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====[ QWK file format ]================================================= All of the messages in a mail packet are contained in a file named MESSAGES.DAT. The file's logical record length is 128 bytes. The first record of MESSAGES.DAT always contains a copyright notice produced by whatever mail door. Messages start in record 2 and use this format: Offset Length Description ------ ------ ---------------------------------------------------- 1 1 Message status flag ' ' = public '-' = public and read '+' = private '*' = private and read 2 7 Message number (as characters) 9 8 Date (mm-dd-yy) 17 5 Time (hh:mm) 22 25 To 47 25 From 72 25 Subject 97 12 Password (Not used by any PCBoard mail doors I know) 109 8 Refer to number (as characters) 117 6 Number of 128 byte blocks in message (counting the header) 123 1 Killed message? 225 is active, 226 is killed 124 1 Conference number (0-255) I have heard that MarkMail 2.0 uses two bytes for the conference number, so the next byte may be used too. 125 4 Not used The text of message continues in the next record. You can find out how many blocks make up one message by looking at the value of "Number of 128 byte blocks". Message text is delimited by a "ASCII 227" symbol between lines. The xxx.NDX files contain record numbers that point into the MESSAGES.DAT file for actual messages. Each conference that contains messages has its own "xxx.NDX" file. The "xxx" is the conference number for the index file. Each NDX file uses a five byte logical record length and is formatted to: Offset Length Description ------ ------ ---------------------------------------------------- 1 4 Record number to point to corresponding message. This number is in the Microsoft MKS$ BASIC format. 5 1 Conference number. ====[ QWK file format ]=================================================


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