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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = = = RENEGADE <> = = I AM THE ONE YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT = = = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = = = MINDSCAPE FAMOUS GAMES SOLUTIONS : DEJA VU PART I = = = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = = = IN COOPERATION WITH : JUST SAY YES. 2 LINES, MORE THAN 1500 FILES ONLINE! = = DO YOU WRITE? GIVE US A CALL! 415-922-2008 CASFA = = = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= DEJA VU, by Mindscape, Inc., The game is played almost entirely with the mouse - just point and click or drag when necessary. Occasionally, you'll need to type in an address so the taxi driver will know where to take you. This is a good place to mention one little problem with the commands: There is no SEARCH command. When you want to search, you must use the OPEN command. This may seem a little strange considering some of the things you will want to search. By the time you resort to this walkthru, I would hope that you already know what the game is about. If you don't know, that's understandable because you have amnesia. The game begins when you regain consciousness in a not too clean men's room. You soon discover that you have been injected with some drug and that you do indeed have amnesia. If you haven't done so already, please explore and map as much as possible. You'll need to visit several addresses which I will mention in the walkthru. You will have to cope with a few annoying characters such as the mugger. And you will need money to pay the taxi fares. To save time and confusion, I'll first list the addresses, telling you where to find them, then I'll tell you how I dealt with the annoying characters and suggest ways to get money. With all of that out of the way, you probably won't need to read the rest of the walkthru; but, I've tried to put it in order by location. Please remember this walkthru is just one of the ways in which the game may be solved. ADDRESSES: Address #1: 1212 West End St. (found in glove compartment) Address #2: 520 S. Kedzie (found in Penthouse Apartment) Address #3: 934 West Sherman (found in Office) Address #4: 1060 South Peoria St. (found by memory flash when you look) (at the map after taking antidote) Address #5: 626 Auburn Rd. (Mrs. Sternwood tells you) Address #6: Same as Address #4 ANNOYING CHARACTERS: Mugger: Hit him! You can get by with this several times. Hooker: Hit her! Then search her purse. Begger: Give him money or ignore him. Big Bad Guy: Hope you don't meet him. He hangs out in the alley. You can fight him and might even survive. Alligator: Avoid,avoid, avoid. MONEY: You have a few quarters and a 20 dollar bill which isn't quite enough. You can play the slot machines in the Casino. Sometimes you win; sometimes you loose. You can take the Hooker's purse - there's money in it. WASHROOM: You wake up in the washroom. Take coat, gun and holster. Examine the contents of the coat. There's a wallet in it so examine its contents also. You might want to look in the mirror and tidy up a bit before you exit. Notice the puddle in the hallway and take a look in the Ladies' Room. You'll find a gawdy earring on the toilet. BAR: Not much to do here. But, it's a good reference point. You can see several exits and a big black Mercedes. UPSTAIRS (ABOVE THE BAR): Look at the pictures in the hallway. Then enter the Office. Search the desk. Take envelope. You have just found Address #3. To enter the Private Office, use the key from the wallet. Search the body. Take the Mercedes' key. Open desk. Take pencil and key marked "Front." There's more than one way to explore the building; however, I chose to exit through the window using the fire escape to get to the Weird Room. WEIRD ROOM: Examine everything. Ah ha! You must have been strapped in the chair and injected with DIETHANOL TRIMENE -- or was it SODIUM PENTATHOL? Take the syringe from the waste can. You can ride the elevator or whatever to explore the rest of the building. CASINO: Put a few coins in the slot machine. Maybe you'll get lucky! SEWER: Explore this area carefully. Beware the alligator! Try to find the whirlpool for you'll need to know about it. It's down, down, and down (I forgot how many times). MERCEDES: (Unlock it with key from corpse.) Look in glove compartment. Take photo, car registration, and map. You have just found Address #1. GUN SHOP: You can buy or trade; but it isn't worth the trouble. If you play the game on Sunday, you can't get in. FIRST ADDRESS: (1212 West End St.) Put plastic card in slot by elevator door. Search the Penthouse. Take photograph. You've just found Address #2. SECOND ADDRESS: (520 S. Kedzie) Shoot the door! Take paper (combination to safe), diary, and key. THIRD ADDRESS: (934 West Sherman) The key from 520 S. Kedzie unlocks both the pharmacy and Ace's Office. In Dr. Brody's Pharmacy, shoot file cabinet and read the files to learn antidote for DIETHANOL TRIMENE. I believe it's BISODIUMITIS. Fill sringe and inject self. You might as well take a vial of SODIUM PENTATHOL while you're here. Then go upstairs to Ace's Office. Shoot the shadowy figure you see through the glass door. (You can drag the thug from behind the desk if you want to.) Read Ace's files. Since you've just run out of addresses and the antidote is beginning to work, you should review the things you've found. Look at the map you found in the glove compartment. This should cause a flash of memory giving you Address #4. FOURTH ADDRESS: (1060 South Peoria St.) In Private Office, open safe using combination found at 520 S. Kedzie. Take key (it might open the Mercedes trunk). MERCEDES TRUNK: The key from the safe unlocks it. Remove gag (drag with mouse). Give Mrs. Sternwood a shot of SODIUM PENTATHOL. She will tell you Address #5. FIFTH ADDRESS: (626 Auburn Rd.) Open mailbox. Take letter (ransom note). Use the door knocker. Hit the butler. In Guest Room, open bedside table and take notepad. Rub notepad with pencil (this is the Timetable). In Master Bedroom, get briefcase and blackmail letter. (You may consume the chocolates.) In Kitchen, consume the bologna. SIXTH ADDRESS: (1060 South Peoria St.) You're almost back where you started. You should have all the evidence you need to solve the case and become a hero; however, there's one small problem. You still have the murder weapon and, no matter how much evidence you have, the police just won't believe you. So, before you go to the police, get rid of that gun! GUN: Remember the Whirlpool in the sewer? Seems like a good place to lose a gun. POLICE: When you have enough evidence and do not have a gun, go to the Police Station. The three "important" bits of evidence are: The diary from Vicker's house, the blackmail letter and the timetable from Sternwood's bedroom. THAT'S ALL: That's it except for all the hullabaloo. You're a hero! Hope I covered all the major points. Oops! Don't forget to turn on your printer. You deserve a reward for this one! Okay I'm a BIG BAD GUY (eh eh eh does this remember you something mentioned above in this file ????), but when credit is due, well it's due. So DEJA VU is published by Mindscape, Inc. and this walkthru WAS copyright (c) 1986 by Terry Clayton. All rights REMOVED. Re-Printed WITHOUT PERMISSION. 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