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Newsgroups: Path: spies!sgiblab!swrinde!emory!gatech!!!musjndx From: (Jonathan N. Deitch) Subject: The Definitive Arcade Games Cheat Sheet Info Message-ID: Organization: Georgia State University Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 17:06:55 GMT Lines: 155 The definitive arcade video game cheat sheet. Last update: 01 Dec 1992. This list was started by Jeremy Radlow. Due to the fact that he's lost his net access (horrors), I'm now the administrator of this list. Note : Ignore the ftp info for now ... Clay Cowgill's NeXT cube was stolen and the ftp site went with it ... so email to for a copy of the cheat sheet. Please do not email to my gisatl address as I do not keep the cheat sheet. To get an up-to-date copy of the video game cheat sheet, ftp a copy from in the pub/cheats directory or, if you can't ftp, send a message to There is not now, nor will there ever be, a 'mailing list'. Nor will I post the sheet to USENET due to its excessive size. This is mainly to keep my mailbox from getting flooded with the large number of resulting responses. (and I do mean *large*). If you have already made a contribution to the cheat sheet and wish a new copy, just ftp a new copy or let me know and I'll mail you an up-to-date version. Please note : due to the high traffic involving this list, it might take me up to a week or so to actually mail you a copy of the list. There are three sections to the cheat sheet: * Beginners section. This contains either cheats that don't get you much, or cheats that are only helpful to advanced players. * Intermediate section. This contains cheats that can get you a big edge. They are usually not any harder than playing the game honestly. * Advanced section. This contains extremely low-effort high-pay cheats; secret back doors; and in the next revision will contain advanced general-purpose game beating strategies, if someone sends me some. When you send in a cheat, it'll be put in one of these sections and you will get a copy of the cheat sheet in return. Basically, you get out what you put in ... Some of these cheats may be inaccurate; don't trust anything attributed to someone else. If it turns out that some information is wrong - don't get mad, get even! Tell me what's wrong. Please note, though, that different ROM versions on machines may eliminate some cheats ... Games in this version (all sheets): Game High score[1p/2p] [mp] level ----------------- ----------------- ---- ----- Road blasters 3,900,000 n/a 50 Cabal 1,950,000 No ALL (5 lives left) Cabal 1,525,000 Yes ALL (9 lives left) Galaga 3,600,000 n/a 255 Tempest 1,100,000+ n/a (> 80) Tron 2,100,000+ n/a (> 300) Bubble Bobble 2,800,000 n/a 57 APB 597,000 n/a 74 Zookeeper 583,000,000 n/a (> 100) Smash-TV 22,500,000 n/a end Smash-TV 23,200,000 Yes end Bump 'n' Jump 1,850,000 n/a (> 40) Major Havoc 3,000,000 n/a ? Race Driving 465,000 n/a ? Teenage Mutant NT 3400 n/a end Gauntlet 6,666,666 n/a 458 Gauntlet II 485,000 n/a 58 Mercs 900,000 n/a ? Columns 99,999 n/a ? Rygar 2,830,000 n/a 27 Rolling Thunder 220,000 n/a ? Darius 3,320,000 n/a ? Dig Dug 3,999,990 n/a ? Galaga Plus 6,550,300 n/a ? Robocop 731,000 n/a All 7 levels Blood Brothers 21,450,100 n/a ? The following games don't have any high scores ... send me some ? Pac-man Paperboy Toobin' 1941 Crystal Castles Magic sword Trog 1943 Super Mario Brothers Defender Alien Syndrome Sinistar Return of the Jedi XyBots Star Wars Astro Blaster Hard Driving Double Dragon Joust Joust 2 Ghosts 'n' Goblins Slap Fight Alcon Centipede Space Dungeon Narc Gunsmoke 720 Street Fighter II Commando Assault Heavy Barrel Raiden Tiger Road Mercs Columns Golden Axe Afterburner I, Robot Donkey King (yes King) Dragons Lair II Galaxian Splatterhouse Alpine Ski Cap. & the Avengers Mat Mania Krull Tron Track & Field Xevious Robotron Forgotten Realms Donkey Kong Jr. Marble Madness Punch Out Forgotten Worlds Ninja Gai-Den Phoenix Pitfighter Vendetta Wizard of Wor Mortal Kombat Terminator 2 Street Fighter II (When you send in your cheat, please send in your high score. Don't send in a high score without a cheat/strategy, it'll be ignored. And multi-credit games don't count ... but multi-player games do. That's what the [mp] slot is for. The idea behind this high score sheet is that if you have a high score higher than one listed here, you must know something useful ...) Cheats in this revision: * All the Crystal Castle warps. * Big point bugs on Road Blasters, Star Wars, Super Mario Brothers, Paperboy, Robocop. * The standard back doors in Galaga. * Extra lives in Sinistar, Narc. * Etc. Needed: * All sorts of hints/backdoors for doing/causing strange things of all types. Contributors: Joshua Abbey, Ken Arromdee, Casey Barton, Barry Brumitt, M Darrin Chaney, Anthony D. Chen, Craig Coffin, Lee Crawford, David D'Auria, Scott C. DeFreitas, Jonathan Deitch, George Dolbier, Lee Dormon, Kerry B. Durham, Vivian Ford, John Joseph Gallagher Jr., Stuart C Glass, Keith Goolsbey, Frank Gomez, James Hague, David Hawk, Josh Hayes, Otto Heuer, Dave Hollinsworth, David Hsu, Ting Hsu, Steve Jacobs, Ian Jeffries, Kyle Jones, Benoy Koshy, Jonathan Kruger, Bob Kupiec, Felix Lee, Kwan-Yong Lee, Chris Long, Bert Loper, Bryan Martin, Tony Mason, David McGrath, Carl Mei, Mario Moeller*, Dave Morrison, Tony Nardo, Ian Novack, Fred Ochs, Steve Ozdemir, Allen Perry, Tad Perry*, Robert Potter, Eric Thomas Pronko, Jeremy Radlow, Hedley Rainnie, James Reed, Nate Renwick, Robert Schmitz, Seth Scott, Tim Shay, Eric Sheets, Colin Smiley, Eric Smith, Ryan Tanner, Eric Thompson, Richard Uyeyama, Ryan Vurlicer, William Wesner, Gregg Woodcock, Julius Yang, John Yeates, Bill ? * special thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Please be sure to use the address below rather than the reply address ** Internet: Fidonet: Jonathan Deitch@1:133/411.7 Bellnet: 1 - (404) - 261 - 3665 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta 1996 !!! | Go Braves !! | Play Pinball !! | "I hate it when I can't --------------------------------------------------| trust my own technology!" "Thrills! Chills! Magic! Prizes!" -- Hurricane | -- Geordi LaForge Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov, Jim Henson, Dr. Seuss, Mel Blanc ... Sigh ... -- ** Atlanta Braves - Back to Back NL Champs '91 and '92 ** Internet: Fidonet: Jonathan Deitch@1:133/411.7 Bellnet: 1 - (404) - 261 - 3665 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta 1996 !! | Play Pinball !! | Don't Panic ! | "I hate it when I can't --------------------------------------------------| trust my own technology!" "Thrills! Chills! Magic! Prizes!" -- Hurricane | -- Geordi LaForge Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov, Jim Henson, Dr. Seuss, Mel Blanc ... Sigh ...


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