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Commands available from the MUF program editor: Program commands: ---------------- compile compile program delete delete lines insert insert program lines list list program lines uncompile disassemble program [not usually useful] Library commands: ---------------- abridged show list of library functions, names only kill kill library reference show show list of library functions, full display view view program header help this file Commands may be abbreviated to their first letter. The library comands work just like program commands, except that they take alphabetic parameters instead of integers. You would type: bar garply show to see all the library routines between "bar" and "garply", much as you would type: 1 23 list to list all the lines of your program between 1 and 23. The "view" command lets you know more about a library routine you might find using "show" or "abridged". View takes a numeric argument-- the object number of the program you want to look at. It will print out the program header and that only-- which should give you all the information you need to use it, provided that the library routines are well-written. Kill (which may only be used by wizards) deletes a library entry.


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