voice fills the room, all combatants stop their fighting and listen ] Voice: I am the Itch you cannot Scratch.. [ PurpleCoat starts stamping his foot ] I am the Cooking Oil that fries you alive... [ The Strike Commander stares at his burnt finger ] I am... [ With a giantic explosion of smoke, a figure in blue robes appears, he's wearing the faceplate of.. ] ..FireWater! Happosai: And his sidekick Happosai! [ He's appears beside FW wearing a blue cape and mask ] FireWater: While you Fang aristocrats were in here, we destroyed the roof of this building. Right now, all your vampire forces are being dissolved by the late afternoon sun. Purple: FireWater! I had hoped that you had somehow survived.. so that I could kill you with my own bare claws! Stranger: Wait! I am your opponent! Come back! Purple: [ He leaps up to FW, and is about to gives a mighty blow towards his chest, FW confidently braces himself ] OW... My fist...! [ FW swings his right arm and slams a chain into PurpleCoat, knocking him down. He takes out his right arm, beneath his robes. He has a shiny metal shield attached to it] FW: Do you know what these are, old friend? Purple: What.. the weapons.. But that's impossible! FW: Things have changed, PC. Happy, take out the roof! Purple: No! [ PurpleCoat leaps back into battle, the two clash between his razor fingernails and FW's newly acquired weapons ] Happosai: Happosai FireCracker! Stranger: Happosai! At last I've found you! [ The stranger takes the canister and crushes it over his head. Then he throws off his robe. Suddenly he grows into a winged Minotaur with Octopus arms ] Happosai: Panty-hose Tarou! Long time no see.. [ In response the Minotaur just growls. Happosai throws his bombs at him but he just throws them back. Happosai quickly recovers and concentrates to grow to his Giant form. Soon the two are locked in a titanic struggle, amazingly the ceiling remains undamaged. Normally Panty-hose Tarou could not stand up against Happosai, but right now Happosai isn't up to his peak strength, he has been imprisoned, starved and isolated from girls for a long time. It's an even fight ] FW: You are a fool to challenge my power now! [ slams PurpleCoat with another swipe of the chain ] Purple: ARGHH!!! The weapons, my powers can't directly affect them. I need another tool. Ryouga, assist me! [ Ryouga leaves the semi-conscous Ranma-chan dazed on the floor ] Ryouga: Roaring Lion's Bullet! [ The blast of energy shears toward FW. He puts up his shield to block, which protects him from the worst of the blast. But the raw energy is too much as his robes are blown away ] Ryouga: Eh?! [ When the energy bolt dies down, the figure is cluctching the shield and chain for dear life, but other than having his clothing blown away, FireWater seems no more worse for wear. Strangely enough, he has the body of a very attractive young girl with long brown hair dressed in nothing but a now tattered and revealing blue shirt and the faceplate. She was wearing elevated shoes to give the illusion of being 6'5'' ] Purple: ...! FW: [ recovering ] Uh, now you know my true form. But no matter, with this arrow of power, I shall smite victory! [ Draws a silver arrow with a bow ] Purple: Nooo! [ he's still to weak from the chain beating to stop her ] Happosai: Sensei! I never knew you were so cute! [ He returns to his normal form and jumps to his sensei, hugging her silky legs ] FW: Happy! You fool, let go..! [ Panse Tarou sees his chance and swipes them both with a massive blow from his tentacles. Happy flies through a reinforced window, not being strong enough to withstand the impact. Panse Tarou follows, making an even bigger hole than before. FireWater is thrown into a wall, with a gasp of pain she drops her weapons and her faceplate is knocked off. As it skids across the floor, we see her face. ] Ukyou: My head... swimming... Stop the teleportation spell, or all is lost.. [ falls unconscious ] [ But everyone has other concerns ] Purple: Sun-light! Someone seal that hole! Commader: You are brave, boy, but no match for me. [ He has defeated Kay. Now freed of any distraction, he uses his levitation powers to seal off the hole Panty-hose Taro made. This is taking several minutes ] [ Dr. Tofu, being defensive, is suffering from a gaping spear wound while Soun advances. Likewise, Aih has no match for Mousse's melee weapons, despite her initial attacks ] Ranma-chan: [ searching Panse Tarou's discarded cloak desperately ] Here, I knew I'd find one! [ picks up a canister ] And it's warm [ feeling it ] [ He empties the contents over himself, a small puff of steam forms as he transforms back to a man ] Ranma: Now to help the others.. [ Ranma throws two more vials, one at Ryouga and the other at Mousse. Ryouga, too shocked at the revelation of Ukyou while Mousse is to too engrossed with his battle with Aih, don't see the canisters coming. They both transform into their relatively harmless forms. Aih slaps Mousse again and knocks him into P-chan. They both are knocked unconscious. ] Ranma: Now, face the full power of Saotome Ranma! Crackling-Fire-Speed-Fist! Soun: Eh? OOF! [ falls before Ranma's 100 punch/sec strike ] Aih: Ranma, thank you.. Ranma: Who's next?! Tofu: Ranma.. you just hit Mr. Soun. Something you would have never done before... Ranma: Mr. Soun.. my second father... Tofu: Ranma, don't lose to your Dark Half again.. Ranma: [ angry ] It's all your're fault! Purple: Ranma.. [ recovering ] you don't want to fight us. Ranma: You killed my father! Purple: No, you're father is alive. Ranma: What?! You lie! I remember killing him... [ voice trails off ] Purple: No, he lives. That was only a vampire transformed into a Panda. Ranma: My father.. is alive? Purple: Yes, he's alive and he's right here. Ranma: What? Where? Purple: Oh, very close, in fact [ takes off his hat ], I am your father! [ It's Genma! ] Ranma: No..No..! [ clutching his head ] Genma: Ranma, why are you trying to kill me again? Ranma: I.. you.. He.. But... IT'S A LIE! Genma: No, search your feelings, you know it's true. I never told you, I wanted to protect you from my life. But now I see that was a mistake. Ranma: It's a lie, please let it be a lie... Genma: Join me, son! You are powerful! Even the Strike Commander fears you, we can rule the Fang Empire together, Father and Son! Ranma: ...No... I don't believe you... Genma: Ranma... Ranma: I HATE you! You ran out on me, making me believe I killed you! [ throws a canister at Genma ] Genma?: Wah! Cold! Ranma: I knew it, still human. I'll kill you! Purple: Well, if this form is unpleasing to you, I can change to another. [ starts shimmering into another form ] Ranma: I'm won't be fooled by any more of your transformations! Purple: I know all about you, Ranma. Your strengths and weaknesses. I really did admire you, I'm sorry it had to end this way. Ranma: Save your threats for school girls... [ Purple transforms into a Giant Ghost Cat ] ...ARGHH!!! Keep away from me! [ The GhostCat pounces at Ranma, but Ranma runs off too fast. The chase goes on for a little while until Ranma, not watching where he is going, crashes into the reinforced window. ] Ranma: Uh... Commander: And I just fixed it. Purple: Nooo! More sun-light!! [ collapses ] Aih: You're our last hope, Saotome Ranma. Tofu: Go Ranma, we can't help anymore, we're too weak.. Kay: Fight and win for us, Ranma... Ukyou: Go Ran-chan.. Stop the teleportation... [ They all fall unconscious due to their injuries ] Ranma: Ucc-chan... [ Before she collapses, Ukyou points to beyond the end of the chamber. In it is a woman in pitch black robes in the middle of casting some huge spell. ] Commander: [ who has just finished repairing the window... AGAIN ] It's just you and me now, Ranma. Ranma: Stand aside! I have to stop that teleportation spell! The safety of the city depends on it! Commander: You little niave fool. How much you do not know. Ranma: I said move it! [ He jumps towards him ] Commander: Stop! You cannot approach me! Ranma: Says who?! [ gets pounded by flying debris ] Commander: You cannot come near me with my power. Ranma: Fine then, if I can't touch you.. Roaring Lion's Bullet! [ Ranma sends a beam of energy at the Commander, but he blocks with the palm of his hand ] Commander: You have to do better than that. Ranma: Roaring Lion's Bullet! [ Ranma repeated fires, but he can't bypass the Commander's defense ] Ukyou: Ran-chan... [ resisting unconsciousness ] Tofu: Ranma... [ holding on to his wounded arm ] Aih: Ranma.. [ pushing herself up against a wall ] Kay: Ranma... [ stirring from unconsciousness ] Ranma: Blast, there has to be some way.. [ Flashback ] Genma: Ranma, the whole point of this exercise is to learn the Cat-fist techinique. When up against a foe more stronger than you, it is important to know as many fighting styles as possible. This way you can combine your attacks to make an unbeatable offense! Little Ranma: No! I hate cats! Not again! Genma: We will continue training until we get it right! [ drops little Ranma into a cat pit ] [ Present ] Ranma: That's it! Saotome Meteor-Shower Punch! [ he lets out a huge blast of energy ] Commander: HA! I can stop even this energy manifistation... ULP! Tofu: What? One got through! Commander: How... Ranma: I'm combining my techniques. I'm hitting so fast, you can't hope to defend yourself. Commander: You can't defeat me with this cheap trick! Ranma: Fine, let's do it again! Roaring Lion's Crackling Fire Bullet Speed Fist! ( let's keep it to Meteor-Shower Punch, it's shorter ) [ Ranma lets out a combination of his two techniques. 100 energy bolts fly out towards his target ] Commander: Impossible! UHHH!! [ gets clobbered by several blows ] Ukyou: Ran-chan! Tofu: Ranma! Ranma: Had enough? Commander: Fu. Your blows, when seperated like this, lack strength. I would image you must be near exhaustion as well. Ranma: Pant..Pant.. He's right. Commander: I only have to delay for another moment, and then the Leader shall come with the Elite Guard! We shall crush you... UGHH! My chest.. [ clutching the first wound caused by Ranma ] Ranma: Don't have much time, I have to take him out NOW! Ukyou: Ranma, catch! [ she throws him a bow and the silver arrow ] Commander: The ancient weapons! My power can't affect them... Ukyou: Hurry, Ran-chan, this weapon has power enough to kill him! Ranma: Prepare for the end! [ takes careful aim ] Commander: No! Kasumi: What's all the noise? [ She arrives carrying a plate of food to the Commander ] Commander: Do you dare fire now? [ He grabs her ] Kasumi: Kazuya-san, not in front of the children.. [ He places her right in front of him ] Ranma: Whoops! [ almost fires the arrow but just stops himself ] Tofu: Kasumi! Kasumi: Eh? Dr. Tofu.. Kay: Ranma... Aih: Ranma... Ukyou: Ran-chan, hurry, it's almost too late! Tofu: Ranma! If you miss... Ranma: Forgive me Kasumi... [ takes aim again ] But I'm afraid I'm going to do a lot worse before the end of the day. Commander: You're crazy! Stop! Kasumi: Kazuya-san... Tofu: Kasumi! Ranma: Ummmm! [ Ranma pulls back on the bow and lets the arrow fly ] Kay: Ranma! Aih: Ranma! Commander: No!! I can't do it! [ He quickly pushes Kasumi behind him, the silver shaft embeds in his heart ] Kasumi: Kazuya-san! Commander: Kasumi-san, Thank you for your cooking. It smells wonderful. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to taste it... Kasumi: Kazuya-san... Kazuya-san!!! [ shaking him, no response ] ... Ukyou: Hurry! It's almost too late! [ Ranma and the rest, suddenly rejuvenated with the possibility victory tap into their reserves and run towards the spellcaster. Just as they reach her, they are all blown back by a burst of air. ] Purple: [ in pain ] The Leader... is here! Hahahaha.. cough cough ouch.. [ A figure in tattered brown robes walks in ] Leader: THIS IS MY WELCOMING? I AM VERY DISPLEASED. Aih: You're going to be even more displeased than that! Leader: SILENCE! I SEE MY AGENTS HAVE FAILED. NO MATTER. I SHALL DEAL WITH THIS MYSELF. [ From the Leader's fingertips, bolts of lightening fly out and strike everyone down. ] Kasumi: [ watching nearby ] The others, they need me.. I can't let this bother me.. Not now.. Mother... Ranma: I'm not finished yet..! [ struggling to get up ] Leader: WHAT STRENGTH, WHAT DETERMINATION! I SHALL ENJOY BREAKING YOU. Ranma: Never...! ARGH!! [ gets blasted again ] Leader: I AM A GOD. I AM ALL POWERFUL. YOU CAN NOT STOP ME. Ranma: What's the big deal about being a god?! Saotome Meteor-Shower Punch! [ rains force-bolts at the Leader ] [ But the leader just blocks them all with a protective energy field ] Leader: YOU FOOL. Ranma: ARGHH! [ Ranma is constantly blasted by lightening from the Leader's fingertips, over and over again. But Ranma refuses to give up and advances slowly, painfully and very costily ] Father.. help me... Leader: CALL OUT TO YOUR ANCESTORS, THEY CAN NOT HELP YOU NOW. [ Flashback ] Genma: Ranma, this our secret technique: Sometimes you have to run away in order to defeat your enemy. It's something they never expect. [ Present ] Leader: DIE! Ranma: Saotome Secret! Leader: WHAT?! Ranma: Some tricks always work. [ The Leader sens a massive bolt of energy at Ranma. Ranma, instead of facing it, this time retreats and easily avoids the path of the bolt. He jumps around and bounces off a side wall and lands near the Leader ] Leader: WHERE? Ranma: Here I come! Kasumi: Ranma! Watch out for the cross fire! Leader: EH?! THAT FACE...?! [ At that moment's distraction, Ranma manages to belt the Leader right in the breadbasket ] Ranma: Gotcha! Leader: OOF!! YOU DARE STRIKE ME?! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! [ The smell of ozone starts filling the area ] [ Pan back to the outskirts of Kunou Manor. Despite the activities going on, it remains a beautiful sunny day. The scene slowly pans back to the city. Despite all the deaths, the city is still busy, hustling, going on with it's everyday business, oblivious to the cosmic struggle going on between good and evil. Pan back to show the country of Japan just sitting serenely in the sea. Pan back again to show the earth, a great blue dot of hope in space ] "FIGHT ON RANMA! GOD IS WITH YOU!" [ Then we hear Ranma's cries of pain echoing across the globe. ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Character Profile: Lo-shin (Lotion) A young girl from Shampoo's village. She appears to be slightly younger than Shampoo and also very good friends with every one from the village. She is a very liberated '90s type girl, not wishing to conform to the old customs of the village, especially the mating ritual. But she's still dreams of finding Mr. Right. Lo-shin is also a bit more impulsive and belligerent than Shampoo and seems to enjoy fighting very much. She also has less compulsions against killing or maiming. Considering her residence, she is highly skilled in the fighting arts, although she personally knows no special or magical techniques, she is still a VERY strong fighter and has lots of potential. Her specialty is wtih throwing weapons, she can make simply incredible shots. Her hair braid is made up a steel braid, spiked on one end. She keeps little weapons like these all over her body hidden as ornaments. Physcial Description: A cute chinese girl about 16 yrs old. She dresses similarly to Shampoo. She has bright blue hair arranged in a long braid-pony-tail. She sort of looks like a cross between Ranma-chan and Shampoo. She looks a bit younger than Shampoo but more exotic/foreign than Ranma-chan. From rec.arts.anime Tue Apr 13 00:46:27 1993 Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime Path:!isy!liuida!sunic!pipex!uknet!!agate!!!!!krim From: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Subject: [ FanFic ] Ranma: Dark Half - Part 14 ! Message-ID: <> Keywords: Will this series ever end?! Sender: (The Network News) Nntp-Posting-Host: Reply-To: (Karl "KAL" Rim) Organization: Columbia University Center for Computing Activities Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1993 18:18:22 GMT Lines: 904 Winding up for the grand conclusion: Sorry this took so long but I just had a sudden inspiration for more commercials! (some good, some ah...) @@D RANMA: DARK HALF A A Karl "KAL" Rim @@@@@ @@ R FanFiction @@ @@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@ K @@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@ ---------- Part 14 @@@@@ @@ @@ @@@@ @@ @@ @@ @@@@@@@ @ @ Accept no substitutes! @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@@@@ @@ @@@@ @@@ @ @@@@@@ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Very Brief synopsis I don't think you would want me to hold off posting because I didn't wan't to get around writing a long detailed summary, so here is a very short one: The final battle between the forces of Furinkan High and the supernatural hordes of the Fang nears it's climax. The sinister Fang Spell-caster, using her last remaining strength has summoned their supreme Leader for the final fight. Casualties are heavily amassed by both sides. The last confict now stands as Ranma must defeat the Leader of the Fang Empire, who are both the last remaining champions of either side, still standing. Victory seemed hopeless until Ranma scored a palable hit on the invincible Leader, giving hope to an otherwise hopeless cause. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [ Opens up with Ranma being knocked for a big loop as a massive lightening bolt hits him in the chest. He lies panting and lying on the ground. Likewise Dr. Tofu, Ukyou, Kay and Aih are just struggling to keep awake, suffering from their massive injuries during the last encounter. Kasumi watches idly nearby ] Kasumi: Is this more special training? Leader: WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO RESIST? EVERY time YOU get UP I just KNOCK you DOWN. YOU can BARELY stand MUCH less FIRE another KI-blast. Ranma: Nothing will stop me. I'll fight you with the last bit of my strength! Knock me down 1000 times! It won't matter, I'll keep coming until I win! Leader: VERY well then, GET up so I CAN knock you DOWN again with MY lightening bolts. Ranma: Uhhh! Give me a minute... Ummf! Leader: WIMP. PurpleCoat, where are YOU? Purple: [ weakly ] Here, my liege.. UGHH! [ gets blasted by the Leader ] What was that for?! Leader: I HEARD that comment about RULING my empire with SAOTOME. Purple: It was only a delaying tactic. I have served you loyally in the past.. Leader: I KNOW, that's why you're STILL alive. [ Ranma is still trying to get up ] Are the MAIDENS of the selection READY? I hope you PICKED some pretty ones THIS time. Purple: My leige, your voice, it becomes not unlike static. Leader: OH, blast, he's shorted OUT my speaker system WITH his punch. Better shut it off. Ranma: [ still struggling to get up, almost there ] You fiend! I won't let you have them..! Leader: Oh, I will have them. They're all going to be mine. Ranma: Wait, something about your voice... [ The Leader takes off the hood of her cloak to reveal the face of a young and suprisingly cute girl. She has clear blue innocent eyes, light aqua-olive hair and incredibly adorable fangs. ] Ranma: You're a .. girl! Leader: Gee, you noticed. You probably thought the supreme Leader of the Fang Empire just had to be a guy, didn't you? Typical male. Ranma: You mean.., you enjoy girls?! [ gets zapped for that comment, ed note: that one he deserved ] Purple: Empress, I see you've taken yet another host. Empress: Do you like it? [ strikes a sensuous pose ] Purple: [ looking her up and down, sweating ] Uhh, what if I say no? Empress: I'll zap you. Purple: What if I say yes? [ gets zapped ] Empress: Sex-maniac! I could feel your hot eyes slobbering all over me! Know your place, servant! Kasumi: She's so cute! Empress: Ranma, Darr-ling! Why don't you join me? You obviously have potential, even if you are a little crude. You could serve me very well under the Fang. Ranma: Never! Empress: Don't you find me attractive? [ smile! ] Ranma: Don't try to hypnotise me... Empress: I'm not. Ranma: ... uh... [ starts to look confused ] Empress: And you don't have a bad face.. Ranma: Umm.. [ now starts smiling ] ..Actually no. Empress: Eh? Ranma: I'm not interested in girls who have less sex appeal than me. Empress: ... Purple: Empress, if you'll just give me a minute, I need to update you on some info.. Ranma: In fact, you're bratty and obnoxious! Empress: WHAT?! * * * In a chamber, the Fang Healing Tanks set up by the Strike Commander himself, start shaking. The water soon comes to a rapid boil. Bubbles and mist start eminating from the once gentle waters of healing. The water gets worse as the tanks start cracking. Vamp Guard 1: What, the pools.. ARGH! [ gets splashed ] Vamp Guard 1: It's becoming like Fire...! [ The tanks explode and the vampires are consumed by the boiling fiery water. A cry of triumph erupts as the explosive water smashes into the adjoining walls ] * * * Ranma: You're not cute! You're not cute! [ ZAAAPP!!!] Uhh... Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.. Empress: So if you won't join me, you have to fight me. What are you going to do now? Hit a girl?! Ranma: Well I uh... [ gets clobbered by another lightening bolt ] GRR!! I already hit you once, another time won't matter! And you're no girl! No person with that much lack of sex appeal can be a girl! Empress: [ lighting up like New Year's ] You'll pay for that! Ranma: Who's going to make me? Green: Me! [ He flies in and hits Ranma on the back of his head ] Purple: GreenCoat..! Green: Sorry, guys, but I owe him. Purple: I thought you.. Green: Died? C'mon, you didn't REALLY think I bit it. But I'll admit I was pretty messed up, I think I broke a neck bone. Purple: No, I thought you were loafing off duty again. I was wondering when you were going to haul your lazy carcass here. Green: I missed you too. Anyway, I've got important information. I was meaning to tell you, but some sort of invasion force always came up. Remember my investigation for the lost body of Kuonji? I found out Jo is some how animating Kuonji Ukyou's body. His scent is the most recent one at the place where her body was last seen. Most likely she'll try to use the ancient weapons under his mental instruction. Purple: Your report is a little late. Green: There was something else too, but I just can't seem to remember.. [ By now Ukyou, Dr. Tofu Kay and Aih are stuggling to their feet. ] Tofu: Stop..! Ukyou: No one hurts Ran-chan..! Green: Hey, there's Kuonji. But she sure doesn't talk like Jo. A lot cuter though. But where is that other one..? Empress: The common fighters. You are not worthy of my attention. I'll let my elite guard handle you. Rise, my Guard of Four! [ From behind the Empress, four figures jump out ] Loin-cloth! [ A large Fang Warrior in a furry loin-cloth lets out a huge bellow ] Needle! [ A man with a rapier leaps out, preforming a series of sword thrusts ] Buttons! [ A tall thin man wearing glasses comes up, strangely enough he has buttons on his shirt and pants, even on his eyeglasses. ] and, "George" [ A normal looking kid with freckles in a school uniform walks up ] George: Hi! Ranma: [ struggling to his feet ] Heh, I'm not afraid of your wimpires.. Empress: Attack them, my Guard of Four! * * * [ In the crystal chamber where the crystal maidens sleep, their serene slumber is brought to a rude awakening as the wall slowly suddenly bursts open and unrelenting water floods the room. The water carries the crystal coffins and smashes them into the wall. ] Akane: cough cough where am I? Nabiki: Ugh.. Akane? Akane: Sister... Shampoo: Where?.. Akane: Shampoo! Easy, it's going to be alright. [ Shampoo grabs Akane's arm and throws her against the wall ] Shampoo: Yes, it certainly will. [ Her eyes glow red ] Kodachi: We are not going anywhere. Loshin: Surrender. * * * [ Back to the main council chambers. It is a masacre. The good guys lost. Their battered and wounded force is no match for the Empress's fresh personal guard. Green: [ munching on some popcorn ] Wow, you almost never get to see fights like this. Purple: Hmm. Ranma: Okay, now I'm afraid. Loin-cloth: You all die now. Aih: Blast, these guys are too powerful.. We need strong.. really strong reinforcements.. Buttons: Prepare for the end! [ And then the chamber doors slam open once again. This time the doors flies straight like missles and slam into Lion-cloth, crashing him into the wall. From the corrider a figure is heard walking down the hall. He's also whistling some tune: TweetTweet, Tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-TweetTweet ] Voice: "Those who have sown the winds of destruction must reap the whirlwind of justice" [ In walks an ominous seven foot man wearing drenched blue robes ] Green: J..Jo, is that you?! [ The figure walks towards FireWater's faceplate. With a flick of his foot he tosses it up and catches it in his hand. Voice: I'll give you a hint. [ He throws it at GreenCoat, which just barely misses and ends up beheading George who was behind him, the faceplate flies in an arc and returns to his hand. The interloper places it on the face of his hood. ] Green: Yep, it's him alright. No one else would miss so badly. Needle: [ drawing his saber ] We meet again, young FireWalker. FireWater: That's FireWaTER! Needle: Oh yeah, it's been a while.. Defend yourself! [ tries to run him through with his rapier ] [ FW steps aside, when Needle passes him, FW draws a sword from beneath his cloak and guts Needle ] Needle: Hey! You never used hidden weapons before...! Uhh... Purple: Well, Well, Well... If it isn't FireHazard, again. Or is it just another one of your dopplegangers, coward? FW: Exploding Point Technique! [ stikes the ground with his fist, the ensuing explosion slams PurpleCoat into the ceiling ] Buttons: It's been a long time, FireWater! FW: Do I know you? Buttons: Don't pretend you don't remember! FW: Have we met? Buttons: You really don't remember me? UGH! [ gets suckered punched ] Green: I see you haven't lost your touch, Jo. FW: What about you, GC? I don't think I've shown you my Cat-Fist technique yet. [ raises his arm with his wrist and elbow bent, fingers curled ] Green: Hahaha! You've got to be kidding! There's no way I'm taking you on by myself. [ steps aside ] [ FW approaches the Empress ] Empress: Jo? Jo BlueRobe, darr-ling! It is you, isn't it? It's been ages since we last saw each other. FireWater: I'm FireWater now. Empress: Oh that's right, after that night you went on that drinking binge... You know you really hurt poor PurpleCoat. FireWater: So have you. With your electric zaps. And he's hurt me, with his claws. Other than the new body, you haven't changed a bit.. Empress: You have, you no longer spout those silly metaphors, but you still like to make a dramatic entrance and I always loved your poetry. FireWater: I haven't come for small talk. Your personal Guard can't protect you now. Empress: I don't need them, but they're nice to have around when I don't want to sully my own two hands. FireWater: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now.. Empress: I'll give you Four. [ In a roar Loin-cloth tears himself out of the wall and charges into FW. By now the others have recovered and joined the melee, including GreenCoat. However Needle is still painfully trying to pull the sword from his side. George remains dead. The Empress is checking her make-up in a vanity mirror ] * * * Akane: What.. Nabiki: Akane, we can't fight them. Akane: But the others, they may be in danger. Loshin: Stop! Kodachi: You are of the chosen selection! Shampoo: Do not move UHHH! [ falls unconscious ] Loshin: Forgive me, friends, for deception. But no other way to knock out Shampoo. She too strong. Go! Help others, Lo-shin will keep last Dark-Slave busy! [ Akane looks at her briefly and then runs off with Nabiki ] Kodachi: Girl, you place your life in peril, when you challenge, Black-Rose Kodachi! [ Throws sharp edged black roses at her ] Loshin: Ahhh! [ gets various minor cuts and scrapes ] My face! This one has had just about enough of you! [ She bends down and picks up a crystal shard ] HAAA! [ She throws the shard at Kodachi. Kodachi dodges it easily and flings her ribbon to ensnare Lotion's hand. ] Kodachi: Now I have you! [ Lotion gives a hard tug and throws Kodachi off balance. Before she can recover, Lotion runs in and gives an toe kick to her neck. Lotion then applies a headlock to Kodachi. But Kodachi isn't finished yet, she slips a baton down her arm and rams it into Lotion's stomach. ] Kodachi: Feel my righteous anger! [ Lotion swings her long braided ponytail around. At the end of her ponytail is a sharp metal clasp. It bashes Kodachi straight in the face. ] Kodachi: You'll pay for that you little... [ Before she can recover, Loshin uses her momentum to follow up with a round body spin kick which enables her to pick up a crystal shard on the ground and simultaneously offensively kick Kodachi in the kissser. In a last ditch attempt for her to recapture the offense, Kodachi throws a hoop straight at Lotion's head. ] Kodachi: I'm through playing with you! [ Lotion jumps through the loop and hooks her feet at one end and with a sommersault throws it back at an astonished Kodachi. She barely avoids the return and is stunned by the near miss. Lying on the ground, she can only watch as Lotion calmly walks up to her, as silent as ever. ] (ed note: I hope you guys appreciate all the detail I'm giving you!) Lo-shin: "The true warrior boasts with HER body, not with HIS mouth." Kodachi: Spare me your stupid chinese proverbs. [ Kodachi tries to get up, but before she can move too far, Lotion slams the crystal shard she was holding, right into her heart. ] Loshin: "Rest in pieces, harlot!" That one is western proverb. * * * [ Commercial A ] Otaku: Boy, am I lonely. I wish I had a girlfriend but I'm such a geeky nerd. Anime Bimbo: Tired of all those lonely nights? Wan't to meet new and exciting people? Then call the Anime Party line where you can live out your fantasies and maybe even meet the girl of your dreams. Ayukawa's voice: I like wimpy indecisive men.. Wait till you get a load of my slapping treatment.. Lum's voice: I'm just crazy about fickle sex-maniacs... You haven't lived until you experienced my shock treatment. Kyoko's voice: I live for stupid student ronins who are a failure in life. It pleases me to wait on you hand and foot. Anime Gigolo: Try it, it's for everybody. Seiya's voice: If you're in a helpless situation, I'd drop everything to save you. 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It's time we took care of Mother Earth. Something to think about. Recycle, it really helps. [ Commercial C ] At Sizzle's, not only do we offer a great steak and seafood platter combo, but we also have an all-you-can-eat salad bar and popcorn shrimp. Just listen to our satisfied customers: Ataru: Hey Waiter! More Shrimp! More Shrimp! Rei: GULP! CHOMP! SLURP! EAT! SWALLOW! Cherry: Let reflect on the ... Sakura: Uncle, eat or talk, do one or the other! And don't stare directly at the camera or you'll... [ sound as the lens breaks... ] SIGN: Please stand by, we are experiencing techinical difficulties. * * * [ Back at the council chambers, the good guys are losing badly. Even FireWater's added power isn't enough to turn the tide of battle. Needle has managed to get to his feet but has not joined the fight. Not like he really needs to. George is still dead, his head decapitated from his body while The Emperess has moved on to eyeshadow coloring. ] FireWater: So much for my charge of the Cloaked Brigade... [ In the meanwhile, LoinCloth has FW bent down in a headlock, PurpleCoat is slashing him with his claws, GreenCoat is biting on his leg and Buttons is kicking him in the stomach. In a burst of blue aura, FW breaks free, but then LoinCloth quickly grabs him from behind and does a backdrop on him. As FW struggles up, stars are circling his head and he does his impression of a drunk man. However they are doing a pretty impressive amount of property damage. ] Kasumi: Enough! I have had Enough! [ stepping out into the open ] Everyone: HUH?! Kasumi: This is not how you treat a guest's house! I won't forgive you! Buttons: Woman, how dare you disturb the natural progression of the Empress's holy Guard of Four?! For that sacrilege I will be forced to.. [ Kasumi reaches into her pocket and takes out... ] Kasumi: Back demons, back! Fang: Cooking BEANS+?!! ARGHH! Back! Fall Back! Purple: She can't keep this up! There's only so many beans she has in her apron! Green: Ouch! Those things sting! FireWater: This may be the chance we've been looking for..! Aih, carry Kay's body outside now. Aih: Okay.. FW: Dr. Tofu, I want you to grab Kasumi and run out of this room when she runs out of beans. Seal the doors afterwards. Tofu: But how will I... FW: Ukyou, give Officer Kay the platinum dart, I know you have it on you. [ touching Kay's head ] There, that should do it. Tofu: But what about.. FW: Ranma, you already know the Dragon Cyclone technique.. Ranma: Yeah.. but.. FW: Ukyou, you still have a fraction of my consciousness within you. Ukyou: ... Yes. FW: Good, this is our chance to turn the tide of battle... We three are going to combine our power. This is the formation... [ Ranma jumps on top of FW's shoulders, Ukyou does likewise to Ranma's ] Ukyou: "Twirling Whirlwind!" FW: Theoretically this should work. Ranma: Theoretically?! [ On cue their allies run out. Then the threesome focus their energies into a single cyclone manifistation ] Green: Hey, is there a breeze in here? [ The three start spinning in place, faster and faster. Soon a powerful whirlwind stands in their place and is growing! ] Needle: Whoa! [ All the Fang are thrown around like rag dolls in the a hurricane ] Buttons: Such power! Purple: Ridiculous! FW: Now! [ The three stop the techinique and jump out of their formation like speeding bullets. Each rams into a Fang and sends them gasping in pain. FireWater is just amazing as he flies around his opponents. And the way he leaps into the air, he looks like a frightening dark Bird of Prey ] Green: Hey! That's my line! FW: Quick, Ranma, keep them busy while I take out the ceiling! Ranma: Gotcha, man! FW: Winged Griffin Pounce!!! [ a large blue griffin aura surrounds him. As he reaches up for the ceiling, the Griffin image follows and smashes a big hole ] Purple: Sun-light! Green: Thanks for the update, Purple, but I think we can all see that for ourselves. [ All the Fang start disintegrating except for .. ] Green: Oh come on you sissies. Just 10 minutes more and the sun's going to set. Be a man and take it. Needle: Sun-light is sun-light, you fool... Purple: Hey, wait a minute, why aren't you affected?! Green: And you all made fun of me for getting such an expensive custom designed suit. It's made of special ultra-violent radiation reflective materials. I may be uncomfortable, but I'll live. Ukyou: We did it! FW: Don't celebrate yet... Ranma: Hey, FireWater, are you alright? FW: No, haven't recovered as much as I hoped... Too weak... Can't resist... Lifeforce draining away.. Ranma: What...? [ At the far end of the room, a door smashes open. Enter a small army of zombies ] FW: I forgot about their zombie army, sunlight won't kill them.. Ranma: That's their entire fighting force, there's no way we can stop them all! FW: Blast, GC is still standing, I'm the only one that can stop him.. AGHH! Ukyou: Jo, no! You've pushed yourself too far. Ran-chan, keep GC busy, I'll handle the zombies. Ranma: What?! Wait a minute.. [ She already ran into the zombie crowd ] * * * Kausmi: You can put me down now, Dr. Tofu. Tofu: Oh, Hahahah! Sorry.... Aih: Now Kay! [ Kay, summoning his remaing energy, throws the platinum dart into the wall causing a small avalanche occurs, sealing the entrance. The strain is too much for him as he falls again unconscious again ] Akane: Dr. Tofu! Everyone, what's going on? Tofu: Akane! Kasumi: Nabiki. Akane: Where's Ranma?! Tofu: He's in there.. Akane: I have to help him! Aih: There's no way in. Nabiki: Hmm, there are sure a lot of zombies going into that side door. Akane: Ranma. Tofu: Akane, I wouldn't go there... Akane: Ranma! [ runs in anyway ] Kasumi: Let her go. Sometimes a girl must follow her heart... * * * [ We see Ukyou, smashing into the zombies with her giant spatula, despite her start, the numbers are overwelming her. ] Ukyou: There's too many of them, I have to use my special technique. "Kuonji Smokescreen!" [ Raising her arm high, she lets out a sack of flour. Instantly she is hidden by the rising dust while the zombies are left choking ] Zomb1: Where she is? Zomb2: Must find.. [ Outside the blast radius of the flour, Ukyou is calmy observing them ] Ukyou: Hmm, I wonder if they know how volitile flour is? [ lights a match and tosses it at them ] Oh well. Green: Out of the way, girl-boy. It's Jo I want. Ranma: If you want him you must first defeat me! Green: I'm not passing up a chance to bust Jo's chops... Ranma: You're lying, even though you're resisting the sunlight, I can see it's having it's effects on you. Green: ..especially before he busts mine. Ranma: You're no match for me now! Green: Let's finish it! [ They run towards each other with a battle cry on their lips. Each brings back their arms and let out a blow. And then their fists impact! ] Buttons: [ observing ] What.. power! Purple: Amazing! Green: OWWW... Ranma: ..My fist! [ both stoop down clutching their fists in pain ] Ukyou: Wait, the ancient weapons, I dropped them over there. Here's the shield.. and there's the chain.. [ As she reaches for the it, someone else grabs it ] Needle: [ weakly ] Looking for this, my dear? Ukyou: My chain.. give it back... Needle: Hahaha. Ukyou: Give it back! [ starts throwing spatulas at him which barely miss ] Needle: Hey, easy, I'm in a very delicate condition right now. Ukyou: GIVE IT BACK! [ starts slamming him with her shield ] Needle: ...! Ukyou: GIVE IT.. [ striking him with her giant Spatula ] Akane: Ranma! Ranma: Akane?! What are you doing here? Akane: I'm here to help you ..! Ranma: Stupid! This is a dangerous fight, it's no place for a girl! Ukyou: Ran-chan! Look, I got the weapons back! Akane: I was worried about you.. Ranma: You uncute girl! Akane: You idiot! Green: I'd be a real creep take advantage of the situation. [ spits out a stream of acid ] So I'm a creep. Ranma: Akane, look out! [ pushes her away ] ARGHGHGH! [ Half his body is hit, he's so badly burned, you can even see some bone! ] Akane: Ranma! Ukyou: Ran-chan! I'll make you pay for that! [ She swings the chain at GreenCoat but he just grabs it and pulls her in ] Green: Jo's withdrawling his influence on you, without his mental support, they're only ordinary weapons. [ wresting with her ] If you keep struggling like this, I'm going to forget that we're supposed to be fighting. Tofu: [ entering ] I'm here to help! Aih: Count me in! Loshin: Me two! Green: Sheesh, you guys keep popping out of the woodwork. Don't you ever give up? Tofu: We might ask the same of you. [ throws some wooden stakes ] Green: Shield up! [ grabs Ukyou's arm with the shield to block ] Aih: This shell has your name on it. [ She pulls out her backup pistol from her boot sole ] Green: A Gun?! That's against every unwritten code of martial combat! [ In a loud burst, Aih fires ] I knew I should have searched you when I had the chance.. [ blocks with the shield, but the impact shakes him ] That's no ordinary gun.. [ She fires another shot which leaves him ringing ] There's got to be a way out of this. Aih: Give up or I won't miss next time. Green: If you keep this up, you might hit the girl! Aih: ... Tofu: Lotion-chan, NO! [ restraining her ] Loshin: Just one shot, just one shot! Please! I can make it! [ she's trying to throw some crystal shards ] Green: Hmm, I hope those shards aren't what I think they are. Aih: Let her go! Green: Hahaha. No way. Akane: You coward! What kind of man are you?! Green: Stakes and stones may break my bones, but skirts like you annoy me. Akane: What..?! Green: You know, you're cute when you're angry. FireWater: [ weakly ] GC, you're the antithesis of the spirit of the Prime Directive, corrupting everything it stands for. Green: What? FW: Uhh... Look! Is that Leonard Nimoy?! Green: WHERE?! Akane: This is for Ranma! [ Her jump kick to his face knocks him away from Ukyou ] Green: Dot by tose again.. sniff Aih: How did you do that? FW: You.. you just have to know the right buttons to push. Why didn't you use your gun before? Aih: I only had three shots. Ukyou: Akane, thank you. Green: So it's all of you against me? Just the way I like it! [ looking up ] And now the sun has set, a fair fight! Saucer Seperation! [ His head flies off and starts spitting acid at various targets. ] Aih: Horrible.. [ faints ] Ukyou: Kyyaa! [ just barely blocks with the shield ] [ Unfortunately GreenCoat's body is also attacking ] Loshin: [ she's knocked to the ground by a left hook along with Akane ] I didn't lose! Tofu: No! Stop! [ He jumps up and grabs GreenCoat's flying head. Although he suffers some acid burns he manages to slap a mystic seal on it's forehead. The head slows down but then.. ] Green's head: Fool! Did you really think one of your pitiful sanskrit talismans could stop me? [ spits acid at it ] Tofu: Well actually... Yes. [ The talisman explodes knocking Green's head away ] Tofu: I knew you were too powerful for just a talisman to stop, so I coated that one with kerosole. [ However GreenCoat's body is still on a ramapge ] FW: I have to help.. [ he grabs some nearby stones ] Delayed Exploding Point Technique! (Fire-Water-Cracker!) [ He throws them into GreenCoat's body via the opening left by his head. A few seconds later his body explodes, the terrible damage absorbed completely by GreenCoat's body ] Aih: [ waking ] What happened to him? FW: Antimatter core breach. Loshin: We win! Empress: Hey, aren't you all forgetting something?! [ She rises like a ghost and emits an electrical storm which shocks everyone unconscous ] While you've all been busy playing, I've been storing up my strength like a capacitor. This body is not vampire, sunlight doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I enjoy tans! You fools can never stand against my power! The sun has just set, my vampire guard shall rise again! This Thirteenth city shall be my crown of power! I've won, the world belongs to me! [ And then the Twenty foot mecha crashed in and fell on top of her. ] * * * [ At ESPolice HQ, an aide gives a startling report ] Dr Kno: What do you mean?! Aide B: One of the towns on the outer perimeter, contact has been re-established! Dr Kno: That's odd. Aide B: Yes, reports are still hazy, but apparently some sort of localized disaster occured. Dr Kno: What could this mean? Aide A: Doctor! A report is just coming in... Another city has been restored! Dr Kno: Another one? After being out of touch for so long..? Aide A: Sir! Captain Zen's Delta unit was spotted! A weather satellite in the vicinity of Tokyo marks his mecha in that area. Dr Kno: Really? So he's still alive... Aide B: Then so might officer Kay and.. Aih-sama!! [ has a dreamy look ] Aide A: Last sighting says he was trying to maintain his altitude when... his systems went dead and he plunged like a rock. Dr Kno: What a shame. [ and then he helped himself to another one of Zen's cigars ] * * * [ A figure climbs out of the cockpit of the mecha. He takes off his helmet which has a little furry doll attached to it. The pilot looks around and then talks to his helmet ] Captain Zen: Totoro, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore... Buttons: The Empress, is she alive? Purple: Contrary to popular belief, not everyone can survive being hit by 20 tons of dead weight and escape with just a bump on the head. Buttons: So, she's dead. Purple: You got that right. And so is everyone else. Buttons: We're the last two. Let's not join them. Zen: You two there! I don't know what's going on, but Freeze! (Gosh, I always wanted to say that) Purple: We must retreat. Buttons: Hurry, before he.. Zen: Fire! [ His mecha aims it's plasma canon at them and.. ] Darn! My solar cells are exhausted. [ The two vampires transform into bats and start flying off. Then one of them suddenly falls down, there's a silver piece of metal stuck in it. The other bat doesn't even look back. ] Nabiki: Nice shot! Aih: Thank you for the loan of your sliver pendant. Nabiki: It was nothing... Akane: How is Ranma? Tofu: Not good. I fear his injuries are fatal. Akane: Ranma... [ starts crying ] Don't die.. I.. I.. FW: Do not grieve, he will soon become one with the universe, and he'll have plenty of company. cough cough Ranma: [ very weakly ] Akane.. Akane: Ranma! He's still alive! Tofu: Ranma, easy. Ranma: AkAHHne.. I.. I.. lAHH.. yUHH! Nabiki: Not for long. FW: ... Akane: It's not fair! Ranma, you died saving me.. saving us.. FireWater: ... Take him, take everyone, to the Healing Chambers. Nabiki knows where it is. The waters there are supercharged, they can save the life of any human injury. Hurry, the effect will not last long.. Hurry! [ Everyone runs off with an injuried person, except for.. ] Tofu: Mr. FireWater.. what about you? FW: Like I said, they will save the life of any human injury. Tofu: But you... FW: Haven't you guessed by now? I am more, much more, than human.. Tofu: What..! You're discorporating! I'm a doctor, can't I help?... FW: No, I am dying, it's too late for me. The only way for me to survive is by stealing another person's right to happiness. Something the Fang would do without a second thought. But I would rather die than walk that path. I have already done too much as it is. But there is one last task I must perform. With my last strength, I shall cleanse the world of the Fang's dark dominion.. But I need your help, will you permit me..? Tofu: Mr. FireWater... FW: Do not grieve, Heros never die. I, FireWater, shall return. [ A short while later Dr. Tofu sadly walks out and heads to the Healing Tanks. He looks back just once. ] Tofu: Rest in piece. [ And and then runs off to give his medical assistance. Back in the chamber we see that FW is still unconscious and has seemed to have shrunk two feet. A few moments pass by and suddenly the body of FW jerks and sits up. ] FW: Yawn! Where am I? What's this thing on me? [ FW starts disrobing and we see the body of a familar girl with long light brown hair. Finally the figure takes off the faceplate. She has goggles on her face. ] FW?: Sheesh! I better take these off too.. [ She discards the robes and faceplate in a pile and removes the goggles ] Tsubasa++: Hmm, the store sure looks different ever since those zombies tore it up. I wonder where Ukyou-sama is? [ Tsubasa hears a commotion down the hall and runs down towards it. ] [ A little while later, one can almost hear the low echo of a high-pitched laughter permeating the room and a small puff of smoke erupts. There is a low a whisper: ] "Everything is going according to plan" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= + Apparently from Japanese superstition, you can drive away demons with beans. ++ If you remember he was captured all the way back in part 4. And the Fang originally thought it was Ukyou's dead body brought back by DS-Kodachi . I also misspelled his name to be Tsubame earlier instead of Tsubasa. Sorry for any confusion. Character Profile: FireWater Very little is known about this man or woman. He keeps his identity almost completely secret and has had various of aliases. In one past life he was known as Jo BlueRobe, and at this time had a falling out with the Fang and some of it's core memebers such as PurpleCoat (PC to him), GreenCoat (GC to him), and the Fang Emperess. He calls himself a specialist in the supernatural and investigates odd occurences, usually to combat some dark force of evil. But he and the Fang seem to have a grudge from a long time ago. It is even speculated that FireWater is hundreds of years old. He also apparently has some links with Happosai, claiming to be his teacher. He often refers to the Wandering One, some unknown cosmic entity force of good, as his mentor although the two have barely met. It is also speculated that he has some sort of spirit transferal power which enables him to possess a host. But he is very lothe to do so, since the last thing he wants to emulate is a life-stealing vampire, even at the cost of his own life. He seems to be a modern person who is constantly learning and mastering new skills, to advance with the times. It is known that he has cyber-punk training. Although he is a complete mystery, whatever his past, his goal always seems to be a noble one. Powers: The full extent of FireWater's powers has not been seen. He has deep knowledge of the occult and has mastered to the full extent, a wide variety of special martial arts techniques. His most powerful yet draining techinique seems to be his: Winged Griffin Pounce, where he summons his full energy into the form of an unstoppable giant night-blue Griffin image. It is unknown if he has any magical or other powers but it is known that he has some degree of psychic awareness and mental powers. It is known that he is not completely human. Physical Description: A tall seven foot man wearing plain blue robes and a shiny circular facemask devoid of any features save two eyeslits. Kind of like a cross between Lover-boy from Vampire Girl Miyu and Jason from Friday the 13th. Unlike both, he talks.


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