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[10/07/90] Secret Of Monkey Island:Part 1 Hi all: This is a general start for Secret Of Monkey Island. The 1st thing you do is go into the SCUMM bar, talk to all the pirates. Then go into next room and talk to the 3 important Pirates. After that wait for the cook to exit the kitchen, and enter that, take the slab of meat, and dip it in the boiling Stuff. G o outside step on far right corner and knock the bird in the air, take the Fish. Go back inside, dip the fish in the boiling stuff Pick up the pot under the counter and exit. Next go visit the Voodoo guy and he says some crap, but take the single rubber c hicken. Next go outside to the pirates and talk them into giving you a map and some money. Next go into the jail talk to the guy and he will want breath mints go to the store buy them, and give it to the guy, he will ask you for a trade.... You can also g o into the cliffs by going directly left up from the 1st screen you start on, if you are in the path you can take a yellow petal from a flower bush... I have found an Island house with no way across other to use the chicken pulley.. Another thing, i have found the Troll, he wants something, you give him the stewed fish, and he lets you pass.. You then can go to a house and you will find the guy who will train you. Ok now go to the circus, and use the pot as a helmet. They will give you money, you then go to the store and buy a shovel, and a sword. Leave town, and go to the trainer's house, he'll teach you about sword play, then leave. Go out and see all the walking pirates, and learn their insults. go into the fork again, and wander around, when you see a small sign, push it with your shovel. Then walk along the wood bridge, and find the sword master. Challenge and beat her.. Great You have completed 1/3 of being a pirate.. Now continue to walk around and find an 'X' dig there and get the second treasure. .. Ok now make your way to the governors mansion, and put the yellow petal in the meat and give to piranhas dogs. They will go to sleep. Go into he house, take the vase open the door, and enter.. Just watch it is kind of cool.. Then when you exit, go bac k to the jail, give the prisoner the gopher repellant. He will give you a cake, Open the cake and look at the file.. Go back to Governors house, go through hole in wall, watch some more. Congrats you have just gotten the 3rd part of being a pirate.. Now g o back to the Chicken Pulley Island, swing across, tell the chrome dome that the governor was captured, let him think, and when you play with the animal, stroke it! Now go to the Master Swordsmen, tell her about the governor, get her to join you. Now go t o Scumm bar, pick up another slab of meat, and all the mugs you can find.. Fill 1 cup with grog, and exit, make your way to the jail. when you are about to lose the mug o' grog, select the use mug (with the liquid) and replace with new mug.. then do it ag ain when it is near death.. Then when you get to the jail, use the grog on the jail cell. You have freed him, Now ask him to join you.. Ok now go to Stan's (Boat Place) and ask to buy a boat, he will tell you you need credit so go to the store in town ( h e will also give you a business card, and a compass).. Ask the guy for a note, and watch how he opens the safe, when he puts note back ask him to go speak to sword master. Then go up to safe use the push/pull thing on the handle to open safe, get note c lose safe, and go back to stan. When you go to stan ask him for the boat in the far back. You say $5000, he will say no, so u leave, he calls you back, you then buy the boat for $5000! Now go to where you 1st start game, and you will meet stan, he will wa nt to buy boat back, and it is kinda funny! This is the end of part 1! Oh BTW There is a part when the sheriff throws you in the water, you get the idol, and climb out, you automatically get the sword. Any questions, on parts 1 or 2, please contact us on the LSD nets! Surak & PieMaN THG Runner/Franchise THG Dist. ********************************************************* The Secret of Monkey Island Solve Part ][ ------------------------------------------------------------------- First I'd like to say before I get on with this solution that I'd like to see more solutions to some of these new games coming out. I enjoyed reading the solutions for Part 1 of Monkey Island but it was too damn confusing for some people and there were about 10 or so of them all under different file names which pissed me off cause I don't need to waste the time downloading, eh? So please anyone who writes a solution to a game, keep it neat and clean and none of this Word Perfect or Word for Windows format shit, ok? Thanks... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, first thing you have to do is open the desk drawer and look inside of it. You'll notice a book which you take. This is just a diary of the previous owner of the ship which you can read it if you want to but it's not necessary. Then grab the feathered pen and then the ink off the desk. Go out onto the deck and you can talk to the mutinous pirates if you want to but they aren't going to help you any. Go climb up the rope ladder and grab the Jolly Roger. Then go back to the deck and down the hatch behind your mutinous crew. Go to the door and down into the kitchen. Next, open the cupboard and grab a box of cereal. Open it up and you will find a toy surprise which turns out to be a small key when you look at it. Get the pot on the table and go back up the ladder. Now go down the second hatch from the crew's living quarters. Grab the rope and open the kegs on the left and look in them to get some gunpowder. Open the bottom right chest and look in it to get the fine wine you will need later. Ok, now go back up to your room and use the small key you found in the cereal on the cabinet. Get the small chest and open it then look in it. You will find a recipe and some cinnamon sticks. You can look at the recipe but you don't need it since I will include the correct ingredients here. Go back out to the deck and use the rope on the cannon. Then put the gunpowder you have in the cannon nozzle. Go back down to the leaking storeroom and get some more gunpowder then go back to the kitchen. You might want to save your game here...Just a suggestion...Hahaha...Ok, now here is the list of objects you need to use in the pot: - CINAMON STICKS - RUBBER CHICKEN - BREATH MINTS - JOLLY ROGER - GUNPOWDER - FINE WINE - CEREAL - INK Pretty weird, eh? Oh well...Now you'll pass out and when you awake, go out to the deck and you'll see you're are Monkey Island. Go down into the kitchen and use the bussiness cards you got from Stan in the red hot fire. Run back up to the deck and use the flaming mass on the fuse and use the pot then you'll get blown onto the island. You might want to save your game before you do that because it's frustrating when the fuse burns out before you get the pot on and into the cannon. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep an eye out for the solution to Part ]I[ since I'm in the catacombs right now, which are a pain in the ass, but I should be done with it soon. It's weird...G.P. LeChuck doesn't really seem like a bad guy on the island at all! Anyways, you can email me on a board that I call if you need any extra help on the game. Psylocke/[PE Courier] ****************************************************** The Secret of Monkey Island Solve Part III Solved and Typed By The Blademan: Haven't seen a solve for part 3 yet, guess its my turn to type it out. I think this part was a bit harder that the prevous parts, but what do I know! Try and solve the game on your own first, use this as a last resort. It takes all the fun and adventure out of the game to simply read these cheats and walk thru the game. Now to business... You've just been shot from the cannon and ended up on the beach. Pick up the banana. You can read the sign posted on the tree if you like, it has some hints. Now head into the jungle, go northwest, the screens will scroll as you make your way around the island. Go to the beach to the leftmost part of the screen and read the note. Head back into the jungle. Go to the fort. Take the rope, the spyglass, push the cannon, take the cannon ball and some gunpowder. Head back into the jungle. Go to the right a few screens, find the dry river bed, there is a strung up person with some rope. You can't get the rope yet. Read the note. Head back into the jungle. Go to the northest to the river fork. Take the rock that's holding a note down. Read the note, next look at the rock, it's a flint. Now go up the footladder, you'll come to a rock on a see-saw (catapult). Use the spyglass till it tells you your looking at the bananas, then push-pull the "primitive art" till its directly inline with it. Now go up the ladder, use the spyglass again and look around for fun. Now push the big rock that's near the edge. If you aligned the catapult correctly, it will hit the tree and knock the bananas off. If not, go down and realign it and then get another rock from the pile and oush it off. Try not to sink the ship. Fo a laugh, while ontop of the stone lookout, walk to the righ as far as you can and see what happens. This is Lucasfilms dig at Sierra. Climb down from the rocks, read any notes. Once down, go to the damn, stand in front of it. Use the gunpowder on the damn, use the flint with the cannon ball. Boom! Ride the water. The go tothe pond where the hung person was and get the rope from him. Throughout the who game, Herman Toothrot will come up to you, talk to him if you like to learn some hints. Head back into the jungle. Go right one screen, go to the beach, find the bottle, read the note. Then gp south two screens to the "crack" and find the strong branch. Tie a rope to it, lower yourself, tie a rope to the stump and lower yourself again. Get the oars. Head back into the jungle. Go back to the beach. If you see the monkey you can feed him all the bananas you have. Once on the beach, pick up the bananas that fell off the tree when you hit it with the rock. Use the oars withthe rowboat. Go north three times, go to the beach, the head back into the jungle. Go to the village. It appears empty, go east twice tothe big monkey head. Get the bananas in the bowl. Go east twice. The cannabals will stop you. Talk to them, they'll throw you in jail. In jail, get the cute skull, move the board and escape. Now go back to the beach, use the rowboat and go to beach where you found the bananas. Head back into the jungle. Find the monkey. Keep feeding him all the bananas you have till he looks happy. (Click on LOOK AT MONKEY) He will then follow you around. Now head in the jungle, go north twice, then east to the clearing, this is the sacred monkey grounds. Go the the totem pole. Find the nose, pull it, it opens a gate to the monkey head. It will close as soon as you release it. The monkey will climb up and hold it down. Go in and get the whimpy idol. Bring this back to the cannabals and offer it to them so they don't eat you. They will be very grateful. Go into the hut and get the banana picker, then give it to Herman Toothrot, he will give you a key. (its a giant Q-Tip) Walk around, if the cannabals don't reappear, leave the village then come right back. Talk them and and get the navigator's head from them. You'll have to trade your leaflet or brochure for it. Head back into the jungle. Go back to the sacred monkey grounds, go to the money's head. (if you can't get back in type USE NAVIGATORS HEAD and the gate will open) Then position yourself in the giant monkey's ear and use the monkey key and the mouth will open. Go into the catacombs, use the navigators head and follow the direction the eyes point. After awhile it will lead you to the ghost ship. Once there TALK to the NAVIGATORS HEAD and tell him you want the necklace. Wear the necklace, it makes you invisible, go onto the ship. Go below using the hatch. look around. Go through the passage, then pick up the chicken. (See the glowing crate!! Also, notice the locked hatch?) Now go back to the sleeping ghost, tickle his feet with the feather a few times till he drops the grog. Get the jug. Now go up on deck, go left to the door, open it. Here is LeChuck. You want the key hanging on the wall, but can't get near it. Use the magnetic compass to get the key (this is where I was stuck !@#$) Go back below and now open the hatch, walk down it. To get by the rat, pour grog into the dish. Go to the pot, get some grease. Go above deck. Try opening the door to the righ (Tool shop and Brig) It squeaks and the ghost keeps shutting it. Put some grease on the hinge. Open the door, get the tools and go below deck and open the glowing crate and get the root. Go to the canabals and they will make a special potion for you. Go back to the ship. You'll meet up with the ghost, talk to him. Your crew will also show up. You can kill the ghost if you want. Now you're back on MeLee Island, you want to stop the marraige. Use the seltzer to kill the two ghost you meet. Go to the church. Once inside, click on STOP THE WEDDING!! Save the game here. You need to be fast at one point here, but if you blow it, you can still win. After a confrontation with the govenor and LeChuck, the monkeys run off with the govenors ghost killer potion. Now LeChuck will attemp to beat you up. If you are fast enough, spray him will selter. If you don't, you'll be knocked into orbit. (I suggest letting it happen to see this happen, its quite funny) You'll land on Stan's Used Boat lot, right on a soda machine. Quickly pick up the ROOT BEER bottle and use it on LeChuck. If you blow it, don't worry, you'll be knocked in space again, you'll land at the sword instructors house. Use the root beer as soon as you can. Once you do, LeChuck will vanish for good, the govenor will be your girlfriend, fireworks will go off and you can now go to bed! Great game. If you bought it, you can send in a card for the 256 color VGA upgrade. I hope someone does and posts it on the boards. Kinda sucks that they didn't include it to begin with. If there are any typos, though! What do you expect at 2am...The Blademan X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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