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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============[ Death Gate Full Solve by Vulcan and Bucky / DREAD ]============= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to this solve, I'd imagine not too many people actually played this due to its size (or just having tremendous troubles getting the damned thing to RUN in the first place ;), but here it is anyway, this document will only list the ESSENTIAL steps in finishing the game, you go ahead and look for the jokes and other fun stuff like kicking someone else's chair while they're sitting on it :). There's an end savegame included with the zip, copy this into your game directory, load it, drop the nexus seal piece into the focus and you'll see the ending... Note that :- - When I say TALK to somebody, that means going through ALL the possible responses unless specified otherwise. - The total possible score is 1500 in this game, the numbers along the right side of this text indicates the score you [SHOULD!] have accumulated up to that point following this solve. - SAVE VERY DAMN OFTEN!! ============================================================================== THE NEXUS --------- In the first screen, TALK to XAR, you'll get two new spells and the MARKER. Go WEST, WEST, into your ship then EAST, EAST back to Xar's Room. TAKE GLOWLAMP [5 pts]. Go WEST, WEST into your ship. CAST "Rune 5 Transfer" on MARKER and on the STEERING STONE [10 pts]. USE STEERING 15 STONE. THE REALM OF AIR - ARIANUS -------------------------- Go NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST to leave your ship into the tunnel. TALK to FEMALE DWARF. TAKE WHITE SHIRT and ELBOW PIPE from the left side of the screen [5 pts]. TAKE MARMALADE and BREAD LOAF from the counter. 20 Exit to the EAST. TALK to the DWARF. TAKE the CORK from the INK JUG. PUT WHITE SHIRT into the INK JUG [5 pts]. PUT MARMALADE onto BREAD three times. GIVE 25 the slice of BREAD to LIMBECK. GET PARCHMENT from the floor and READ it. Go NORTH, NORTHWEST. TALK to the OLD DWARF (twice) and you'll get the PIPE he's using as hearing-aid ^_^ [5 pts]. TAKE PIPE from BOX. 30 Go SOUTHEAST, NORTH. CAST "Heat" on SENSOR (Above the dwarf's head) [10 pts]. Go NORTH. 40 Go UP, TAKE WINE JUG. CAST "Identify" on the FIGURINES. Go DOWN, DOWN. TALK to DUKE (Dude on the right), you'll get his RING [5 pts]. 45 Go UP. If you spent too much time in the ship and the GUARD moves back to guard the cave, simply CAST "Heat" on the PANEL again to distract him. Go SOUTH. Go SOUTH, SOUTH, WEST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHWEST to return to your SHIP, USE STEERING WHEEL. Go to KING STEPHEN'S CASTLE. Go NORTHEAST, NORTH. TALK to the GUARDS, tell him you're here to see the King, then give him the RING [5 pts]. When dealing with the King, 50 first tell him about his cousin and his ring, then "Well, it's like this...". After you're done talking and ended up outside of the castle again, go WEST, TAKE SHEAR from below the bush, then USE SHEAR with BAR (In the gap on the left side of the SHUTTER) [5 pts]. OPEN the SHUTTER and 55 ENTER the WINDOW. Take the CANDLE HOLDER from the table. LOOK AT BOOKS (You'll get the book "Tower of the Brotherhood" automatically, READ it if you want any info on the structure of the Tower [more on that later]). CAST "Create Reality Pocket" on the TAPESTRY [10 pts]. 65 ENTER the TAPESTRY. TALK to the WIZARD until he mentions how badly he wants a drink, then GIVE the WINE JUG to the WIZARD [5 pts]. TALK to WIZARD again and ask 70 about the spell "Create Shroud of Darkness" [10 pts]. 80 Go SOUTH, EAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST, USE STEERING WHEEL to return to DREVLIN. Go NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST, EAST, GIVE CANDLE HOLDER to LIMBECK [5 pts]. 85 Go NORTH, NORTH, CAST "Heat" on SENSOR, go NORTH. Go UP, CAST "Create Shroud of Darkness" on BLACK SHIRT [5 pts]. PUT 90 BLACK SHIRT on the FIGURINES [15 pts]. Don't waste time doing ANYTHING 105 else at this stage, go DOWN [5 pts], WEST [5 pts]. OPEN BOX, TAKE the 110 ZINGER, ACTIVATE the ZINGER [10 pts]. The King's forces will come and 120 save the lot, you'll then be arranged to move on to the city of SKURVASH. Go NORTH, TALK to the WAIF, go WEST into the ALLEY, CAST "Swap" on STREET RAT [20 pts]. TAKE the NET, go NORTHWEST. TALK to the STREET 140 RAT, TAKE PRYBAR (Left side of screen) [5 pts]. Go SOUTHEAST, EAST, 145 SOUTH, DOWN, WEST. USE PRYBAR on LOCK [10 pts]. OPEN STRONGBOX, TAKE 155 JEWEL SACK. GO EAST, UP, NORTH, EAST, TALK to BARTENDER, make sure you mention that you wanna sell something [10 pts]. When talking to HUGH THE HAND, tell 165 him that you are interested in joining the Brotherhood and take the job. Go WEST, WEST, NORTHWEST. GIVE the MONEY to the STREET RAT [10 pts], then WAIT till he comes back. 175 Go SOUTHEAST, EAST, SOUTHEAST. USE LOCKPICK in the LOCK, PUSH, JIGGLE, and TURN the LOCKPICK [10 pts]. TAKE the POETRY BOOK on top of the 185 FIREPLACE and READ it. LOOK AT the CLOCK. Turn the hand to the 7:00 position, 2:30 position, then the 9:30 position [15 pts]. TAKE the 200 JOURNAL and READ IT (You don't HAVE to read every single WORD of that boring thing, just make sure you've turned to every single page). CAST "Create Reality Packet" on the PORTRAIT, ENTER the PORTRAIT. When talking to the guy, tell him that you're the messenger and ask specifically for the amulet, when he starts asking questions, answer "The Bouncing Beans", "Er.. five?", and "How much?" [15 pts]. Go WEST, 215 NORTHWEST, EAST, TALK to HUGH THE HAND [10 pts]. 225 From now till you escape from the TOWER, don't waste time doing ANYTHING other than what's told in this paragraph or HUGH will come back and kill you!! PUSH the TABLE, OPEN the SHUTTER, LOOK AT the FLOATING CONTINENT, and *remember* its name. Go SOUTHEAST. PUT the LOCKPICK in the LOCK in the door on the right, then SHAKE, PULL, and TILT the LOCKPICK [20 pts]. Go NORTHEAST. LOOK AT the DOLL in your 245 inventory, then CAST "Motion" on the STATUE [10 pts]. TAKE the 255 NECKLACE and go SOUTHWEST. Remember the name of that FLOATING CONTINENT you saw through that window? Good. Now PUSH the HANDS on the door that are made with the different gemstones in the following order according to the time of the month (Name of the continent on that piece of PAPER the STREET RAT gave you) in the table below: NAME NOTE THE HANDS TO PUSH --------- ----- -------------------------------------------- Sharthea BUY Bloodstone -> Umber -> Yew Hesthea THEIR Topaz -> Hyacinth -> Emerald -> Iron -> Ruby Shegra TIME Topaz -> Iron -> Marble -> Emerald Uylandia TO Topaz -> Opal Aristagon DIE Diamond -> Iron -> Emerald This should open the door if you got it right [25 pts]. Go NORTH, PUT 280 the NECKLACE on the PEDESTAL [10 pts]. TAKE the BOOK OF PRYAN [5 pts], 295 the CRYSTAL GLOBE [5 pts], and the HANDBOOK [5 pts]. TAKE the NECKLACE 305 from the PEDESTAL [15 pts] and go SOUTH, SOUTH. 320 Back to DREVLIN... go SOUTH, NORTHWEST, FIX BROKEN PIPE with LONG PIPE. Now you'll have to shove those 5 pieces together, check out this simple diagram : 旼컴컴컴쩡컴컴컴컫컴컴컴컴 旼컴컨컴컴컴컴좔커 旼켸 쳐캑 쳐캑 -컫 읕컴쩡-- - -컴 -컴좔컴 읕컴컴컨-컴 Left clicking on a piece will put down/pick up a piece and right clicking while holding onto a piece will rotate it [20 pts]. 340 PUT the CORK in the FIXED PIPE [10 pts]. TURN the VALVE and TALK to 350 the OLD DWARF, SHOW the PARCHMENT from your inventory to the OLD DWARF [10 pts]. Go SOUTHEAST, EAST. 360 READ the HANDBOOK, OPEN the COMPARTMENT in the CONTROL PANEL, PUT the IRON ORE into the COMPARTMENT [10 pts]. Go EAST. READ the BOOK OF 370 PRYAN, PUT the CRYSTAL GLOBE on the STATUE [25 pts]. TAKE the AIR SEAL 395 PIECE [25 pts]. Go WEST, WEST, SOUTH, WEST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHWEST. 420 USE STEERING STONE to go back to the Nexus. THE NEXUS --------- Go EAST, EAST, TALK to XAR. Go WEST, WEST and CAST "Transfer Rune" on the BOOK OF PRYAN and the STEERING STONE [10 pts]. USE STEERING STONE. 430 THE REALM OF FIRE - PRYAN ------------------------- Go NORTH, TAKE the PINK PLANT from below your SHIP. Go EAST, EAST. TAKE the SHELL [5 pts] and NUT [5 pts]. Go WEST, WEST, SOUTH, and USE 440 the STEERING WHEEL to go to the TREE CITY. Go NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST. TAKE the CLOTHES LINE from the left side of the screen, OPEN the DOOR. GIVE the DOLL to ELF CHILD [5 pts]. Go 445 EAST, EAST. TALK to ELF PRINCE, GIVE the CLOTHES LINE to ELF PRINCE [10 pts]. Go SOUTHEAST, GIVE the POETRY BOOK to the ELF PRINCE [5 pts] 460 and TALK to him. WAIT several times till the PRINCESS show up. TALK to ELF PRINCE. USE SHELL with EMBER to pick it up [5 pts]. WAIT till 465 it tells you that you learned a new spell, CAST "Transportation" on the WHITE DISK (At the middle of the screen below the tree) [10 pts]. TAKE 475 the BLACK DISK [10 pts]. TIE the CLOTHES LINE to the BRANCH [10 pts]. 495 Go DOWN, TAKE the YELLOW FLOWERS and CRUSH them [5 pts]. TAKE the BLUE 500 FLOWERS. Go SOUTH, EAST. THROW the BLACK DISK into the MAW [10 pts]. 510 Go SOUTHWEST. GIVE the BLUE FLOWERS to ELF PRINCE [5 pts]. CAST 515 "Transportation" on WHITE DISK. PUSH the CORPSE at the bottom left. TAKE the ARROW [5 pts] and TOADSTOOLS [5 pts]. PUT the SHELL WITH 525 EMBER on the HIVE. THROW the jar of MARMALADE at the SPIDER [10 pts]. 535 CUT the POD with the GOLD STAFF in it with the SHEAR [10 pts]. CAST 545 "Transportation" on the BLACK DISK. GIVE the GOLD STAFF to the ELF PRINCE [10 pts]. TALK to the HUMAN PRINCESS, after she joined you, 555 TALK to her again and make sure you ask about her FLUTE and the music you found in the BOOK OF PRYAN. TALK to ELF PRINCE and ask all about the dwarfs. Go NORTHWEST, WEST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHWEST, USE STEERING WHEEL and go to the CITADEL. Go NORTH, EAST, EAST. PUT the YELLOW PEDALS in the NUT, GIVE the NUT to the ANIMAL [10 pts]. TAKE the NUT MEAT. Go EAST, NORTH, NORTH. 565 TALK to the HUMAN PRINCESS and tell her to start playing the flute. CUT the VINES with the SHEAR [10 pts]. Tell the dwarf girl to go back to 575 her village and bug her elders, WAIT till she comes back, then introduce the HUMAN PRINCESS and the ELF PRINCE to her, then tell her to go back again. GIVE the HERBS [5 pts], PINK PLANT [5 pts], NUT MEAT 585 [5 pts], and the TOADSTOOLS to the HUMAN PRINCESS [10 pts]. PULL the 600 BRANCH. Go NORTH, tell the PRINCESS to start playing. Go NORTH thrice and tell the ELF PRINCE to get the CRYSTAL FRAGMENT [10 pts]. Go SOUTH 610 four times to exit the forest, PUT the CRYSTAL FRAGMENT in the STUMP [10 pts]. Go SOUTH, then WAIT till the dwarf comes back [25 pts]. 645 TAKE the FIRE SEAL PIECE [25 pts]. Go NORTH, EAST, SOUTH. CAST "Rune 670 Transfer" on the CRYSTAL FRAGMENT and the STEERING STONE [10 pts]. USE 680 STEERING STONE. THE NEXUS --------- Go EAST, EAST, TALK to XAR. Go WEST, WEST and USE STEERING STONE. THE REALM of STONE - ABARRACH ----------------------------- Go NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST, NORTH, TAKE the ROCKS. Go SOUTH, TALK to the DEAD WORKER and ask for his BUCKET, PUT the ROCKS in the PAIL [5 pts]. 685 Go EAST, NORTH, TALK to the DEAD BUTLER, go UP, TAKE the TEA SET, go DOWN, GIVE the TEA SET to the DEAD BUTLER [10 pts], TALK to the DEAD 695 BUTLER. Go SOUTH, EAST, PUT the PAIL WITH ROCKS onto the HOOK. Go UP, TURN the TIME DIAL to "just before the fourth mark", TURN the CRANK, WAIT till the bell goes. PULL the RELEASE LEVER, go DOWN, WEST, NORTH, EAST [20 pts]. TAKE the BOOK from the BOOKSTAND and READ it [10 pts]. 725 Go WEST, SOUTH, WEST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHWEST, USE STEERING WHEEL and go to KLEITUS' PALACE. Go NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST, after you've talked to KLEITUS XIV, you should end up in the dungeon [10 pts]. Talk to EDMUND, CAST "Hunger" on the 735 DOG [5 pts], GIVE it the STEAK [5 pts], then CAST "Possession" on it 745 [10 pts]. TAKE the KEY RING, GIVE the KEY RING to EDMUND [5 pts] then 760 GIVE it to HAPLO. Go NORTH, UP, TAKE the BOTTLE (Second one from the LEFT), go back DOWN, SOUTH, GIVE the BOTTLE to EDMUND [10 pts], then 770 GIVE it to HAPLO, TOUCH HAPLO. TAKE the BOTTLE, DRINK from it [10 pts] 780 TAKE the KEY RING, UNLOCK the MANACLES with the KEY RING [5 pts]. TAKE 785 the VISE [5 pts], TALK to EDMUND and tell him to accompany you. Go 790 NORTH, WEST, SOUTHWEST [15 pts]. 805 Go NORTHEAST, EAST, TALK to the GAMBLERS. CAST "Possession" on the DOG [5 pts]. TOUCH HAPLO, TALK to BALTHAZAR (DON'T TELL HIM YOU'RE A 810 PATRYN FROM THE LABYRINTH!!) [15 pts]. Go EAST, TAKE the SPELL BOOK 825 and READ it. TAKE the ROBE [10 pts]. Go WEST. Go WEST, SOUTHWEST, 835 USE STEERING WHEEL, go to TELESTIA. Go NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST, EAST, EAST, UP. TIGHTEN the VICE, PUT the VISE in the SCEPTRE, then LOOSEN IT [10 pts]. TAKE the HEADPIECE, go DOWN, 845 WEST, NORTH, UP. TAKE the CHILDREN'S BOOK from the DEAD NANNY's hands, READ it and turn the page to "Get That Snake", TALK to the DEAD NANNY and tell her to go with you, go DOWN, SOUTH, WEST. TALK to the DEAD WORKER and tell him to accompany you, go NORTH. Tell the DEAD WORKER to grab the snake and GIVE the CHILDREN'S BOOK back to the DEAD NANNY [20 pts]. Go NORTH. Another puzzle... look at the diagram below, the 865 stone buttons have all been numbered... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Press them in the following order : 1, 3, 7, 9, 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 8, 8, 5. WEAR the ROBE [10 pts], TALK to the DEAD DWARF [10 pts]. Go SOUTH, 885 SOUTH, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHEAST, USE STEERING WHEEL, go to KLEITUS' PALACE. Go NORTHEAST, EAST, OPEN the DOOR [10 pts]. TAKE the piece of CLOTH, 895 then SHOW the CLOTH to the DOG [15 pts], go NORTH, NORTH, NORTH, NORTH, 910 WEST, SOUTH, WEST, NORTH, NORTH. NORTH, WEST, NORTH, NORTH, NORTH [10 920 pts]. CAST "Unravel Illusion" on the RUNE on the COLOSSUS [10 pts]. 930 PUT the HEADPIECE in the HOLE [25 pts]. TAKE the STONE SEAL PIECE [25 980 pts]. Go SOUTH, WEST, SOUTHWEST, USE STEERING STONE. THE NEXUS --------- Go EAST, EAST, TALK to XAR. Go WEST, WEST and CAST "Transfer Rune" on the PENDANT and the STEERING STONE [10 pts]. USE STEERING STONE. 990 THE REALM OF WATER - CHELESTRA ------------------------------ Go NORTHEAST, WEST, CAST "Rune Transfer" on the RUNE BONE (The second one) and the CITY GATE [20 pts]. CAST "Possession" on the DOG [25 pts] 1035 go WEST [20 pts]. CAST "Create Reality Pocket" on the RUG, PUSH the 1055 GLOBE. TAKE the RUG, go EAST, EAST, PUT the WATER in the CLEAR BOTTLE, CAST "Null Water" on the CLEAR BOTTLE [10 pts]. DRINK from the CLEAR 1065 BOTTLE, go NORTH, TAKE the SCALES, go SOUTH, WEST, PUT the SCALES on the ROCK PILE, TAKE the STONE [15 pts]. Go EAST, SOUTHWEST, PUT the 1080 RUG on SAMAH'S SHIP, WAIT till you get your magic back, CAST "Create Reality Pocket" on the RUG, ENTER the RUG, PUSH the GLOBE [20 pts]. 1100 GO THRU the PORTAL, CAST "Rune Transfer" on the PENDANT and the GLOBE [10 pts]. USE the GLOBE. 1110 THE NEXUS --------- Go EAST, EAST, TAKE the HISTORY BOOK and READ it, go NORTHWEST, NORTH, CAST "Cold" on the CHOKE VINES [10 pts], go NORTH, NORTHEAST, SOUTHWEST 1120 SOUTH, CAST "Heat" on the CHOKE VINES [15 pts]. THROW the ZINGER at 1135 the CHOKE VINES [10 pts]. CAST "Cold" on the CHOKE VINES again and 1145 TAKE the ZINGER. Go NORTH, NORTHEAST, TAKE the SKULL, go EAST, TAKE the BONE, go WEST, NORTHWEST. PUT the SKULL on the ZINGER, PUT the ROBE on the ZINGER, ACTIVATE the ZINGER [20 pts]. APPLY the SALVE to 1165 the TRACKER [10 pts], TALK to the HEADMAN, TAKE the CORD, TALK to the 1175 TRACKER, go NORTH. PUT the CORD on the BONE, SHOOT the ARROW at the CHAODIN [10 pts]. 1185 DRINK from the CLEAR BOTTLE, go NORTH [10 pts]. CRUSH the STONE [20 1215 pts]. TALK to ZIFNAB (Twice). Go NORTH, then CAST the following spell on your DOUBLE with these runes... i) Second rune on the first row (A 'V' shaped rune) ii) Ninth rune on the second row (Looks like ">o<") iii) Last rune on the third row (A slight curve [concave down] with an 'o' above it) iv) Ninth rune on the third row (A 'V' and a curve) Your DOUBLE will then cast the inverse of that - the "Self-Immolation" spell and die [25 pts], SEARCH the ASHY REMAINS. Go NORTH, PUT the 1240 SHEAR on the other SHEAR and get a complete set of garden shear. Go NORTH, CUT the TENTACLE with the SHEARS three times [10+10 pts]. Go 1260 NORTH [20 pts]. 1280 PUT the WATER SEAL PIECE in the WATER SPIRE [20 pts], WAIT a while if 1300 you wanna see how SANG-DRAX's new face looks like, then PUT the STONE SEAL PIECE in the EARTH SPIRE [20 pts]. WAIT a couple times and you'll 1320 see SANG DRAX's new form again, PUT the AIR SEAL PIECE in the AIR SPIRE [20 pts], MOVE the FOCUS about two 'blocks' to the left of its original position onto a rune that looks like a 'J' tilted 45 degrees to the right, and to finish it all off, drop the NEXUS SEAL PIECE onto the FOCUS [160 pts]. 1500 ============================================================================== Last Remarks - easy game, compared to "The Companion of Xanth" anyway, and I actually got full score on this one, wow. =) But these guys should really get some help on the 3DS animations, though... they all are rather boring, esp. the ending...


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